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Evidence collected thus far suggests RCMP aren't just investigating SNC-Lavalin & Justin Trudeau/PMO for obstructing justice, RCMP & DIR/GEN Cameron Jay Ortis were/are investigating them for bribery, money laundering & theft of $billions in public funding.…
$15.45 billion in lost public $

$2.65 billion - Justin #Trudeau pledged to EU #climatechange after being bribed with $1 million by EU Climate change lobbyist

CIB infrastructure $
$1.3 billion to #SNCLavalin, cover SNC $1.3 billion loss
$2.5 billion + $9 billion unaccounted for
“Perception is reality" said Liberal MPs in interview with The Hill Times “If the RCMP comes in, we're cooked.” Why? $billions have gone missing from Trudeau's Canada "Infastructure" Bank + Political pressure played a role in SNC-Lavalin obtaining $1.3 billion from Trudeau/CIB
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👉🏻#Ukraine👈🏻 in This Thread, I will Attempt to explain how #Migration & #WorkVisa’s are used by Globalists to enslave “Women & Children” into “Organized” International #SexTrafficking Rings #Biden #Burisma #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani
2/ This Study on #Ukraine’s #SexTrafficking issue is one of the most accurate breakdowns I have ever read... I will be using this report as a guideline... I highly recommend reading it, in full...
h/t @FederalistNo78 #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
3/ For Organized International #HumanTrafficking Rings to remain Fully operational, Corrupt Officials are used to help orchestrate ways that enable & cover-up these horrendous “Crimes Against Humanity”. Before we take a look at #Ukraine, let us first look at a similar scenario...
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PM Trudeau is asked about the RCMP questions, says he has given most expansive waiver of cabinet confidence ever (I don’t know if that is true or not), no indication he plans to waive confidence further for RCMP as Trudeau says he respects Clerk’s decision #cdnpoli #elxn43
Trudeau is asked what he personally did wrong in SNC Lavalin scandal since he has said he took responsibility. He does not answer the question, repeats talking points on protecting jobs #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin #elxn43
Trudeau is asked what he says to people who feel calling an election on the anniversary is insensitive. Trudeau says they remember all those who suffered as a result of 9/11 but this is about a better society in this election
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🚨 Trudeau government unprecedented corruption.

RCMP were looking into PMO for obstruction of justice so they invoked cabinet confidence to obstruct investigation

I can't express how important it is to help inform ALL Canadians

#cdnpoli #SNCLavalin…
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Ethics Committee was a partisan circus today. BUT if they had brought the Commissioner before them, challenging his flawed legal reasoning (as Hamer explains) incl delving into “improper” would‘ve been good. Plus some unanswered Qs for #cdnmedia to ask JWR: #thread #cdnpoli
1. Why was JWR against a DPA regime in Canada [EC report, para 44] when it exists in most OECD countries and has been used to resolve almost 80% of bribery cases worldwide since the inception of the Anti Bribery Convention, and is a guaranteed way to hold companies to account?
2. Why does JWR claim the DPA regime was rushed into law for #SNCLavalin when there was a 4 month consultation process in late 2017 that involved 370 participants both at in-person interviews and in writing?
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.@PierrePoilievre raises a point of order asking for the document that Liberal MP Steve MacKinnon is referencing an analysis of saying thousands of jobs were on the line. MacKinnon says he has no such document to table #cdnpoli #ETHI #SNCLavalin
@PierrePoilievre MacKinnon then slams Poilievre for having little experience in the private sector. MacKinnon clearly getting annoyed by Opposition points of order and complains. Committee Chair says it's his job to determine Points of Order. Terse exchange #cdnpoli #ETHI #SNCLavalin
@PierrePoilievre Now the MP I am most interested to hear from, Liberal @beynate who says he AGREES the Ethics Commissioner should be invited to testify, breaking party rank. Erskine-Smith is clear he thinks the Ethics Commissioner made legal errors though and wants to ask qs #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin
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A reminder that #SNCLavalin had 136 meetings with the Harper govt between 2008-2014, including Harper himself & 10 of his Cabinet Ministers (e.g. Raitt, Kenney, Baird, Fast), which involved 19 departments & agencies. 1/4 Source:… #cdnpoli
Recall, RCMP began investigating SNC Lavalin for bribery in 2011. World Bank banned the company in 2013. All the while, the Cons were lobbied by and took meetings with SNC Lavalin.… 2/4
Plus, in 2012, Harper signed off on a $6.3B loan guarantee for an SNC Lavalin project in NFLD. (… 3/4
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1. Looks like a prime example of Postmedia’s shift further to the right: inadequate research or wilful ignoring of key facts, misleading presentation & conclusions that don’t hold water. #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin
2a) The NP quotes from the Commissioner’s report without acknowledging that since the day of publication, the EC’s legal reasoning has been analyzed & characterized by lawyers as deeply flawed. Examples are: Prof Mendes:…
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#Breaking Former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould tells @TheWestBlock that she has been contacted by the RCMP over the SNC-Lavalin affair and had discussions with the police. @Puglaas says the RCMP reached out to her in the Spring #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin @globalnews
@TheWestBlock @Puglaas @globalnews In an #Exclusive interview with @TheWestBlock Jody Wilson-Raybould reveals the contact with the RCMP for the first time. We will have more tonight on this story on @GlobalNational with @DFriesenGlobal
@TheWestBlock @Puglaas @globalnews @GlobalNational @DFriesenGlobal Full story on what Jody Wilson-Raybould revealed about the RCMP reaching out to her and her discussions with the police over the SNC-Lavalin affair in her exclusive interview with @TheWestBlock (to air in full on Sunday) here:… #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin
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#BREAKING Ethics Commissioner finds that Prime Minister Trudeau broke ethics rules in the #SNCLavalin affair #cdnpoli
Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion says PM Trudeau used his position of authority over Jody Wilson-Raybould to seek to influence her decision on whether she should overrule the Director of Public Prosecutions’ decision on SNC-Lavalin #cdnpoli
From the report: "Commissioner Dion found that the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, contravened section 9 of the Conflict of Interest Act (Act)." #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin
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10 Softball Questions @CPC_HQ& #CPC base would love to have me ask #Conservative leader

(1) When #JustinTrudeau said "budgets balance themselves" did you feel it was the most fiscally irresponsible political rhetoric you ever heard?
(2) When #JustinTrudeau showed up an airport to welcome #Syrian refugees did you feel that this wasn't intelligent refugee policy, but rather Liberal Selfie policy?
(3) When #JustinTrudeau showed up at pride parades did you feel the right thing to do was to not attend any because they weren't family events that any Conservative leader should ever dignify?
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Highly irregular accounting practices at BC Hydro continue. Meanwhile in a further irregularity, BC Auditor-General Carol Bellringer has just removed a "qualification" that denotes that Hydro's financial reports don't adhere to standard accounting practice. THREAD. #bcpoli #SiteC
Aud-Gen Bellringer has just removed this "qualification" or warning from BC Hydro's 2018/19 financials, based on a promise from NDP Govt to return BC Hydro to proper accounting practices & BCUC oversight in 2021. Why? And where is media on this? bcpoli
I may have missed media reports on these latest wild west BC Hydro/BC govt shenanigans, but Google only returns 1 media hit on this, in Indo-Canadian Voice:…

Meanwhile, this a.m. in back channels there's a flood of outrage amongst financial experts #bcpoli
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Conventional wisdom may be that @GMButts is a liability for #Liberals because of his connection to #SNCLavalin affair. But there is zero doubt in my mind that #Butts will be singularly focused on ensuring that #Elxn2019 is NOT a referendum on #Trudeau but a stark choice between
#Progressives & Social #Conservatives. @gmbutts is a son of Atlantic Canada who went to school in Quebec and earned his political spurs in #Ontario He is highly skilled at the art of war, especially on key battlegrounds that will determine whether or not
#Liberals emerge with the most amount of seats, if not quite a majority. #Conservative base loyalists, many of whom post replies on #Twitter may honestly believe #Butts is a liability. Wrong! While it's true that I predicted when he left that he would return to run the campaign
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*Thread* ( 5 part) on “Canadian Genocide” declaration by Trudeau

1. Every Canadian 🇨🇦 has been diminished by this false accusation
(Golfing partner said his dad served WW2 as a 17 yr - nearly lost his life w’d be devastated to know Canada been wrongfully labelled GENOCIDAL)
2. China 🇨🇳
Has already won the upper hand on Trudeau’s #ObstructionOfJustice TWICE #SNCLavalin #MarkNorman

Now China will treat us worse as we are a genocidal nation and China never declared so.
#FakeFeminist has worsened lives of Canadians in jail and trade.
3. Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
Trudeau snidely tweeted about “human rights” related to a domestic criminal manner for a Saudi citizen.

Diplomatic war. No ambassador
World ignored Canada.
Now KSA will have upper hand due to our admitted Genocide

We have no moral authority on #KSA
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1/25 #CDNpoli

I was asked to comment on this video

By @RobertFife & @VassyKapelos on @PnPCBC

RE Jody Wilson-Raybould & the #SNCLavalin affair

But it was so problematic that it requires a #THREAD to address these troubling #CDNmedia & #ethics issues

2/25 #CDNpoli #CDNmedia #SNCLavalin

In chronological order:

The @PnPCBC interview (in post #1) begins with libeling @SenDuffy, by inferring he was guilty of breach of trust charges, when in fact he was exonerated & thoroughly vindicated by the court…
3/25 #CDNpoli #CDNmedia #SNCLavalin

It's amazing that @VassyKapelos would spin the intro so dishonestly when @CBCNews covered @SenDuffy's exoneration - rebutting her own characterization to falsely boost @RobertFife's rep

Duffy's lawyer @BSB_Law will be disappointed, @ChuckTCBC
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1) I’m so glad you asked! Turns out the @OECD Statement published on March 11 saying they are monitoring the SNC Lavalin case was issued by the OECD Working Group on Bribery, comprised of *other government* officials; and NOT by the independent OECD Secretariat. #cdnpoli
2) I know this because apart from being an ex-OECD official and looking at their website, I followed up with the OECD contact named in the Statement to clarify a number of issues for an article I’m writing on the subject. This option is open to all #cdnmedia.
3) The Statement issued by the Working Group on Bribery was issued by the other 35 OECD members plus 8 other states - Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Russia and South Africa.… The Secretary General of the OECD didn’t approve it.
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Rumblings of big truths coming soon re Trudeau, #UraniumOne & #NXIVM cult

What we know so far (THREAD)

"Progressives" Trudeau, Liberal Party of Canada & Bronfman Families 100 YEAR HISTORY of looking after each others interests.…
Trudeau's chief fundraiser 2015 = Seagram's heir Stephen Bronfman, a close personal & family friend.

2017 Bronfman named in #ParadisePapers His Claridge Inc. linked to $60 mill US offshore Caymans trust, tax loophole exploitation, disguised payments.…
Additionally Trudeau chief fundraiser Stephen Bronfman's law firm mounted lobbying campaign in Ottawa for 3 yrs to fight legislation designed to crack down on offshore trusts (Harper's Bill).…

#ParadisePapers #NXVIM
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I have some thoughts on Greenspan's #SNCLavalin opinion piece. I know Brian is a pillar of the criminal defence bar. He is a legend. He also almost offered me an articling job. This is why it pains me to say this. His opinion piece is a dumpster fire:…
Brian completely misrepresents the AG's role to independently make decisions. Isolation may breed tyranny but that is not what happened in the SNC case - on anyones evidence. In no interpretation of Shawcross doctrine is the idea of an adversarial relationship the the AG a thing.
Brian also parrots the talking point that JWR as a decision-maker did not meaningfully examine the SNC case. That is not supported by the evidence. And it disregards the extraordinary, never used, power of an AG to overrule the DPP.
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1/9 #CDNpoli

It's been brought to my attention that a small handful of #NDP propagandists are attempting to discredit my #SNCLavalin - #IndigenousDirective timeline RE Jody Wilson-Raybould, Jane Philpott, PMJT, etc, to other #CDNmedia journalists
2/9 #CDNpoli

Please let it be known, without a shadow of a doubt

#NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh, did in fact speak with the CEO of #SNCLavalin about a DPA

So did the NDP's MP for Sherbrooke, Québec, Pierre-Luc Dusseault

The record ►…

And a screencap
3/9 #CDNpoli

It's disappointing the #NDP would add to #SNCLavalinScandal by attempting to mislead #CDNmedia & #Elxn43 voters

If they're interested to learn the facts, here is everyone #SNCLavalin lobbied for a deferred prosecution agreement (aka #DPA)…
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Gather 'round, I have a story to propose. This is a gathering of data points. If anyone has the missing pieces, please speak up! We must come together through shared understanding. Our topic today: #SNCLavalin, #Libya, and, as always, Russia. 🇨🇦
Canada's Prime Minister (PM) Justin Trudeau is currently roiled in controversy. In brief, SNC-Lavalin, a Cdn engineering firm, has been charged with bribery. They have lobbied HARD to get a "deferred prosecution agreement" (DPA) to avoid real punishment.…
Canada's Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) decided they didn't get a DPA. The Attorney General, Jody Wilson-Reybould, decided they didn't get a DPA. Trudeau's team asked "are ya REALLY sure?" so often that the AG resigned in protest.
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1/ Yes, let’s reveal some truths, Paul Wells ... #cdnpoli
2/Fact check: *she* didn’t have 20 convos. Most were btwn staffers. Omission: Can’t ignore ethical aspects of a lawyer recording a client & then releasing it & a Minister recording a civil servant. Speaks to character & undermines the reln btwn PS & Ministers. Re “woman” see ⬇️
3/ The two words “I think” preceding “he is going to find a way...” are important. i.e. it’s Wernick’s impression, not necessarily the PM’s words or intention. But kudos for acknowledging “legitimate toolbox” comment. There’s also stuff abt how they wanted to understand her posn
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#Breaking @globalnews has obtained a copy of @gmbutts testimony submitted to committee #JUST #cdnpoli
the documents include text messages between Wilson-Raybould and Butts from three different date ranges and hand written notes from Butts as well as a written statement #cdnpoli #JUST #SNCLavalin
Text from JWR to Butts on Jan 8 "Timing of “pushing” me out (which will be the perception – whether true or not) is terrible – it will be confounding and perplexing to people. This is not about me – believe me when I say this –but this is about an approach to indigenous people."
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I have been thinking about the failure of Canadian journalism lately, and what caused me to unplug from #PnPCBC, and to cancel my subscriptions to the National Post, Globe and Mail, and Maclean's. It wasn't because of dissenting voices or viewpoints. #thread #cdnmedia #cdnpoli
I stopped learning anything from political news shows, they became solely partisan debating societies with no deep policy analysis, it became flash over facts. It's seemed to CBC Politics became a tool for opposition of the government. It felt like a betrayal. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
Without realizing it, the focus changed from deep dive news items to opinion alone, especially in the National Post and Maclean's. It stopped educating me, or even challenging me intellectually. Journalists stopped talking to me, and began talking at me. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
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Exactly. That is what Wernick said in his JUSCOM testimony. That the "national" part of the "national economic interest" prohibition in DPA laws was about international competitiveness, not domestic jobs. I think he is right.
That's why this bit of his testimony at JUSCOM makes sense. It may also explain why PMO/PCO were at loggerheads with JWR who interpreted it to simply mean any "economic interests" (ie: jobs) ignoring what "national" is there for. #cdnpoli
Frankly, I think that is what this whole #SNCLavalin fight has been about - differing opinion about what "national economic interests" in the DPA law means, and the PCO being frustrated by JWR insisting it means "any" economic interest...
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