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President Trump's jobs-based immigration order EXPIRES tomorrow. He should extend and expand that order, as I've already called for. Corporate elites want to keep FLOODING America with more foreign, white-collar workers, but WE HAVE NO JOBS. This is madness!
President Trump should REJECT the radical open-borders ideas of Tommy Tuberville & Silicon Valley and FURTHER RESTRICT employment-based immigration while so many Americans are out of work. I called for this in APRIL, and it is time to move NOW.…
The media is too focused on demonizing churchgoers & celebrating the destruction of statues by rioters, so you may not have heard ANOTHER 1.5 million Americans are out of work this week. But big companies still want MORE foreign white-collar workers.…
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Today—the day after Memorial Day—@TTuberville went on the radio and said that Communist China has “got a better military” than America. #alsen

On the day after Memorial Day, @TTuberville is exalting the Chinese Communist Party’s military over our own.

Mr. Tuberville should immediately apologize.

His views further prove that he’s not fit to be a United States Senator. #alsen
.@TTuberville's comments are an affront to the thousands of American military members who constitute the best fighting force the world has ever known. #alsen
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.@realDonaldTrump is absolutely right! China cannot get away with this.

But China appeaser @TTuberville says "we can't worry about China right now," and that "we [America] can’t control our own destiny. Everything’s controlled by China but that’ll take care of itself.” #alsen
.@TTuberville wants to give the Chinese Communist Party a free pass. He's too lazy to understand the China threat or do anything about their coverup of the Wuhan Virus, should he be elected to the Senate. #alsen
This is a historic moment: who will have the courage, tenacity, and knowledge to confront China?

By his own admission and words, @TTuberville thinks we should abandon the field and let China off the hook. #alsen
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Today, I am setting the record straight on recusal.

Read my open letter to the people of Alabama:…
I was the first to endorse President Trump, even when many thought I was nuts to do so. I helped Trump win and traveled the country with him, embedded in his campaign. I am one of the architects of his agenda, and I was pushing his agenda even before he ran for office. #alsen
I have remained faithful to the President and his agenda. I have always stood up for him, and I never backed down, not even for one moment. My convictions are immovable, built on rock, not sand. #alsen
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I have enormous appreciation for President Trump and all that he has done for our country. I will be voting for him this fall, and working hard to pass his agenda when I return to the Senate next year.
The specific law for the Department of Justice required that I recuse myself from the Russian collusion investigation. To not recuse myself from that investigation, of which I was a target as a senior campaign official and a witness, would have been breaking the law.
I do not and will not break the law. On this matter, I agree with the late Tom Petty’s famous lyric – "you can stand me up to the gates of hell, but I won’t back down."
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This is a stunning admission of potentially criminal behavior by Trump. Why? He says he wanted Sessions to "end" the Russia probe. Well, Mueller investigated Trump's actions toward Sessions. He found "substantial evidence" that they crossed the legal threshold for obstruction.
The good people at @lawfareblog have a very handy collection of all the Mueller analysis on obstruction of justice. Here's what Mueller said about Trump's behavior toward Sessions, and how it met the threshold for all three elements needed for an obstruction charge.
Finally, Trump got his facts wrong. He said Sessions recused himself from the Russia probe on his “first day” in office. That’s not right. Sessions announced the recusal on March 2, 2017, about three weeks after he was sworn in as Attorney General.
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🗳️ It's #SuperTuesday. Here’s a rundown of the top races you need to watch today 👇
Alabama #ALSen 👇

@jeffsessions faces competition for his former seat from @TTuberville. Sessions and fellow competitor @RepByrne have run ads portraying Tuberville as weak on illegal immigration.

If no one receives a majority, a runoff between the top two will be held March 31
@jeffsessions @TTuberville @RepByrne Democrat @SenDougJones, who has minor primary opposition in the #ALSen race, is the most politically vulnerable senator in either party.
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It is not surprising that @DougJones Jones joined 43 other senators today to vote against legislation prohibiting abortion after 20 weeks, causing the bill to fail. #alsen
Just last week, Jones laughed off today’s vote regarding late-term abortions when asked by a constituent about his position and called the question "stupid." This is shameful and must not be tolerated.…
While serving in the Senate and as the Attorney General, I have a 100% pro-life record. I was, myself, a co-sponsor of the legislation brought forward today, The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which continues to be blocked by pro-abortion advocates like Jones each year
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#RoyMoore #ALSen 2017
@DougJones was "helped" to "win" in a variety of ways.…

One was the cynical use of faux "Russian bots"
by the very Democrats who assisted Senate Intel AND MUELLER in understanding Russian bots

(Mueller lied about Kremlin links)
After the anomaly-filled election, Judge Hardwick denied #RoyMoore's valid request to delay certification.

Certified less than an hour later.

Data from the election was deleted almost immediately.
#VoterFraud #ElectionFraud?…
The Verge is upset that Facebook banned accounts of those who used Russian-style disinfo to defeat #RoyMoore -- promoting yet another form of cheating @DougJones into office.

The five groups who interfered on behalf of Jones claim "investigative" reasons…
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The nation's top gun grabber, New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg, says that only the government should have guns in public places... (1/5). #alsen…
...Bloomberg criticized the laws of Texas (and Alabama has similar laws) that allowed a private citizen, Jack Wilson, to stop a church shooter. (2/5).
Not only is Michael Bloomberg trying to buy the presidential election, he is continuing his relentless drive to strip the Second Amendment out of the Constitution. (3/5).
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The Democratic House is abusing the awesome impeachment power in our Constitution. In our long Constitutional history, there has never been such an unjustified impeachment. These charges are vague and utterly lacking in merit and entirely political. (1/8). #alsen
"Obstruction of Congress"? Really? What do these vague words even mean?
The Congress obstructs President Trump every single day. The courts obstruct the Congress and the Executive Branch on a regular basis. It is built into our system. (2/8). #alsen
“Abuse of power”? Really? What a joke. For the Democrats, “abuse of power” simply means anything that they do not agree with — anything that makes them angry. (3/8). #alsen
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Con media is busy mocking the corporate media for pushing the #JussieSmolettHoax until the corperate media will push another story. At that point the Con Media will move in to debunk that story. Essentially, the corporate media still drives the conversation. Hence nothing changes
Most people who tweeted about the Russian Bots in #AlSen race of 2017, don’t even know that it was a hoax campaign by a Dem company which is also contracted by Senate Intel.

Media bias is more in what is not reported and how little it is repeated, than how it is reported.
It’s Tuesday AM. Please show me which news the Conservative Media is driving today. No, not reactionary debunking of a story by major media. I am talking about 1) an original NEWS (not opinion) by a Con outlet 2) that is engulfing all Cons; not just the website that wrote it.
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The alt-right is in an interesting quandary. They want 2 argue #projectbirmingham, a small social media disinfo experiment by a handful of Dem activists affected the outcome in Alabama Senate race ...but not social media disinfo efforts by Russia, a nation state in 2016? #psyops
Some background on #projectbirmingham .... if everything from the original NYT story is true about this domestic disinfo campaign against #RoyMoore then yes I am against this as much as I am against what Russia did in the 2016 elections. #infosec #ALsen
NEW: This is a strong denial from the New Knowledge CEO Jonathan Morgan, including the part about the creation of fake Cyrillic Russian bots ... so someone has some explaining to do #ProjectBirmingham #infosec
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TONIGHT is the much-hyped #pa18 race between @ConorLambPA and @Saccone4PA18. Who’s going to win? Predictions and results: [THREAD]…
Before 8PM rolls around, I want to cover what the data say to expect in this contest. This thread will start off running through my predictions, will cover how I’m projecting the race, and will turn into a live blog with graphics when the votes start to come in.
There are multiple ways to predict an election. Polls, geographic data, demographic data, etc are all useful. I’m going to run through what all these measurements could predict in #pa18. Spoiler: it’s a mixed bag for both Lamb and Saccone.
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Forget good/evil

By Sessions taking himself off the questions
1-eliminated himself as biased
2-PUSHED Mueller into spotlight
3-HID OIG-Horowitz in the shadows

When/if things start going bad, really bad for MSM/DNC
when lots of people start getting arrested

he's not around
"DNC/MSM will blame Trump."

How, he's not in charge of the Mueller?
(BTW-Notice how he NEVER attacks Mueller)

Trump has no control over anything
because actually the guy BEING INVESTIGATED

"DNC/MSM will blame Mueller."

You mean Saint Bob Mueller?
No, he's untouchable now.

Let's also say LW aren't complete they'll realize
Mueller was just a distraction

RM collected 40-50x of most anti-trumpers onto his team
so Horowitz could record all their stuff
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THREAD: Apropos of @GDouglasJones saying he plans to listen, here's a story about my most substantial (but still pretty limited) interaction with our new Senator-elect. /1 #alsen #AlabamaSenateElection
Birmingham Bar held panel a couple of years ago on impact of Shelby County v. Holder. Almost everybody on it is now on twitter: @JoyceWhiteVance, @edwardstill , yours truly, and -- who was it, oh right -- the guy who prosecuted the 16th Street Baptist bomber. /2
We all show up, and the crowd is kind of small, and @GDouglasJones says something like, "you know what? Y'all know more about this than I do. I'm just going to go into audience and listen." /3
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FEELS: One year ago today, a humble google doc began transforming our democracy and the lives of millions of people, including my own. #OneIndivisible 1/
This time last year, I was in a pit of despair. As a brown skinned Indian woman immigrant-turned-citizen, the election results took a toll on me and I didn’t know what to do. All I knew is that I had to do something. 2/
Driven by equal parts fury and desperation, I read the Indivisible Guide, joined my local chapter @IndivisibleSF, and started fumbling down a path to find my way into participatory democracy. 3/
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Hello, Twitter! Congresswoman Terri Sewell here. I'll be taking over tweet duty for @TheDemocrats over the next little bit for some real talk on last night's big #ALSen win and the power of the #blackwomen vote! - @Sewell4Congress
I knew that black women could change the world long before the incredible headlines we're seeing today. My mom, a high school librarian with a master’s degree, became the first African-American woman elected to Selma’s City Council and served 11 years. - @Sewell4Congress
Decades later I sought office for the U.S. House and became the first black woman to ever serve in Alabama's Congressional delegation where I presently represent Selma, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and more. - @Sewell4Congress
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1/x Folks, a few thoughts on the extraordinary turnout among black voters in last night's #ALSEN special election and about how much greater it could have been.
2/x My client, Scott Douglas, wrote a brilliant op-ed about the problems with AL's discriminatory voter ID law in the NY Times yesterday:…
3/x Here are the numbers on the photo ID law:118,000 registered Alabama voters do not have a photo ID they can use to vote; Black and Latino voters are about twice as likely as white voters to not have ID.

Last night's #ALSEN election was decided by under 21,000 votes
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I’m hearing that people are being turned away from this precinct in Dothan, AL because they are inactive on the rolls. Trying to find out more. #alsen
Dechauna Jiles says she and roughly six other people (who she saw) were told they were “inactive” voters and had to cast provisional ballots #alsen
“My parents grew up two streets over from the church that was bombed in Birmingham. I would be doing a disservice to my family [not to vote].” - Dechauna Jiles

“It’s not that we’re not showing up to vote. We’re being suppressed.”
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@ThomasWictor has laid out a case for WEEKS that Judge Roy Moore is the victim of a carefully planned, coordinated hit job.

Democrats are THAT DESPERATE to hang onto power in the Senate. And now more people are realizing this.

@drawandstrike 👇…
@ThomasWictor has laid out a case for WEEKS that Judge Roy Moore is the victim of a carefully planned, coordinated hit job.

Democrats are THAT DESPERATE to hang onto power in the Senate. And now more people are realizing this.

@drawandstrike 👇…
I remember ANITA HILL even if a
bunch of Never Trump/Conservative GOPe
people suddenly developed a memory problem
over the past month.

@drawandstrike 👇…
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Roy Moore is now doing an interview with American Family Radio, another safe space for Moore as he continues running from reporters.
ROY MOORE ON AMERICAN FAMILY RADIO: What they’ve done to me is not only unforgivable. It’s just pure hatred & it’s pure spite & it’s pure evil and wrong. And they have made up stuff that I wouldn’t even consider doing. #ALSen
This American Family Radio host has made it clear in the first few minutes that he 100% does not believe the allegations against him. #ALSen
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THREAD: What's the deal with
🇺🇸absentee voting🇺🇸
in Alabama? Let us take you through the two easy steps (done at the same time in person.)

All info from:…

#DougJonesforSenate #alsen 1/

You may vote absentee in Alabama for several reasons. Check out the list below to see if you're eligible.

#DougJonesforSenate #alsen 2/

Also, if you miss the deadline for absentee ballot voting, and you have a sudden business trip, you are still able to absentee vote up to the day before the election in Alabama.

#DougJonesforSenate #alsen 3/
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