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The institution of @LtGovDelhi is compromised politically. Cruel and anti-democratic steps regressing Delhi's growth are the norm. Here are 100 reasons why @ArvindKejriwal, @msisodia, @AapKaGopalRai and @SatyendarJain are fasting and fighting for Delhi.

Read, RT and Share. /1
Delhi Government instituted Higher Education Guarantee Scheme, fulfilling its promise to secure a child's education with a government-guaranteed loan of Rs. 10 lakhs, to helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

It was stalled for 402 days by LG.

This is criminal. /2
Delhi Government requested the LG for 1 DANICS officer per education district to help with DoE's renewed focus of monitoring and regulation of private schools.

Silence for 6 months!

@msisodia fights for Delhi's parents.

@LtGovDelhi bats for BJP's usurious private schools. /3
Delhi Govt. approached Akshay Patra which works in 7 Indian states on high quality mid-day meals. State govt allott a piece of land to APF on a licence-to-use basis, whilst they set up a centralised kitchen.

Sadly, the exact same model is not allowed by LG for Delhi.

Why? /4
The @LtGovDelhi sabotaged the 1000 Mohalla Clinics project that seeks to bolster universal health coverage leading to 101 day avoidable delay and weeks of bureaucratic bungling. Bureaucratic delays and procedural redtapism precedes public health as a priority for the selected. /5
500 Mohalla Clinics were to be set up in schools. Designs and SOPs were submitted by Health Minister @SatyendarJain's dynamic team. The file was delayed for 146 days and approved exactly as submitted!

Will @LtGovDelhi explain why Delhi lost on these clinics for 6 months? /6
Swaraj is the core of AAP's governance and its efficiency. Decentralization and devolution by involving citizens in public healthcare was envisioned70 Rogi Kalyan Samitis and 1345 Swasthya Samitis much like the SMCs.

Stalled by LG for 2 years with files playing ping pong! /7
Delhi Health Corporation envisioned by Health Minister @SatyendarJain and passed by the Cabinet is blanket rejected by @LtGovDelhi without discussion.

Despite having precedent in Rajasthan and Kerala, LG has denied a critical healthcare reform to streamline governance. /8
Health Minister @SatyendarJain has submitted a case of corruption involving outsourcing at GTB and LNJP hospitals to the CBI to the CM who recommended the same to the LG. No action taken by LG thus shielding investigation on collusive officials. Is he protecting the corrupt? /9
Based on data from the first 101 Mohalla clinics and 24 polyclinics, the Delhi government envisioned providing free testing services to Delhiites via outsourcing. This was delayed by LG but passed after public pressure without a single edit. Why the delay? /10
The Mohalla Clinics project file was passed and bureaucratic bungling and delays were only cleared when 40 Members of Legislative Assembly protested at Rajniwas. Even in governance, there is a great need for activism against the selected who oppressed the voice of the people. /11
The Health Minister @SatyendarJain improved the reach and augmented the eligibility for Delhi citizens to avail the Arogya Kosh benefit for specified high end surgeries in private hospitals, thus lowering the cost of tertiary healthcare! 2 month delay and passed without edit. /12
CM @ArvindKejriwal and HM @SatyendarJain have pioneered grievance audits, spot checks and surprise visits to public healthcare facilities across Delhi. They've followed up every visit with recommended actions. @LtGovDelhi has stalled several recommendations. No reason given! /13
The LG refused CM's proposal of creating 2169 posts in medical staff and specialists. The situation of shortage of pharmacists and staff for operating high end equipment continues. Delhi has wait in long queues for medicines and diagnostic test on the LG's whim. /14
Delhi Government proposed to install 600 LED panels across the city for Central, State and Municipal Government to utilize for displaying information, advisories in a cost effective and eco-friendly manner. File transfers from table to table by LG has delayed it by 1.5 years! /15
11 district level sub-committees proposed by Home Minister @SatyendarJain on withdrawal of petty offences as per GoI's litigation policy to smoothen bottlenecks due to single apex committee.

Proposal rejected without reason. Pendency of cases increased!

Will LG answer? /16
Home Minister @SatyendarJain proposed to make 183 Thana Level Committees and 11 District Committees to strengthen civilian and legislative oversight of the Police and encourage community engagement.

Blanket veto without reason for 2 years by the LG.

For shame! /17
AAP formulated an ex-gratia polict that any armed personnel, if he/she dies on duty in operations, calamities and disaster relief, and is a resident of Delhi, should be awarded Rs 1 crore posthumously.

The BJP and LG have vetoed this. So much for respecting the army. /18
The Delhi Government moved on issues within the Delhi Wakf Board, to bring justice to 991 illegally occupied properties and ensure the immediate disbursal of salaries and pensions. Good policy can be humane, smart and devoid of partisanship.

The @LtGovDelhi had other plans. /19
The @LtGovDelhi has stayed the re-constitution of the Wakf Board in a completely illegal manner despite elections having taken place for all members and despite there being no stay in the High Court. The file is still not approved despite the opinion of the Law Department. /20
LG has stalled MMTYY that will provide financial assistance to senior citizens have come to ask the Chief Minister for financial assistance for pilgrimages. He framed this policy which the @LtGovDelhi put on hold. LG wants burden of proof to remain on citizen. AAP doesn't. /21
Govt departments spend more time and money identifying beneficiaries for trivial amounts of pensions, assistance and grants for minimum dignity. The constant refrain is eligibility criteria which is never automated, sometimes discretionary and easy to invalidate. /22
Simple and clear decisions like the 1-crore ex-gratia award to the family of Late Subhedar Ram Kishen Grewal who died during OROP protests for the cause of ex-servicemen. That is martyrdom. LG vetoes Delhi Cabinet's decision which represents Delhiites without blinking an eye. /23
LG has illegally claimed Services Department from AAP's Delhi Government and yet he won't correct DANICS pay scale which is still unequal. AAP cares about officers in Delhi as it fights for pay equality. Will @IAS_Agmut and @IASassociation take note? Or look the other way? /24
To defuse any embarassment, the @LtGovDelhi has also found referring files to the President as a convenient escape route if facing the heat. @rashtrapatibhvn is another beautiful blackhole of documents where policies of tomorrow go to die today. @CitiznMukherjee was ditto. /24
The Doorstep Delivery of Services is a revolutionary innovation in governance curently stymied by the @LtGovDelhi giving irrational and unscientific explanations. It's impossible to stop an idea whose time has come. BJP seems to be hell bent on that. /25…
The Chief Minister's Urban Leadership Fellows Program was run by the Administrative Reforms Department to induct 30 experts and policy practitioners in various departments that attracted talent from Harvard, MIT, RBS etc. It was put on indefinite hold by the LG w/o reason. /26
After representations from street vendors, pressure groups regarding certain restrictions placed on vending by the existing Rules, the GNCTD proposed changes in the Rules and Scheme, which were notified on 07.01.2016. For 2 years @LtGovDelhi argued pointlessly in court. /27
Delhi Govt. pushed for formation of Town Vending Committees for efficient regulation of street vending, with a significant role of elected street vendors in the TVCs, increase in their number, composition and change in local body's role. LG delayed AAP by 376 days. Shameful. /28
The @LtGovDelhi has crippled Delhi's governance by ensuring that IAS officers don't have stable tenure to show policy leadership in their sectors or departments. The DTC Board still hasn't been reconstituted and the file goes back and forth. /29
The @LtGovDelhi seems to be acting under extreme ideological and political duress because most of his decisions show an obsession with procedure instead of outcomes, lack of cooperation with elected government and avoidable delays on standard policies over 150 days. /30
Several times, like the Minimum Wages Revision, the @LtGovDelhi intentionally creates hurdles when valid research and presentations have been made to all expert committees and departmental suggestions incorporated. An unfulfilled ego cost 192 day delay in minimum wages order. /31
Despite hosting transport department reviews, @LtGovDelhi cannot even ensure attendance of Delhi's directors in DMRC Board or its sub-committees. If Delhi's citizen interests are not represented, fare hikes liked are forced on citizens. Unacceptable. /32…
.@pranavj142 shows how BJP's @LtGovDelhi can solve sealing. Revise FAR norms, reduce conversion for LSCs, waive penalty on late payment and hold MCD accountable. Despite having authority over MCD and DDA, the LG shows no responsibility. /33 /34 /35 /36…
The @IAS_Agmut and @IASassociation should read this interview of @rknfc, a PM awardee in public administration and an IAS officer who was harrassed by the state and oppressed by its dogs of war. The @LtGovDelhi's role is crystal clear. /37…
The @LtGovDelhi allowed the Delhi CCTV project to pan out and threw a sabot in the works of AAP's plan to install 1.4 lakh cameras in 70 constituencies with decentralizing operations. Engineering innovations being throttled for politics is a travesty. /38…
The @LtGovDelhi refuses to even take cognizance of the loud and minority mutiny of IAS officers who don't work and openly talk about the political executive. All India Services and its Sections can go to hell it seems when BJP is in command? /39…
The Odd-Even Scheme that brought Delhi, AAP and @ArvindKejriwal acclaim was a success due to its people. @LtGovDelhi and PMO did their level best to interfere by orchestrating a strike of IAS + DANICS officers. A uniquely sad day in Indian governance. /40…
The tyrannical treatment of professionals, policy experts and practitioners who were appointed as Advisors is abominable. They have been targeted and harrassed by the instruments of the state: illegal orders, service rule notices and media slander. /41…
In the case of the Fish, Poultry and Egg Marketing Committee at Gazipur, the @LtGovDelhi delayed the process by destroying the precendent and verification done by AR department and allowed EDMC to delay the constitution, lowering productivity, oversight and delay of 150 days. /42
The Agricultural Produce Marketing Committees are responsible for ensuring fair trade and protecting agricultural producer from exploitation. The @LtGovDelhi has delayed nominations to 4 APMCs in Shahdara, Keshopur, Azadpur and Narela by 5-6 months each. /43 /44 /45 /46
Even the flower marketing committee at Gazipur has been delayed by 183 days! The delay and deny tactic conducted by the BJP's @LtGovDelhi on Delhi's democracy through its institutional decay and state capture is shockingly obvious and alarmingly important to counter! /47
Technological illiteracy or intentional malice can be the only two explanations for @LtGovDelhi being averse to technology usage. AAP's doorstep delivery of services and more importantly ration is being stopped when world's e-commerce trend cuts middlepersons + rent-seekers. /48
The technological overview and pilot and its analysis is the prerogative of the elected executive, not an unelected king who lives like the Man in the High Castle. Still, the BJP proposes and @LtGovDelhi disposes. The will and voice of Delhi's vote is being squashed. /49
The @LtGovDelhi sits in a Civil Lines Bungalow and bestows judgment on its citizens with zero dialogue. How do I meet him? My Councillor, MLA and Minister has a democratic process of dialogue or dissent. Townhalls with some, elections with others. Who watches the LG? /50
He usurped the Services department using the illegal order of the BJP's MHA which took away HR function of the Delhi Government from CM @ArvindKejriwal. Try running a company without that? The @LtGovDelhi uses it to trouble, oppress and deter officers from working for AAP. /51
The visionary trifecta of Delhi governance in the political executive: CM @ArvindKejriwal, Deputy CM @msisodia and Health Minister @SatyendarJain are Servants of Delhi for function and outcome. They are not answerable to LG who refuses to act on errant and truant officers. /52
Media campaigns which are key to policy implementation success have been scuttled several times. Interactions with traders on GST, minimum wage awareness, communicable disease prevention and public education and health schemes have suffered due to LG's inaction. /53
The bureaucracy in India has been supremely laggard to see the disruptive power of information campaigns via social media (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest) even though the whole world especially political trolls have practically invaded your personal space. Why? /54
The traditional media (newspapers, radio, TV) is bought out by political parties using advertisements from government in mainstream media. It's a carrot and stick rolled into one. That's why governments stil gives those monstrous ads while brands and parties are online. /55
The LG has lagged severely in utilizing unit economics of social media to spread government policy. AAP upset status quo through government campaigns in media as well. Which meant a CBI case on @msisodia obviously! And then we wonder why there are terms called brain drain. /56
The Wetland Authority of Delhi has still not been constituted which is a mandate of the Wetlands Act of 2010 for UTs. A year has passed. CM @ArvindKejriwal's staff and priorities have taken projects in wetlands on war footing in DJB but the LG's lack of approval delays scale. /57
There are 45,000 permanent jobs that Delhi Government has been pressuring the @LtGovDelhi to fill to increase personnel capacity and work output. This includes current contractual posts. Services is not under AAP. It's under LG. He must act but he probably never will. /58
Current and previous @LtGovDelhi used scare tactics, intimidation, clarifications, objections, references, committees, discussions, rejections, silence, differences and retaliation on AAP's ministers, MLAs, advisors, volunteers and many IAS/DANICS/DAS officers. /59
Scare tactics: @LtGovDelhi office on several instances has intimidated IAS/DANICS officers with sly threats of quick/regular transfers, "hard" geography postings and notional demotion by the allocation of "low profile" departments. This affects the IAS/DANICS decision-making. /60
Intimidation: Clear and present danger for aligning with the AAP Government's outcomes has been constant. Indicative threats of difficulty in career prospects, terrible annual confidential appraisals and political vindictiveness are all par for the course in this ecosystem. /61
Clarifications on file: On green sheets, the government's favourite stationary, the @LtGovDelhi often writes that clarifications on certain points are required which are repeated across departments without context or specifics. Buys time, delays policy and helps politics. /62
References to departmental bureaucracy: The @LtGovDelhi often sends back files with questions to departments as a delay tactic. The Delhi Cabinet is being rendered infructuous with blatant disregard for the Delhi citizen's vote. Governance arbitrariness and ambiguity ensues. /63
The solicitation of Central Government views by the @LtGovDelhi on State subjects violates the principles of federalism. It delays projects and schemes. We need to move towards a United States of India, not a proveably wrong centralized governance model. /64
Committee Creation: The creation of high-level and top-level committees to review reviewed and researched information frequently leads to avoidable delays. The government ends up adopting best practices in process without the accompanying relentless focus on outcomes. /65
Discussions: Large projects have 1000s of pages of expert review and documents that precede any decision-approval of the Delhi Cabinet. The @LtGovDelhi office doesn't have the capacity to process information to insight. It's interference points to needless obstacle creation. /66
Silence: The President, Governor and Lieutenant Governor are nominal positions and colonial overhangs serving the purpose of a final check of reason, not as a constant hurdle. There are no set communication timelines in the executive which makes silence a convenient tactic. /67
Differences on opinion: Only the DANICS payscale issue and compensation ex-gratia to the former servicemen have attracted substantive arguments. But flimsy grounds have dominated unsubstantiated or skeptical disagreements that are a hallmark of the @LtGovDelhi file notings. /68
Rejections: Outright rejections w/o justification. Delhi Health Corporation's LG response read "I don't think this is a good idea." That sentence killed a critical component healthcare reform by Health Minister @SatyendarJain. Governance at the whims of one isn't a democracy. /69
Wage hikes and hiring freeze by the LG via Services leaves officers repeating efforts and dealing with law leaving little time for policy frameworks. AAP isn't allowed to hire, fire, augment or restructure its governance organization. Citizens suffer due to this ambiguity. /70
The LG controls the Delhi Police and the Anti-Corruption and yet the state of women safety continues to detiriorate in the city. /71…
The clashes in officer appointment like in the case of Shakuntala Gamlin in 2015 leaves ambiguity in the principle-agent relationship in the political economy. This happens regularly from the @LtGovDelhi. /72…
The Quality Healthcare for All Scheme that has been stalled by the @LtGovDelhi office. /72…
Deputy CM @msisodia is the Minister of the Services Department and yet information and files have been kept hidden from him on orders from higher authorities. Democratic oversight needs to be restored! /73…
The @LtGovDelhi office has been used for political vindictiveness. It unleashed anti-democratic processes in governance within the policy ecosystem. AAP Ministers @msisodia and @SatyendarJain suffer regular CBI investigation and state agencies. /74…
The circle rate issue was one of the first ones where @LtGovDelhi and Delhi CM released different notifications. That along with the multiple legal representations for the Delhi Government (elected and selected) in Court cases caused endless confusion. /75…
The LG's interference within the Home Department related to prosecution. /76…
Complaints from officers about political victimization was so regular that an institutional mechanism of a GoM was created. This GoM would upon receiving a complaint for help from any officer would assess cases of victimization. The GoM can also take up a case suomoto. /77
If it prima facie finds that it is a case of political victimization on accord of a bonafide decision/action taken by that officer, then the GOM shall be authorized to take all steps required to protect that officer including providing legal support at government’s cost. /78
This GoM was chaired by the Dy CM @msisodia and will consist of Home Minister @SatyendarJain and Labour Minister Mr. Gopal Rai as members. Principal Secretary (Services) was to be Secretary to the GOM. This mechanism is compromised leaving officers at mercy of a nominal head. /79
Such stories have remained a hallmark through the majority tenure of the AAP Government. Our tenure is chequered with performance deterrent transfers of good officers. The Supreme Court Constitutional Case delay of 21 months hasn't helped either. /80…
There was a probe ordered by the Health Minister @SatyendarJain on DTC using its depot to exchange notes during demonetization. This issue, like many others, has died a peaceful death because neither the Vigilance Department, nor the ACB takes action, both under @LtGovDelhi. /81
The 1031 anti-helpline has been rendered completely ineffective by the @LtGovDelhi. Hundreds of FIRs and arrests against corrupt criminals was the hallmark of Kejriwal's governance. BJP's @LtGovDelhi has shut it down completely with zero arrests. /82…
The @LtGovDelhi office has exploited judicial ambiguity and executive confusion around the definition of "Government" since 8/June/'16. The office has also interfered severely in the working of Boards and Corporations where the Administrator vs. Government is clearly defined. /83
This pressure is put via the Department that houses the Board or Corporation by leaning on officers who head these departments. Delhi Jal Board is housed in Urban Development, DSIIDC is housed in Industries, DTC in Transport and DTTDC in Tourism have faced project delays. /84
The CM's Tourism Advisor who had been loaned by the CM to then Tourism Minister had created a proper four-pronged strategy, proposal and tender for creating a Delhi brand which would rival any global identity and branding. This has been killed over due course by Finance + LG. /85
A 21 day Delhi Festival had been planned in collaboration with international propeties like ITB Berlin and at the scale of Edinburgh Festival and Adelaide Fringe was planned by DTTDC. The then LG came eagerly to launch media event but their office won't pass its proposal. /86
The CM office pushed for DTTDC to make world-class event venues through 2 valuable assets at NH 8 (Delhi Gurgaon Border) & Kala Gram (Garden of 5 Senses, Saket). Think of a plug and play event venue for any artist or festival. Futurism stalled once again by @LtGovDelhi! /86
The CM had constituted "Ease of Doing Business" committee consisting of 3 IAS officers as and when they were deputed to Delhi in the AGMUT cadre. The EoDB World Bank report and events/films industry attest to that and Kejriwal was hailed for his transparent governance. /87
This committee was charged to widen its scope to include restaurants, hotels, schools, hotels, shops, establishments amongst other important touchpoints of the state or market with citizens. Strangulated through officer transfers and intimidation of good performers by LG. /88
The push from @eemaindia, Excise Department, Finance and the CM's synthesis of policy stakeholder views made this reform in the events industry possible from start to finish in 7 weeks. A single window that led to Zubin Mehta and Disney come to Delhi! /89…
The World Bank Ease of Doing Business Report improvement that PM @narendramodi brandishes about measures Delhi's leaps in improving the basics of water, electricity, permissions and reducing multiplicity. The devil and angel both lie in the details. /90…
Not only does LG stall good work, he stalls investigations into corruption. Isn't it ridiculous that AAP Government's complainants and investigators are asked by ACB to depose whilst named accused like former CM Sheila Dikshit get a free pass like a veteran at a theme park? /91
The CNG Fitness Scam investigation into Sheila Dikshit was stalled by the LG and the ACB. Can the @LtGovDelhi update us about the number of times Ms. Dikshit has been called for questioning? We have been writing to him for the same for years. /92…
The water-related scams of Sheila Dikshit rots in the back alley of the Delhi ACB. CM has ordered action whenever he has been intimated about any details and was instrumental in setting the committee that nailed the scam. Saving the Congress has been a big BJP operation. /93
The 49-day government FIRs float somewhere in space-time. CM Arvind Kejriwal has written and reminded the LG his constitutional duty towards the citizens of India and the principles of natural justice. Bowing to the system's power is all that spineless nominal heads can do. /94
The @LtGovDelhi doesn't control rampant corruption in MCD or poor planning of DDA. He extort the taxpayer's money from Delhi Government every year to cover for lack of financial audits since 2011 in MCD and DDA's landgrabbing but anti-people planning. Is this administration? /95
Former and current Environment Secretaries (barring an exception) appointed by LG twiddled their thumbs or refused to attend meetings with the Environment Minister. On content, they are unscientific, incompetent and suppress views with honest engineers/chemists within DPCC. /96
The CM and Environment Minister have already urged him to make scientists and practitioners as the head and member secretary of DPCC. Which is also necessary compliance with an NGT order. The @LtGovDelhi lets Delhi suffer and violates the NGT court ruling flagrantly. /97
The @LtGovDelhi, for all his background with the 73rd/74th amendment in his IAS career in Karnataka/GoI, has stopped AAP's Mission Swaraj and Mohalla Sabhas demarcation whose legwork, research and proposal for operations is pending with Revenue Department. /98
A 26-point plan for Delhi air pollution with engineering estimates, operational plans and documentation demarcated as preventive and corrective measures has been submitted by Delhi Govt to @LtGovDelhi, Environment Secy and DPCC MS. What use is the Air Ambient fund? /99
AAP works to deliver on its people-centric vision:

We know that the Indian political economy is hard for IAS/DANICS and even the LG. But that can't be used as a constant excuse.

We will keep speaking the truth. That's all one can do I guess. /100 /FIN
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