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Let's find out why #POTUS left the news conference today. 9/23/20
The video lasts 17:00 = CUE
#POTUS announces his leaving at 16:13
"I have to leave for an emergency phone call"
At 16:32 he said, " I have a big call a very big call"

JG of "I have to leave for an emergency phone call" = 2563
#POTUS is telling us he has "POWER OVER THE MATRIX"
Now he runs the world, controls the money, the politics, and every facet of life!
The 1% who used to control everything are death!
You are watching a movie!
Def of heap
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* #Gratitude*
I keep a "memory jar" for each year wherein I write in brief the best moments of my life & lessons learnt. Even a small event which taught me something goes in it .
I strongly believe in " No regrets, only lessons learnt ".
( That's handpainted by me! :) )
Occasionally when I have a rough day or when I am elated , I go through the chits one by one savouring the lessons learnt . It keeps me grounded. Makes me realise I am blessed to have had so many #memories & grown as a person and that life is beautiful !! 😇
Things that happen to us, just happen. It is we who perceive it to be good or bad as per our emotions at play. It is then that practising gratitude becomes of utmost importance for we need to realign our thoughts towards #positivity& #contentment & steer away from negativity.
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#BREAKING:So let's get this straight-- @DHS_Wolf, who is in his job ILLEGALLY, has today DEFIED a House subpoena to testify. Folks, how is #DHS not a ROGUE agency?

#TheResistance #ChadWolf #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty…
Think about that-#DHS' #ChadWolf defied a House subpoena in THE SAME WEEK that shocking allegations about #DHS-#ICE FORCING hysterectomies on migrant women surfaced. Folks, #AOC has been right all along. SHUT IT DOWN!!
#TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts…
Remember there were also media reports a few weeks ago that back in 2017, #DHS mulled deploying "HEAT RAYS" on migrants at the southern border. That was in 2017. Are they.....??

#TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty…
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Oh my eyes! You have seen a whole lot;

Oh my nose! You have perceived great smells and lovely aromas;

Oh my hands! You have tilled the ground;

Oh my legs! You have treaded many beautiful places.

Now is the time to relax & enjoy the beauty of humanity packaged in one delivery
Enjoy d peppered chicken, dance to d beat of its drumsticks & have tasty bites of d meaty chicken breast.

Open wide the door of your abode, split d curtains apart & have a feel of the view of your neighborhood, listen to the sound of the fulfillment of having your own house.
Sit & relax to enjoy a family time with your favourite programs though there's blackness in the neighborhood. Enjoy the radiance of the power of the sun in your home.

The community residents are pointing their fingers at your home; they love the colours, #solarenergy
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"We have to beg people to wear a mask to save their own dumb ass from getting sick?"

"40% of the country looks at [Trump's idiocy] and says, 'I'm with stupid'."

Michael Steele is *pissed*. He's fucking over it.
He is all of us.

Since Michael Steele expressed a little righteous anger and exasperation last night, it seems like a great time for a reminder:

#thursdaymorning #thursdaythoughts
According to Michael Steele, the new official #MAGA t-shirt. h/t @EllisGBS Image
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If sharing the truth piss people off...GOOD! I'll keep pissing more people off. It's my way saying F*CK YOU and here's the truth! All the sh*t going on with the unlawful system is simply because a lot of people are ignorant of their constitutional laws.
That is the only way the insurgent system is able to stay power. Yes, i will keep sharing & blocking stupid idiots that show zero interest to learn and want to be free. I don't give a sh*t if you don't like what I have to say. Your dumb a**es can hit the block button.
I am very passionate sharing this knowledge that can help anyone to understand what we're dealing with and to gain Freedom. Real freedom is F*CKING WORK! YOU have to earn it for yourselves not your daddy government give you nice Federal benefits!
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@realDonaldTrump "Why didn't the journalist warn the country that I was a dangerous maniac" is not going to play the way you think it is, old man.

Bob Woodward should have come forward sooner.

But that doesn't mean that you didn't kill nearly 200,000 people...and counting.

@realDonaldTrump PS: there are over 9 hours of #TrumpTapes left to listen to.

I can't believe after 70 years on this planet you were stupid enough to sit down with one of the best journalists this country has ever produced.

Thanks, @LindseyGrahamSC! You really knocked it out of the park!
@realDonaldTrump We talk about the 4 Trump scandals that broke yesterday on our podcast called, uh, Another Damn Politics Podcast, which is just what the world needs right now: more podcasts.

#TrumpTapes #thursdaythoughts #TrumpLiedPeopleDied #TrumpLiedAmericansDied

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California Attorney Pleads Guilty in Multimillion Dollar Conduit Campaign Contribution Conspiracy Case
A California attorney pleaded guilty for conspiring to make & conceal conduit & excessive campaign contributions during the U.S. presidential election in 2016 and thereafter.
Rudy Dekermenjian, 42, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to make conduit contributions, make excessive contributions, cause false statements & cause false entries in records before the Honorable Randolph D. Moss of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.
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#BREAKING:192,000+ have DIED in the U.S. due to #covid19 and these 53 @GOP Senators HELPED #Trump downplay its seriousness. They should be referred to @IntlCrimCourt for CRIMES against humanity cc @mbachelet

#TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty…
And then after ALLOWING #covid19 to destroy lives and livelihoods, the 53 #GOP Senators have expressed MORE interest in giving federal $$$ to businesses, than to families in desperate need of help. CRUEL & INHUMANE!!

#TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts…
So #GOP has ALLOWED #Trump to seek foreign help in our elections, LIE about #covid19 resulting in 192,000+ U.S. deaths, politicize #DHS/#DOJ,.....and these 22 are STILL running for reelection? What the hell for?

#TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty…
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Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has financial ties to Postal Service contractors AND competitors.

His actions show he cannot be trusted.

DeJoy must resign now.

#BidenDelivers #DeliveringForAmerica #SaveTheMail #VoteByMail #thursdaythoughts #ThursdayMotivation
Congresswoman @CarolynBMaloney’s Delivering For America Act would protect the Postal Service and the election.

It passed the house with bipartisan approval.

Tell @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell to pass it in the Senate! #DeliveringForAmerica #BidenDelivers #VoteByMail
Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s former employer, XPO Logistics did $14 million of business with USPS over the last 10 weeks, compared with $3.4MM for the same period in 2019. That’s an increase of 311% since DeJoy became @USPS Postmaster General.…
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Yesterday in Bhopal Johri Hotel
Hindu girls with M boys were in a freedom Hookah party!
Who is sponsoring these M boys for such parties?
See how young these Hindu Girls are!
Inspiration must be from #Bollywood as how to spoil life!
It's nothing but #Lovejihad
I m not sure whether this moral policing is good or bad considering the age of these girls & community of the Boyz
What do you say guys?
Some say it's privacy intrusion
But I say it's conspiracy unveiled
#Secularism #ThursdayMotivation
कल रात जोहरी होटल भोपाल पर चल रहे हुक्का लांच पर हिंदू संगठन ने बोला धावा, लव जिहाद को फ्रीडम हुक्का पार्टी का नया नाम देते हुए मुस्लिम लड़को सहित हिन्दू लड़किया थी मौजूद l
🚩🚩जय जय श्री राम 🚩🚩
#ThursdayThoughts #lovejihad
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Think all our experts, former senior military officers and even journalists need to pipe down on the euphoria about involvement of SFF personnel in the current development along the LAC. While their contribution is acknowledged, it is important to be realistic
By projecting them as some kind of supermen, we are not only undermining their role, but also belittling others involved in the current operation. One reported casualty of an SFF personnel for instance was not in any clash with the Chinese but in an accidental mine blast.
While tables have been turned in the Chushul sector, it is not the end of the standoff though it can be a beginning of a possible disengagement all along. Patience and a combination of military actions and diplomatic discussions is the key. Just my #ThursdayThoughts
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What's up with all these extremely similar tweets from enraged former fans/season ticket holders? #Copypasta #ThursdayThoughts

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded tweets containing "That seals the deal. I am no longer a/an <X> fan. I've been a fan since <Y> and a season ticket holder since <Z>/ I officially will not be renewing my plan next season nor will I watch on TV ever again". Very few look automated (it's not bots).
The earliest tweets of this form are from July 2019 and nearly all are directed at the Baltimore Orioles, with the first tweet coming from @will61375.
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"I knew our federal government behaved like a psychopath who loves his mom so the neighbors assume he’s a nice guy. But I didn’t know we had a federal law prohibiting Americans from getting #healthcare"
by @LeeCamp #cancer #ThursdayWisdom #ThursdayThoughts
"With unfettered capitalism we inevitably find ourselves with the worst drugs, priced at the highest amounts, hoarded by those who need them the least."
by @LeeCamp… #COVID19
Peace seems to have exceedingly, ridiculously, laughably bad timing, this latest time in #Afghanistan, says Lee Camp.
by @LeeCamp…
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#BREAKING:Ex-#DHS official who worked under the #Trump, #Obama & Bush admins, says DHS has known FOR YEARS that #WhiteSupremacists are our BIGGEST domestic threat, but instead focuses on #ANTIFA to benefit Trump

#TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty
This calls into question the REAL AGENDA of "Lara Logan Has No Agenda". Yeah @laralogan, did @FoxNews HIRE YOU to give the #ANTIFA narrative an imprimatur of real journalism?

#TheResistance #Laralogan #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty

EX-#Trump #DHS official #ElizabethNeumann--"There have been MORE PEOPLE KILLED in the United States by #WhiteSupremacists in recent years, than Islamist Jihadists, #terrorism threat, and all other ideologies COMBINED."

#TheResistance #KenoshaShooter #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty
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#BREAKING:#Trump's former fixer #MichaelCohen claims in a new bombshell book that #Trump did indeed collude with Russia in 2016,but also importantly,that he doesn't believe Trump "will leave office peacefully"

#TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty…
Interesting tidbit--#MichelCohen claims he did so many shady things with/for #Trump, that he KNOWS HIM MORE than his wife #Melania or his kids. WHOA!!

#TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty
If God forbid #MichaelCohen's claim about #Trump never leaving office peacefully ever pans out, then this 👇gang of 53 will be TOTALLY to blame

#TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty…
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#BREAKING:So the same #TrumpGOP which SITS IDLY BY as #Trump does nothing to deter election interference by #Putin, is now also SITTING IDLY BY as he interferes with USPS' ability to handle voting by mail? Hmm

#TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty…
Folks, on Nov 3rd we must make sure these 22 #GOP Senators, who are RELYING ON #Putin's interference and a WEAKENED #USPS to win reelection, are FIRED!!

#TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty…
Regardless of the outcome of the Nov 3 elections however, U.S. History books must NEVER leave out the fact that it was these 53 #GOP Senators who AIDED & ABETTED #Trump's.......??

#TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty…
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“This is the Wartime Broadcasting Service. This country has been attacked with nuclear weapons."

If atomic war broke out how would Britain react? From 1953 to 1992 the UK had a detailed plan to break the news to citizens. Let's take a look at it... #ThursdayThoughts
During WWII the BBC had plans for a Wartime Broadcasting Service, in case Britain’s main cities were knocked out by German bombers. BBC staff would move to Wood Norton, a stately home in Worcestershire, to provide an emergency radio service.
Once WWII ended the BBC had vague plans to recreate the Wartime Broadcasting Service if Soviet bombers launched a nuclear attack. It would provide information, encouragement and ‘diversions’ - music, drama, comedy and religious programmes - for the irradiated population.
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#ThursdayThoughts : Today marks 4 months since **MAX Global #Lockdown** (Thread). It was achieved on April 6 when 76% of global cities had #traffic congestion down 40% y/y or more. Now, only 12% of cities have congestion down 40%. #COVID__19 #pandemiclife #OOTT
*Side-by-Side Comparison*: Top 30 Global Cities w/ Most Depressed #Traffic Congestion. April 6 (Max lockdown) & today’s release. Apr 6th (left) Smoothed data showed #Philippines & #Malaysia cities top 2. US - 7 cities. #India - 4. #Wuhan #Paris #Istanbul #Moscow included. #OOTT
Now, (chart on right): #SaudiArabia is in focus w/ 2 cities in top 3: #Riyadh & #Jeddah . #Cairo is top in smoothed data. #Honolulu (US) is still in the top. US has 15 cities included now. #Manila & #kualalumpur still included. #COVID__19 #SocialDistancing #OOTT #Transportation
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"Added to the food crisis and fallout from the explosion is the increasing bite of U.S. sanctions, mostly targeted at Syria, but also hitting its Lebanese neighbor."
by @AlanRMacLeod… #BeirutBlast #Beirut #Lebanon #explosion #thursdayvibes #Beruit
In addition to those who died, more than 3,000 other people were injured, with bodies buried in the rubble, officials said.
AP Photo
#BeirutBlast #Beruit #LebanonExplosion #Lebanon Image
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"Economic System of Islam"
Islam lays the foundation of all its systems, whether political, economic, social or any other, on one fundamental principle—that the ultimate sovereignty and ownership belongs only to God Almighty
It is stated in Surah az-Zukhruf that: 43:86
In brief, this verse lays down that the kingdom of the heavens and earth really belongs to God, and everything that exists therein is destined to return to Him.
It is a reminder that all worldly governments, kingdoms and powers are under God’s command and are granted to human beings only as a trust. Man must not consider himself unaccountable just because he has the power and ownership of material wealth that he is given in this world.
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Should we send our kids back to school? The debate has taken on a hysterical tone, divided largely along party lines. Why are we disagreeing so much? Simply put, our brains are defective. Don’t believe me? Let’s dive in 1/21 #COVID19 #ThursdayThoughts
First, let’s understand how our brains evolved. It’s a mess. Evolution stacks system upon system, often with competing agendas. We are literally of two minds. Our so-called “lizard brain,” the amygdala, and our neocortex, a recently evolved structure found only in mammals. 2/21
Our amygdala is an old structure, appearing 450 million years ago. It regulates emotion. In fact, humans without a functioning amygdala are fearless. The neocortex is all about logic. It’s responsible for mathematics and the wonders of science. See how they might disagree? 3/21
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"Cats were supposed to be endowed with magical powers, and therefore granted many privileges and indulgences. It was not considered lucky for the inmates of a house to be without a cat."
Folklore of Wales, 1909

#FolkloreThursday #Wales #ThursdayThoughts Image
"Girls are told to feed their cats well, so that the sun may shine on their wedding-day."
#FolkloreThursday Image
For more weird and wonderful Welsh animal folklore, check out my "Ghosts & Folklore of Wales" podcast in all the usual places (Apple/ Spotify/ Google etc.), and the "Curious Wales" twitter moment:

⚡️ “Curious Wales: Folklore, ghosts, myths and legends”…
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If you woke up this morning hoping that someone out there had created an #ArrestBillGates retweet bot, your dreams have come true in the form of @kuusevana. #SundaySpam

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Almost all of @kuusevana's recent tweets (2970 of 2975, 99.8%) are retweets of #ArrestBillGates tweets. These retweets are sent via a custom app called "kickstarter_engagement_mku" and the bot retweets round-the-clock, provided that new #ArrestBillGates tweets are available. Image
What other hashtags occur alongside #ArrestBillGates in tweets retweeted by @kuusevana? #ExposeBillGates, #ArrestFauci, #Plandemic, #Obamagate, and #WWWG1WGA are the most popular, with various other QAnon and anti-Soros hashtags also turning up. Image
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