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I used the new GPT-4 api to 'chat' with a 56-page legal PDF document about the famous supreme court case: Morse v. Frederick

Powered by @LangChainAI and @pinecone

#openai #chatgpt #gpt4 #legal #lawyers #law
Original PDF of legal case:…
Tutorial Youtube Video:

Github repo(code):…

My visual diagram of the pdf chatbot architecture below...
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The #AdaniGroups Saga- For Naive #Investors. A thread

I, Mr A(#Adani) have 100 chips. By #Law, I cannot own more than 75, so I hav 73 chips. 27 chips r sold in d market. Anther 15 Chips: My uncle buys them by pretending to b normal people. This is illegal, bt who will catch me?
So there are 12 chips left in the market. Out of these, #Funds like #LIC buys 9 chips. 3 chips are now left on the open market.

My #media, #political and PR management and #connections are excellent. There are whispers that I am related to the #king and #Government.
My uncle, disguised as a common man, #buys and #sells chips again, creating an impression of great demand. A plastic chip worth Rs 2 is given for Rs 10.
People compete to buy at Rs 12, 13. Then my uncle increases price and buys chips fr Rs 100 making me one of Investors Fav scrip
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The 2022 UCC Amendments help promote stability & predictability in commercial transactions related to a variety of cryptocurrencies (whether intrinsic, non-intrinsic, NFT, or otherwise). A thread clarifying some of the critiques by @theblaze's Daniel Horowitz & @1MarkMoss 1/n
@theblaze @1MarkMoss First, it is worth noting that the UCC is maintained as a joint project of the Uniform Law Commission and the American Law Institute. I am neither a ULC commissioner, nor a member of the ALI. I am a #law #prof @SMULawSchool & have been a #blockchain lawyer since 2011-ish 2/n
@theblaze @1MarkMoss @SMULawSchool I was, however, an observer on the 2022 UCC Amendments project over the long-haul of the project, and it was a long-haul - years in a process that was open to the public for participation...I am not sure changes to the UCC have ever been accused of being "sudden" before 3/n
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Historic times that we are living right now @vestager
A *very* long chapter on subsidies, understandably - entrepreneurs, not taxpayers, creating jobs...#BruxConf2023
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The Supreme Court continues hearing bail pleas of activists Vernon Gonsalves and Arun Ferreira, accused in the Bhima Koregaon case.

Matter before Justices Aniruddha Bose and Sudhanshu Dhulia.

#SupremeCourtOfIndia #SupremeCourt #BhimaKoregaon #bail #law
Sr Adv Rebecca John appearing for Gonsalves takes Court through documents relied on by the prosecution.

#SupremeCourtOfIndia #SupremeCourt #BhimaKoregaon
John reads alleged incriminating letters.

#SupremeCourtOfIndia #SupremeCourt #BhimaKoregaon
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The Supreme Court to shortly hear bail pleas of activists Vernon Gonsalves and Arun Ferreira, accused in the Bhima Koregaon case.

Matter before Justices Aniruddha Bose and Sudhanshu Dhulia.

#SupremeCourtOfIndia #SupremeCourt #BhimaKoregaon #bail #law Image
Hearing begins.

Counsel seeks adjournment on behalf of ASG, court says they will hear Senior Advocate Rebecca John for now.

#SupremeCourtOfIndia #SupremeCourt #BhimaKoregaon
Sr Adv John gives court a background on the FIR.

#SupremeCourtOfIndia #SupremeCourt #BhimaKoregaon
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#Abkhazia is NOT #occupied
Today, Georgian propaganda is actively spreading the myth that "Abkhazia is occupied by Russia."
Today, Georgian propaganda is actively spreading the myth that "Abkhazia is occupied by Russia." Compared to small #Abkhazia, Georgia has powerful resources to convince the #world community of its "truth", however, we advise you not to become victims of any propaganda and
in the language of irrefutable facts and real life examples we would like to provide you with arguments why #Abkhazia is not #occupied.
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Pondering the most socially & politically powerful tropes and memes (social constructs - please see R Dawkins’ “The Selfish Gene (you what?),” 1976) of the crazy-arsed 1880’s City of London we may stumble back some decades down a handy Memory Lane 2 our secondary school studies
So here the psycho-cultural (mental) foundation of the SA Law Society’s grandiose and socio-economically devastating Theory of Diminished Responsibility:

“In traditional literature a tragic hero is utterly vicious but in The Mayor of Casterbridge, Michael Henchard is not the..
“the typical tragic man, [palaru] tragic hero.. impulsive, arrogant & honest, ambitious at the same time.. moral value supported his control over his wife, dau. & lover”


“..a kind of mysterious & unavoidable power, character, fate, deeply..”

Enough already

R Brown ‘66
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1/ Thread (8) Young Lawyers who want to learn Criminal Law without help of any guide or mentor, may consider following points.
1) Criminal law is a "Tacit Knowledge" (Knowledge that is learned by doing a task. Just like learning to ride on a bicycle. Here the whole body learns the skill when a job is actually being done.)
2) To learn from a case, you must have access to some actual record of a criminal case.
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1/ (7) Young lawyers often feel stuck in their career. They may try following exercise.

This exercise is called "20 Sentence Completion Exercise"
2/ Write, "I feel stuck in my life because ........ ".

Then complete this sentence 20 times. This will take out all worries from your mind and will put them on paper where you can see them.
3/ Then write, "I feel unstuck because .....".

Now, complete this sentence 20 times.

Here are some examples which have guided me :
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1/ (6)Young lawyers who do not like Criminal Law, may consider following points.

Crimes happen in morning.
Crimes happen in Afternoon.
Crimes happen in evening..
Crimes happen during nights.
2/ Rich people commit crimes.
Poor people commit crimes.
Middle class people commit crimes.

Crimes happen in posh colonies.
Crimes happen in slums.
3/ Crimes happen in winter.
Crimes happen in summer.
Crimes happen in monsoon.

In criminal law you need to master only three laws.

In criminal law you need to read judgements on only three laws.
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1/ (5)Young lawyers may find it helpful to keep a "Chronicle of Mistakes".

In young age, we are bound to make mistakes. After a hearing is over, we have lots of second thoughts on what we could have done differently to win the case.
2/ But by then, the bus has left. We feel sorry and guilty.

Following point can be remembered to reduce stress of discovering our own mistakes.
3/ "It is okay to be wrong. It is okay to commit mistakes. I showed up and I tried. And that is what it matters. "

It helps to keep a Chronicle of mistakes or a Learning Journal, to record what we could have done differently.
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1/ (4)Young lawyers need to be clear about their fee policies.

I hear lots of juniors who complain that clients exploit them and pay them very low fees.

Following point can be remembered to reduce stress of being paid low fees.
2/ "Fee is not always in cash. It can also be rewards of other kinds".

Since 1982, my fee policy is :

"Whatever you can pay. You should be comfortable. And I should also be comfortable. You should not expect me to spend from my own pocket".
3/ My definition of "My being Comfortable" kept changing upward as my clients base grew.

Let me know if this suggestion is helpful and practical.

(c) Haresh Raichura 10th February.2023.

#lawyers #law #lawstudents #lawschool #lawyerlife
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#SupremeCourt to continue hearing bail plea of Ashish Mishra, prime accused in the 2021 Lakhimpur Kheri violence in which 8 protestors were mowed down by a vehicle.

Matter before bench of Justices Surya Kant and JK Maheshwari.

#SupremeCourtofIndia #ashishmishra #law #bail Image
UP AAG Garima Parshad: So far as 220 FIRs, bail rejected of four accused by trial court and now pending before HC.

#SupremeCourtofIndia #ashishmishra #law #bail
UP AAG: 2 accused had died on the spot but named as accused

Justice Kant: so there are 8 accused including Ashish Mishra and all in custody. Other 4 are also in custody

Sr Adv Rohatgi: In the FIR under Section 219 we are in custody, there were cross FIRs
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#SupremeCourt to deliver verdict plea by CBI seeking cancellation of bail to Erra Gangi Reddy in connection with the YS Vivekananda Reddy murder case.

Justice MR Shah to pronounce the order on behalf of himself and Justice CT Ravikumar.

#CBI #law
Verdict to be pronounced shortly.

Order: Having heard ld counsel, short question is if bail can be cancelled after presentation of chargesheet when it was granted for not filing it within 90 days.

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#SupremeCourt to continue hearing curative petition filed by the Union
government regarding compensation for families of victims affected by the 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

#SupremeCourtofIndia #BhopalGasTragedy #law #compensation
Matter to be heard by a Constitution Bench led by Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul.

Read our story on yesterday's hearing:
Hearing starts.

AG R Venkataramani: Tried to go back to the events. Might be a little emotive today. Yesterday I may have been unable to persuade the court to re-examine.

SC: Nobody doubts the enormity of the tragedy. There are some assessments about liability
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#SupremeCourt Constitution bench led by Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul to hear pleas regarding compensation paid to Bhopal Gas tragedy victims.

Court to consider if impleading applicant NGOs could be of assistance.

#law #Bhopal #Constitution #SupremeCourtofIndia @karunanundy
Bench assembles.

AG R Venkataramani: I have filed the joint compilation as per Lordships' directions. The IAs for condoning delay have also been placed.

SC: That is alright. But Mr Attorney, at some point, these are curative.

SC: There cannot be fresh documents in a curative.

AG: No no, not like that. In order to collect certain documents.

SC: The settlement has arrived at a particular stage of time. 10-20 years later can we open it up again on the basis of some fresh documents?
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#SupremeCourt bench led by CJI DY Chandrachud to hear pleas seeking implementation of police reforms directed in Prakash Singh judgment, including one about appointment of Nagaland DGP.

#police #law #SupremeCourtofIndia
Adv: UPSC Panel was given to State of Nagaland. The state then issued a notification on Jan 6 appointing the person who was empanelled

CJI: So the UPSC gave a panel of only one name?

Adv: Yes
CJI: Where is IPS A Sunil Acharya posted?

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🧵🏦 The Brunson Case - Supreme Court #law #atty

Rayland J. Brunson
Alma S. Adams


On the question of accountability of elected representatives for failing to uphold Constitutional electoral duty. Image
Summary of the case below. More links at the end.

😀👍 Image
"This action is against 388 federal officers...[including Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Pence] [who] have taken... Oath to support and defend the Constitution...against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and as such they are liable for consequences when they violate the Oath of Office." Image
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Honored to be cited by @iandenisjohnson @NewYorker:…

"Andrew Erickson, a professor @NavalWarCollege & a visiting professor at @Harvard, said he’s seen no evidence that #China..."

For further background, see:…
...wants to reciprocate, citing #China’s refusal to discuss meaningful arms control. “I don’t see a basis for deep coöperation” with #Xi’s China, Erickson said. “I’m sad to say that.”…

KEY: In what areas is the #PRC under Xi willing to accommodate the US?
•To make the first move in doing so?
•Can anyone name one specific example?

Moreover, in the #PRC under #Xi, is there anything like an equivalent to this high-profile conference @Harvard, w a concluding panel on the subject of “Toward Coexistence 2.0: What Should #CHINA Do?”
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#SupremeCourt bench led by Justice MR Shah to continue hearing plea by BJP leader and advocate Ashwini Upadhyay seeking stringent steps to tackle forceful religious conversions.

#religion #SupremeCourtOfIndia #law #conversion @AshwiniUpadhyay Image
Hearing to commence shortly.

#SupremeCourt #SupremeCourtofIndia #Conversion
Counsel with SG Tushar Mehta requests for a Passover

Sr Adv Arvind Datar: a counter note is to be filed by SG Mehta

Justice MR Shah: SG is only missing

#SupremeCourtOfIndia #conversion @AshwiniUpadhyay
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While adding index to Chapter 11 #Vedic #Courts in Tamil Nadu, the Land of Vedas (#TTLV) authored by my father Dr. #Nagaswamy, I came across this fantastic reference that Appa quotes "Ancient Hindu Judicature" authored by G.R. Rao in the year 1920.

Appa writes "Yājñavalkya was an extraordinary personality whose code is admired even by modern exponents of Law. "

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#Indonesia’s new criminal code is absolutely illiberal, but it is not anti-legal. It serves the interests of some #elites, but not others.

So, how do we best parse its impact on #law, #politics, or #society?

A short 🧵based on ideas from:…

Fundamentally, it pushes Indonesia’s criminal law system toward what I call a mobilizational legal regime, and away from being more of a ’rule by law’ order.

This is due to a reason many might find counter-intuitive: it’s actually empowering previously excluded groups.

In a mobilizational legal regime, the set of politically empowered actors (what I call the ‘polity’) is open and contested. In some other arrangements - including rule by law - it is closed and fixed.
The constellation of politics shapes how law is made and deployed.

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