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Mar 6, 2019 13 tweets 16 min read
@JustinTrudeau did not direct the Attorney General to intervene in the #SNCLavalin case, so therefore he respected the independence of the AG which was confirmed by JWR @Puglaas in her testimony.


The #CPC passed the Director of public Prosecutions act in 2006, clearly the AG retains political discretion to override decision's by the director (DPP) on whether to prosecute.

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Mar 4, 2019 5 tweets 8 min read
@tpdubya65 @ctvqp @Puglaas @RalphGoodale Look who defected on sept 17th. I suspect the leaker is @LeonaAlleslev. @tpdubya65 @ctvqp @Puglaas @RalphGoodale @LeonaAlleslev It was all planned up by hamish Marshall.