people wanna make a dumb thread about exo’s lyrics, here’s what is really is about 💁‍♀️ since y’all can’t stop making fun of power and love songs 🤷‍♀️ love songs aren’t the only thing exo offers. they have the most diverse discography 👌••• thread
•sometimes lyrics are different for everyone, that’s the beauty of it. people can relate to it differently. make it your own! there is no right or wrong really!
•every kpop group has that one weird song, so don’t even try. it’s all fun and creates some quality memes 🤙
EXO PROMISE •composed by lay and written by chanyeol and chen
•a song dedicated to exo-ls
•about the hardships exo and exo-ls went through together
•In this song they show their love and thankfulness.
EXO POWER (THE QUEEN) 👑 •The lyrics talk about how one can become stronger through music that unites everyone into one.
•an energetic, fun and powerful song that gets you going!
•written by chen
•this story line is worth it to be a webtoon, kdrama or movie!
EXO MAMA •about society
•many theories out there. it can be viewed from a lot of perspectives.
CHANYEOL HAND •a rap song dedicated to the members
EXO EL DORADO •the spirit of the song is one of adventure, encouraging the listener to act on their dreams. •exploring the world and chasing an unknown future.
•the title gives it away
•it’s about going through the tough moments in your life. it will pass. behind the dark clouds, the sun is shining and peeking.
EXO LIGHTS OUT •written by chen
•this is like exo is giving us a shoulder to lean on.
•this one has quite some theories, look them up!
•you can view it as the perspective of the ‘bad guy’
•a toxic relationship (doesn’t have to be romantic).
•the truth is hard to accept, hence why you rather live in the lies.
EXO CAN’T BRING ME DOWN •I’d say this one is for the haters.
•lowkey a song for people who are still in the closet lol.
•be free and happy, there will be people supporting you.
EXO THUNDER. •clever use of symbolism, since lightning comes first and thunder follows up.
•theories about how this is relatable for international fans. •happiness sometimes feels like it lasts for only a moment.
•The lyrics describe how exo-l became exo’s strength during hard times. we became stronger together.
•exo expresses how lucky they feel for having exo-ls.
•recalling the good memories.
•exo reminds exo-ls that they will always be our peter pan. they will ‘never grow up’ and will never stop entertaining us, they forever will make us happy.
•a song that makes you sad and happy at the same time.
•written by chanyeol
•dedicated to exo-ls
•a sweet song that will make your heart beat faster
•exo explains that even during their hardest and darkest times (even if the lights go out and the moon disapears), everything will still be fine because of our bond.
•clever use of how a boomerang works.
•describes how it will be fine without them, but also points out how going back like a boomerang is very luring and hard not to do. whether it’s about a person or habits, is all up to you!
EXO CLOUD9 •for exo-ls but is also a romantic song!
•describes a ‘fake’ relationship.
•in my perspective this is about people when they are vulnerable and have a hard time letting go of someone they grew attached to even though they know it’s better to let go since it’s an unhealthy relationship.
•a toxic relationship. she is manipulative, controlling and undeniably charming. the song hints at a positive ending, with the final lyrics proclaiming: “past your arms that trapped me, into that path
towards that light, I’ll escape from you. It’s my exodus.”
•driven to the point of near-insanity, desperately searching for this elusive figure in order to find love and comfort.
EXO DIAMOND 💎 •because exo be shinin’ and blindin’
EXO GOING CRAZY •a masterpiece, you are missing out big time if you haven’t listened to this song yet.
anyways this thread will be just me listing every exo song if I don’t stop 😂
fun fact: exo have quite often used gender neutral lyrics, using ‘me and you’ instead of ‘he and she’. example > the ‘universe’ album. and yes some tracks were written by the members themselves (for example: lights out).
don’t forget that when you translate from Korean to English it simply won’t be the same delivery.
music is by sound (besides lyrics)! so try listening to these songs :) meaning and emotion is delivered by the way they sing and rap.
listen to these 👌
don’t forget universe because it’s art.
+had to add these too
also I know some people don’t like wolf (can’t relate 🤷‍♀️) but have you heard this?
since we’re on the topic of exo being kings
for all the haters that drag sehun. this masterpiece is written, composed and choreographed by oh sehun himself 🙏 blessed.
exo can sing in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English and Spanish 🗣talented and dedicated kings.
JAPANESE • listen to these tracks 👌I recommend their live concerts in Japan too because it’s mind blowing.
ENGLISH covers • chanyeol -> all of me | heavy | love yourself d.o -> for life eng ver. | boyfriend |billionaire | nothing on you | the last time ft chen...AND OF OFCOURSE OPEN ARMS!
SPANISH • this legendary performance says enough.
lyrics by lay, composed by lay and arranged by lay. also a main dancer guys 💁‍♀️ now that is true balance. look forward to his next child.
CBX KACHING •money’s good, money’s bad.
It depends on your usage.
are you rich, are you poor?
It depends on your heart. (best lines that I’ve heard xiumin spit 😩) •this song is so fun
EXO MOONLIGHT (how could I forget 🤦‍♀️) •greek mythology. •sad and mysterious •there are many theories and everyone has a different perspective!
LAY MASK •the lyrics .. A+ it’s beautiful. •be yourself, stay humble, don’t let your beliefs be influenced, use your heart and keep your original intentions!
EXO THE EVE •we all know the eve is a sexy song with the choreography and notes👌but the lyrics are really interesting too! I found a lot of different theories by exo-ls
D.O CRYING OUT (ost cart) •the lyrics are sad but the way kyungsoo sings it and delivers is even more heartbreaking. cart is a good movie, it tackles social issues. give it a go!
I would like to add that the MV’s of the title tracks also tell part of the story. the colors, lighting, clothes, materials, order, symbolism and more. some of my favorites are sing for you and universe.
nothing is done without a reason in music videos. for example the hey mama mv was overlooked by people as a random music video but it has a lot of hidden messages! Suppression and liberation of CBX!
this theory is worth it to check out! overdose, lucky one and monster are about oppression, defiance and escape.
🤷‍♀️some people keep making fun of the power music video, passing it down as childish. the music video was meant for us to smile and it did exactly that. besides have you guys watched this theory about the mv. it’s epic 💁‍♀️power is t h a t song.
CHEN IM NOT OKAY (ost missing 9)
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