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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020.This part deals with building a #StrongerFairerEconomy
The economy is not working for the American people.Only 1 party has a platform for the next 4 yrs/the other has a loyalty pledge to a malignant narcissist who threatens our democracy1/15
The economy is not working for the American people. In a matter of weeks, the abject failure of the Trump Admin to competently respond to the #COVID19 pandemic erased all the job gains made since the Obama/Biden Admin pulled the country out of the Great Recession 2/15
President Trump inherited the longest economic expansion in American history from the Obama-Biden Administration, and he squandered it. 3/15
#DemPartyPlatform #TrumpChaos #EconTwitter
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Market getting absolutely pummeled.
Definitively not clear trade deal is over. I'd say not, and this is just algos reacting to improperly worded headlines. See from min 4:52 on.

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#CCP’s #World #Domination Strategy: #Weaponise Everything

Tactics: #Disguise, #Deflect, #Defame, #Divide, & #Deny

* Overseas researchers, academics, etc. are actually #spies.
* Chinese news outlets are actually its #propaganda mouthpiece. 1/n
* Belt & Road Initiative (#BRI) is actually Bait & Rob Initiative (debt trap diplomacy).

* America’s human right violations are worse than China’s.
* China can’t contribute much financially to international bodies because it’s an underdeveloped country. 2/n
* CCP ordered @WHO to call it #Covid19, but not #WuhanVirus, so as to disassociate it.

* Blamed #America, then #Italy, then #France as the origin of the virus.
* Play #victim: China lost many lives so as to let the world have time to save their people. 3/n
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The #CoronaVirus or #Covid19 is a classic #BlackSwan event.

No one could see it coming. (Ok @BillGates did highlight risk of a pandemic - but realistically not many planned for this)

Such a chaotic event is catastrophic for those who are #Fragile,
A downturn for #Robust
Good for #Antifragile

(Channelling my inner NNT)
What is fragility?

As per @nntaleb checklist

- too much concentration of power (can’t talk back to authority with honest feedback)
- one trick pony (export one commodity)
- too much leverage (financial or over optimised supply chain)
- experience of previous crisis
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Mr. Hogan is the new @Trade_EU Commissioner and is making his first trip outside the EU as part of the @vonderleyen Commission. He is speaking with @CSISEurope's Heather Conley and Scholl Chair Bill Reinsch.
Mr Hogan was previously Irish Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government. At The Europe Desk, we recently interview @HcMEntee, Irish Minister for European Affairs, on Ireland's role in transatlantic relations after #Brexit:… @GUGlobalIrish
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Qassem Soleimani was killed in an air strike by the #US in #Baghdad. Equivalent to Jiang Zemin in #China, Soleimani was a dominant figure in the military, politics and oil industry of #Iran. Most of his family reside in #HongKong, #Shanghai and #Beijing.
#China’s Bank of Kunlun was established by Soleimani family in collaboration with the #CCP. The actual #Chinese main shareholders are Jiang Zemin, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu (and Zhou Yongkang before jailed). Its asset has increased from $17 billion to $28 billion.
#Bank of Kunlun is a tool of #Iran’s Soleimani, Khamenei and the #CCP kleptocrats to launder money and evade the #US sanctions @robert_spalding @MischaEDM @WarrenPlatts @geoff_p_wade @DanRDimicco @Jkylebass @BenKTallmadge @IndoPac_Info @BoycottHegemony…
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@niubi 🇨🇳 🇺🇸 #China Hints U.S. Blacklist Imminent in Threat to #Trade Talks - Bloomberg

@niubi 🇺🇸 🇨🇳 Here’s What Happens to Markets If U.S. Tariffs on #China Kick in Dec. 15 - Bloomberg…
@niubi 🇨🇳 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 #Huawei plans to shift research center to #Canada from U.S.: Globe and Mail - Reuters…
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In the context of economic globalization, effects of bilateral-based tariff and trade agreement often tends to be limited. An article by Gao Shanwen on the impact of China-US #tradewar on #Chinese real economy:…
Despite trade tension, share of #Chinese exports in global trade has remained stable since beginning of this year. While re-export trade and substitution effect are reasons behind this, the influence of exchange rate should not be ignored either.
The depreciation of RMB exchange rate caused by trade war has largely spread the impact of trade war on Chinese exports to other economies around the world, making China's share of global trade stable.
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@niubi 🇨🇳 🌎 🇺🇸 #China to Raise Penalties on #IP Rights Violations - Bloomberg
*Guidelines (Chinese):…
@niubi 🇺🇸 🇨🇳 Another reason for #Trump administration to reach a partial trade deal with #China soon.

@niubi 🇺🇸 🇨🇳 US moves closer to resuming chicken exports to #China as #Beijing approves processing plants - SCMP…
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China data: Inflation Rate +3.8% YoY (3% last month), a material part a DOUBLING of pork 🐽 prices in October.

Yet Chinese PPI (i.e. prices from producers, e.g. factories etc) was -1.6% (-1.2% last month).

So inflation for consumers, deflation for producers

So China really needs to get pork prices down, it's by far the most popular meat there (China eats HALF the world's pork!).

And half their pig population has been decimated by swine flu (450 million pigs when at capacity, so half of these lost).

And pigs eat SOY BEANS...

China has been sorting soy bean deals with Russia, Argentina (some folk tracking shipments from S. America which are up a lot), although the MSM just talk about the #beandeal and nothing else...

China could do with more soy beans sure, but it doesn't HAVE to buy from US

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#India has lost $7 billion #WTO case against US. Meanwhile #China has won its case with WTO allowing the Chinese to impose a $3.6 billion sanction on American goods. The verdict comes days after India US officially suspended defense cooperation. #TradeWar…
The #WTO verdict against India in favor of US in a $7 billion case comes days after India and US officially suspended defense cooperation in what is now giving rise to a full-fledged India-US #TradeWar.…
The #WTO case was filed in March 2018 by the U.S., challenging what it said were illegal export subsidies provided to #Indian firms. The decision, which can be appealed, comes amid a now full-fledged  India US #TradeWar.…
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#WeekendReading Thread | @GreatGameIndia

Kartarpur Corridor - ISI's Bridge to #Khalistan

While the intention appears to be noble the larger Pakistani plot behind #KartarpurCorridor is ISI's Bridge to #Khalistan directed at the #Khalistan2020 Referendum…
According to leaked information of a high-level meeting, the United States and India’s failure to reach a long-expected trade deal on Sept. 24 has sparked fears of a full-fledged India US #TradeWar.…
A scientist with the National Remote Sensing Centre #NRSC of the Indian Space Research Organisation #ISRO was found murdered in his apartment in #Hyderabad.…
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回到這個問題的本源,爲什麽會爆發 #TradeWar?最核心的問題在於兩方面:1.百餘年前天朝就流傳著“師夷長技以制夷”的説法,於是走黨把從美國學來的高科技用來對付美國,然而被川普看懂了,並竭力制止...
... 2.走黨用高科技對付自己的人民,這個問題更嚴重,這是反人類的行爲,必須被制止,否則人類文明大倒退。於是,川普有了兩個“無比正義”的旗號:保護美國利益+保護人權——“名正則言順”,美兩黨在中國問題上的態度空前一致,即使川不能連任,其繼任者也很難扭轉這個新的政治正確。
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China’s exports to the US has declined sharply since this year, due to ongoing #tradewar, while those to Japan, the EU, Vietnam and the Philippines have witnessed gradual increase, said CF40 member Gao Shanwen,… 1/6
Generally, the share of Chinese exports in global trade has remained stable. The reasons include re-export trade. Products like boiler and motor that China usually exported to the US, have witnessed significant increase in export this year to the EU and Vietnam. 2/6
Another factor is exchange rate. In June and July last year when trade tension underwent rapid escalation, RMB depreciated against a basket of currencies by as much as 5%. RMB exchange rate on average depreciated by 3% compared with six months prior to the trade war. 3/6
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Since this year, the share of Chinese exports in global trade
has remained stable. While re-export trade and substitution effect are reasons behind
this, the influence of exchange rate should not be ignored either, said CF40 member Gao Shanwen,… 1/6
The depreciation of RMB exchange rate caused by trade war has largely spread the impact of trade war on
Chinese exports toother economies around the world, making China's share of global trade stable.2/6
It also shows to a certain extent that in the context of economic globalization, the
effectiveness of bilateral-based tariff and trade agreements often tends to be limited.3/6
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After raising protest in a letter to President Trump, now American lawmakers have acted legally against India over the #Kashmir issue urging for US intervention. What makes the report more startling is that the doc was submitted just days after #HowdyModi…
On 12 Sept 2019 Senators Chris Van Hollen, Todd Young, Ben Cardin and Lindsay Graham wrote a letter to President Trump raising concerns over #Kashmir issue. Congressman Eric Swalwell said Kashmir is not just about India but has worldwide military, economic and moral consequences.
In a first step towards legislative action by American lawmakers against India over #Kashmir US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has added an appeal to end what it calls a “humanitarian crisis” in Kashmir in its report ahead of the annual Foreign Appropriations Act for 2020.
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“The Chinese miracle is over.”

In a wide-ranging conversation, top radio talk show hosts and senior @EpochTimes staff provided context to an audience of media professionals about some of the most important headlines regarding #China.…
John @batchelorshow, a talk show host on WABC in New York, said the #TradeWar has highlighted how “China’s business model is broken.”

US #Tariffs have taught companies they can move their supply chains out of #China, without being subject to unfair trade practices.
@batchelorshow Tom @sullivanradio of #TalkMedia Network said he’s spoken with #Farmers and residents in the heartland states most affected by #China’s retaliatory #Tariffs on US #Agricultural products; they support President Trump tackling the #Chinese regime’s trade policies.
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Standard Chartered 1/5: #USD – The peak is nearing
We remain neutral on the USD albeit with a slight negative bias as the uptrend appears to be coming to an end. However, we believe conditions for a reversal are not yet in place.
Standard Chartered 2/5: The USD has remained relatively resilient on the back of the US’s strong cyclical story relative to the rest of the world. Additionally, tight USD liquidity and capital flows have remained USD-supportive and could persist.
Standard Chartered 3/5: The higher US yield structure means that any US flows to the rest of the world will likely be hedged while flows into the US will likely be unhedged – which could prop the USD up in the near term. Further upside risks include an intensifying #tradewar,
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l'impulso dalla creazione di quasi 3Trilioni di $ di riserve non spinge in maniera coerente e costante l'elargizione di nuovo credito da parte delle banche US👉NON C'E' DOMANDA
la moneta creata non "gira" come potrebbe/dovrebbe e lo vedi su
-Linea Nera:Inflazione attesa 5y FWD
...perché accade tutto questo?
perché da oltre 10 anno l'unico intento delle CBs è quello di salvaguardare il sistema finanziario come l'abbiamo sempre "conosciuto" che è morto esattamente 11 anni fa...NON SIAMO MAI USCITI DALLA GFC 2008/09 e non usciremo mai in questo modo
...ed oggi vedremo quanto @potus è ricattabile...ha in mano il jolly per affondare EZ e lo DEVE giocare adesso...👽…
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Weekend Reading #Thread | @GreatGameIndia

Below are all the issues we covered this week.

Join us on Telegram for more intel and updates
How bureaucrats and politicians including a former Chief Minister and Governor of Madhya Pradesh were honeytrapped by Bollywood actresses and call-girls in a sex-blackmail racket. #Honeytrap…
Russians are reportedly on the ground supporting renegade General Khalifa Haftar known as ‘CIA’s Man in Libya’ against the #UnitedNations backed Govt of National Accord – in what is now being called as the Russo American Alliance against the #DeepState.…
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US has put sanctions on several Chinese companies for shipping Iranian oil, putting dozens of Supertankers off limits to energy traders. As a direct impact of blacklisting of Chinese shipping company Cosco 145,000 tonnes of Indian Oil is at risk. #TradeWar…
US Treasury dept on Wednesday blacklisted two oil tanker subsidiaries of Cosco, a leading Chinese shipping and logistics company. Indian Oil Corp is examining the impact of this sanctions on its chartering of a crude carrier owned by a subsidiary of Cosco…
Indian Oil Corp has chartered Da Yuan Hu, owned by Chinese Cosco Shipping Tanker Dalian blacklisted by US for the lifting of 145,000 tonnes of Mexican Isthumus oil. The vessel is expected to start its voyage to Paradip port in eastern India on Oct. 10, Refinitiv Eikon data shows.
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US labeling China as a currency manipulator signifies #tradewar escalation and directly affects the
ratio between the countries’ currencies, which will further highlight Chinese yuan’s weaknesses and US dollar’s advantages, said CF40 member Chen Yuan. 1/5
When compared to the US dollar, Chinese yuan is obviously at a weak position. #RMB mainly serves its domestic economy, while its internalization journey has just started. 2/5…
Though having joined the SDR basket, #Chineseyuan still accounts for only a small part in investment and settlements on a global scale. Hence it is unwise to let Chinese yuan move against the US dollar. 3/5
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Last year when we discussed the situation of China-US trade war, we believed that it would take time for a "#tradewar" to turn into a "financial war", said CF40 member Chen Yuan. 1/5…
Exchange rate lies at the core of financial markets. It even occupies a more fundamental place in money markets as #exchangerate policy can impact a country’s money supply, inflation and economic growth. 2/5
For China, #exchangerate represents a price ratio that bears very close relations with countries involved, their enterprises and individuals. It is a key measurable index. 3/5
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THREAD: #China’s huge amount of forex reserves has been a precious asset to Chinese over the past 4 decades, but as the foreign exchange market has become a target of #tradewar, and possibly a “financial war”, China must seek a new strategic meaning for it, said Chen Yuan: 1/5
One reason is that the meaning of China’s huge forex reserves has changed to the #American as China-US relationship has become more complicated than before when the two used to have more cooperation and integration in the money market. 2/5
At this moment, China must reconsider the strategic meaning of its forex reserves which, for instance, could be a “financial battlefield” or even the focus of a
"financial war":… 3/5
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