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2. Op deze wijze probeert @HetNJi met hulp (💰) van @AugeoFoundation en @SGFondsen @GezondeG toch nog #GIRFEC te implementeren;… (deel 2)
3. Deze keer onder het mom van een kekke campagne #jemonsterdebaas -…
En een tranentrekkend liedje erbij. Helemaal gestyled voor de jeugd. Natuurlijk met een beschuldigende vinger naar ouders - à la #jeugdzorg style
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1. In dit filmpje 👇

“Inside the #ACE Score Strengths Limitations and Misapplications van #ACE Interface” legt Dr Anda uit waarin het gevaar van verkeerd gebruik van de bevindingen uit hun ACE-onderzoek schuilt. Hij wijst er nadrukkelijk op dat ...
2. het incorrect is om de algemene bevindingen uit het onderzoek terug te brengen tot een individuele standaard. De #ACE-score van 4 of meer is géén magisch nummer. Dr Anda benadrukt zijn zorgen dat mensen gelabeld, gestigmatiseerd, gediscrimineerd of ondergewaardeerd worden ..
3. .. door hun #ACE-score. Daarbij kan het teveel benadrukken van het gevaar van veel #ACEs, een selffulfilling prophecy worden. Zie ook zijn artikel in AJPM.
👇 @HetNJi @GezondeG
@maartenooijen @SOSJeugdzorg @TriodosFndn @SGFondsen
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Omdat #GIRFEC uitrollen door @HetNJi niet helemaal gelukt is, proberen ze het nu met #ACE #ACEbeware @AugeoFoundation
Ook wordt #autisme gekoppeld aan #ACE's @HDDuurvoort

@GezondeG #jeugdzorg…

De auteurs (#ACE) zelf;… ImageImageImageImage…

De auteurs: 👇

1.Recently, lawmakers have proposed policies to screen children and adults for traumatic events that affect their health using an ACE questionnaire and the summation of #ACEs using the #ACE score.
2. Though these and similar proposed policies are intended to improve health and social services, 👉 no body of peer-reviewed (vetted) evidence scaffolds it. #ACEbeware @DrBruceScott
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Should schools hv a Belonging Policy? or Relationship Policy? or a Behaviour Policy? That was t debate on my timeline ystrdy. I thought maybe a THREAD on ATTACHMENT STYLES wd help in navigatng this territory. A 'sense of belonging' sounds cozy, but t biology isn't straightforwrd.
2. John Bowlby's Attachment Theory has been w/ us since t 1930s, but it is still not well understd in professionl systems or t public. That's because it is counter-cultural, complex & has (like all good theories) been critiqued. I'm glad #ACEs has renewed attn to it.
3. Attachmnt is NOT about children. It is about human beings. It is part of our biology - like lungs & hearts. We are BIOLOGICALLY WIRED to NEED CONNECTION in order to thrive emotionlly. At extremes, without enough connection, human babies die.…
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A surprising number of ppl hv said they've found my recent threads on emotions & Boarding School Survivors to be helpful. So I will just keep thm going, continuing to draw on @axrenton book.
How does knowng more abt this help us make sense of current Westminster chaos? A THREAD.
2. It was a friend who convinced me to keep talking abt this. She texted me this msg: “Yes, most people are baffled by what they see played out at Westminster.”
What we are watchng is a dangerous culture of unleashed emotional trauma. That means HARM is done to others: citizens.
3. Yes, I know there is entitlement going on. Masses of it. But what I think what gets missed is that t sense of entitlmnt is grounded in relational trauma. If most of us don't know much abt elite boardng school culture, how can we see t origins of trauma? @axrenton helps us SEE.
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In today’s @ObserverUK :
“Professionals can sometimes underestimate children’s suppressed feelings. From ages 4-11, Ella’s behavioural problems had been interpreted as a conduct issue, not a sign that at home she & her mother were under duress.” #ACES
2. “The recommendatns address how patchy many professionals’ understanding of coercive control is.” #FierceCuriosity is needed to help our children, not defensive egos. This is why I proudly tell stories of professional journeys of insight, like @bainsfordht & @KeeganSmith_Law .
3. “Why didn’t the school, social workers & police join up the dots?” Well, one reason is that we often aren’t curious enough, or we don’t pay attention to children’s FEELINGS. We’re often too tired & overwhelmed ourselves to manage that. So - that’s a place to start. #Curiosity
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Adverse Childhood Experiences have been talked about a lot, but not enough, not n relation to practical solutions
#AdverseChildhoodExperiences #ACEs #PositiveHealth #Healing #Health #PublicHealth #mentalhealth #ChildHealth #ph260720…
Adverse Childhood Experiences can be growing up with a mentally ill parent, or a parent who went to prison, or being beaten up or watching your mother being beaten up at home or being subjected to sexual abuse.
#AdverseChildhoodExperiences #ACEs #mentalhealth #ph260720
Have you ever had an Adverse Childhood Experience as a child? If you have you are not alone.

#AdverseChildhoodExperiences #ACEs #mentalhealth #positivehealth #ph260720
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Thread: (CW: genocide/rape) Today is Genocide Remembrance Day in Rwanda. The genocide began on this day in 1994 and ended roughly 100 days later. Thousands of babies were conceived during the genocide, many by rape perpetrated against Tutsi women. #aapa2021 #RwandaGenocide
Dr. Glorieuse Uwizeye presents at #aapa2021 4/15 on the impact of duration of intrauterine exposure during the genocide on Rwandan young adults (24yrs at study). Conceived earlier during the 100 days, worse adult mental health outcomes (#dohad) with some intriguing exceptions...
For those conceived via genocidal rape, the stressor isn’t resolved when the genocide ends and lived adverse experiences due to imposed identities play a large role shaping adult health. #ACEs #AllostaticLoad
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Delighted to be here at the @ForwardTrust Christmas Concert, raising money to support those in prison. Extra delighted to hear the Chair already use the word 'connection'. @FamiliesOutside @BrownOpal58 @KevinNeary12 @KeeganSmith_Law Image
"63% of prisoners' sons went on to offend themselves".
I'm so glad to be here tonight supporting @ForwardTrust -- hearing this fab music & stories & poems and TALKING about The @ForwardTrust right here on Twitter. Image
"Helping prisoners to reconnect with family members is one of the things we do at @ForwardTrust . Maintaining relationships helps reoffending to decrease." Image
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A THREAD on the #ACES debate.

I watched with interest this week as the ACES debate once again flowed across my Twitter feed. I stepped into Fierce Curiosity, aiming to make meaning of what I was seeing. This thread is about my insights....
2. @DrJessTaylor released a video in which she explained very clearly why she seriously dislikes t Public Health England @phe_uk video on #ACES. With 65K following, lots of people listen to what she has to say. She also started the hashtag #IAmNotMyACEs .
3. Many people responded to @DrJessTaylor observations, similarly criticising the stereotyping & simplicities (amongst other things) of the video. @_LisaCherry was one of them. She later clarified she dislikes the video but not the ACES framework.
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My system has been firing for hours since I first saw this thread show up in my feed. I feel absolutely furious that people are misrepresenting #ACEsScience as determinant & dismissing it as unethical & faulty. No one with any reputability is saying "I am my ACEs." #WhyITalkACEs
Maybe you haven't been affected by your experience of #ACEs Maybe you had enough mitigating experiences of #BCEs or #PCEs Maybe you pulled yourself up by your bootstraps. Maybe you were able to access resources in early adulthood to prevent or redirect long term effects.
Maybe the effects of your #ACEs and #ChildhoodToxicStress just haven't shown up in your physiology yet. #Cancer #HeartDisease #Diabetes #COPD #Obesity #AutoimmuneDisease #Suicide #Depression have all been shown to also occur in people with histories of #ChildAbuse #ChildNeglect
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I feel extremely grateful to be included in this international webinar hosted by @ChiromoMentalHH on #WSPD2020 along with @janehmul @G_Mbugua1 et al. We need to make inroads into #SuicidePrevention I'll be talking about how understanding #ACEs can help us address the #RootCauses Image
Thank you to @angiyo58 of @GSNAfrica for connecting me with @G_Mbugua1 She's initiating a global collaboration to #PreventSuicide Since the number 1 cause of death for children in Canada between 10 and 14 years is #Suicide we all have to share our knowledge to protect our kids.
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The government wants to tackle #obesity.
Lots of commentary on the poor food choices overweight people make & how to change it.

Here’s a little bit of information that not many people know.

The #ACES study came about as an unintended consequence of a weight-loss program
This is the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study, initiated jointly by the Kaiser Permanente HMO in California and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1995–1997.
The study, by Vincent Felitti, the founder of Kaiser Permanente's Department of Preventive Medicine, demonstrates a correlation between childhood maltreatment and later-life medical illnesses and premature death.
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Finally have the time to listen to @suzannezeedyk & @DrJessTaylor talking about language use and the power involved in access to knowledge. One of my favourite topics. Why do we as a society invest in research that is then hoarded by the privileged?
"Those institutions feel very insecure." @DrJessTaylor Oh yeah. Intellectual arrogance is one of the most common compensations for social and emotional vulnerability. Which is #WhyITalkACEs Because the privileged are the walking wounded believing they're optimal humans.
As @DrJessTaylor points out, Dr. Robert Anda recently provided more information about the origin of the ACE Score and why it shouldn't be used as a diagnostic or clinical assessment tool. #WhyITalkACEs because #ItsNotYourFault
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Hard to believe #PGY4 is here! Grateful for the opportunity to share more about #HAES and #IntuitiveEating with fellow trainees in #peds today for my senior talk. I learned so much along the way I thought I might create a brief #tweetorial of the summary of my literature review.
#HAES or health at every size is a method of nutrition counseling focused on promoting body acceptance, encouraging nutrition 🍎, and gentle movement 💪 without an aim of weight loss.

In brief: pursuing health-promoting habits at any weight/body size. Image
A 2013 study in @JAMAPediatrics showed children whose parents used “weight-centered” language were more likely to diet frequently, binge eat, or have eating disorders as teens.

Parents that focused on healthy eating ONLY had a protective effect on all the above for their teens. Image
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OMG! I just heard @PovertyEdge speak for the first time on @ACEsConnection with @healWRITEnow for #ABetterNormal series.
I want you to come to my community, Rebecca!
Listen to the ones most affected.
Give them the leadership.
Provide resources.
Stop trying to fix people.
My favourite quote from @PovertyEdge today:
"If you can get to me as a mother and help me get what I need and want, I'll get to my kids."
This is #WhyITalkACEs It's about the adults and helping them see it's not their fault, and ensuring access to resources so they can heal.
"We don't talk about class in our culture." TY @PovertyEdge for calling out. Reminds me of @lokiscottishrap 's message in #PovertySafari
We must dismantle & stop feeding the systems that live off #Poverty #Incarceration #ChildWelfare #Racism #Addiction via #MiddleClassSaviours
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#BBCPanorama I’m here! Where else would I be??? Well done @katesilverton & @truevisiontv for bringing this together. Image
“There was not a police officer I knew who thought we could fix this.” says @karynmccluskey , co-founder of @vruscotland . Is that the problem? We tell ourselves we can’t fix big problems like violence, poverty, inequality? #BBCPanorama @katesilverton Image
“I’ve seen my mum once since I came in here, and that was on a inter-prison visit. My mum has been in prison most of my life.” THIS is why I work to have others understand ACES. #BBCPanorama @katesilverton Image
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Here's a comparative synopisis of solutions to policing.
Reform or Abolish?
What could we do with money from #DefundPolice ?
#InvestInCommunities to address #PairofACEs #SDoH
#ACEs & criminogenic factors are highly related, within police & population.
#MeetNeeds #PreventACEs
"as long as we have prisons and prison reforms more and bigger and better prisons will appear, as history is proving, and society will keep on using them as an escape from its own responsibilities of correcting the economic and social failures that make crime possible."
"reforming the prison system is like repairing a shack that should be torn down.” “Don’t get any false optimism about prison reform. Any hope there is lies outside the system, not in it.”…
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Umbereen S Nehal MD MPH: who is this person? Several people have been asking

A thread

Where am I from? Hooboy.
Let’s say, citizen of the world, human ping pong ball. Third culture kid. Genetic mutt

Born: 🇺🇸
🇵🇰 parents - when my parents born colonial rule, pre-Pakistan
To thoroughly annoy my Twitter bestie, @DrvanTilburg

Am an ENFP - a cross between Snoopy, Robin Willians, Ellen Degeneres, Dr. Seuss, Charles Dickens, Upton Sinclair

I border on ENTP - love new info and love to challenge in order to break through barriers or limitations
My great-grandfather was given title "Khan Bahadur" (brave). As a judge, a brown man under Colonial rule, he threw the book at a British attorney. "Learn the law" if in his courtroom. Hence my stiff moral backbone

My mom & me:

(She loves this song)
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Only a handful of hours until Columbus plays Seattle in soccer. #Crew96 ImageImageImageImage
Yep, only a small amount of time left until the game tonight. #Crew96 ImageImageImageImage
Only pull this scarf out of the mothballs once a season. #ACES ImageImage
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The #ACEs studies conducted by the #CDC and Kaiser Permanente demonstrated that traumatic experiences in
childhood are a prime source of physical, psychological, and behavioral problems throughout life. #traumainformedKE
#ACEs also provided a new scientific basis for approaching human development through what the #WHO terms #biopsychosocial approaches. Moreover, they show that traumatic experiences tend to occur in highly interrelated clusters, rarely alone. #DevelopmentTrauma
@DFHRC @Resindiyo @ZahraTJuma @jamlekjakababa The #ACE studies used a questionnaire that asked respondents about a dozen common adverse childhood experiences. The results showed the more traumatic experiences suffered in childhood, the more illnesses, mental problems, and destructive behaviors people will suffer in life.
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Hey #TraumaInformedCanada #ACEsAwareCanada #ACEsAllies Did you know that as of Nov 2019, BC is actively working towards "Embedding Prevention of #ACEs into Policy and Programs" Check this out
@LaurConsultant @kathleengorma13 @HelgiMaki @FionaScott73 @laura_corbeth @RealRhonelle @DrAJHalifax @AndreaFeller2 @DrWekerle
I believe @wendyruns from @ResilNation informed this #PreventACEs initiative thru Best Brains Exchange funded by @CIHR_IRSC
Go BC! Let's go Canada!
How can we scale this up across Canada?
Who contributed? Michelle L. Gagnon, President & CEO of the Palix Foundation @AFWI_News Laura Porter, ACE Interface & Self-Healing Communities, Dr. Howard Pinderhughes, ACE/R Framework, Janet Smylie, UofT, Dir WellLivingHouse & @wendyruns
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(1/5) Good #SundayMorning! For this #SundaySpotlight I am highlighting a new @CDCgov #VitalSigns report on preventing adverse childhood experiences (#ACEs):
@CDCgov (2/5) Childhood experiences, both positive and negative, have a tremendous impact on our lives. As such, ACEs are an important #PublicHealth concern. #SundayThoughts
@CDCgov (3/5) This #VitalSigns report shows that 1 in 6 adults have experienced four or more types of #ACEs. Preventing ACEs could reduce a large number of health conditions. Image
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Up, out and ready for #CPHVA19. There will be tweets. Join in. It’ll be fun! @Unite_CPHVA @UniteinHealth
The calm before the storm. At least it’s dry in here. We’ve got definite Yorkshire drizzle this morning in Harrogate @Unite_CPHVA #CPHVA19
The doors aren’t open yet but we’re busy getting ready for #CPHVA19 delegates. Lots of opportunities to catch up with old friends and new over the next two days @Unite_CPHVA @saffie @UniteinHealth
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