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As of Jan 21, an estimated 7547 Canadian children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
24% of those have been since protections were removed in individual provinces.

Individual provincial impacts are in this thread.
#canpoli #cdnpoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
As of Jan 28, an estimated 117 NB children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
57% of those have been since protections were removed.
#NewBrunswick #nbpoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
As of Jan 21, an estimated 107 NS children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
68% of those have been since protections were removed.
#NovaScotia #nspoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
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The upward trend in the global export of goods, services and finance is predicated on international regimes of cooperation...multilateral trade agreements being one. Image
Last year Saskatchewan sold last year over $3.6 billion of agricultural products to China, a signatory to the Paris Agreement to limit CO2 emissions from burning hydrocarbons.
Proportionate to their population and manufacturing output, China is farther advanced in the energy transition than North America. I would surmise their commitment to it is largely based on a desire to dominate new and growing markets for "clean tech".
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Private, market based health services are integrated to one degree or another in every universal health care system in Europe.
There are plenty of hybrid models to look at before assuming that the only available alternative to the Canada Health Act is a purely private American style health system.
To restore the standard of care demanded by Canadians to the letter of the current law would require a hefty increase in taxes — the largest cohort in our population is heading into senescence when medical costs are highest.
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1/14: When the @SaskParty tries to constantly poison the well by saying "the @Sask_NDP destroyed Saskatchewan," we should all be reminded about the NDP's actual history of good government - a thread: #skpoli Image
2/14: 1944 - CCF(NDP) passes the Farm Security Act to protect Saskatchewan farms and farm machinery from seizure for debts by banks and mortgage companies. Image
3/14: 1944 - Crown Corporation Saskatchewan Government Insurance (@SGItweets) officially established. Image
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The electrical grid needs to be rethought as a communications network. Packetized Energy Management (PEM) will allow the economic coordination of distributed energy production. We CAN abandon top-down centralized energy systems.…
The electrical grid needs to be rethought as a communications network. Packetized Energy Management (PEM) will allow the economic coordination of distributed energy production.
We CAN abandon top-down centralized energy systems. Instead of going nuclear with high cost small nuclear reactors, the Saskatchewan government should free the market for electricity production that would allow even households to participate.
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@ReginaPosterBoy Easy to govern during an unprecedented commodity boom. Didn’t save any of it, fiscal conservative indeed. Fucked off when shit got real. Killed film industry, left SK more nasty and divided than ever. #skpoli silver tongue son of a gun tho, I’ll give him that @BradWall306
@ReginaPosterBoy @BradWall306 Tried to cut libraries. Spoke in support of a Muslim ban. Tried to balance budgets on the backs of most vulnerable.
@ReginaPosterBoy @BradWall306 Made all his political hay on the story of kids getting suitcases for grad presents and moving to Alberta for jobs ! He retires and proceeds to work for greasy lawyer firm out of Alberta.
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🧵 Former LGBTQ students say they have been discriminated against at a government-funded Saskatchewan Bible College. Students say they have been fired from jobs or had their degrees taken away from them after being outed

Latest for @CdnPressNews… #skpoli
The Canadian Press interviewed eight former LGBTQ students from across Canada who attended the college over the last two decades. They said they experienced homophobia, abuse and discrimination that left them fearful and vulnerable.
They said they are speaking out because they're concerned for current students at the college and want changes or the school defunded. Briercrest receives funding from the Saskatchewan Party government and was given $250,000 for this school year. #skpoli
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Kirkland Capital Chairman and CEO Kirk Yang nails it. Tech demand will be weak due to the replacement cycle. Everyone bought cell phones and new computers to help cope with the pandemic and they won't replace them for another 3-4 years.
That leaves the other driver of profits — new products, but phones and computers are mature technologies.
The U.S. trade war with China that started several years ago has taken on measures of national security and not mere commercial sanctions.
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The Saskatchewan First Act is a doozy both in terms of what it purports to do (blatantly unconstitutional) and what it actually does (mostly, generate hot air).

(🧵) #skpoli #cdnpoli #Saskatchewan

Namely, the Act purports to amend the Constitution of Canada, namely the Saskatchewan Act and the Constitution Act, 1867. All well and good, except this can’t be done unilaterally.

Since the amendments would only affect Saskatchewan, section 43 of the Constitution Act, 1982 applies. Under this provision, resolutions of both Houses of Parliament are required in addition to that of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly.

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Historic in its meaningless I suppose.

Memo for ya @PremierScottMoe: your problem is not w/ the scope & breadth of your own legislative authority, which this bill largely just restates, but w/ the fed’s authority. Alas, try as you might, you can’t change that — no prov. can.
The SCC has been clear: the environment is a matter of shared jurisdiction. It falls under the legislative authority of both levels of gov’t. #skpoli can affect it through s. 92 & 92A, but the feds also have jurisdiction under 91: fisheries, navigation, transboundary effects.
If GHGs weren’t the cause of climate change, which in turn is one of the most sig. challenges facing humanity, we wldn’t be having this conversation. But they are (a fact SK didn’t contest in GGPPA Ref), which means the feds have all kinds of legislative authority. Sorry mate.
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Premier Scott Moe's Saskatchewan Party government introduced a bill Tuesday to amend its own constitution, signalling the province is gearing up for a fight with Ottawa over its environmental policies.

Latest for @cdnpressnews… #skpoli #cdnpoli
Justice Minister Bronwyn Eyre said the bill could help establish a legal basis for challenging federal regulations. The bill would help in court cases surrounding jurisdictional debates, said Mitch McAdam, director of the provincial government's constitutional law branch #skpoli
McAdam said the bill can also inform future decisions when there is a request for an injunction or the government files a reference to the Court of Appeal to get its opinion on a matter.
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I’m going to offer commentary on the @SKGov white paper. Page by page.

This is an #skpoli thread nobody asked for, nobody needs, yet somehow, we all deserve…
Come with me on this journey…
Page 1.

Imagining some bureaucrat sending back draft 3 “No, the Drawing the Line graphic needs to be BIGGER.”

Draft 4 “No, bigger than the photos.”

*** EDO ***

Draft 5: PERFECT. Image
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Inexplicably, the govt gives three Christian schools at the center of abuse allegations another chance including Grace Christian School. They already had no building after being essentially evicted by the church they were using. 1/8…
Despite dozens of abuse allegations including several against the director of Grace Christian School (formerly at Legacy Academy), they assigned a government hired administrator to try to make it work so this school could remain open WITH public funds. But it gets worse... 2/8
John Olubukun refuses to work with these government administrators even though the govt is literally bending over backward to keep this school open. Remember, they don't need to have many certified teachers or any regulated teachers. John himself is NOT a certified teacher. 3/8
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Can we just get one thing straight? Some things are true. They are verifiable and evidentially provable. Saying something different does not alter reality. No matter how loudly, or how many times you say it.
#cdnpoli #abpoli #onpoli #skpoli #mbpoli 1/25
Do you think there is a place in society for telling people things that are not true? For convincing people of things that are, in fact, lies? Should school teachers be able to teach things that aren't true? Should your kid's teacher be able to just make stuff up? 2/25
Suppose your kid's teacher is a member of that Diagolon group. Should they be able teach classrooms of kids that Didula is actually queen of Canada, and Queen Elizabeth and the royal family have been executed on Didula's orders? 3/25
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Alright -- last one from me on this SK/ECCC water incident. @CTVNews reached out. I told them the weekend amendment to the Trespass to Property Regs -- which now define "persons" as "the Crown in right of Canada" -- was meaningless pandering:… 1/n #skpoli
From the clip, it appears that CTV reached out to Scott Moe's office for his response re: whether the amendment actually changed anything. To which they responded as follows: 2/n
[excuse me for a moment] 3/n
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(🧵) A brief list of circumstances where provincial employees can do what @PremierScottMoe and @jeremycockrill accuse the federal government of not being allowed to do.

#skpoli #cdnpoli

Under The Agricultural Operations Act, provincially appointed inspectors may enter any land and into any premises, other than a dwelling house, for the purposes of performing their responsibilities under that Act.…
Under The Animal Health Act, provincially appointed inspectors may enter any place, premises or conveyance and conduct an inspection for the purposes of the Act (other than a dwelling house).…
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1/9 One thing #SKpoli hasn't talked much about is how the history of private Christian academies like Legacy Christian Academy (aka. Christian Centre Academy) are rooted in school de-segregation in the United States. Just Google "Segregation Academy."…
2/9 School de-segregation in the southern US spawned the private Christian school movement. Tuition was kept intentionally high to keep out people of colour & minorities. At LCA - the Sask Party subsidy equals $750K annually. #skpoli…
3/9 A lot of articles have been written in the US about how private Christian academies are funded by sympathetic right-wing governments through "vouchers" - essentially a government cheque handed to parents to provide a subsidy for private school. #skpoli…
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The Meewasin byelection is going to hit home on two big fronts: healthcare and education. On the latter, the left proposes to end all public funding of private schools. The right proposes that more public choice in education is a good. #skpoli
Classic liberalism says that people should have the freedom to do what they want so long as they don't harm others, therefore the first question from liberal lips is, "Where's the harm?". #skpoli
The physical abuse of children is illegal and its incidence in private schools is not a generality. The teaching of creationism in fundamentalist Christian academies may be general and I can't help but believe this is a form of abuse. #skpoli
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In an article in this month's Maclean's magazine, Toronto physician Andrew Baback Boozary claimed that wait times for MRIs in Saskatchewan increased due to the failure of the pilot project to allow private MRI clinics. This is false. #skpoli
Pandemic protocols affected wait times for MRIs like it did for everything else, but until then, wait times for MRIs were flat while demand for the service increased. #skpoli
I agree that the social determinants of health like housing and adequate incomes play heavily on health outcomes. Scandinavian countries have done a better job on this score, but they have done so within the context of healthcare delivery that includes market generated entities.
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I'd like to share a conversation I had with a woman in #YXE. She's a mother of three kids working paycheck to paycheck. She's doing her absolute best but with increased costs, she's finding it harder and harder to make ends meet at the end of every month.


#skpoli #sask
Her family is doing everything right but they're falling further behind. She wants to provide the best for her kids but now finds herself in a position where she might have to put off paying a bill or two just to ensure she has gas in the tank for the month.

#skpoli #sask
This is why government matters.

During a generational cost of living crisis, the Sask. Party expanded the PST, increased energy rates by 23%, increased power rates by 8%, and increased fees.

She doesn't know how she'll cover her bills in the coming months.

#skpoli #sask
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Baby boomers have paid into Medicare their entire lives but they can't appeal to a credit balance to demand healthcare services. Provincial healthcare budgets are a moving target.
Saskatchewan has a population younger than the national average. This Sask Party government believes that popular support guarantees good policy so the bars and restaurants were reopened early in this ongoing pandemic.
They laid the costs of fighting COVID onto the elderly, and as a consequence, Saskatchewan has one of the highest death rates per capita in Canada, if not the highest...we can't be sure because the government stopped reporting case load data.
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The premier and school divisions are doing that thing where they blame each other for cuts and parent fees

Here's a thread on why your school division is likely doing this that nobody asked for on a Saturday #skpoli…
Saskatoon Public Schools made headlines when it said it would introduce a $100 lunchtime supervision fee to cover a $4.5 million deficit (something their Regina counterpart has done for years). They say it's because funding isn't keeping up with costs…
Government's line is: hey, you don't need to do that, you have lots of money. Many school divisions racked up millions in reserve cash, especially in the early 2010s when funding was abundant. Moe said it's not fair to invoice parents before using that $…
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Market forces will play a dominant role in the energy transition through the substitution effect, but the big debate right now is how much government intervention is needed to to push it.

• • •
The conservative argument has always been that government does a poor job when it tries to pick winners in a market economy. In Saskatchewan we have a Crown corporation, SaskPower, that has a monopoly on the production and sale of electricity in the province.
Monopolies, be they public or private, suffer the same problems: they become rent-seekers, they don't innovate or invest in new technologies and ultimately they don't give consumers what they want.
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A few months ago I wrote about how the Sask. Health Ministry had the Roughriders weigh in on issuing a PSA over COVID-19 cases at the team's 2021 home opener.

A 🧵on why it took so long for me to publish the story for @CBCSask #cdnfoi #SKpoli…
#cdnfoi requests take time.

But the story was delayed because the Ministry of Health failed to comply with @SKGov's own legislated timelines in responding to my request.

It's not just me saying that. A @SaskIPC report set to be released next week agrees.
I filed the request on Aug. 20. Ministry of Health extended the deadline for the request until Oct. 15.

It would not respond until Jan. 10, 2022.
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