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MAJEUR. #Barr vient d'annoncer qu'il a demandé à #Trump de virer directement le procureur fédéral #Berman à qui il reproche sa "non collaboration"(cf. mon enfilade👇) C'est du rarement vu. L'indépendance de la justice US vis-à-vis du président est en pé…
2) En faisant virer #Berman par #Trump, le ministre de la Justice #Barr évite n partie l'écueil juridique décrit dans mon enfilade matinale. Ce titre 28 §541c de la loi fédérale permet au président de virer tout procureur fédéral, sans mention de la façon dont il a été nommé...
3)... mais il reste quand même 1 grosse incertitude car jamais un procureur fédéral intérimaire dont la nomination devenue définitive après 4 mois d'intérim est prononcée par les juges- comme #Berman- n'a été renvoyé par le président. Discussion ici.…
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L'info de la nuit US. Le ministre de la Justice de #Trump, #Barr, annonce qu'il remplace Geoffrey Berman, procureur fédéral pour le district de Manhattan qui dirige 1 enquête majeure sur #Giuliani, avocat du président. Berman répond qu'il ne partira pas.…
2) Cette info ne peut qu' évoquer historiquement le "massacre du samedi soir" de Nixon en octobre 1973, virant 2 ministres de la Justice successifs avant de trouver 1 sbire intérimaire- Robert Bork- pour limoger le procureur indépendant Cox qui enquêtait sur lui et le Watergate.
3) Tout est en effet singulier dans l'annonce de #Barr, sur ordre de #Trump, intervenant nuitamment un vendredi soir pour nommer à la place de #Berman 1 homme sans aucune expérience de procureur, #Clayton, actuel patron de l'autorité des marchés...…
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That @washingtonpost obtained a copy of #JohnBolton book and everything you ever heard about @realDonaldTrump @POTUS #Trump ? Well, it's worse.
1. Trump thought Finland was part of Russia.
2. Trump had no idea the UK has nukes.

MORE highlights from…
3. "#Trump asked Chinese Pres #XiJinping to help him win the 2020 U.S. election, telling Xi last year that ^'ed agricultural purchases by Beijing from American farmers would aid his electoral prospects"
4. The #Ukraine quid pro quo was real
5. Turkish Pres #RecepTayyipErdogan handed #Trump a memo claiming innocence for a Turkish firm under investig by the U.S. atty for the So District of NY for violating Iranian sanctions. Trump then told Erdogan he would take care of things
6. Trump was fixated...
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NEW #Q 4423 Q responds to Anon w/ #FollowThePen 🖊️
#QPost #RedPilled 💊 Image
#FollowThePen 🖊️#Qanon #RedPilled 💊
There are a total of 9 post of Q on just this...

👉… ImageImageImage
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Il s'est passé 2 choses assez importantes lors de l'interview de #Trump chez Hannity son zélote de Fox News: d'1 part il a affirmé que NY exagérait son besoin de ventilateurs réclamés à l'État fédéral contre le #COVIDー19...RT
2) moment même où les hôpitaux de NYC voient les cadavres dont ceux des soignants démunis de matériel s'accumuler...
3) Mais surtout #Trump a dénoncé les gouverneurs démocrates Inslee (Washington), Whitmer (Michigan) n'en faisant pas assez contre le #COVIDー19 très présent dans leurs États pour mieux féliciter ceux RÉPUBLICAINS d'Iowa ou du Nebraska"contrôlant" le virus.
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Remember kids, nobody knows #LevParnas

1- Check full thread by Abramson (attached) + extra info on the Reddit link. 👇👇

2-#Giuliani was paid $500 0000 to consult on Lev's company "Fraud guarantee" (kid you not, real name)
3- Other companies associated with #LevParnas


b) Strategic Global Assets LLC

c) Fraud Guarantee LLC.

d) Global Energy Producers LLC


4- A non-comprehensive list of donations from #Parnas and #Fruman to #GOP
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#FunTimes to compile arguments:

1- The Bidens... were not/are not under investigation.
2- The Bidens are corrupt.
Go ahead and investigate. Officially. Legally. Get your gov. to deal with Ukraine gov. and launch an investigation.
That's why you have all those branches.
3-But the Bidens...
Non-affiliate gov. person has NO authority to launch investigations on behalf of the US. I.e #Parnas, #Giuliani, #Fruman, etc.
4-Trump was rooting out corruption.
Is that why no FORMAL investigation was launched and everything was a #BackRoomDeal???
5-The Ukraine is corrupt.
So why was aid not withheld by Trump in previous years under more corrupt administrations?
It was.
Show me...
6-He had every right to pause the aid.
No. He didn't. That is exactly the shit he is getting impeached for.
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☢️ The Biggest Nuclear Scandal You’ve Never Heard Of ☢️

Since this was tweeted, the #Obama admin ended the #MegatonsToMegawatts program, disincentivizing #Russia from decommissioning its #nuclear stockpiles, limiting our primary source of imported #uranium.

The company that…
… tweeted this — @USEC_Inc, our only private sector domestic enricher — then went bankrupt after repeated adverse rulings by @BarackObama’s @ENERGY Dept. that prevented them from building new reprocessing/enrichment facilities.

But wait, there’s more…
… here’s the kicker: Dep. Sec. of #Energy Dan #Poneman parachuted from his cushy gov’t career to becoming President & CEO of the company after it emerged from bankruptcy as @Centrus_Energy. Then #Centrus signed a big agreement with #Russia’s state-owned energy giant, #Rosatom
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“When you’ve got the president saying it, you’ve got his attorneys saying it, you’ve got all these congressmen saying it, you’ve got all these senators saying it... everybody would talk about it: ‘This #Soros guy.’ That’s why I look at it as a #cult.” 🙄😒…
"#Parnas said he was in the meeting, and that #Giuliani used it to try to get material from the oligarch that would bolster his attacks on Special Counsel Robert #Mueller’s probe of #Trump."…
“During the situation that was going on with the #Firtash case, Victoria [#Toensing] called Ric #Grenell because he was the ambassador to #Germany and #Vienna was in the same orbit there,” #Parnas said."…
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|Thread| 1. Is the FBI is investigating a possible conspiracy to commit murder? A plot to #assassinate the #ambassador needs to be reliably tied to Trump’s goon squad, but even the idea of one raises the stakes. @NarativLive

2. #Giuliani and #Parnas pal Robert #Hyde has a lot for which to answer especially with these texts, Parnas proffering and Ukrainian and US authorities investigating. @NarativLive
3. Now let’s talk about this photo. It looks like #RudyGiuliani is calling the shots. @NarativLive
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💥#Parnas - #Giuliani, #Nunes, #Barr, #Trump etc; time to revisit. 30 years of Trump’s ties with the Soviet-born mob. Threads, a sum up 2016/2019. 👇🏼☄️💥
30 years of Trump’s ties ☝🏼 with the Soviet-born mob. #ImpeachAndRemoveTrump #ImpeachAndRemove
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🔥#Parnas just corroborated David Holmes’ #impeachment testimony, saying #Trump talked so loudly, Parnas could hear him on calls w/ Rudy #Giuliani. Parnas tells #Maddow he was present “lots of times” when Rudy spoke by phone w/Trump—who “knew everything” about their #Ukraine work
#Parnas says #Pence had to know of #Ukraine pressure campaign. He says Trump sent Pence to meet Zelensky in Poland, using a hurricane as an excuse not to go himself, mad that Zelensky still hadn’t given in to his pressure. So Trump bailed on WW2 ceremony to further the pressure‼️
#Parnas tells #Maddow that Attorney General #BARR was "basically on the team" with #Giuliani and Victoria #Toensing & Joe #DiGenova (lawyers for #Firtash, indicted Ukrainian oligarch linked to #Russian organized crime).
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A #ceasefire went into effect in #Libya at midnight as the country’s two rival governments prepared to sign an agreement in #Moscow ahead of a #Berlin conference designed to end the conflict there is planned for later this week. @NarativLive…
2. The US is one of several countries watching from the sidelines as #Russia and #Turkey consolidate power in #Libya as they have in #Syria and to some extent in #Iraq. @NarativLive
3. The new agreement appears to favor Russian-backed warlord Khalifa #Haftar and his main sponsor Vladimir Putin. @NarativLive
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1. #QAnon Anons, why would we provide the date of the FISA release?
Logical thinking.
Ammunition is finite.
2. #QAnon #IGReport “The inspector general’s report now makes clear that the F.B.I. launched an intrusive investigation of a U.S. presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicions that, in my view, were insufficient to justify the steps taken,” Attorney General William Barr.
3. #QAnon CIA Informant Carter "Page..1st approved for targeting Oct 2016...Justice Dept obtained 3 renewals.. to eavesdrop on Mr. Page — 2 under Trump admin" w " "dozens of -significant- inaccuracies, material omissions or assertions that were -not- backed in supporting docs".
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#ImpeachmentHearing #Giuliani Giuliani's overlooked contacts with the Kremlin/KGB/oligarchs thread. In 2004, #Giuliani visited Moscow & Magnitogorsk to meet Moscow corrupt mayor #Luzhkov, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov & more. The screenshot of the video (now deleted.
Luzhkov--Trump. In Nov1996, Howard Lorber & Ben LeBow brought Trump to Moscow & arranged discussions about a joint venture between their Liggett-Ducat tobacco factory, Trump Organization and the city of Moscow with the Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov’s office.
3. During the 1993 and 1997 campaigns, USSR-born Sam Kislin, his relatives and companies donated $46,250 to #Giuliani’s mayoral campaigns. Kislin landed a post on the city’s Economic Development…
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1/ My thread on #GOP defense of #Trump: General defense amounts to 2 arguments: 1. #Trump was genuinely concerned about #corruption in #Ukraine; 2) not enough evidence to #impeach. We have no evidence on the first & evidence to the contrary. Legally, there’s enough evidence.
2/ The strongest args #GOP makes - #Trump not caught on tape saying he was abusing his office for his personal gain. Ukraine history of corruption & publicly denied pressure. But you have to suspend reason & ignore a boatload of evidence to conclude he did nothing impeachable.
3/ #GOP on 7/25 call -#Trump didn’t reference reelection, Ukrainians happy it happened. #Volker didn’t see problem, NSC not complaining. Discounts #LtColVindman. Ignores #Pence aide thought it was “unusual” & #LauraCooper said Ukraine asked abt aid status same day after the call
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As part of the probe, federal prosecutors are examining a raft of other potential crimes, including destruction or alteration of documents, aiding and abetting federal crimes, and foreign nationals contributing to U.S. candidates. #Giuliani
‼️Rudy Giuliani’s Year of Living Dangerously

TGSV archive
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Looks like there's more to look into. 😏

Ya know when ya read through the whole sordid story about #Parnas and #Fruman, Campaign Finance charges are just the tip of the iceberg.
"As part of the probe, federal prosecutors are examining a raft of other potential crimes, including foreign lobbying registration violations, destruction or alteration of documents, aiding and abetting federal crimes, and foreign contributions to U.S. candidates,..
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rudy giuliani took down the mob in the 80's and cleaned up new york, he isnt afraid, thats for sure. mueller has a dark history with whitey bulger, the mob. also, trump worked with fbi in the 80's to help take down the mob, too

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1 petit #thread récapitulatif sur l'enquête en vue d'#impeachment sur #Trump de la Chambre démocrate qui prend un nouveau tournant aujourd'hui avec les 1ères auditions publiques et télévisées de témoins pour essayer de prendre de la hauteur sur 1 flux impressionnant d'infos… 👇
2) Déjà, de quoi s'agit-il? Rappeler que la Chambre à majorité démocrate a ouvert depuis le 24 septembre 1 enquête en vue d'#impeachment, c'est-à-dire de mise en accusation contre le président D.#Trump à propos de ses actions envers l'#Ukraine au printemps et à l'été 2019...
3)…cette enquête parlementaire en vue d'#impeachment de la Chambre démocrate a été ultérieurement codifiée par cette résolution votée par la Chambre le 31 octobre.L'enquête doit déterminer s'il y a motif(s) de mettre en accusation #Trump selon ces règles.…
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In part 1 of @NarativLive's pop-up pod, I told you how Rudy Giuliani led a crackdown on the mob in the '80s which benefitted #Russian organized crime. #RudyGiuliani…
In part 2, I exposed #Giuliani's modern-day Ukranian sponsor: Pavel Fuchs, an oligarch, Russian intelligence asset and Putin ally who helped develop #DonaldTrump's Moscow Tower.…
Watch the podcast on any Apple, Google or third party podcast app. Don't forget to subscribe and download. Join Narativ's Patreon community at and support independent journalism.
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#NBC’s “#Giuliani's Work for #Iranian Group … Lead to More Legal Woes” is #YellowJournalism.
The article is aimed at Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City,& famed U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York...…
#MEK #Iran
..It is a take-down of the current personal lawyer to US President Donald J.Trump. But what irks me most is the liberty the all-knowing authors take in smearing the historical &heroic resistance movement to the Ayatollahs in #Iran that the #Iranian #MEK represents...
...As the oldest and most enduring political movement in modern Iran, that friend, and foe alike attest is the most organized and dedicated party to challenge religious clerical rule in Iran,...…
#Iranfreedom #freeiran #MEK #Iran
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#Pompeo gets roasted alive for inventing ‘internal deliberations’ rule to STAY MUM on #Giuliani

Rudy has admitted having a role in talks with Ukraine

“And we do know that so much — and this is by his own admission... “


#Stephanopoulos pointed out that #Giuliani is ‘not a member of the administration.”

“This is the president’s personal lawyer who was pursuing this at the president’s direction and going around the normal State Department procedures”


“They generally have formal appointments,” #Stephanopoulos observed. “They generally go through REVIEWS for CONFLICTS OF INTEREST”

We now know that #Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, WAS PURSUING BUSINESS INTERESTS in the Ukraine


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🔥Yet another quid pro quo & foreign interference >> #Firtash associates were working to dig up dirt on Biden in an effort to get Rudy #Giuliani’s help in the oligarch’s legal case fighting extradition to US on bribery charges.… #UkraineGate #Impeachment
Around the time #Firtash hired Joe diGenova & Victoria Toensing—vocal Trump supporters, FoxNews regulars & #Giuliani cohorts—Firtash’s associates began to use his broad network of Ukraine contacts to get damaging information on Biden. #UkraineGate #ImpeachmentInquiry
If Firtash’s legal maneuvering—hiring pro-Trump FoxNews lawyers & working with Giuliani’s guys to help Trump—actually gets him off federal racketeering charges, we’ll know criminal mobsters really do own our Justice Dept. Barr’s stain on DOJ may be even greater than Trump’s on WH
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