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Thread by @roshankar: "The destruction of the larger than life mythology of a politician is necessary for our future. Myths feed power structures that exacerbate e […]"

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The destruction of the larger than life mythology of a politician is necessary for our future. Myths feed power structures that exacerbate existing problems of social structure in democracies. @AAPKarnataka's campaign is a fine approach to solving this challenge. /1
The transition for India Against Corruption to @AamAadmiParty i.e. a moral transformation movement to a political party working on anti-corruption measures with a democratic lens of the world, was always going to be tricky and messy. /2
India Against Corruption raised cultural consciousness in the common citizen that the state is acting against its interests. The proximal cause was the Congress' UPA Government. The long run cause has been a lack of genuine democracy. /3
Democracy is not just a concept of governance or electoral politics but has to be a part of our homes, neighbourhoods and communities. In the absence of its practice with dialectic and dialogue, decisions and their outcomes can't achieve polynomial gains. /4
AAP's Delhi Government pushed for the devolution of funds and decentralization of power structures, both known to be clear governance wins, but has been stymied till now by the Lieutenant Governor's office at the behest of the Ministry of Home Affairs controlled by the BJP. /5
However, by making the common citizen as the pivot for governance, it has been able to mark a cultural shift in attitude in a short period of time. That's where its governance victories and successes come from, not due to reliance of the current system. /6
School management committees mark a change in the attitudes of principals, parents and teachers towards school education. Cultural conversation at the local level shifts to education as a path to freedom and enlightenment. The efficiency is questioned often, never the intent. /7
Mohalla clinics, a feature of AAP's primary healthcare system, currently stymied by administrative processes and hurdles, reorients healthcare around the citizen from an equity and justice perspective in clearly measurable ways. People demand cheaper healthcare closer to them. /8
Victories in infrastructure are purely a result of reorientation in priorities of the Chief Minister @ArvindKejriwal of planning infrastructure around the individual and the community's needs combined with razor sharp decisions related to indigenous engineering and technology. /9
Reducing cost of treatment of sewage per person via technology was an engineering decision. Applying indigenous science and engineering innovation to water technology was innovation. Policy and expenditure focused around increasing water access, quality and equity. /10
The cultural events focused around broader themes of society in the pedagogy of children as well as art/culture for the masses by Dy CM @msisodia have focused on the community with the key themes of fraternity, peace, education and enlightenment as their highlights. /11
Political battles of @ArvindKejriwal have revolved around the protection of civil liberties and freedoms. When Savarkar is taught, he vows to teach Ambedkar. He never bows to the infrastructure mafia and cuts public education expenditure. No matter what it does to his party. /12
This non-negotiability in ideals and goals makes @AamAadmiParty get international acclaim, national space in narratives and local presence in several states. It can't do it all by itself. That's impossible. State, market and society will have to engage together. /13
Individuals, social movements and civil society that represent people's issues must find highest common factor of ideals planned around a sovereign individual for their campaigns and lives but be prepared with a lowest common denominator as their political outlook and choice. /14
Political parties that claim to stand for a certain idea of the world must aggregate together at every level of electoral politics and local governance with ideas, strategy and execution on issues of common interest. /15
It is necessary to conduct with system, process, audit and accountability while making a clear map of stakeholders and their aggregates who can align on resources, processes and priorities at time intervals by agreeing continuously on creating culture and delivering outcomes. /16
The democracy playbook cannot be built on a closed network. It cannot be planned in silos without fierce dialectic and constant enquiry on what works and what doesn't based on what we know. This is what most stakeholders of local political and social power are realizing. /17
The @AAPKarnataka election is a great first attempt at aligning these interests, albeit inefficiently for now, at reimagining local elections. Several community activists and professionals have joined, many skeptics or cynics in the political or electoral process. /18
The people centric vision of @AAPKarnataka led by an innovative campaign by @aapkaprithvi is a great example of an attempt at aligning social movements with political processes constantly delivering small victories while retaining the overall idea of societal transformation. /19
The fact that community activists across the state have joined the movement is heartening. The details are being worked out as the plan is made. Democracy is an emergency need like air that can't wait for timelines of past ideological change. /20
The greatest advances of modern technology and culture have come from understanding that individual agency has value and impact. Our politics or social structures cannot ignore that in the planning process. /21
This is why the visions of Jules Verne and Isaac Asimov are less a reality on aggregate than the ideas and visions of Shelley, Dyostoevsky and George Orwell. Because technological solutionism alone can't solve the aggregate problem of the human condition. /22
Purely seen in business terms, the Congress is undergoing an acquisition by the BJP as it increasingly became a non-ideological party which used to represent ideas of Gokhale and Gandhi once. They aggregated power only to lose it like IBM did to Microsoft and Apple. /23
The moral high ground was lost and purely as an efficiency issue of allocation, the BJP seems better than them. Even though they are not. The social movements and ideas that built the Congress were not in everyone's homes as India grew unequal everyday. /24
The RSS as an umbrella identity has been able to give shape to manufacturing a belief system through a set of core ideals that have percolated across generations. Their political victories were few but the narrative was being set to hit the hammer on the anvil. /25
The core ideas have percolated and taken enough formats that it manifests with different genetic, epigenetic and cultural histories in different forms. Not all can be treated as the same. We are all combinatorically different. That must aggregate in choices and outcomes./25
For a true democratic ideal to established, we should see people's lives with attributes that measure guaranteed freedoms and protected rights, minimum level of welfare and dignity and the balanced role of the state and checks the unfree market a measure of true displacement. /27
Seeing where we have come and are going as a species is not distance. It is displacement. It is distance with a purpose. Of fulfilling the human potential of each individual of our species and minimizing the pain and suffering in it. /28
Any belief system or sociopolitical construct that frames the individual or any collection as the "Other" is true precisely for the above fact. Just that we forget or don't know we are all the "other". /26
The outcomes we agree upon for an individual and their aggregates along with the functions that we choose to achieve those aims should be seen as velocity, not speed. Velocity has speed and direction and needs to be a part of the grander plan of the species. /29
"The challenges we face are complex. They cannot be solved without hard work, or without the public participation of informed, problem-solving citizens."
@ashwinmahesh explains accelaration and jerk on multiple dimensions for linear and non-linear problems to scale change. /30
Jounce, crackle and pop are higher order solutions which must be explored for convex problems of a world that is less Euclidean than we imagine. Now, before this sounds like quantum healing, remember that these concepts have been understood and interacted over centuries. /31
This is of course a rather differential viewpoint of the world, which can be seen from the lens of integration as well. Semantics and syntax will closely interplay the development of the ideal as well as the application to creating a richer future of humanity. /32
The fact that we have 5000+ nuclear weapons and other possible futures for a doomsday event, a Keeling curve off the charts and a fundamental inequality amongst our species with 1% of our species taking orders more than is needed as resources or prosperity. /33
In this space-time, we must choose voluntarily to do more for more people. The genetic lottery notwithstanding, attempts of every kind to further the goals of liberty, equality and fraternity must be furthered. Alignment of the individual with the collective is paramount. /34
Furthering goals and objectives of individuals and aligning it strategically with every level of goal formation that we can find within the species through collective decision making and action is important. Theory of demand and supply needs merge micro and macro seamlessly. /35
The @AAPKarnataka unit esp. Bangalore will be instructive in thinking about political organizations from an intra and intra party perspective. A grassroots campaign along with innovative responses to bullies and ground mobilization merges vertical and horizontal hierarchies. /36
Bangalore has been the hotbed of science, technology and management. It has had several interesting and model civic and political initiatives. And yet its lakes burn, traffic is terrible, corporators run fiefdoms and large goons mark their territories with massive posters. /37
.@VEERenuka, for example, is an ideal citizen that India should aspire for everyday of the week, every minute of the year and every second of the year. Her sobriquet of Porkeyamma cannot be manufactured. She's used to thankless jobs that need to get done after all. /38
A former advisor to the Planning Commission. The bureaucratic architect at the policy level on NREGA. An independent woman who drives her car as a senior citizen. One who volunteers her time to increase educational outcomes and access to rights. @VEERenuka checks every box. /39
And yet when elections dawn on us, there will be folks who talk about practicality about voting for this kind of individual as a "waste vote". Do you really believe your voice to be that powerless? You may have been disempowered but your franchise is capital to use carefully. /40
If @RahulGandhi professes to be genuine idealogue of Gandhi and Gokhale, he could campaign against the Congress' goons of Shanthinagar, who have made it an overseas territory for honest individuals. It might even lead to a victory for him across the state through goodwill. /41
However, it might not happen. The BJP and JDS will put up equally terrible candidates if their historical data is anything to train our prediction model. @VEERenuka is a clear choice. Early signs look good with name recogition and campaigns taking shape. /42
.@aapkaprithvi spearheards a state-wide campaign fighting a symbolic war against KJ George who should definitely be labelled as the Minister for Bangalore Stagnation and Future Retrogression. The cycle rally and street theater have been received well and stoked conversations. /43
Ideally, we would love for help from anyone and everyone across the world. However, borders and laws that exist to create nationalistic tribes prevent us from collaborating with each other. Such men and women of ideals and virtues should not lose or get lost in politics. /44
The species view of the world we wish to live in must be rapidly adaptable and yet clearly defined in purpose enough for every derivative or integrative effort in the short run to help us achieve the world we envision for ourselves and those around us. /45
I will be volunteering in the coming few months with @AamAadmiParty's political campaigns at any level possible over the next few months in Madhya Pradesh and Karanataka. Most of my help will be remote but I will be going off and on to different regions of the states. /46
If you'd like to collaborate, email me at roshankar[at]gmail[dot]com. Let's discuss how we can do something together. If nothing, I can help connect you to the right folks. Polynomial gains are formed hen people collaborate with people. Exponential with AI and Blockchain? :) /47
I can think of contributions based on Delhi, Punjab and Goa experiences broadly under categories of resources (financial, human, digital), priorities (research, writing, policy) and processes of replication and scale (communication, outreach, organization). What do you think? /48
Any ideas, insights, inputs or information that you may have related specifically to Madhya Pradesh and Karanataka that can help us run an efficient and effective campaign for democratic principles will be useful. Do write in :) I do promise a reply but not action! :) /49
Finally, once again, do contribute to @AAPKarnataka, @AAPMPOfficial, @aapkaprithvi, @iAlokAgarwal and @VEERenuka in any capacity. Their efforts can only make those geographies a better place to live. Tell your friends, families and foes. It's their world too after all :) /50 /FIN
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