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Okay, I'm approaching 10k followers. So I'm going to draw a picture of anyone who retweets this.
Here you go @jmolas42
Here you go @bubblenoma - I don’t know which one you are here, so drew all three.
- lookin good guys.
- you were a tricky one. On the other hand, totally nailed @@tallgayginger and @DatTormeyFela
and @MichelleChCa are having a fun day. - guys go check out Michelle’s art too
Introducing @Entemnein. Um, I couldn’t find you @goldy_marx so I drew your. At instead. And here’s you with a map of Italy? @kennyjacobs
(sorry I made you look angry Damien!)
and @aussiejackie hanging out looking cool here.
Here you are @hamptonbhw @OhDickens @ColinJCarlson @JamesPMorrison (about to crack into a real heartfelt number there) and also the amazing @MiyaNorfleet
Here you are @cindyella_yolo @FredSandsmark @piquergaming @slinky_minky55 (nice beard John 👌)
Oh my god. 700+ retweets. You guuuuuys 😂. Okay. Let’s do this.
And we’re back! Here’s @lepetitbernat @CathyYoung63 @upulie @AnnODeaSR @LoveStats @Genosworld and @Mark_Coughlan asking the big questions there.
Okay, now with numbers so you know how far behind I am! Here’s @u_cal_me_bralan @NTKramer @mdennedy @sheaskis’s dog, and @stephenkinsella!
Omg guys! It’s my insta friend @TheRialMichelle! You should go follow her beautiful charts on Instagram:
These four looking very fashion here. @AnyaGeo @KarlBrophy @belinda8888 and @juliazambom
Here’s @patricknorton @dawnardentgroks and I haven’t forgotten you @TheWrongNoel
Here’s @PamelaParesky @mr_spoon and the amazing @jessklingelfuss. Hey guys 👋
1000+ retweets. This might be my life now. Here’s @maddylucya @mkdvrs @Kecosse @MrDevz and @jan_blonski
Hello @k8em0 @heatherkelly @MarqMarti @KumpulaHanna - you guys are looking savvy
Got your hair perfect @nickers1973! @thepandoodlebox I’m so sorry, totally stuffed up your hijab, I need to practice that some more! And @MonsieurCraig you have the best smile on twitter.
...also, for anyone wondering.
I’m not going to lie, these are getting more elaborate. Hello there @WendyLiebman and your dog, @sweetpmac and your big hat, @RohanIrvine you’re a super hero now, deal with it, and @mikkaila with your cooking and science tools. 👋
Okay, here’s @jkredmayne @amymiller @brendonwalsh @ozalba and @dawnlbrowni - heya guys.
Looking good @aparrochinha @africahands and thanks for the shout-out @StephenSerjeant !!!
Introducing @ihshaniqbal @dudara @caramcdermott and the lovely and talented @Maristotle 👋
Thanks for the support @oneplanetmikey, here is @hereisphi and sorry, I had to guess both your hair and your pet fox @Cheryl_Crowe
So, it’s now coming up to 12 hours of drawing. (With a break for a nap and some wine) but I’m going to have to sleep. Will start again in the morning. 121 done, only 1852 to go! 😂😂 - see you all in the morning! - Chaz
Morning all! Okay, I got coffee, a hot-cross bun, some pens and paper... Round 2:
Here’s the lovely @eclairfifi and squid, @Kartik__Raj and @esile1 to get things started.
Already getting too elaborate... here’s @lucy34987662 @ksophialydia and @catzdonnelly!
Don’t forget your towel @Succexxyy, I drew Fish as well for you @brunty7, and hello to @_helendrury and @astronautalis!
Should probably mention at this stage, if you feel like buying my a coffee, you can do that here!

(or there’s a Patreon if that’s more your vibe: )

- OK! Back to it! Who’s gonna be next???
I’ll tell ya who it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be @kelligrant @wbm312 @shanecomedy and @herr_sassenroth
Heya @Lucymercer__! Hey @brandonleehoop you have the strongest eyebrow game on twitter 🙌, and nice work @jennifertetteh - I’m a sucker for a good gif 👌
Here you go @zissalo, hey @jwz3667 - excellent interests! Hello @electronpull got you science stuff there, and a big old map for you @PoshTheStrwbrry - also HUGE thank you for your lovely support. 👌🙌
Hey @Nia406 and @youlikeaverage. Sorry for the wait @HannahRyan14 and thanks for the coffee @BazzaCanuck !
Okay, I’ve just gotta quickly do some other stuff, but I’ll be back! In the meantime, you can find more of my work here:
...aaaaand I’m back! Here’s @nextalias (thanks for the support!!) and here’s @SueEnnis2 celebrating, and @Fabriceburtin (thanks for the shout out!) and @crissiiie on the beach.
So, I think my drawing has actually improved over the last 24 hours🤔. Here’s @000april000 @sarahbiv on the keys for @BIVofficial, @Graceinliife - yes that totally counts as a RT, and hi there @SnowXwonS!
Thank you so much to everyone who’s send me coffees at - that is so very cool.

Okay, who’s getting drawn next? (And no, I don’t know why I don’t draw myself with a beard)
Hey @chamfy & @aganakteo over in NZ! Looking good there Ziggy @ferfermello, and great to have you here @stevehardmam
Me: “I should keep these drawings simple to make it easier”

Also me: “Hey @misscrisp @elfriesen @queenplushie @Axiopoeticus @silentypewriter and @kamazingh!!!! Wooooo!!! ”
Okay, back in action! Here’s @deBaer @ad_inski @Superhero_you and @wolves_mom!

( also, for anyone wondering, here’s the other thing I was doing today:… )
Damn straight I’m not finished. Had some wine, but still going strong. Here’s @MaritessQuinto @jospilman @Nesmorbutt and @andyhadfield for you.
You’re doing just fine @phantomdd87. I’ve got you playing the phantom @HeidiDEdwards1 and on the end being hilarious as ever is my long-time twitter friend and the very talented @lisa_curry
And here’s @Naomiworldz @BorisvanderGijp @MDowideit and @martinsookael.

Also, hot-tip: I’ve been told the best way view this thread is on a desktop where you can hover over the names to see profile photos. 👌🙌
Okay, getting late here. Gonna get some sleep and get back to this tomorrow. Bye for now folks!
Okay! Morning all. Back to drawing you all, checking the list right now...
Okay, @gravylumps - I love your drawing of Jeff!, Here the first family portrait for @SugarApe_ , meanwhile looking stylish @MyStyleVita and would never miss your cat @DABrock243 !!!
Quick HUGE thank you to everyone who’s send support coffee through via - you guys are AMAZING. What a lovely lovely thing.

Okay, back to drawing...
Hey @GinnyPaton! I don’t know what you look like @smallweed so I gave you a Storm from x-men vibe, here’s you and your tortoise @Lettybird and I’ve got you reporting stuff @_SarahMcPhee
Heya @MrDevz @cmboon @datamongerbonny and @rbjettateach - and thank you for the coffee @lisaturner101! ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ 🦆
Here you @DanMLato, this is inaccurate @Apers (nobody can hold more than 2 rolls of drawings like that) - and a huge thank you to the lovely @vanbadham for the shout-out last night! 👋 (I seem to have drawn you here getting to the bottom of something!)
Finish looking strong there @fi_albert, hey @grimois and @claireymck !
Yep, you’re riding a goat @gayleelame, sorry about the wait! - hello as well @MoiraR @_simoneanne and one shirtless @GuyOHarrison
Quick heads up. Things that will make it easier to draw you:
1: your actual face here.
2: some interests/jobs/things in your bio.
3: a header photo can help too (but less important)
( @Jeds_7’s drawing is a good case in point!)
Ok, back to it!
Hey @PeppeOhman @MrsCocoWyse @that_rachael and @RossBarbour - glad you could make it!

(In other news, I’ve now drawn 224 of you, which is... 5.05% 😂😂😂)
Okay! Back at my desk! Let’s get back into it. Here’s @joshbythesea and @sanglesey, the very funny @naomicooper and out on a hike is @estuary_ecology - thanks for the coffee Sally!
Here’s @ericabuist writing some stuff, @stevie_bro helping to bring back some super weird children’s television characters, @CMClaire and her cat and @DruidJon doing a better job with plants than I ever could.
By the way, it’s impossible to get a list of retweets so there’s no order to any of this and I’m basically just picking people at random at this point!

So, here is @nfyahaya @angebella72 and @VladimirConV
Okay, hope everyone’s happy here: @vluscinias @mlle_vilma @kez193 and @DannyN_86 (sorry Danny, I didn’t have much to go on, other than you’re from Leeds, hope that’s okay)
Okay, here we have @shedka @Joanna_OMalley and @LuiseFreese!
Okay, that’s 242 down, only 4493 to go! 😂

I think I’m done for today though. Thanks again for all the coffees guys, that support is so very much appreciated!

Big plans tomorrow!
So weird comparing the latest drawings to the first ones. Feel like I’m getting better at this.

So, here in the best clarity yet is @sbz drinking in the shower, @Pedro_Torrijos @Thebadassbeauty @STVLouise and the king of maps and data on twitter himself @simongerman600 !
btw, THANK YOU, to everyone who’s shouted me a coffee during this project!

If anyone wants to add to that you can here:

Ok, back to it!
Who’s next?
Okay, tried to get your eyebrows right @GreenJ but accidentally made you look angry instead (or let’s call it intensely getting to the bottom of a story there). And also a hello to @DrAliceClark and @MaritessQuinto
And here we have @InaRuck, @anitacouce carrying some ice for some reason, and the lovely @lugnutholly - (thank you so much for the coffee Holly!)
Here’s @clickmadness taking a break from stand-up to have a bath of biryani and take some photos. @ReporterPhoenix I couldn’t find a picture of you, unless you’re actually that dog, which is very impressive. And here’s you getting your dog and coffee fix @0DanSmith
Thanks for the coffee @Julaberry!!!

Also along for the ride here is @ChuckE99 (sorry for the wait), @DamienCWalker, @oracle61 and @Superslimon
Here you go @tommsec and @AlexCarah, thanks for the coffee @mrgavinchristie - you’re all class. And good luck with the triathlons @joskinner28!
Hey there @imran0001! Thanks so much for the coffee @douggyi, hello @barryfriedman1 and heya @WyndhamSusan!
Okay, here you are @nottherobin, looking super fashion as always @samanthasbolger, and a big Thank You to @MichelleDiFabio and @rsboswell1965 for the coffees!

(And yes if you’re wondering, that’s one of Richard’s artworks I found on his site and put in, because accuracy)
Okay, here’s @katobell having a reflective moment (thx for the coffee Kat!) meanwhile, @radamridwan - I’ve drawn you with your old hair, but still just as fierce. And @AustinJWebster I made you a full time photographer rather than ‘occasional’, hope that’s okay 😉.
Hi there @KateOvens! Thanks for the shout-out! Also hello to @paulverhoeven @lizrawlings and @GrantTucker 👋
Went for the standard @courtwhip mirror selfie pose, hope that’s right. @WinObs - you’re doing something technical I don’t understand. Heya @fabulucy and @Ju6yJudyJudy - Judy, I just drew your cats, is that okay?
I had to translate your bio @complexabel - hope I got everything right! Hi there @scobie 👋 and a huge thanks for the coffee @_iNorm!
Okay @bourgeoisalien - this is you at the point you’re totally over writing for the day. @briancurtis84 this is your fun account, and @B_Wilde1 you’re writing a note.
Okay, that’s 298 prople drawn, just 4968 to go! 🤔😳😂

I’m off to bed now, but I’m not finished!
(if you want to support this crazy little thing you can here via )

Looking forward to more tomorrow! See you all then. - c
MORNING EVERYONE!!! Day 5 folks. (Can you tell I don’t have a job yet?😂)

To get things started is @ckgill, @nutshellversion (that’s a sgt pepper jacket btw) @FreedomAhn and @JuliaMHawkins -(thx for the ☕️ guys)
Here you go @foxhill_matt @jamesoflynn @_jamesoreilly and there on the end is that writing guy himself, @Isikins everybody!

In other news, I’ve got vegemite toast, 3 coffees and cranking some @NTSlive - all set for more drawing.

Who’s Next?!
Okay, hello again @TheKitchenTabl 👋 - don’t worry @girlonetrack and @shit_ninja there’s so many retweets it hardly even matters any more! And heya @lalalalabanya, thanks for waiting!!!
Hi there @gillianim @Schneidewindy and @karlachar (oooh, and thanks for the coffee Karla!)
Ok, just had lunch now back to it! Here we have @Leisha007 @oliviachenery my friend the amazing @dansalmonthe3rd - heya Dan, I’ve already put in your response to this tweet for you! And there at the end juggling a whole lotta cool interests is @steampowerednet
Okay, here you are @cainvommars (with that coffee!), I don’t know what you’re doing @aslitelli - skipping with data?! And I’ve got your pug along for the ride @motoridersd 🐶
I think yours might be my new favourite @ashleymccuen - it cracks me up every time. Got you expressing yourself @eyelash410, you’re dreaming @officialNezar and you’re dealing with books as usual @molly_oneill 👌
Okay, still going here! @naked_ravens I’ve got you at top speed, @ghitchcockv offering up an opinion, the lovely @DeepshikhaMonga parting and dog, and @balhamyte in an expensive top.
So, this thread got way too long so I’m ending it here. BUT, I’m not ending the drawing.

You can find season 2 right here:

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