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I am scheduling a series of Tweets about this… in order to illustrate why these guys are a HUGE part of the problem that Star Citizen has become. Hootsuite is acting up, but watch the segment for about 5 mins. brb
Guys like @wtfosaurus, @BoredGamerUK, @TheAstroPub, @Twerk17Gaming are literally the Fox News equivalent of Star Citizen broadcasters. But worse because they're "gamers"
These are some of the guys who, for years, have helped promote CIG/RSI message of not only lying to and misleading backers, but also engaging in various marketing & propaganda activities
Some of the other parties in this, include parties such as the INN guys who later staged a coup and disbanded shortly after my expose,…
While there is nothing wrong with supporting and promoting a game or product, the key take away here is that, regardless of Fed guidelines involving disclosure of paid promotions, there is an element of decency & honesty that gets lost when money & favors get a front row seat.
They have KNOWN for YEARS that something was a bit "off" with this project. I know this because I have seen emails, messages, skype chats PROVING this. And it goes beyond just complacency & complicity.
From death threats, to threats of violence, a group of people in the Star Citizen community have tossed it all my way. And some of these guys have promoted this - we have videos, logs etc
e.g. this was barely a year ago

Here, watch. This is one of them, Twerk17, responding to another streamer @nK_Sharp…
These are some of the same guys who CIG/RSI have, for years, supported, promoted, made a part of their media junkets etc. Because they support the goal of harassing, attacking, and threatening a vocal advocate of accountability for the project.
Now with the CryTek lawsuit which threatens to EXPOSE all of them, they are all playing armchair lawyer in the same attempts at towing the party line, while continuing to spread disinformation. At least until the Feds show up that is.
So, let's take this recent broadcast which I linked earlier while setting up this thread. Not only are they parked there doing what they do, and what they've done since the beginning, but they're still spreading information they KNOW to be FALSE.
1) NOTHING related to CryTek's financial issues, bears ANY relevance to their claims of IP infringement or copyright claims. Absolutely nothing 2) CryTek suing CIG/RSI this month or 3 yrs ago has NO relevance to the veracity of their claims against CIG/RSI
It is the SAME smear tactic that they have used, and promoted via their viewers, that "Derek Smart is bad. So Star Citizen is good". And they ran with it. Like I said, Fox News meets Alex Jones type stuff.
Going back to their comments in that segment. Meet Carl Jones, who people I know, claims is a decent guy. I have NEVER written about him. He's not a lawyer. He was employee of CryTek who did NOT leave CryTek for CIG because CryTek didn't pay him…
This is the same guy mentioned in the CryTek lawsuit because, if you look at his LinkedIn profile, he was their bizdev guy, which is WHY he would have been a part of any licensing discussions between the two companies. It's his JOB.
It is not my understanding that he was mentioned because Skadden wanted to smear him. He is RELEVANT to the lawsuit claim because he went from the home team to the away team. How or why is materially inconsequential. People change jobs all the time.
But to imply that because CryTek has been in the news for allegedly not paying some of their employees, to somehow use that and make the leap that Carl left as a result of that, is the sort of smear that people get SUED for.
Here's the thing, these guys are nobodies. However, they have direct access to key people at CIG/RSI who have been feeding them material they either later foolishly & knowningly regurgitated, or they massaged and made their own before repeating it.
Imagine what would happen if in the inevitable deposition, Carl was asked why he left CryTek to join CIG/RSI - and he says it had NOTHING to do with not being paid. That's clear cut defamation. Period. End of story. Pay up.
Now guess what happens when those morons who are promoting that smear, get legally grilled over it, and it comes out that they got it from someone at CIG/RSI? See where this is going?
Shelley, shortly after saying he doesn't know, he doesn't have facts, rolls right into bullshit territory that CIG-GER exists because CryTek was having financial problems. Here's the thing: It's FALSE
"The lawyer who wrote the decision for CryTek, now works for CIG". That's neither Carl Jones (not a lawyer), nor Ortwin Freyemuth (never a CryTek employee). Again, FALSE
Oh, it gets better. He goes on to say (not even imply) that it happened because "they couldn't get paid". That's not only FALSE, but as per my previous Tweet, isn't even based in reality.
They then go into motive for the lawsuit. Which is what these guys and the toxic Star Citizen backers have been promoting since this lawsuit broke. CryTek is bad, they have a financial motive because they sued to protect their IP and contract. Seriously.
Instead of just staying out of it, and waiting for it to play out, they're basically treating CryTek as if they were a patent troll, and not a company seeking to protect their IP and contract.
And this could have been ANY company, and they would do the SAME thing. Why? Because this is what they do. This is the TOXICITY of Star Citizen that has literally every corner in gaming, rooting for it to completely fail. When you force people to take sides, that's what you get
"hey I wanna get paid, and hey I wanna get paid right now" <-- he said that. Completely IGNORANT of the fact that this has been going on for almost TWO YEARS behind the scenes.
There isn't a single company that runs willingly into court to sue for IP infringement and/or breach of contract. It just does NOT happen that way. There are months, even years of going back and forth before things break down to that level.
Key takeaway here is that promotional guys like this have put themselves in the position whereby their tenuous links to CIG/RSI are going to be part of what will expose a LOT of what CIG/RSI have been doing/saying over the years, even with ZERO relevance to the lawsuit
These are not links between Fox News writing bullshit on a daily basis against a third-party they have no connections to. These guys have a DIRECT and PROVABLE connection to CIG/RSI, with|without financial incentives. But they don't see that as a problem.
Despite the fact that, year after year, CIG/RSI have UTTERLY FAILED to give them a "win" against dissenters like me, even now with a lawsuit, they still believe that everyone is bad, and we're all just out to kill the project. Because you know, somehow we benefit from that. Crazy
When CIG/RSI were doing a litany of things to SCREW the very same backers who gave them ALL this money, these guys never blinked. Even when they changed the very same TOS that contained exceptional protections, and which gave backers CONFIDENCE in giving this money.
Now, despite the fact that there are even more serious things amiss, which completely make the CryTek lawsuit pale in comparison, they're now setting up the new party line that somehow because CryTek sued, they're just looking for a pay day.
When CryTek divested (most recently selling Warface to some of it's assets, as companies do, in order to shore up their cash flow, anyone thinking they would then use part of that money on a frivolous lawsuit, is a moron.
That aside from the fact that, neither of the two claims that CryTek is suing for, are new. IF the allegations end up being proven 1) the IP infringement claim would have come the minute that CIG/RSI announced that SQ42 was a separate project.
See how long ago that was? Feb 2016.…
If CryTek was looking for a pay day, why didn't they sue them back then? It's not like they needed a firm like Skadden with $1000/hr attorneys. Heck, my cheap $350/hr attorneys wiped the floor with Ortwin, all without breaking a sweat.
2) the breach of contract claim would have come the minute that CIG/RSI announced the switch to Lumberyard. December 2016 is when that happened…
So now not only did BOTH of CryTek's claims happen in the SAME year (Feb & Dec 2016 respectively) - that's how long this has been going on behind the scenes. It just wasn't public. They sued Dec 13, 2017. Do the math.
NONE of these two key things happened in the FOUR years prior. So WHAT EXACTLY what CryTek supposed to sue them for BACK THEN!?!?!
They even claim that CIG/RSI failed to provide updates to the engine. They could have sued them since they released the hangar module 08/29/13 which would have contained engine fixes & tweaks. They didn't…
They could have sued when they released 2.0 (PU) 12/11/15 which contained critical (64-bit pos) tech that CryEngine did NOT have. They didn't…
So to any REASONABLE person, a lawsuit of this magnitude and with these SERIOUS claims, had to have come because they left CryTek WITH NO CHOICE.
But no, that's just too reasonable to behold. So let's all just go ahead and point the finger that CryTek did this because they wanted a payday. This despite the fact they had some of these claims for YEARS when CIG/RSI had already raised MILLIONS
If these guys had put this much effort into helping myself and backers seek ACCOUNTABILITY from CIG/RSI, there would probably be, you know, a F*CKING GAME by now.
Star Citizen was destined to FAIL when Chris Roberts inflated the scope BEYOND the capabilities of the engine he had licensed. And CryTEK DID tell him that what he later wanted COULD NOT BE DONE!
The fact that CIG/RSI went out and then poached CryTek's own engineers isn't making people think "hmmm, maybe, they did that because they were CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED TO USE CRYENGINE"
After they did that was when they announced in 04/10/15 the opening of that studio in Germany. Literally just down the street from CryTek. Yeah.…
At the time, they didn't have ANYTHING resembling a game. So yhey could have built a custom engine to power Chris's pipe dreams. But they didn't. They stuck with CryEngine. Not even UE3 or UE4 (in dev at the time) would have powered what he changed the game into
I am hoping that CIG/RSI is dumb enough to not settle this, and move on, so that they collapse on their own without the narrative that CryTek caused it.
Ortwin's involvement, conflict of interest, waivers (which still leaves him open to "estoppel en pais" issues) or lack thereof to negotiate for both CryTek & CIG aside, inconsequential interrogatories etc don't get around the veracity & seriousness of CryTek claims
I don't care what anyone thinks, says or does, my opinion remains that the Star Citizen project is DEAD. There is no team or engine on the planet, or money in the bank, that can change that. Chris Roberts is an incompetent scam artist who has put peoples lives & careers at stake
He's an opportunist, a charlatan, a con artist and a COWARD. The whino in my NYC neighbor has more visions of a life once great, than Chris has of anything worthy of our consideration that he is somehow one to be held in such esteem.
And when he fails, as he has done so many times before this, it has ALWAYS been someone else's fault. Now the focus is on CryTek because you know, that's how that works.

That is all.
I once again, want to highlight the significance of CryTek hiring Skadden, who would NEVER have taken on a case if there were no merits to the CryTek claims...
Wall Street's Most Powerful Law Firm…
3rd most prostigious law firm in which to work…
NYSE Governance Services and advisory firm names them the top US law firm every year 2001-16…
Financial Times named them most innovative law firm in NA for 2013, 2014 and 2015…
2016 , America's Leading Lawyers for Business, Skadden received the most top rankings among law firms, including 67 Band 1 attorney rankings, 35 Band 1 practice rankings and five Star Individual rankings…
Reverse the Verse: February 5th 2016. CIG/RSI continues to admit, on the record, that Star Citizen & Squadron 42 ARE separate games

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