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“We Are What We’ve Experienced & The Perinatal Paradigm:

“Our Conception, Gestation, & Birth Create Our Windows to the World

is Chapter 3

of *Experience Is Divinity: Matter As Metaphor*

by M Adzema

READ CH THREAD or CLICK link for free BOOK...…

ED 3/1
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “Going Beyond Jung...Our Prenatal & Perinatal Experiences Predispose the Nature of Our Mind” []

THREAD… #psychology #perinatal #consciousness #prenatal #quantum #templates #anthropocentrism #paradigm #knowledge #spiritual

ED 3/2
[] “You cannot convince a fish it lives in water. You can only give the fish the experience of being in air; then it will understand.” []

READ/DWL BOOK… #psychology #perinatal #consciousness #prenatal #quantum #templates #anthropocentrism #paradigm

ED 3/3
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#Jagadguru #Shankaracharya #SriSri Vidhushekhara Bharati Mahaswamiji: In this world, man endears himself to various objects and pursuits. When man thinks that something can give him happiness, he desires it. The desire for happiness itself is independent of any other desire. 1/4
That is why Sukha or happiness is defined as the object of desire that is independent of all other desires – इतरेच्छानधीन-इच्छाविषयत्वम्. While everyone desires objects to be happy,the desire for happiness itself is never questioned. No one asks “Why do you want to be happy?”.2/4
This desire for happiness for one’s own self arises because one’s own self is the most beloved. This leads us to the question, “What is the Self?”
Self:The Most Beloved. We can,by a #knowledge of clay, be aware of all objects made of clay. Likewise,by knowing gold, we can be 3/4
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“We Can’t Know What We Can’t Know but We Cannot Unknow What We Are:

“Our Reality Is Species Determined & the Relativity of Science”

Ch 2

of *Experience Is Divinity: Matter As Metaphor*

M. Adzema

READ CH THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK...…

ED 2/1
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “Ultimately our going to demonstrate that essentially there is no such thing as matter. All there is, is mind & motion.” —Armand Labbe []

READ BOOK… #psychology #consciousness #quantum #holographic #perception

ED 2/2
[*Chapter 2 text begins:*] *Relativity of Science*

“But what of our science, one might ask, which can reputedly extend the range of our senses?”

READ/DWL BOOK…… #psyche #consciousness #quantum #holographic #perception #physics #anthropocentrism

ED 2/3
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This thread begins the book,

*Experience Is Divinity: Matter As Metaphor*

By Michael Adzema

Starting with PART 1.





READ BOOK…… #psychology #anthro

ED 1/1
Chapter 1 is titled,

“Creating Worlds:

“Our Science, Too, Is Built on a Judeo-Christian Assumption of Humans Being “God’s Chosen Species””

READ &/or dwnld entire BOOK free AT SITE... #psychology #consciousness #quantum #holographic #perception

ED 1/2
“*The Probabilities Are Enormous That There Are Unperceivable Beings, Unimaginable Realities, Unknown Ways of Infinite Number of Worlds*”

READ/DWL BOOK… #psychology #consciousness #quantum #holographic #perception #physics #mystical

ED 1/3
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1)When #Kagame told #Kikwete,former president of Tanzania 🇹🇿"I will wait & hit you at the right time!"Kikwete quickly chased those Rwandan refugees,mainly Tutsi who fled in 1959 to Tanzania after the fall of the monarchy!They were considered as Tanzanians!Why did he do that? Image
2)Kikwete knew how Kagame was busy sowing divisions in the region. On the map,in Kagera & Kigoma provinces of Tanzania,they are tribes of #Ha, #Hangaza, #Haya,#Shubi...closely related to Rwandans with similar dialects. Kagame was to use those refugees to create another Congo! Image
3)So if Rwanda's false theory is tolerated in Congo and accept that all these tribes are Rwandophone,it means Rwanda has the right to invade Tanzania as next on their agenda!I wonder why Africans keep quiet while they are being divided in and out! Image
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@linda_a_burnett's workshop done, presentations attended, scholars met, and conversations had. What have I learned? Surprising things. Here's a partial reflection histories of scientific instructions, lists & colonial travel. @UU_University, @BookScribbler, @eayers0, @dominikhhh
First off, not all lists are alike. Much can be learned by the order of items, especially when it comes to ethnographic observation. The order of observation tells us about the intellectual context from which the instruction arises. #listing #History #Science #KNOWLEDGE
But study of intellectual context takes us into other domains - of national experiences, of inter-imperial exchanges, of cross-cultural encounters and yes, so often, of violence and indifference to sufferings. #History #Empire #colonized #Violence #KnowledgeManagement
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We have now 3 months of disaggregated #trade data for FY23 in #Pakistan. Visible deceleration both on #exports and #imports. Some key elements in 🧵below:
#Exports grew in Jul-Sep 23 versus Jul-Sep 22 by 5.3%. Slightly faster growth in #goods than in #services.

By destination: in general, expansions, but contractions of shipments to #China, to #UK and to #UAE.

#exports #Pakistan
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The first ever event of its kind, the Men’s Health Matters Series is brought to you by The Low Carb Lifestyle Hub.
3 day virtual series capturing knowledge, wisdom, inspo from incredible men in the health space, sharing why men’s health matters.
Each presenter answers a series of questions designed to show you how you can also make health matter.
Qu asked: why does health matter; what where the lightbulb moments to rethink how to optimise their health; what tips can you share to help others optimise their health.
Many also covered in depth about their particular area of interest, and other important factors to be considered when it comes to achieving health in this modern world. These men have shared from their heart and minds, how to make it easier to optimise your own health.
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🚀 We are live! Here is the correct streaming link for all of today's discussions and performances, starting with a panel on complex time with David Krakauer, James Gleick, Ted Chiang, and David Wolpert in a few moments (measured linearly...):

"One of the ideas we had with #InterPlanetary was, 'What would it take to make science hedonistic? And instead of telling people to do it, you'd have to tell people to STOP doing it?"

- SFI President David Krakauer sets the tone for this weekend's celebrations
#IPFest Image
David Krakauer: "Do you have a favorite model or metaphor for #time?"

@JamesGleick: "You've already mentioned a river; that's everybody's favorite. Borges said time is a tiger. People talk about it as a thread. We ONLY talk about time in metaphors." Image
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Q: What is the use for the robots you are making?

#Robotics #applications vs. #knowledge
Unlike industry, in academia performing research is more about generating new knowledge than a product. Thus when you see the technology we are developing, it is important to try to see the bigger picture than just its apparent direct applications. 1/3
Applications (products) are important indeed (ultimately that’s why we are doing research) but knowledge generated can be more widely applied to many more applications, often times even to areas that are not directly related the robot itself. For example: 2/3
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"Knowledge Representation in Judgment and Decision Making"

Today's SFI Seminar by @sdpbht (@Penn)

Follow this 🧵 for highlights!

Streaming now:

#knowledge #cognition #behavior Image
@sdpbht @Penn How do people evaluate potential decisions — the tradeoffs, the risks?

"How do people make assessments, and how can we *improve* those assessments?"
- @sdpbht

AND: What role does #memory (episodic and semantic) play in all of this?

#psychology #taxonomy ImageImage
Categorical thinking empowers inductive #reasoning.

(Here: How does what people know about #dolphins inform the likelihoods they assign to other agents, such as #ET?)

#Cognitive #Psychology Image
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👑 Automatic Fibonacci Retracement on Specific Timeframes + Golden Ratio | by Octopu$
#Fibonacci Retracement is a method of technical analysis for determining support and resistance levels.
It is named after the famous Fibonacci sequence of numbers: 23.6%, 38.2%, 61.8%, and 78.6%
These ratios provide price levels to which markets tend to retrace a portion of a move.
Also used as a potential spot before a trend continues (or reverses) original direction.
While not officially a Fibonacci ratio, 50% is also used.
#StockMarket #OptionsTrading #Educational
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1/ Your #energy is what they want.

How your #energy is fuelling their system of slavery.

2/ #Energy isn’t only about #infrastructure & facility engineering - weird statement coming from an engineer & @wef brainwashed MBA, right? Right.
3/ The human activity is all about #movement. The difference bt living & dead is the ability to #move. Movement = life. Don’t trust, verify - look at the remains of a 🐸 on the road next time & think for a moment. That’s how my dad explained this to me btw.
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Trade or Hodl ?!

Cái nào mới đúng, nên theo hướng nào, cái nào tốt ?!

Đi vào phân tích nhé !

[ Source: ELNOS from @ESVentures_io ]

Bạn nên chọn giao dịch theo xu hướng (trend-is-my-friend), luôn có stoploss vì biết mọi thứ đều có tính xác suất tương đối (tôn trọng Mr. Market), và tận dụng lợi thế đòn bẩy cũng như tính năng 2 chiều để kiếm tiền theo xu hướng.
Bạn nên nghiên cứu thật đầy đủ về dự án đầu tư của mình (team dev, code dự án, số vốn gọi về được, tính khả thi, đối thủ cùng ngành / khác ngành, liệu dự án có hỗ trợ phát triển truyền thống đc không hay chỉ nằm trên bản vẽ ý tưởng ...).
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Do you know that #students educated with challenge-based gamification raised their performance by up to 𝟖𝟗.𝟒𝟓% compared to those who only received lectures? (ScienceDirect, 2020)

Here are 𝟰 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗼𝗻𝘀 why games can be added to nearly any lesson:

[🧵 thread]
1/ Game-based learning is built to be adaptive. You can monitor kids' progress and performances and update timely.

By 𝘁𝗿𝗮𝗰𝗸𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗶𝗺𝗽𝗿𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁, we can identify where learners are performing well and where they need support.

Full article:
2/ Game-based learning is about changing the approach of the learner towards learning.

The durability of learning is enhanced by more choices and 𝗰𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗶𝘇𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 of the material. The goal is for the learner to enjoy the process of #learning itself.
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Dear Investors friends, creating a master #Thread documenting all #Important Links, Sites, Knowledge sources, Stocks currently I'm #Bulish on, etc. (1/n)
#Sharewolves #Educational #TechnicalAnalysis #LearnTechnicals #LearnnEarn #ProTrader #NiftyBullWave
Top websites for Fundamental & Technical Screener:
Best sites for #TechnicalAnalysis Studies:
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@UpdatesChennai CMDA plans;

Vandalur to Mudichur stretch
•Integrated residential township
•The recreational zone around Vandalur lake

Mudichur to Kundrathur stretch
•A cluster of wayside amenities
•Industrial housing

@UpdatesChennai Kundrathur to Poonamallee stretch
#MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) Centre
•Integrated mixed use township
#Racing circuit
Poonamallee to Nemilichery stretch
•Sipcot industrial park

@UpdatesChennai Nemilichery to Morai stretch
#Knowledge hub and #CentreOfExcellence
Morai to Red Hills stretch
•Centralised Disaster Management Unit

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Bad enough that @SensyneHealth has cost NHS Trusts nearly £15 million - Lord Drayson's claim to be 'giving something back to the NHS' lies in tatters - but what people should *really* be asking about is the MILLIONS of #patients' data the company claims to be processing...
...because, as our letter to the Trusts in April pointed out, at least some of their patients' data that they handed over is #linkable #pseudonymised data - i.e. it is #identifiable, thus #PersonalData in UK law:… Pseudonymised Data  On the matter of the data itself, whethe
So while @SensyneHealth's #shareholders might want to check the company's claims about the #amount of NHS patients' data it actually has, those Trusts that HAVE passed #identifiable data to #Sensyne should terminate their agreements asap - and demand certified #deletion, too...
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Since your malicious cyberattack timelines matched cybersecurity’s research to strengthen security for years and now, you hack alone but with a cooperative goal to damage national security. Which Advanced Persistent Threats group/s #APTs are you in, #Animez_UK? Image
Converting traditional crime to cyber-enabled crime and becomes a malicious attacker against the UK, for

1- financial income,
2- #sexual desire and #harassment with #pornography sent to #women,
3- attacks for #politics against the UKGOV.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
1st stage- early life:
-Experienced #exclusion/#discrimination.
-Didn’t learn to communicate with #women.
-favours #authoritarianism.
-enjoys #control targeted women & whom against his will.
- Expresses hidden #hatred & #violence on through cyberattacks.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
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Now we have dissaggregated @StateBank_Pak data on #Pakistan's #trade performance for the full of the FY22.

This thread will show performance in #values. not #volumes. Keep in mind FY22 was extraordinary in terms of high #prices, both for #imports and #exports. 👇👇👇🧵
1\ #Exports reached record highs, both #goods and #services, increasing by 26.6 and 17.1% respectively w.r.t. FY21. Good export prices and a decent #export response played a role here. Note: June 2022 is preliminary. Figures are Jul-Jun FY22 and
2\ #Pakistan #export growth was generalized by main destination. Particularly noticeable are increases in shipments to #USA and to #China - the two largest destinations.
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Our paper is out!
Current #adaptation projects do not automatically enhance #gender equality | need to be intentionally brought in at planning & implementation stages.

23authors|9sectors|17739 literature|countless meetings

Delighted to have brainstormed👇figure with @Joyashree9
Embedding gender considerations and facilitating #women’s participation in project design and implementation along with #inclusive #policies, training, information access, planning, and monitoring is needed
Additional course correction for #SDG5 is needed.
Our #SDG5plus (SDG5+) approach takes into consideration #intersectionality and gender aspects beyond #women alone, & can help #adaptation actions move towards meeting #genderequality and other #climatejustice goals.
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"Argument-Making in the Wild"

Today's SFI Seminar by Simon DeDeo (@LaboratoryMinds), streaming now. Follow our thread for pull quotes and slides:

First, let's divide human history into three eras, or regimes of #knowledge #production and #consumption:

• #premodern/#archaic
• #modern + #postmodern
• the #egregore (online content sharing)

• The premodern era is defined by caloric restriction.
• The modern era is characterized by a small number of sellers of #information vs. a large number of consumers (see also #HerbertSimon's remarks on the "poverty of #attention")

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1) True learning is not about reading a lot of books, checking out many Tweetorials or listening to a lot of podcasts.

If that was so, everybody would have been 'successful' and not creating content about 'success'.
2) True learning is based on something I called the retention percentage --> the percentage of your knowledge that you can actually use in your day to day life.
3) I have applied this retention ratio to medicine since the day I started --> 10 years back in 2022.

Whatever you learn, until and unless you are comfortable with it --> that you can use it in day to day clinical practice --> you have not really learnt it.
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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial on optimizing the role of the pharmacist in managing cardiometabolic disease! Accredited for 0.50 hr for #physicians #nurses #pharmacists! Expert faculty is Snehal Bhatt PharmD @SnayCardsPharmD of @BIDMChealth. Image
2a) This educational activity is supported by grants from Bayer, Otsuka, & Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Eli Lilly Company. See archived programs, all by expert authors, still available for credit at
2b) Accreditation statement and faculty disclosures are at We are your ONLY source for accredited education in CKD and #cardiorenal disease delivered wholly on Twitter. FOLLOW US!
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