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Kamala Harris is here! 🇯🇵
No Biden 👀

- talks with Prime Minister Kishida Fumio later on Monday to discuss the situation over Taiwan and Indo-Pacific issues
- an address at the US Navy's Yokosuka base on Wednesday

#ShinzoAbe #StateFuneral #Japan
President Biden Announces Presidential Delegation to Japan to Attend the State Funeral of former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo of Japan

#Biden #KamalaHarris ImageImage
Our PM Kishida is probably having dinner with Kamala Harris right now😁
I’m genuinely interested in how that’s going…

Prime Minister Kishida engages in ‘funeral diplomacy’ ahead of state funeral for Abe

#ShinzoAbe #Biden
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It's Monday and I hope it's the start of a good week for you.

This is the daily thread number 215 with all the news from #Russia's war on #Ukraine

Now anyone who gives over £200 will receive a personal message of thanks from🇺🇦 soldiers on the frontline.…
Just to clarify, if you have already made a pledge, you are still eligible. So if you gave £100, we need £101 more, or if you donated £200, just an extra £1 will do it, but feel free to give more if you can afford it.

Help #Ukraine defend itself and defend democracy!
If you missed anything on Sunday, here's the start of yesterday's thread.

I was on the road most of yesterday and posted a lot in the evening.

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine

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Kicking off a recap of my eventful 3-day #web3 weekend in #Tokyo!🗼🤩

Pics🖼️, video🎦 and more in the replies below; LFG! 👇🧵

#NFTCommmunity #NFTs #cryptocommunity #Crypto
⭐️ Heading into the 3⃣ day weekend for Autumnal Equinox Day (秋分の日)🍂, I collabed with @RicePowderCake to put the finishing touches on this video for @_NFTJPN_ covering @snns_sanonatsu's animated generative project, #Chimerative Monsters.

Full video ▶️
⭐️The next day I had to check out the @MEGAMINFT 🖼️ exhibition at @ultrasupernew 🆕 in #Harajuku where I got to finally see 2 of my lovely #MEGAMI on display, printed on the awesome @GASHO_2_0 raised metal 'canvas', alongside over 300 other amazing MEGAMI! 🤩
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JUST IN: Tokyo police have tightened the security arrangements as many foreign dignitaries are arriving in Japan to attend the state funeral of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday. Over 20,000 police officers will be deployed to ramp up security for the funeral to be... Image
...held at Nippon Budokan in central Tokyo.
Over 4,300 people are expected to attend the ceremony. Among them, over 700 of them will be government officials and other dignitaries from overseas and ambassadors based in Tokyo.
Kishida Fumio, Japanese Prime Minister is scheduled to hold separate meetings with more than 30 foreign dignitaries from Monday through Wednesday.
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JUST IN: North Korea launched a short-range ballistic missile. South Korean military officials announced that North Korea launched a short-range ballistic missile toward the Sea of Japan at around 6:53 AM Sunday.
South Korea's military said that Sunday's missile launch by North Korea could have been provoked by joint drills it has planned to hold with the US. South Korean officials say the missile was fired from near the Taechon area of North Phyongan Province in northwest...
...of N. Korea. The missile traveled about 600 kilometers, reaching an altitude of about 60 kilometers, at a maximum speed of about Mach 5. Hamada Yasukazu, Japanese Defense Minister said it can be presumed that the missile landed outside Japan's Exclusive Economic Zone.
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PM Kishida: Today is the third day of #UNGA. In my meeting with Prime Minister Shmyhal of #Ukraine, I told him that #Japan will lead the international community discussions towards the restoration of peace at the earliest possible time and the realization of reconstruction, (1/3)
and we agreed to act in close cooperation. Also, Prime Minister Sharif of #Pakistan and I confirmed that we will cooperate closely in working to further strengthen our bilateral relations. I also took this opportunity to visit @NYSE, the very center of global capitalism, (2/3)
where I introduced my New Form of Capitalism and appealed for active investment into Japan. I will press forward with concrete policies aimed at achieving the revitalization and growth of Japan's economy that I pledged during my visit to the New York Stock Exchange. (3/3)
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PM Kishida: Today is the second day of #UNGA. We held the first-ever summit-level meeting of the Friends of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) and adopted a joint statement that included a call for the early entry into force of the CTBT and a strengthening of (1/4)
its verification regime. At the @GlobalFund's Replenishment Conference, together with my counterparts from the U.S., France, Germany, and elsewhere, we hammered out contributions in the field of international health. At the #HeforShe Summit, I stated my determination to (2/4)
bring about gender equality and other goals. I also took the opportunity to engage proactively in summit-level diplomacy, having summit meetings with President Marcos of the #Philippines and President Raisi of #Iran, and informal discussions with(3/4)
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#Japan #ExtremeWeather Update Super Typhoon #Nanmadol

This storm has been forecast for a fortnight.

Its impact on Japan is likely to be severe as it will arrive as a formidable typhoon and is forecast to be over Southern Japan for several hours.
The animation above shows 24 hours till 3pm CEST yesterday - at the point that #Nanmadol became a super typhoon.

This animation shows the typhoon's subsequent development till 9am CEST today.
Here's a closeup of the pinwheel like formation which is typical of West Pacific Super Typhoons.
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BREAKING: #Iran U17 #football team travelled to #Japan to participate in the 24th International Youth Soccer. Image
The four-team tournament will be held in Niigata, Japan, from September 17 to 19.
Hossein Abdi’s team will meet the Japan U17 team on September 17, while U17 Niigata Selection will face U17 Comoros.
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This is Thursday's thread with news, views, analysis on #Russia's unprovoked war in #Ukraine, updated throughout the day.

Day 204 starts with a recap of the main story which broke very late last night:
🇺🇦President Zelenskyy is ok despite a car crash

If you missed that, or just want a recap of Wednesday's news from #Ukraine and beyond, then just click here and scroll at your leisure!

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia

The other big story was #Russia's deliberate bombing of a dam, trying to flood #Ukraine's 7th biggest city, #KrivyiRih (RU: #KrivoyRog)

It's the home town of President @ZelenskyyUa
Late in the evening authorities evacuated houses of those living closest to the river.
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#SpaceThreatsOEWG Day 3, Session 2, exchange among Member States.

Follow live with this 🧵 by @JessLuella_West
#France draws attention to FALSE perception that some irresponsible practices might provide more advantages than disadvantages. Must deconstruct through transparency, cooperation, and commitments such as that regarding destructive DA #ASAT tests.
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even in Kyoto-
hearing the cuckoo's cry-
I long for Kyoto
京にても 京なつかしや ほととぎす
-Matsuo Bashō (松尾芭蕉 1644–1694).

Around the New Year I like to complete a small pilgrimage, not particularly well known, on a mountain close to my house.
Are you interested in undertaking the Shikoku Pilgrimage (四国遍路), but find yourself without any real time to do so?🤔

Not to worry...close to our Camellia Garden Teahouse there is a way to complete the pilgrimage without ever leaving Kyōto🙌
#Kyoto #Japan #京都 #四国遍路
Snaking up and down the slopes of Jyōju-san (成就山), a mountain that rises behind Ninna-ji (仁和寺), is a tiny version of the Shikoku Pilgrimage.

Kūkai (空海 774-835), founder of Shingon Buddhism (真言宗), is alleged to have first created the circuit of 88 temples on Shikoku👣
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Every now and then, when wandering around the city, you can actually see historical moments captured in time.
A good example of this are the sword marks on Sanjō Bridge's balustrade caps. These were from the 'Noticeboard Incident' of September 12th 1866.
In the summer of 1866 an official signboard was erected by Sanjō Bridge, calling Chōshū Domain (長州藩) an enemy of the imperial court.
On September 10th, after anti-shōgunate rebels tore the sign down for a second time, the government ordered the Shinsengumi to guard the bridge.
At midnight on September 12th (October 20th - modern calendar), 8 men from Tosa Domain (土佐藩) arrived to destroy the noticeboard but were surprised by 34 Shinsengumi soldiers!
The Tosa ringleader, Fujisaki Kichigorō (藤崎吉五郎 1845-66), was killed, but 5 of his men escaped.
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JUST IN: Typhoon Muifa has engulfed some islands in Okinawa Prefecture in southwestern Japan. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, as of 10 p.m. Image
on Sunday, Muifa was situated over waters 100 kilometers south of Okinawa's Ishigaki Island and was moving north slowly. Muifa's winds are up to 162 kilometers per hour near its center and gusts of up to 216 kilometers per hour.
The typhoon's storm currently encompasses Ishigaki, Iriomote and other islands. Winds are expected to further intensify in the Yaeyama and nearby Miyakojima regions on Monday. High tides are also predicted in the Yaeyama region from Monday morning through noon.
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When the Harvest Moon (お月見) and Feast of Chrysanthemums (菊の節句) arrive together, you know plates will be groaning and bellies will be full🙌

one for the dog
one for the crow...
rice cakes
-Issa (小林一茶).
Trans. Lanoue.
#京都 ImageImageImageImage
Nao-san tucks in to Kameya Yoshinaga's (亀屋良長 @yoshimura0303) 'hane-usagi' (はねうさぎ).
Break open the cute moon rabbit and add hot water to create delicious oshiruko (お汁粉), a sweet bean soup.

#お月見 #moonviewing #moonrabbit #月の兎 #wagashi #和菓子 #Kyoto #京都 #お汁粉
Each rabbit comes with a random kohaku (琥珀) moon. The phase of the moon-sweet determines your fortune...a full moon represents the best luck you can have.

Nao-san got...🥁...a full moon!🎉

A thread all about kohaku and other types of sweets⬇️

#亀屋良長 ImageImageImageImage
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Wednesday 7 September.
Day 196 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine.
This is the start of the daily thread with news updated throughout the day.

If you want to catch up on yesterday's happenings, click here:


Who likes Wednesday to start with a record?

Looking at #Ukraine's estimates for #Russia's losses, I think the 460 illegal invaders they "liquidated" in the last 24 hours is an all-time high - I'm sure this war's stat-man @ragnarbjartur can confirm.

All first 4 totals above avg
#Ukraine officials have said the figures for RU losses do NOT include Private Military Contractors

Of course #Russia loves to pass death sentences for mercenaries but hires its own.
But 40% of RU PMCs in #Kharkiv region are dead/injured according to Kyiv…
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Thread: 5 September 2022: Day 194 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Russia's "main effort in #Ukraine almost certainly remains its Donbas offensive", rather than reinforcing against the counter-offensive in Kherson. Moscow has had "the most success" in Donetsk recently, but it is still advancing only 0.5 miles per week. Image
Horseshoe theory in action: "Progressive International" leader supporting the nationalist protests in #Czechia and their #Russia-friendly demands to cease support to #Ukraine and restore economic relations with Moscow. Image
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#Eritrea|s ambassador to #Sudan has been #Eritrea|s ambassador to #Sudan for 20 years and he has been saying the same thing he has been saying for 20 years: enemies, መኸተ, war….

Seminar to nationals in Khartoum – Eritrea Ministry Of Information…
… the ruling party’s decay is not just at the chairman (Isaias) level but also like him, since 1994:

Political director: Yemane Gebreab
Economic director: Hagos Ghebrehiwet
National Security: Abraha Kassa
Cultural Affairs: Zemehret Yohannes
Secretary: Alamin Mohammed Seid
Of the last two named, one is dead and the other is frozen but as in with legendary basketball players who jersey is retired, with #PFDJ, some of the positions are forever retired….
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What's missing from these pictures?

No on-street parking makes all the difference in the cities of #Japan. The 1962 "proof-of-parking" law means you buy a car, you've got to show you've got a place—off public streets—to warehouse it.

🧵 ImageImage
In the three #Tokyo neighborhoods I spent time in over a decade, the streets were refreshingly free of on-street parked cars—certainly compared to North America. Image
The parking laws lead to some interesting arrangements; cars squeezed into tiny garages (how do you open the door to get out?); car elevators; multi-storey lots where cars are stacked like battery hens. ImageImageImage
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I am having a hard time keeping up - sorry for all these threads folks.


The world is changing so fast...
After WW2 US dropped two massive bombs on Japan, McCarthur helped write Japan's pacifist constitution, as part of its terms for surrender…
Abe was a strong proponent to change the constitution - namely because China had become more and more aggressive in the region.

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CORONA #Oversterfte
Wk 33 19 aug 2022

CBS: 439† (68%)
AB:    764† (30%)

Pandemie t/m  week 31
AB:       84.500†  RIP

Bron: @falsel_net @AlleBurgers (AB) Human Mortality Database

Fig 1 ht @falsel_net Image
2. PROGNOSE Oversterfte

De infectieverspreiding is sterk gedaald tot ca 2.000 (minstens 5-10x onderschat: met ca 16.000 nog altijd zeer hoog, ondanks de vakanties en het goede weer, en nog wel iets dalend (ca 2% op weekbasis)
Bron: RIVM

Fig ht @roelgrif Image
De exponentiële daling wordt ook bevestigd in de daling van de rioolwaarden. Naar verwachting zal de daling richting stabilisatie gaan wanneer de schoolvakanties beginnen, en vervolgens al vroeg in het seizoen weer stijgen.

Fig  ht @roelgrif Image
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Clausewitz said, in his famous work “On War” (as often cited as it is little read), that war is the continuation of diplomacy by other means, well it says a lot more things, but i will keep just a few as i do not wanna write too long.
In his chapter 1, Clausewitz refers that "war constitutes... an act of force that is carried out to force the adversary to comply with our will." War, therefore, is a duel of wills, which, in itself, is not enough, since wanting is one thing and power is another.
Does not intervene who wants but who can, as it is said in #InternationalLaw

To impose our will, we need resources, in an amount that exceeds what our adversary can muster, first of all energy.
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It's Thursday, it's Day 183 of #Russia's 3-4 day plan to capture #Kyiv, and the timetable to control all of #Ukraine is 173 days behind schedule!

Quite a lot of news late y'day, read on for today's developments, or click here to scroll through y'day's 🧵
The situation at the #Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in #Enerhodar remains tense.

#Russia even tried to block President Zelenskyy from speaking via video link at the #UN

Here's the UK Intel briefing for Thursday

#Japan has been vocal in its' criticism of #Russia but today decided to continue investment in the "Sakhalin-2" project.

Tokyo says it's for energy security as Mitsubishi + Mitsui seek to remain in Russia's key LNG export plan in the far East.

Moscow may yet reject the offer.
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Thread: 22 August 2022: Day 180 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update focuses on the problems #Russia is having mobilising and motivating its "auxiliary forces", i.e. the #Ukrainians in the occupied territories like the Donbas. Moscow is trying terror and inducement (money), but the forces remain unreliable for offensives.
Thread on the "Wagner" unit, an instrument of #Russia's state, often wrongly referred to as a "mercenary" outfit.
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