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Your daily dose of #MultiversX highlights is here:

❎ Galleries for digital value: A @MultiversX NFT Marketplaces Spotlight
❎ xPortal NFTs can be sent via Chat Image
2/ Ecosystem updates
@itheum held their 5th Community Call and dived into one more Data NFT use case
@Morningstar_vc announced an upcoming Twitter Spaces interview
@playWAM Special Tournament with @MultiversX is wrapping up today
@HeliosStaking shared their weekly @MultiversX round-up
❎ @Entity_Finance’s CEO @WRueckerl was quoted on @Cointelegraph
@EGLD_Community’s best-performing token of the week is $EPUNKS
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@staking_agency has released a @MultiversX #golang SDK, which optimises the time and efforts of the #MultiversXBuilders

It contains a set of free tools and .go packages for an easier interaction with #MultiversX #blockchain and its #smartcontracts

👇 Image
The #SDK can get data and callback from various areas of the #blockchain, such as:
- Accounts & @xPortalApp Wallets TXs for $EGLD & #ESDT
- Exchanges: @xExchangeApp & @Elrond_One
- #staking, ESDTs, #telegramBot and examples for each of the modules.…

A tool that generates #golang language bindings to a @MultiversX #smartcontract, called ABI2GO - is also available in the same #SDK package as beta version.

@staking_agency has added this tool on at:…

Let’s build!🔥🛠️

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Go is a programming language that comes with a rich standard library containing many useful packages and modules. In this, I provide an overview of the standard library modules in Go.
#golang #library
1️⃣. fmt - This package provides formatted I/O with functions like Println, Printf, and Scanf.
#golang #println
2️⃣. net - This package provides a set of network-related functions like dialing a network address, establishing a connection, and listening to a network port.
#network #http #port #golang
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How Often Does Go Preempt Goroutines?

The conventional wisdom says CPU-bound goroutines are preempted every 10ms, but this is wrong. #golang Image
We can check this with a small test program. Image
Looking at the the runtime/trace of this program, we see that the goroutine is executed 201 times by the scheduler, with an average time of 24.8ms between preemptions. Image
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Make 2023 the year you learn GoLang. Here are 13 free resources to get started learning Go
#golang #100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #programming

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🧵 Everyone’s chatting about 🤖#ChatGPT. Here are 11 things it can do for #malware analysts, #security researchers, and #reverse engineers. A thread >>👇 🧵
🙋🏻‍♀️ Learn how to use reverse engineering tools more effectively. Use #openAI chat bot to get rapid interactive help on your reversing tools.
👾 Teach yourself #assembly language. Ask #ChatGPT to convert high-level code into assembly. #arm #intel little endian big endian #nasm #masm. It knows them all.

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Live tweeting from @GolangSheffield about what's coming to #golang 1.20, to be released at the end of January!

Follow along in the thread below 👇
@GolangSheffield We'll first look at upcoming toolchain changes.

A big new feature is profile-guided optimization:
Distributed toolchain binaries work on glibc and musl:
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Today is a big day @InfluxDB. We're announcing the release of InfluxDB IOx, the new core of the database written in #rustlang and built with @ApacheArrow. It delivers infinite cardinality, tiered data storage, SQL compatibility and so much more. Here's some of the background...
When we released #InfluxDB 1.0 in 2016, it was written in #golang and had a custom storage engine we built from scratch that was specifically optimized for metrics workloads. We called it the Time Structured Merge Tree (or TSM for short).
The design of TSM paired a time series storage database with an inverted index to map metadata to underlying time series. This delivered excellent performance for low to medium cardinality workloads. But as the precision of information in the metadata increased, the DB suffered.
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Thanks @gopherconuk again, here are the slides of my talk “TinyGo: Getting the upper hen” when Go meets IoT and a hen house. 🐔…

Want to begin with TinyGo? You can find resources in this thread 🧵

#tinygo #golang #iot #gopherconuk
Let's begin somewhere:

The @TinyGolang quickstart…

Want to play with a virtual board in the playground (built with TinyGo for WebAssembly) 🦦

Looking for more info, I am sure it’s in the docs
What you can do with @TinyGolang ? 📺

You can check these talks from @deadprogram
Small is Going Big: Go on Microcontrollers
Tiny Go: Small Is Going Big…
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Few days ago I sent a PR to the caddy-ssh to properly handle 2 aspects of PTY sessions:

1- properly channeling of std{in,out} to remote when user sends commands

2- user details lookup on macOS

Buckle up! We have a can of worms in hand 🥫🪱 🧵

Issue 1:

The issue was recognized when a friend reported `scp` and `rsync` not working. I found the culprit to be not hooking up the session's/channel's I/O to spawned process, otherwise the new process assumed the null devices as its std{in,out,err}.
In other words, the newly created process was not reading/writing to/from the client's shell, rather from, e.g., secondary tty device (pair of the pty device). Thus the I/O was not channeled from the client to the process, rather to the PTY session.…
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This month's (June 22) updates from @AquaSecTeam Open Source Team - features, content, news and more 🧵
@AquaSecTeam One of the biggest news this past month was that Trivy now scans #kubernetes ⎈ clusters - through the CLI or a native Kubernetes Operator!
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Here's a list of some changes coming in #golang 1.19! The first beta will be out in a month, and the final release in early August.

Live tweeting from @GolangSheffield! Each change with a link, so you can read more.
1.18 shipped generics, which made it a large release that arrived six weeks late.

This means 1.19 got less development time than usual, to be able to release on time. The feature freeze is this week.
Starting out, lots of fixes and tweaks for type parameters AKA generics!

Some are being backported to Go 1.18, and some are still in progress. Overall, more polish.
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Hablando de que hay muchos recursos gratuitos y super completos para aprender tecnologías como #javascript, #golang y más...

Aquí un thread 🧵 express con los cursos gratis que conozco :), de Google, tiene cursos de responsive design, #PWA, #CSS, performance en la web, y más

🥳 tiene un muchísimooos cursos! Introducción a @golang, Dart, Java, Python, Firebase, Android...

Todos gratis!
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Now is a great time to be looking for a job writing Go. My inbox is absolutely blowing up with startups and established companies that need Go developers. If you've been thinking about a job change, get your resume out there now! #golang
Go look on #jobs in gopher slack. Update your resume. Make sure to highlight any projects you've done in Go (whether at work or on the side), and don't forget to include contributions to other people's open source projects, those count!
If you have a blog, post about Go and share it on r/golang and twitter and wherever else the kids find blog posts these days. If you don't have a blog, make one! It doesn't have to be self hosted or fancy. It's the content that matters.
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🧵 Go 1.18 got released 🥳. Outside of generics, five new features we should be aware of. #golang
1. Fuzz testing

Fuzzing is about passing random data to functions in an attempt to find vulnerabilities or crash-causing inputs.

Imagine the following scenario where we have to implement a custom function to test whether a string starts with a prefix: Image
Sometimes, it can be quite cumbersome trying to think by ourselves about all the different cases to be tested. Fuzzing is here to help us with that: Image
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Can't wait to share the KMCP preprint with you, hope it's not too late. Thanks for reading and any feedback is welcome and appreciated.…
We present a novel metagenomic profiling tool, KMCP, which not only allows for accurate taxonomic profiling of archaea, bacteria, and viral populations from metagenomic shotgun sequence data, but also provides confident pathogen detection for clinical samples of low depth.
We reimplement a modified COBS data structure to index reference genomes. The index size of KMCP is smaller than COBS, and the batch searching speed is increased by near 10 times. And the database construction is fast, taking only 25 min to index 47,894 genomes from GTDB.
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Today in #golang:

fmt.Println("What is truth?", true)

can output:

What is truth? false
because Go lets you do this:

`true := false`
The local variable `true` overrides the keyword!?

Go obstinately protects you from declaring an unused variable or importing an unused library.

But shadow a keyword? ooookaaaaay
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I am going to be solving a leet code question per day till the end of the year across all difficulty levels. My preferred languages will be Java and Golang. As a form of accountability, I will be posting my solutions here as a thread.

#Programming #100DaysOfCode
Today is the first day, and I solved the Two Sums.
Difficulty Level: Easy.
Language: Golang Image
Day 2: I solved the first missing positive problem.
Difficulty level: Hard.
Language: Golang

#SoftwareEngineering #Programming #LeetCode Image
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🚆I see the #webassembly train quickly gaining momentum. Here is a summary of all the action in this space over the last week. Exciting times! 🧵
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Sharing a project that aims to make fuzzing more accessible:

fzgen builds on Go 1.18 fuzzing, adding:
- Fuzz complex types (structs, interfaces, ...)
- Auto gen fuzzing wrappers from normal code
- Auto hunt for concurrency bugs

#fuzzing #golang 1/n
Some fun examples...

Fuzzing the syzkaller implementation without writing any code:…

Finding a data race without writing any code:…

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I have decided to share the #dev topics that I will learn or already know. I want to continue this for a long time. Maybe 100 days maybe even more. It will be difficult to make this sustainable, but I think it is necessary for self-motivation. It will be good in the long run. 🚀
Day 2:
I continued with the Behavior and Structural Pattern and implemented it in #Golang.

- Proxy
- Adaptor
- Iterator
- Observer
- Strategy
- Visitor
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Here's a list of some changes to look forward to in #golang 1.18! The first beta should be out in a month, and the final release in three months.

Each change with a link, so you can read more.
Of course, generics, also known as type parameters! Work started about two years ago, and the language changes are finally landing.

Full details here:…
Only overshadowed by generics is native support for fuzzing! @dvyukov led the way with go-fuzz for many years, and @katie_hockman with @jayconrod brought native support for "go test".
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Time to celebrate. 🥳 We hit a nice milestone last week when @theHyphyDude submitted a pull request on our address-formatting project. The PR added a link to a #golang project that uses our templates.

So what is address-formatting?…

2/ Here's the problem: addresses all over the world are different. Different countries do things differently, and sometimes there are even differences within countries. Image
3/ Meanwhile the global OpenStreetMap community is continually collecting all kinds of data about the world, which is great. 💪🗺️ This can go to intense detail: every tree, park bench, foot path, etc. That's great, but ... Image
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How I write HTTP services in #golang has changed over the years... here's my current style.

(Please consider sharing this with somebody you know who's learning Go.)

It's a yarn... 🧶

I make a server type that holds the dependencies.

all routing goes in routes.go (makes it easy to find stuff, given a URL)

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