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California & Palomar Health, San Diego - have been preparing for the coronavirus for several months. Meanwhile Palomar Health is cutting hundreds of employees' hours in the midst of an #COVID19Pandemic ? April 4th 2020
Tracking #coronavirus in #California
The Times is conducting an independent, continuous survey of dozens of local health agencies across the state. So far today, 11 of the 55 agencies we're monitoring have reported new numbers.…
Palomar Health officials confident system can handle #COVID19 cases April 1, 2020 According to the district’s website, “Palomar Health has been preparing for the coronavirus for several months"…
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🚨BREAKING: Good news! #PhysicalDistancing appears to be slowing #coronavirus infections. Hi-tech thermometer firm @kinsa says daily fever readings show that fevers declined with #StayHome measures.

Fevers tend to come BEFORE new #COVID19 cases.…
Current map of “atypical” fevers—compared to the norm that occur this time of year (it’s flu season).

🔴RED = high amount of “atypical” fevers since March 1. #Florida still NOT on #lockdown.

🟡YELLOW = low amount of atypical fevers. Look at #California!…

Here’s the 7-day trend in DECLINING rate of “atypical” fevers, per @kinsa.

🔴RED = increasing, happening NOWHERE in the US.

🔵BLUE = decreasing (darker is better), happening EVERYWHERE in *every* county!😃

#coronavirus #COVID19
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⚠️#COVID19 death toll in #NYC continues to skyrocket and is *more than doubling* every 2 days.

Sadly, deaths now surging in #Michigan, NJ, and #Louisiana, along with #California and #Florida (*still NOT locked down), as predicted.

NATIONWIDE #LockdownNow‼️

📸@jburnmurdoch @FT
Overall #COVID19 death toll in the US is *DOUBLING every 3 days*.

Multiple states, including #Florida with a high % older high-risk population, *still* have NOT locked down.

As outbreaks continue to flare across the US, our #coronavirus death toll could accelerate even more.😰
Number of #coronavirus cases in the US are SKYROCKETING faster than *any* country at the same point in the outbreak and are *DOUBLING ~2.5 days*.

Yet we *still* have NOT locked down.🤬

#LockdownNow #COVID19 #CoronavirusPandemic
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😱OMG....the Trump Administration not only downplayed the seriousness of the #CoronavirusPandemic (despite warnings since January), they gave #China *nearly 18 tons* of key medical supplies—including VENTILATORS.


h/t @File411
Here’s the official @StateDept memo revealing that the US donated 17.8 TONS of crucial medical supplies, including”masks, gowns, gauze, and RESPIRATORS” in February.

Meanwhile, Gov @GavinNewsom says #California got BROKEN ventilators.🤬

Here is Pompeo’s original tweet, along with a screenshot in case he deletes it.

At the same time that Pompeo gave #China crucial medical supplies, he and Trump were warned of the serious threat of the #coronavirus to the US and downplayed it.🤬

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Asked for his message to America's kids who are cooped up at home due to #coronavirus social distancing, @POTUS replies: "We were attacked" like nothing that's happened since 1917. "We're winning the battle. We're winning the war," stay home and "learn from it."
"A lot of the media has been fair. I'm not used to fair treatment in the media," says @POTUS of #coronavirus coverage.
Elmhurst neighborhood of Queens in NYC is "the epicenter of the epicenter" of the #coronavirus pandemic in the US, says @POTUS.
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Since #California is #shelteringinplace for #COVID19 here tips for how to survive based on my 21 day quarantine after returning from W. Africa

1. Develop a daily routine/schedule
2. Limit time on TV/Internet dedicated to COVID-19
- Check news 1-2x/day
- Follow a few sources
3. Exercise
- Go for a walk/run, try an online yoga class or video
4. Schedule FaceTime or Skype calls with friends/loved ones (particularly the elderly)
5. Pick up a new hobby
-Cooking, painting, take an online course in something you always wanted to learn (@coursera)
6. If nervous/anxious try to meditate.
- You can use apps like @Headspace or @calm
7. Have virtual "dates" via @Zoom or @Skype
- coffee, drinks, dinner, movie nights
8. Organize that room/closet you have always wanted to
9. Play online games with friends (i.e. @wordsproblems)
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👇Here's some more details about the looming Shelter in Place for #SonomaCounty. ALL OF THESE THINGS COULD CHANGE. THIS IS NOT IN PLACE YET. This is public information from the Supervisor's meeting. (1/10) #Covid19 #Sonoma #Coronavirus #California
The shelter in place will "likely" go into place at midnight. The County is tweaking procedures around child care, park/open space access (waiving park fees, bathroom signage), and agriculture (wineries) and food (restaurants) components. (2/10)
Bank, grocery, gas, farmers markets, food stands, feed stores, medical (including vets), can/should/will remain open as they are essential. (3/10)
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Coronavirus UPDATE & Resources
Mar 16th 9PM EST
Global stats:
-181,580 =146 Countries &
-7,138 have died
-78,943 have recovered
-81,038 Cases in #China
-27,980 #Italy
-14,991 #Iran
-9,942 #Spain
-8,236 #SouthKorea
1/n #US #COVIDー19 Stats👇🏾
2) #COVID19 Update
March 16th 9PM EST
4,661 #Coronavirus cases in #US
49 states & DC have confirmed cases
887 new cases in total
17 have recovered
85 Deaths in US: #WA #CA #FL #NJ #NY #GA #SD #KS #CO #LA #VA #SC #OR #NE #KY #IN
#CoronavirusPandemic #CoronavirusOutbreak
States with the most #COVID19 cases:
#NewYork: 950 / 221 new
#Washington: 904 / 135 new
#California: 557
#Massachusetts: 197
#NewJersey 176

#Cluster Hotspots:
#NewYorkCity: 463
#Westchester County: 220
#NYC #Seattle #Snohomish #SantaClara #Coronavirus #SanFrancisco #Texas #NJ
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CAUGHT: California Social Worker Throws Away Child Sex Abuse Reports
A social worker in California has been caught disposing of hundreds of child abuse reports, including potentially dozens that specifically reported the sexual abuse of children.
"The CPS Reform movement is everywhere" - Patrick Howley
California Social Worker Throws Away Child Sex Abuse Reports.
#c2cHowley #CPSMovement #c2cLSW #c2cDSHS #c2cCorruption #CAmap #c2cVPTF @C2C_Campaign #c2cSafety
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#CAPrimary: There were massive lines, almost all #Bernie voters. How did they pull that off? Registered Dems got the ballot with the presidential candidate and didn’t have to wait in line. So who’s waiting in line? People who got those crazy NPP ballots!…
Here's the trick. NPP voters had to wait in line to exchange their ballots for a Crossover one. And if you don't have your ballot with you, they give you a provisional ballot.… #CAPrimary2020 #CaliforniaPrimary #CaliforniaPrimary2020 #SuperTuesday
In 2016, #California gave out 1.3 million provisional ballots — that’s half of the provisional ballots in the entire U.S. Then they disqualified 407,000 of those ballots.… #CaliforniaPrimary #CAPrimary #BernieSanders
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MAR 8 #CoronaVirusUpdates will begin using #CV19MD THREAD 1: New #UptotheMinute MAP SITE link below US AT 463 cases as of 8:07 AM #GrandPrincess to Dock MON at #PortOfOakland. W Oassengers still Quarantined
#SantaClara #CA cases were from #India.
MAR 8 #COVID19 MD THREAD 2: This is US (Can) RealTime site last update 8:07 shows 463 TOTAL WaPo MAPPING w LIST of 34 states w cases NOTE Does Not Show 66 #DiamondPrincess (Japan) cases.
MAR 8 #COVID19 MD THREAD 3: THIS is current ARCGIS MAP .. #Italy nears 6.000 and #France #Germany 1,000. #Spain 600 #UK #Switz #Neth near 300 #Sweden 200, #Canada 60 #Lebanon 28, #Russia 15 #Mexico 15 .. eg still spreading
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The #coronavirus kills the elderly who are already in a physically weak condition, just as does influenza, says @POTUS visiting @CDCgov.
"Leave everybody on the ship for a period of time" is his preference on the fate of the thousands of #GrandPrincess passengers off #California coast, says @POTUS. #coronavirus
"Instead of being negative, you should be positive," @POTUS tells a reporter who asks about travel concerns amid #coronavirus outbreak.
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MAR 5 #CoronavirusOutbreak MD THREAD 1: Latest ARGIS Map 3/5 6:53AM .. NOTE #China not supplying DEATHS update.FIRST SEE #IMF Report from yesterday.. AND Breaking #Boris suspends #British #Parliament .. IS #Iran totally sure that Vendor from #Wuhan had come to HolyDays before?
MAR 5 #CoronavirusOutbreak MD THREAD 2:
Yesterday's MD THREAD:
by MD trained during #HIV #AIDS Epidemic When we had to fight YEARS for Research, and Treatment.
Still do @VP #Pence killed many in #Indiana in 2015 #maddow @seattletimes @sfchronicle
MAR 5 #CoronavirusOutbreak MD THREAD 3: WaPo Mapping as I note above I like ARGIS JohnsHopkins Map better but this is US alone... HEADS UP..SCARY folks...
While #ImpeachedForLife #IMPOTUS45 #Trump and @VP Pence are clueless @maddow @CNN @votevets
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At least 53 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in California as of March 4.
Under the state of emergency, policies will be put in place to prevent price gouging, allow health care workers from out of state to assist at California health care facilities, and increase the number of labs testing for the virus.
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🚨BREAKING: #GrandPrincess cruise ship appears to be a new #coronavirus “hot zone.”

21 passengers report having #COVID19 symptoms after an ex-passenger just DIED in #California from a #coronavirus infection likely acquired onboard the ship.

A former passenger on the #GrandPrincess DIED today in #California after getting infected with #coronavirus onboard the ship.

Now, 21 NEW passengers on the same ship report having #COVID19 symptoms.😳

The #GrandPrincess planned to dock in San Francisco, but Gov @GavinNewsom delayed it, as 21 passengers/crew developed #COVID19 symptoms.

The ship has 2,600 guests + 1,150 crew.

They *must* be evacuated NOW under quarantine.

The longer they remain, the MORE infected.🚨
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With 415 #Delegates at stake, the #CaliforniaPrimary represented the biggest haul in the country.

@EpochTimes spoke to voters in #OrangeCounty, #SanFrancisco County, and Santa Clara County as they entered the voting centers. (Thread👇)…
Many voters said they would support the Democrats in the general election even if their candidates lose the nomination.

#Healthcare was a top issue for many, and several older voters said that #Biden’s experience as vice president made them choose him.
Sen. @BernieSanders won #California with just over a million votes statewide, and @JoeBiden trailed him with about 740,000 votes.

About 1.5 million turned out to vote for Trump, who won the Republican primary.
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A 10 años del #Terremoto2010 ocurrido en el Centro de #Chile, no tan solo cambió nuestra geografía, sino que fue objeto de estudio, avance #científico y #conocimiento en #sismología de terremotos.

En conmemoración del #megaterremoto, va el ➡️ #megaHILO 🇨🇱 sobre el #27F
Aunque ... ¿Qué sabíamos antes de este terremoto? ➡️ durante dos campañas de mediciones GPS entre 1996-1999, ya se conocía q entre #Concepción-#Constitución la región estaba madura para q ocurriera un gran sismo.
¡El último había ocurrido en 1835!, el famoso terremoto de #Darwin
Así, un grupo del @Dgf_uchile mostró que en esa zona habrían movimientos de 4 cm/año hacia el Este ➡️ nos acercábamos poco a poco a Argentina.
Miren las flechas apuntando hacia la derecha, son 13 estaciones GPS que se estaban moviendo en esa dirección, hasta #Santiago se movía!
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California - A patriot took a 94 yrold friend to the registrars office to correct a party change from Democrat to Republican. She had to fill out a one page change of party Form. The good new - they accepted it after the cutoff date. However;
they would not give her proof of change! If this happens please fill out an incident report. If you received the wrong Party Ballot in #California please go to eip-ca for incident report. This is the link:

If you received a democratic ballot it is not
To late to correct it!
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#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

2. #Oregon TE Jacob Breeland

Height: 6-4 7/8
Weight: 252
Hand: 9 7/8
Arm: 32 5/8
Wingspan: 78 1/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

3. #FloridaAtlantic TE Harrison Bryant

Height: 6-4 6/8
Weight: 243
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 30 5/8
Wingspan: 74
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

4. #Washington TE Hunter Bryant

Height: 6-2 2/8
Weight: 248
Hand: 10 right hand (pinky deformation), 10 3/8 left hand
Arm: 32
Wingspan: 76 4/8
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Did you know you can still register & vote conditionally, even if you missed the Feb 18th deadline?!
In many counties you can do it this & next weekend, ahead of March 3rd election day! Do it early so your vote can be counted by March 3rd!
Also make sure to check your individual county Registrar of Voters for more info on early voting as it may not be included in the table. #AlamedaCounty does have weekend hours for those who want to avoid the long lines on March 3rd! #VoteEarly4Bernie
🚨 If you find out you are registered as something other than Democrat or No Party Preference ➡️ no problem!
You can switch your party affiliation (and address even) while you vote AND get a REGULAR BALLOT!!! Not conditional. Not provisional. REGULAR! 🚨 #Bernie2020 #California
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In the 2016 California Democratic Primary, 750,000 votes were DISQUALIFIED, mostly cast by No Party Preference (NPP) voters — 3 out of 4 of whom were #BernieSanders supporters.… #BernieSanders2020
They know that if NPP voters are allowed to vote in the California Democratic primary, #BernieSanders walks away with it.…
In 2016, California had over 1 million provisional ballots — equal to half of ALL provisional ballots cast in the United States. The vast majority of these provisional ballots were never counted, which is why we call them placebo ballots.…
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Il y a eu des modifications (à la baisse) dans les chiffres, je vais republier une mise à jour...
#Chine Mise à jour #Coronavirus #COVID19 :
- 64 273 cas confirmés au monde (63 749 Chine + 524 l'étranger dont #Taiwan)
- 1 489 morts
- 10 608 sérieux/critiques
- 6 884 guéris
- 13 435 suspects
- 26 pays touchés
- 2,32 % décès
#Wuhan #2019_nCov #Pneumonia #WuhanOutbreak #China
Afin d'éviter toute confusion, j'ai supprimé un précédent tweet de statistiques qui prenait en compte des données qui ont été révisées à la baisse en raison de l'ajustement des méthodes de comptage des cas confirmés de #Coronavirus #COVID19
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2/12 #COVID19 🦠 update thread

RT of Diamond Princess Dream ship update from junia's days long thread.

40 more confirmed COVID-19 - total 174
39 from ship & 1 quarantine official

Abe: will increase testing capacity from 300/day to +1000/day x 2/18.

Quarantine 2/19 minimum
Diamond Princess

Of 4 men previously infected & admitted to hospital from ship:
3 Japanese+one foreign national in their 60s-70s in severe condition.

2 are treated in ICU and 2 others on mechanical ventilator

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A brief history on how the Clinton family sold out America & the Navy for China in Long Beach, Ca #China #Clinton #California #LongBeach

source article 1997

China Ocean Shipping Co [#COSCO]
#LongBeach Naval Station tentatively placed on the Military Base Closure-Lit by #POTUS41 #Bush in 1991. #POTUS42 #Clinton closed in 1993. [Job lost 17,500 military & civilian & economic impact loss was $52.5 million & drove the California economy into the tank
in 1995-1996 during #Clinton-#Gore Campaign fund raising activity, Clinton admin actively intervened to make sure a #China China Ocean Shipping Co [COSCO] interest got a too-good deal on #LongBeach shipping terminal
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