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We are ABE. We give a voice to the pro-Brexit businesses and entrepreneurs of the UK #Business4Brexit
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11 Sep
Happy Friday folks!!

Here is a bright, shiny new trade deal for you as a gift wrapped #Brexit present from our friends in #Japan 🎎🇯🇵🏮🏯

Remainers said we couldn't get a better deal than the #EU

Here's why they were wrong...(again)

[1] Digital is the future and this is streets ahead of the EU deal in that respect. There is an increased level of data recognition & a ban on data localisation, which will prevent UK businesses from having the extra cost of setting up servers in Japan. Huge for our #Tech sector.
[2] Financial services are our biggest export to Japan, accounting for 28% of all UK exports. This deal provides increased access for our invaluable Financial Services industry and much deeper regulatory co-operation - something the #EU wouldn't allow.
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27 Jun 19
The UK continues to attract more foreign direct investment projects than any other country in Europe, despite #Brexit

A nice little #ThursdayThoughts feelgood THREAD on why the UK is stronger than ever. 🇬🇧💪🏼

[2] Figures from the Department for International Trade published yesterday show 1,782 new inward investment projects were recorded in 2018/19, creating over 57,000 new jobs and safeguarding nearly 7,000 jobs in the UK.
[3] The figures also show UK regions increasing their share of total UK FDI projects since 2016/17. The Midlands Engine and Northern Powerhouse regions saw a 2.6 percentage point and 1.4 percentage point increase in their total share of UK projects.
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1 Feb 19
PRESS RELEASE from ABE in response to report that "Third of UK businesses are looking to relocate" - 09:45, 1 February 2019.

1/ The IoD claims to represent over 30,000 members yet has today released a survey representing a sample size of 1200, equivalent to canvassing 4% of their membership. They have provided no details of how these members were selected or a break down of the data sets.
2/ This finding has been extrapolated and manipulated to create the wild suggestion that 'a third of UK businesses' are looking to relocate. Only 9% of UK businesses do any trade with the EU at all. Therefore the figure of 33% is demonstrably false and misleading.
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14 Jan 19
Feeling dejected about #Brexit? Well don't!

The UK still holds all the cards. They just need to be played correctly.

A short #Thread from Leave colleagues from the far south to the distant north of our wonderful island. With thanks to @ScotsForLeaveEU

1/ The EU & Irish govt have said that there will be no hard border with NI in the event of “no deal” at UK exit. But this means that the EU has also accepted that the EU is bound to do a ‘zero-for-zero’ deal with no tariff barriers with the UK.
2/ The border is frictionless & invisible, no checkpoints or other facilities at the border with the NI (& thus the UK). Tariffs are paid electronically, just as VAT & Excise are paid now; animal checks are done away from the physical border at approved facilities; & sanitary...
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2 Oct 18
The excellent @ALTEREU have blown the lid off how decisions are made in Brussels. Forget the cuddly PR machine. The EU is in thrall to corporate interests and professional lobbyists that, behind closed doors, shut out competition from challengers and SMEs.

2/ A 2014 investigation into the size of the financial lobby in Brussels
found that banks, investment funds and other financial companies had at least 1700 professional lobbyists at their disposal. This means financial lobbyists outnumber MEPs by around 2.5 times!
3/ And the lobbying is growing, fast. A sample of seven financial industry associations and companies, estimated in 2014 to have a combined 88 lobbyists, in 2018 have 115 people involved, according to Transparency Register data on LobbyFacts.
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