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This Op-Ed in the NYT from the firm that oversaw the “Steele Dossier” is explosive.

The money lines distilled down for you...


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The Steele Dossier caused seismic ripples NOT for what it revealed but for what it corroborated.


The FBI had already found the scent. The Dossier just backed it up...

...and they picked up the scent, in part, due to someone INSIDE the campaign.

Double Pow!

That means the FBI either through surveilling an insider or through their cooperation was already onto Trump’s dirty trail before the Dossier even landed in their inbox last summer.

FusionGPS “suggested” congressional investigators look into Trump’s Deutsche Bank dealings...

...the same DB that’s cooperating with Mueller.

Translation: Donnie’s dirty money flows through the ties Mueller is eyeballing.

FusionGPS all but told Congress that Commander Babyfingers’ real estate “empire” was a front for money laundering.

Republicans didn’t care to look further.

Mueller is assuredly all up in that.

Originally, FusionGPS charged Christopher Steele with merely investigating Trump’s shady AF business past.

Steele was so certain he was witnessing a crime in progress, he decided on his own to engage the FBI.

...and with all that said, FusionGPS wraps it up with this punch in the gut.

A lawsuit-proof way of saying: this guy is an outright criminal and Republicans are covering for him.

Wrapping this up, the firm behind the dossier just used legally safe language to call Trump a money laundering criminal who an equally corrupt Repub Congress is now covering for...

This just turned up the heat on Congress on a scale of 1 to 10 to abt a million.


p.s. the screenshot that should’ve gone with #7.

That’s a real haymaker...
p.s.s. written on my phone in a hurry. Be gentle abt typos and such.


This is the first time a credible source has suggested Trump’s entire business empire is a corrupt enterprise.

While we knew this was coming, this is an EXPLOSIVE expansion of the scope of Trump’s problems.

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