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Why is #WikiLeaks RTing their four hour old tweet on this aspect of this cable, but silent on the stuff @NSArchive won in the same court battle about the actual programs and torture?

Is their priority accountability, or damaging CIA's reputation anyway it can, misogyny included?
Yes, @NSArchive published it and made the same comparison - but they also released all the other documents and haven't highlighted this in any tweets, and they placed this cable at the end of the list of the release.

WL, on the other hand, focused ONLY on this one. I wonder why.
#WikiLeaks has now made this their pinned tweet. They have not tweeted about ANY of the other, actually substantive cables.
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Julian #Assange Went After a Former Ally. It Backfired Epically.…
Since #Assange continues to go after current and former allies that dare to criticize him or #WikiLeaks, it seems like a good time to remind folks that I'm still accepting leaks and first hand accounts from within and around WL.

DMs are open and I'm EmmaBest on Wire.
(Yes, other leaks are already in the works. Pending verification and redaction, some materials will be released by me, some will be exclusives for others.)
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4335: #DonaldTrumpJr. Interview 6 weeks after #TrumpTowerMeeting & 2 Days after #Wikileaks Discloses DNC Hacked Emails • #Nonverbal #DNCHack #EmotionalIntelligence #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #DonaldTrump
1/ This interview took place on 24 July 2016 - on the first day of Democratic National Convention - about six weeks after the Trump Tower meeting - and two days after Wikileak's release of 19,000 hacked DNC emails.
2/ What follows is a partial nonverbal, verbal, and paralanguage analysis of Donald Trump Jr.'s behavior concentrating on the first 95 seconds of this video.
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⚠️It's time for a little Seth Rich Thread... Let's get up to speed.

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
As I get going with this, this morning, you'll see some old and some new. I have many new followers, and they all need brought up to speed. We have lots of New tangible information, but most people won't bring themselves to read the reports on our website by @hannibalmoot
1) Seth Rich was the Director of New Voter Registration for the Democratic party (DNC). He was not just a regular DNC Staffer as the mainstream media, DNC, and others will lead you to believe.
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Looks like I'll be doing an #AMA for r/WorldNews tomorrow at ~12PM Eastern. So, uh... come and ask me anything, I guess.
My #AMA is live, so come ask me about #FOIA, journalism, transparency, the #Manafort and #WikiLeaks leaks, or whatever else!…
I'm going to take a short break, but I'll be back in a little bit to answer more questions!…
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Q's post on 7/31 was re: Assange #WikiLeaks #Vault7 🧐

I have the entire 13 meme set, explaining the corruption. I'm going to post it as a thread, for ppl to save/share. Here's...

Q Post
1 #YearZero
2 #DarkMatter

@POTUS #QAnon #TheStorm #WWG1WGA #FreeJulian #MAGA ⤵️
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I've always had a sinking feeling about #WikiLeaks & #Assange (besides the rape allegations,) but this is solidifying that feeling. We definitely need #transparency, but we must be careful & look out for those w alterior motives.…
From Emma Best (@NatSecGeek)
Re:#WikiLeaks #Assange #RussianCollaborator

Again, we *need* transparency, but we have to know that the motives are pure. Obviously Assange & his minions had ulterior motives.
This says a lot about #RealityWinner's arrest.We know Comey&Trump were targeting "leakers."We now know what many have suspected, Assange was collaborating. We also now know that Assange's motives were to target the UN. Doesnt Reality care about climate change & human rights? 🤔🤔
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Folks on r/WikiLeaks are confused that different people describe me different ways, and that my involvement in both natsec and FOIA makes me a "chameleon to the narrative," as if I haven't long maintained that transparency strengthens natsec in the long run.
Same group of people think my claim to fame is publishing the Turkey database (it was published before I uploaded a copy of it), and not helping to get over 13,000,000 pages of CIA docs online so anyone can read them.

How's that for being a "chameleon to the narrative?"
But since #WikiLeaks folks insist on bringing up Turkey, now seems like a good time to remind everyone that #Assange endangered the source (Phineas Fisher) by refusing to wait as instructed and promoting the release while they were still exfiltrating docs.
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#US Suddenly Buys More Ecuadorian Oil: Is It Also Buying #Assange’s Arrest?

#JulianAssange's Fate Is Being Decided At The Moment…
#ChuckGrassley reminds us it's National Whistleblower Appreciation Day. Something coming??

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#Assange's account blocked me then made this false statement while dead naming me, because neither he, his representatives or anyone at #WikiLeaks is transphobic at all.
#WikiLeaks is united with the U.S. government in their distaste for my transparency work.
As a result of this tweet, Twitter has locked #Assange's account.
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#WikiLeaked: Over 11,000 messages from private #WikiLeaks chat released…
Astonished at how little people seem to care.
Aaaaand there we go.
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URGENT ALERT: @Lenin Moreno Confirms he spoke to UK authorities re Julian this week (contradicting prior Ecuadorian Embassy stmt). Says his 'only' demand is that @JulianAssange NOT be executed. Armed police onsite outside Embassy NOW. LIVE FEED… #Unity4J
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#WikiLeaks made racist and antisemitic remarks in private chats…
Already seeing some folks respond to this by saying a lot of it's a bunch of jokes, as if (even assuming arguendo) racist jokes were anything other than racist.
Because antisemitism and racist comments are so funny, right? Right??? I guess Assange is just a poor, misunderstood edgelord, SMDH.
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Overlooked element of the #Mueller indictment is that it seems to confirm @raffiwriter's reporting about #WikiLeaks' original July 18, 2016 deadline.……
The takeaway of the newly confirmed section? That it was unclear who, but someone "had leverage over [#Assange's] decisions" when it came to #WikiLeaks. The #Mueller indictment all but says that it was Russian intelligence.
The leap in logic of RIS being the source and RIS having leverage is minuscule, and supported by the article, but it is still a dot that's not 100% connected hence the caveat at the end of that tweet.
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What have we learned from @WikiLeaks ? Friends, this thread will go for a while. Consider and evaluate whether this material is in the public interest as events regarding #WikiLeaks and #Assange unfold. Also, feel free to unfollow if you can't hack it.…
2/ Information released by WikiLeaks has been used by those seeking justice in numerous court cases, for example, the Chagos Islands case uses cables in evidence.…
3/ The Minton Report detailed how Dutch multinational company Trafigura had dumped toxic waste in the Ivory Coast affecting 108,000 people. The report had been suppressed through a super injunction.…
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LIVE NOW in Support of Julian Assange. All who wish to join forces for a better world, for all! #FreeAssange

Lions ROAR!!!

There is a large contingency in Australia, to bring Julian home safely via extradition! Being discussed now, an act of humanity that Julian is not subjected to 'torture, cruel or unusual punishment,' with no crime having been committed, to no longer be detained.

#Qanon #WWG1WGA
Austrailans: Contact Senator Penny Wong at Ph 08 - 82128272 and insist she speak out against this travesty against Julian Assange.

Americans: White House Petition to Parden…

New Zealanders: Petition for Asylum…

#Qanon #WWG1WGA
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Breaking: Possible Hand-Over Of Julian Assange To The UK May Be Imminent…
For any idiot with a blue checkmark who might claim that only Russian media is reporting this story, that is far from the case. In the last few days, award-winning journalist @ChrisLynnHedges wrote:…
.@WSWS_Updates reported in June:
"Ecuador’s foreign minister has indicated moves are underway to force the WikiLeaks editor out of Ecuador’s London embassy, where he was granted political asylum six years ago."
#ReconnectJulian #FreeAssange #Unity4J
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1.Since 2005 #Russian Oligarchs have syphoned $335 Billion stolen money out of #Russia Putin himself is worth $200 Billion, and they are doing it using #Bitcoin, because its fast and effective, they use parts of it to interfere in elections.

#Trump #Putin #Bitcoin #Treason
2. One of the "henchmen" used by #Russia was Alexander Vinnick, who was arrested by @FBI laundering $4 Billion in dirty money through #Bitcoin.

#Trump #Putin #Bitcoin #Treason…
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1- Bir süredir araştırdığımız ve birçok ülkede olduğu gibi ülkemizde de sürekli kullanılan bir internet sitesi ile ilgili uzun zamandır söylenen çok ilginç bilgiler var. Site, ülkelerin "Duygu Haritası" adı verilen bir yapıyı oluşturuyor. Çok ilginç şeyler var. Anlatıyorum #Flood
2- Kişisel araştırmalarım ve dostlarımın araştırması Sayın @AvarBanu'nun 2014 yılından bu yana söylediği bir gerçekliği tamamen destekler nitelikte. Sayın Avar, minimum 4 yıldır bu konuyu dile getiren ilk kişi. Sizinle ilk önce Sayın Avar'ın söylediklerini paylaşacağım.
3- Hayvan hakları, kadın, işçi veya çocuk hakları gibi konular sürekli imza kampanyalarıyla gündeme getiriliyor. Fakat asıl kullanım amacı toplumların duygu haritalarını ve eğilimlerini ortaya çıkarmak. Banu Avar: " ABD Savunma Bakanlığı'na çalışıyor"
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1) #QAnon #SaveTheKids

I have been Twitter-silent of late, waiting for the next shoe to drop…and there are a closet full of shoes. It was a needed break as it has been a struggle watching the cabal continue to walk the streets.
2) The breathless screams about yesterday's #TreasonSummit warrant an immediate reply. The best place to start is to ask WHY? Why are the political left and the #MSM/#LSM claiming the Trump-Putin meeting to be treasonous? What is the basis?
3) Did you hear concerns of #Treason when #Traitor44 went around the world on his apology tour, disparaging the United States? They PRAISED #Obama for bowing to leaders of foreign nations & ridicule #POTUS for NOT BOWING in submission, as if we are subject to their kingdoms.
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#fakenews is real. These reporters and networks have been named in #WikiLeaks to have colluded with the #DNC or #HillaryClinton campaign during the 2016 election cycle:
ABC – Cecilia Vega
ABC - David Muir
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#12Russians #Mueller #Russia
#Indictment #DNC #Wikileaks #RussianHacking Illinois??
FBI warned 1 computer on network was compromised & calling home. Was home, Chicago Illinois? WHY DONT WE KNOW? #Rosenstein #DOJ NEVER back up claims. Where was MIS DEPT located? Who HATED Hillary?
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#Unity4J #FreeAssange #ReconnectJulian

Now speaking: @wemeantwell: "They [@StateDept] falsely claimed I leaked classified information by fabricating a case against me."

#Unity4J #FreeAssange #ReconnectJulian

Host: @ElizabethleaVos

Guest @wemeantwell: "I embarrassed the #USgov by exposing corruption [in #Iraq] using non-classified information."

#Unity4J #FreeAssange #ReconnectJulian

Host: @ElizabethleaVos

Guest @wemeantwell: "[@StateDept] wanted to fire me for not cooperating w/ the investigation to fire me."
"I was lucky to be saved by a woman, @JesselynRadack."

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It's time for us to talk about the role of #WikiLeaks personnel (up to and including #Assange himself) and #Pizzagate in promoting parts of that narrative through their website and their Reddit (which they help moderate). It'll get dry in spots, but it's worthwhile.
2/ At least three people from #WikiLeaks helped promote #Pizzagate - #Assange, an admin and a WikiLeaks volunteer who wrote on behalf of the organization. The admin was involved deeply enough with WikiLeaks to know about the group's releases before they were announced.
3/ The #WikiLeaks website was, and still is, promoting #Pizzagate. WL has a "research" wiki, hosted on their main website. It's publicly viewable, but WL requires approval for editors. Editing is so restricted that they denied me access, even when they considered me a partner.
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