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Systemic corruption bother you?
I recently listened to an episode of @JimmyDoreShow in which it highlighted serious concerns you each have with systemic political corruption. As #ClintonFoundationWhistleblowers
(2/3) my partner and I join you. We have an ongoing case in US Tax Court (Doyle, Moynihan v IRS). As we often state, our efforts are not right v left but rather right v wrong. The corruption within the #ClintonFoundation is truly systemic. I hope you might visit, read, watch
(3/3) and share our #ClintonFoundationWhistleblowers Libraries:

We testified to Congress on these topics in December 2018. A link to that testimony is in the attached Libraries.

Transparency is the best disinfectant.
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Have you noticed every politician ends up wealthy after becoming a "Public Servant"

Except @realDonaldTrump and he works for FREE.

Joe Biden has been in politics for 48 years. Can you provide a list of the places to which
@JoeBiden donated his salary?…
"We came out of the White House dead broke, in debt. We had no money when we got there, and we struggled to piece together the resources for mortgages for houses, for Chelsea's education." ~Hillary Clinton

This thief stole from us
w #ClintonFoundation Pay to Play schemes
How wealthy are the crookeds now?
It's reported Bill & Hillbil are worth $120 Million.
Not too shabby.
I'm betting some of that is hidden/not reported.


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#SaveOurChildren thread going to start out with the information that is easily understood. Sometimes when you are trying to #WakeUpAmerica the only way to do it is open there eyes slowly.…
Video footage of children being brought out of these tankers #WakeUpAmerica how can you call this a "conspiracy" if it in front of your eyes!
Now ask yourself why the American MSM isn't reporting on these things when it is easily available I myself can go straight to it and find it! So your own research if your interested in knowing what is really happening. I know the answers to these questions, the Truth is hidden!
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(1/4) "About five years before assuming the role of FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb recounted to me the struggle to secure quality in the drugs being purchased from India and sent to Africa through the U.S. PEPFAR program."

(2/4) "As it turned out, Ranbaxy was the tip of the iceberg. With the help of multiple corporate whistleblowers, 20,000 internal FDA documents, and reporting on four continents, I learned that a culture of fraud permeated the generic drug industry."

(3/4) "From 2012-2016, the FDA investigator Peter Baker found fraud and deceitful data practices in 67 of the 86 drug plants he inspected in India and China . . . "

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#SteveBannon et al charged w/wire fraud + money laundering of hundreds of thousands of $$ relating to a campaign that raised ~$25mm:

In Other News: The #ClintonFoundation Could Be Subject to Taxation on $400mm to $2.5Bln. Let's revisit: @CSPAN…

We fully promote strict adherence to #RuleofLaw and #EqualJustice under the law. One standard of law for ALL CONCERNED, whether Mr. Bannon or the Clintons.…
(3/3) Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Libraries:
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Any parent worthy of the name impresses on children NOT to LIE, CHEAT, or STEAL. Time and again, the #ClintonFoundation has failed these tests:

1. How did the CF LIE?

2. How did the CF CHEAT? Their own internal counsel said so:
3. Where is STRONG EVIDENCE that the Clinton Foundation and then Secretary of State HRC engaged in activities consistent w/US Taxpayer funds being stolen? Here: #GlobalFund, #StateDepartment, #Fraud:

and Here: #USAID, #PEPFAR
#ClintonFoundationWhistleblowers #DoyleandMoynihan

For those interested in 'visiting' the Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Libraries, here you go. Please share:
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So looks like Millie Weaver and her husband have a gag order, associated with a $50k fine if she violates it. I wasn't sure what to think about the timing of this originally, but they're even threatening to take her kids. This is the Ohio court.
Aside from Shadowgate, what else was she investigating there? I'm hearing she was working on exposing CPS. Yeah, the organization that is supposed to protect your kids. The location of Ohio got me thinking...Les Wexner.
That's the guy who was good friends with Jeffrey Epstein...and I'm sure he had some form of friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell. I wonder how close Wexner is with the Clintons and the #ClintonFoundation.
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➡another reason perhaps for Biden choosing Kamala Harris for VP.

Notice that the media is showering us with stories about her Indian roots.

Indian mother, her aunt, Indian dishes (cooking Masala with Mindy), trips to India, wearing a sari, Indians' recognition for 1st time
Now, notice the part of her ancestry the Democratic Party is not highlighting ... her Jamaican roots.

Aside from the obvious, her dad being a descendant from a wealthy plantation owner...

Just seems to be another reason for the attention directed to one place on the map 🤔
The Eastern part of the compass, 🧭
while ignoring the direction more closely to the USA, just South?

Jamaica , man
... down in the Caribbean Sea

Wouldn't Kamala want to discuss her "Black" roots & the effects of colonialism there?
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Part 3 of Austin's Operation Burnback Drip/Nurture Email Leaks.

#WikiLeaks #AustinSteinbartIsQ

Gil Scott-Heron
When asked about previously discussed "WET WORKS" #TeamClinton aide replys: "I am all in. Sounds like it will be a bad night, we need to buckle up and double down."
#Racketeering #Murder #PublicCorruption
#WikiLeaks #MediaBlackout #NotARussianAgent
#TeamClinton Campaign Chief: "branding the GOP as bigoted and extreme is more in line with our big picture, long term goals"
#WikiLeaks #MediaBlackout #NotARussianAgent
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Part 2 of Austin's Operation Burnback Drip/Nurture Email Leaks.

Music: SNOG
#TeamClinton insider #1 concerned about potential investigation of #ClintonFoundation - #Corruption #CoverUp
#WikiLeaks #MediaBlackout #NotARussianAgent
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(1/7) Word has it @TishJames NYAG is scheduled to hold press conference today. We don't engage in speculation so will wait to see what is released. We welcome sharing w/media, public + anybody who cares that in re #NYAG, we sent our #ClintonFoundation #Whistleblower Submission
(2/7) to the NYAG Charitable Division in mid-June 2018, all 6000+ pages and 100+ Formal Exhibits of documented evidence presented in Case Format. We followed up with the office there and specifically Ms. Karin Kunstler Goldman every 3-6 months over the next year and a half.
(3/7) We received lip service yet nothing of any substance nor engagement that any sort of serious investigation was ever undertaken despite our repeated overtures/attempts to engage. This was not a surprise. In November and December 2019 we received final word that they would
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
Former Senate President of #Haiti, Bernard Sansaricq,
DEMANDS Full Audit by @realDonaldTrump of the BILLIONS taken in by #ClintonFoundation for #Haiti which ALL WAS STOLEN by them but for a mere 2% of funds taken in, & Demands Criminal Charges for Fraud.
What do you want to bet that some of Biden’s island money just next door to #Haiti came from the Haiti Scammed Billions in the Clinton Crime Cartel? Hmm. 🤔 I wonder what islands they own from their “Foundation” money. The Clintons claim only 30 million was ever received. 30 of 6
0.5% Half of One percent of accused take in. But someone also claimed 12 Billion in print. Even if it was 1 Billion or 100 Million, where are all the power plants?? I could have installed at least 50 Megawatts for that money 100% renewable supplying at less than 1/3rd diesel cost
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We have received countless positive reviews on these #ClintonFoundation #Whistleblower Libraries. They lay the foundation for understanding much of what is going on today/has transpired within #DeepState over the last two decades. I hope people will read, review, and retweet. Thx
Please keep going. Wash, Rinse, RETWEET . . .

Information is everything. The power of knowledge is unbeatable. This is HOW WE WIN.
@stacykarma1 I am forever grateful for the support of the #digitalarmy in sharing our work. Your help in further promoting and retweeting this #ClintonFoundation #Whistleblower Libraries thread is GREATLY APPRECIATED.
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(1/8) Did @realDonaldTrump 'set the table' for our #ClintonFoundation #Whistleblower case in White House Statement last Thursday highlighting his Signing of Executive Orders on Lowering Drug Prices? Stick w/me here. #HUGE Let's watch this 2-minute clip…
(2/8) We remarked re: CFdn "acting as agent" on behalf of foreign countries such as Mozambique and so many others and then doing the same on behalf of drug companies. "There are so many examples."

Now, let's review key portions of POTUS' statement (…):
(3/8) “The third revolutionary order I’m signing today will prevent middlemen — and women, I guess — but you’ve heard about the middleman, right? The middleman that makes so much money. Nobody knows who they are. Nobody has any idea who they are. They make more money,
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(1/6) Get Fauci back in here NOW. The following expose is HUGE in terms of ethical lapses, conflicts of interest and a whole lot more with the man whom many -- but not those following @LWDoyleUSA -- consider America's medical guru. @JustTheNews reports:…
(2/6) "NIH-sponsored AIDS drug trials in Africa in 2002 were discovered to have notable reporting lapses; specifically, the NIH failed to tell then-President Bush that research into the AIDS drugs he authorized to send to Uganda had failed federal safety rules . . "
(3/6) WOW!! " . . . ", though the officials did tell authorities in Uganda before beginning the trials. (as if Ugandan officials were unquestionably on the up and up).

"Government officials at the time "recognized the enormity that this decision could have on the worldwide
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"First African trial of a COVID-19 vaccine" includes some HIV positive patients.… via @gavi

CAUTION: let's review perils of drug resistance from when #GatesFoundation, #ClintonFoundation, #WHO distributed adulterated meds in Africa
Over the past three years Wemos investigated clinical trials in South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe. We are concerned about the increasing numbers of clinical trials on the African continent.
Our reports show that the oversight is insufficient to adequately protect the rights of vulnerable trial participants. It appears that clinical trials which are considered unacceptable for Western European ethical review boards are being carried out on the African continent.
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To all of the @linkinpark fans. We have all suffered a great loss by losing #chesterbennington 3 years ago. I’m seeing a lot of posts of people crying for him, crying for his loss, missing him. We all miss him but
2. Wake up to the reason he’s gone. #InTheEnd he was fighting the battle of his life! He had been fighting against the evil that pushed him into his depression. Did you ever ask why he was “depressed”? He had so much to live for. The music, a beautiful wife, beautiful children.
3. Does everyone understand the evil #chesterbennington and #ChrisCornell were #Exposing ?

They were working to expose #PedophileRings of Hollywood and the music industry.

Seems like everyone who tries to expose these rings, dies.......
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@TrianoToni @jennajameson Of course. I'll highlight the modern iteration .. As it pertains to the #ClintonFoundation #ClintonCrimeFamily and #MaximusInc and #DHHS.
There are no coincidences.
This will be somewhat of a lengthy post.
Apologies to @jennajameson in advance for this thread.
@TrianoToni @jennajameson 1. History
Maximus Inc was founded the same year as TITLE IV-D of the Social Security Act.. 1974.
Title IV D is also known as welfare recovery via child support.
Title IV D also provides the states with federal funding for state expenditures at a rate of 66%...
@TrianoToni @jennajameson 2. In other words if a state spends a dollar for welfare .. They collect 6.60 Back for their programs.
Why is this pertinent ? The states intentionally create adversarial relationship between parents to increase the funding from the federal government.. And intentionally ..
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Did you know #LincolnPark was a military base in Canada where they experimented & tortured children for a top-secret CIA project called MK Ultra??? 🤔 #SilentNoMore #wayfair #HumanTrafficking #ChildTrafficking more below Image
Did you know #ChesterBennington, the lead singer of #LinkinPark, struggled his whole life with trauma and depression from the sexual abuse he experienced as a child??? Did you know #Chester “never knew” who his father was??? 🤔 #SilentNoMore #wayfair #HumanTrafficking
Did you know that #LinkinPark’s brand logo symbolizes the destruction of the spiraling triangle symbol used by #pedophiles??? 🤔 #SilentNoMore #wayfair #HumanTrafficking #ChildTrafficking
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Thread on #Qanon & #GhislaineMaxwell -
Q has posted 10 posts on Maxwell, ONE exactly 1 year prior to the day and almost to the -exact hour- she was denied bail and ordered to report to prison.

Let''s have a look at the others?
Of the 10 posts #Qanon made specifically referring to #GhislaineMaxwell, #3431 and one other post, #3428 posted here, came exactly one year ago today.

#Qposts #WWG1GWA #DarkToLight Image
In #QPost #3428 above, Q directs us to an article about Victoria's Secret, owner #LexWexner and a woman who said she'd been promised modeling work there and been sexually abused by #JeffreyEpstein and #GhislaineMaxwell.…
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