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All Jews should recall that in April of 2014, Investor's Business Daily described how the "radical #MuslimBrotherhood has built the framework for a political party in #America that seeks to turn Muslims into an Islamist voting bloc." (2)
Consequently, "'Muslim voters have the potential to be swing voters in 2016,' said Nihad Awad in launching the benign-sounding #USCouncilofMuslimOrganizations, (#USCMO) whose membership reads like a Who's Who of #Brotherhood front groups. (3)
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A short #Soros thread: 1-13

@DNC financier and self-admitted #Nazi collaborator.

“Clearly I consider the Trump administration a danger to the world but I regard it as a purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020 or even sooner.”
2) In an 1998 interview with “Sixty Minutes” Steve Kroft asked #Soros about his time as a #Nazi collaborator:

KROFT: My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.

SOROS: Yes. Yes.
3) KROFT: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from your fellow Jews, friends and neighbors.

#SOROS: Yes. That’s right. Yes.
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1. @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2643...
Repost of 2510 ==> Are we clear regarding #Mueller? This is the lower 1/2 of No. 2381.
#Twitter link to @brithume on #McClatchy emails which few in #CorporateMedia would pick up (even today) last March '18. ......
2. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2643...
Link to the @brithume #Tweet.

This a 14 page doc with correspondences between #McClatchy's #CletaMitchell & #PeterStone.
Here we're lead to research the epidemic of leaks that......
3. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2643...
started before this admin.…
#Q lays out the path to [AS] #AdamSchiff's leaks & his position on the #HouseIntelComm which he though gave him a buffer or #SafeSpace from future......
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Merry Christmas everyone.

Powerful synthesis of the evidence thus far on #Guccifer2 from @with_integrity:

Guccifer 2.0 Game Over – Year End Review…
A Christmas present that everyone who appreciates the truth will thoroughly enjoy.…
Discussing the #Forensicator's first analysis of #NGPVAN:

"That study has been the subject of some controversy, although mostly built on conflating the findings with various interpretations of them, and with reporting on the study conducted by third parties."
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The new #WikiLeaks release isn't a leak, or a hack. Like more than 1/3 of their publications, it's public information that the government released, and WL made a bit more searchable. Useful, but overblown and sure to be distorted by lazy journalists.
I mean, it's a great release if you ignore the part where most of this was already searchable through Google
I'm not exaggerating: a basic Google query finds literally the exact same documents, published publicly by the government..

All of them.

Every one.

How do you think #WikiLeaks found them?
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Solved #DBCooper case.

Currently investigating #JulianAssange wrt @prisoner3301

Stay tuned.

Possible use of Faraday cages? 📝
Link between Tesla and Westinghouse? 📝
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#WikiLeaks accounts locked according to editor in chief Hrafnsson. Accounts have not been suspended. #Assange's lawyer saying her access has been restored by unspecified means. No claim as to why the supposed lock out occurred.
Everyone should stop reacting to this for a moment and breathe. You're too quick to (mis)understand.
Here's how sure I am: I'm getting ready to leave for something unrelated to this, and won't be watching this in real-time.

Y'all know I'd be glued to the screen and the phone if I thought there was a chance this was a prelude to booting JA or XYZ.

But maybe this time I'm wrong
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1. @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2630...
Repost #Q 436 ==> Early #DataSets on #Dossier.
Repost 1828 ==> Massive dataset updating the #Conspirators involved in #Election2016 #Sedition.
#FOXNews w/more confirmation of #NoName's involvement......
2. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2630...
in the #SteeleDossier.…
48 year old #PaulRyan retirement was announced in April '18. ==> #Panic
No less than 5 #DOJ & #FBI officials have been fired.
#Q continues to clarify &......
3. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2630...
expose the actual #Conspiracy......
The #DECLAs will still come, the #StageSet (think #EO in Jan '19) & work to unseat (or...) the #DemCollaborators will continue. ......
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#DisclosureOnTargeting Just got blocked by @Suzi3D for tweeting about #DEWs/#neuroweaponry torture on knowingly innocent people that these alt media journalists won't cover yet Suzie talks about her own targeting which does not include #electronictorture.
#DisclosureOnTargeting Suzie Dawson has retweeted my tweets in the past when I have included her interview with investigative journalist Ramola D:
#DisclosureOnTargeting Suzie has tweeted about 2018 will be the year that #DEWs get exposed:… Whenever I have asked her about DEWs in the past she refers to this page:…
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Roger Stone is in the barrel‼️

Mueller asked House Intel on Friday for an official transcript of Roger Stone’s testimony, likely b/c Mueller can PROVE that Stone LIED to Congress & will charge him with a #felony.😎


“That suggests prosecutors are getting ready to bring a charge. Prosecutors can’t bring a charge without an original certified copy of the transcript that shows the witness lied.” ~former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner.

Although not confirmed, Mueller is believed to be probing Stone's LIES to Congress about what prompted him to predict the #WikiLeaks dump **in advance**. Remember Stone's now-infamous tweet about "Podesta's time in the barrel"?🧐
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Slide from SSCI briefing discusses #WikiLeaks' and #Assange's ties to/roles in conspiracy theories promoted by the Internet Research Agency (Russian troll farm)
Earlier in the same SSCI briefing: #WikiLeaks had a role in each of the three major narratives and audience/networks employed by the Internet Research Agency (Russian troll farm) and was promoted alongside efforts to discredit and undermine mainstream media
Same SSCI briefing: Internet Research Agency (Russian troll farm) co-opting the name and iconography of #Anonymous to leverage the preexisting audience.
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Investigations by #Mueller
- Russian attack
- #WikiLeaks
- Middle Eastern influence
- #Manafort’s activity
- #TrumpTower Moscow
- Other campaign and transition contacts with Russia
- Obstruction of justice

Investigations by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of NY

- Campaign conspiracy and #TrumpOrganization Inauguration finances
- #Trump super PAC
- Foreign lobbying

Investigations by the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia:
- #Butina #NRA

#MOG #Individual1 #MAGA
Investigations by the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia:

- #Khusyaynova, the alleged #IRA chief accountant
- Turkish influence: #Flynn’s plea agreement includes some details of the case, and he is cooperating with investigators

#Individual1 #maga
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Twenty-One Thoughts On The Persecution Of Julian Assange

"Anyone who offends the US-centralized empire will find themselves subject to a trial by media, and the media are owned by the same plutocratic class which owns the empire."
#WikiLeaks #FreeAssange…
Twenty-One Thoughts On The Persecution Of Julian Assange
Twenty-One Thoughts On The Persecution Of Julian Assange
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As of this minute, it's been exactly one month since #Assange's mother stop campaigning for the #WikiLeaks founder.

We still don't know why.
She has deleted the tweet. It was present earlier today, quite possibly prompted by my tweet.

I archived the tweet here:
The account is now RTing one of JA's lawyers.
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I made a presentation at the public forum in SF on the topic of prosecution of Julian #Assange & the US war on the First Amendment. Here are the slides that I used to explore the role of corporate media in this war.… #WikiLeaks
Last month, public learned that criminal charges against #Assange exist under seal. This attack on the publisher that we are now seeing didn’t begin with the Trump administration. This is an escalation of Obama’s war on whistleblowers.
Roots of this war go much deeper. A spark for this war was lit in 2008. There is a documentation about the US counterintelligence’s investigation into #WikiLeaks, where the US intelligence viewed WikiLeaks as a threat to US military.…
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Members of Congress sent @SecPompeo a letter requesting he brief them re #Assange, U.S. discussions with Ecuador about the #WikiLeaks founder's status, and details about visitors to the embassy, as well as #Manafort's discussions with Foreign Minister Valencia.
#WikiLeaks tweets are distorting what the letter says and what prompted it. The letter literally just asks for a briefing and says the situation should be resolved – something everyone agrees on, regardless of their view of #Assange.
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If #WikiLeaks successfully gets the DNC lawsuit dismissed for issues of jurisdiction, they'll have Craig Murray to thank for guaranteeing that won't work in D.C.
(Note that Murray is not credible on the matter and has contradicted himself (as even a cursory comparison of his statements shows), but his repeated claims will be a problem for WikiLeaks if they think they can win the battle on grounds of jurisdiction alone.
BTW, thanks for your passport number, @CraigMurrayOrg.
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No one has really explored either the legal or practical implications of #Assange seeking employment from multiple governments while running #WikiLeaks, and what success would have meant for the government, the man, and Organization 1.
Note that the only government #Assange is known to have worked for (under contract) is the Russian government.
Coincidentally, one can easily interpret comments from Russian officials as implying not only foreknowledge of #Vault7, but a specific intent behind the #WikiLeaks release – alleging that allegations of Russian hacking were all CIA false flag operations.
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Who wants to tell her #Assange signed a document terminating his asylum in December 2017?
Who wants to tell #WikiLeaks that #Assange literally worked for Russian state controlled media a few years ago?
RT declined to share any details of #Assange's contract with them other than to acknowledge it existed. Strange how #WikiLeaks never leaked those documents censored by an arm of the Russian government. So, so strange.
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#Q new thread
Why Did VP get envelope to?
What does VP know relates to 911?
VP & Tim Kane 911.…
@fedupwarriorq17 @arresthrc
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#WikiLeaks just cited #DDoSecrets in one of its legal filings 😂…
I'm indirectly cited further down on that same page of #WikiLeaks' filing, when it cites the presence of the #DNCEmails in the @InternetArchive's Wayback Machine. The entirety of the cache was archived by IA's staff en masse at my request, using a list of URLs I provided.
@internetarchive Arguably the most ironic part is that #WikiLeaks' lawyer @JDratel is citing #DDoSecrets' listing the emails as "State Sponsored" hacks in their filing to dismiss the DNC lawsuit "over alleged Russian conspiracy."
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What were YOU doing exactly 8 years ago???

#FreeAssange #Unity4J #ASSANGE #wikileaks
The arrest of #ASSANGE as it happened Dec 7 2010!

He spent a week in solitary confinement in Wandsworth prison!

He spent 2 years under house arrest!

He has spent over 6 years in the London embassy of Ecuador!


Look at all these LINKS!

The @guardian has made a fortune from @wikileaks and yet they continue to frame Julian #ASSANGE with front page #FAKENEWS!…

EIC @kathviner must resign! #BoycottTheGuardian
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Docs Point to Illegal Campaign Coord btwn Trump & the NRA

Likely Flynn gave up Devin Nunes too

Nunes = transition team
Nunes = co-conspirator on the Turkish Cleric kidnapping op.

RU is trying to undermine confidence in US elex, democratic inst’ns, & justice sys.

Trump & the NRA used the same consultants to spearhead TV ad blitzes at the height of the 2016 elex, in vio’n of fed law

Goldman Sachs likely to boost legal reserves for 1MDB

Peskov aka Putin’s Mouthpiece is in Mueller crosshairs re e-mails w/ Cohen re TT Moscow

DrDG:”On the *same day* that J. Corsi emailed R. Stone about #WikiLeaks “just happens” to have been the *same day* that #Russia's🇷🇺propaganda channel RT was in #Ecuador’s embassy to see Julian Assange.”

Brussels tells social media giants to delete Russian trolls
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