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Gotta say @JasJohalBC is wrong opposing the new program to allow civil servants to work in regional offices (and virtually) rather than in their current urban echo chambers of Victoria, Vancouver and Surrey. This is a great reversal of bad gov't policy #bcpoli @MikeSmythNews
This centralization of our civil service (and more importantly regulators) has resulted in a generation of regulators who have little feeling for the communities and industries they are regulating. Going back to regional offices will help reverse that @keithbaldrey
@keithbaldrey consider my industry (contaminated sites) all our regulators are now in Victoria and Surrey. Most of these well-meaning folks have no connection to regions and it really shows. The geography (and geology) of their community is completely different than much of the province...
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Please join us Friday, Feb. 3 at 1:30 pm for for
"Covid Reality Check"
An online conversation about the pandemic with @SKGandhiMD, former BC Children's Hospital paediatric cardiac surgeon & new Deputy Leader of @BCGreens. Free!
Livestream link: #bcpoli A blue and white graphic in...
@SKGandhiMD @BCGreens We will be live-tweeting our "Covid Reality Check" with Dr. @SKGandhiMD here on this thread starting at 1:30 pm today. Please follow along! #bcpoli
@Lidsville Here we go! We begin with a welcome and land acknowledgement by today's @Protect_BC host Dr Susan Kuo. Introducing Dr. @SKGandhiMD.
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A reminder, the BC oligarchy is thriving under the BCNDP govt. BC public not so much. TY ⁦@bobmackin⁩ for your continued reporting, BC needs you more than ever.
‘Meanwhile, the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) is refusing to…’
‘…explain how Dr. Bonnie Henry was allowed to co-author a book about her work as the Provincial Health Officer during the pandemic’s first wave. The title, “Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe: Four Weeks That Shaped a Pandemic,” was published in March 2021’ 2/ #BCPoli #BCCOI #Ethics
‘A copy of Henry’s Provincial Health Officer (PHO) contract, obtained under the freedom of information law, includes clauses about confidentiality, conflict of interest and intellectual property belonging to the province’ 3/ #BCPoli #EthicsChallengedBC
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Anyone else feel like this is a mass betrayal event by people in medical community who are supposed to keep us safe? Pray tell, how are we supposed to get to this viral utopia? Do we just keep getting infected til we get there? Watch people we love pass away/PH collapse? #BCPoli
We’ve been experiencing this betrayal in BC for too long. ‘Kids don’t get Covid/don’t transmit/it gets passed along everywhere else but schools/oops 80% have now been infected but robust hybrid immunity/it’s mild/they had medical issues/masks are a blunt tool… #BCPoli #Enough
I am so glad these turkeys weren’t in charge of clean drinking water/sanitation. We’d still be dodging the contents of chamber pots as we go get a drink along with the rats in the nearest slimy slough while those wonders bleat “Natural immunity, that’ll give it a boost!” #BCPoli
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#BCPoli #BCHealthCare #BCHospitalData

New & Cont'd Outbreaks - January 30, 2023

No data.


NEW Outbreak

Hollyburn House
Cause: Gastrointestinal Illness (January 29)

NEW outbreaks.

Mount Saint Mary Hospital
Cause: Gastrointestinal Illness (January 29)

Cont'd outbreaks.
- AgeCare James Bay
- The Arbours at Sunridge Place

NEW outbreaks.

Ridge Meadows Hospital
Cause: COVID (January 27, 2023)

Langley Memorial Hospital
Cause: Gastrointestinal Illness (January 29, 2023)

Cont'd outbreaks.
- AgeCare Carlton
- Burnaby Hospital
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You may be familiar with the graph below, showing increasing #COVID19 deaths every yr, that illustrates the failure of of to the BC PHO to effectively manage the pandemic, and keep ppl safe.

But when you look at excess deaths, the situation looks even more grim, especially when you compare BC to other provinces.

This graph is fm last Aug & ppl may also be familiar w it.
When you continue to zoom into the details, it becomes even more concerning.

One might expect that the high excess deaths in BC might be among the oldest demographic group, since they have been hardest hit in terms of mortality by the pandemic.

But that’s not the case.
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1. There was a distressed individual on Alex Fraser Bridge yesterday, which led to the bridge closure. The decision to do so was to preserve a life. Based on a release from the Delta Police Department, the behaviour of many members of the public was abhorrent. #bcpoli #vanpoli
2. From a DPD release,
“Various distractions impacted the DPD's priority to preserve life, including drivers "rubber-necking" to get a view, honking horns, yelling at the individual in crisis, and even encouraging them to take action….” #bcpoli #vanpoli
3. Also… “Some impacted drivers walked up the bridge deck, made contact with officers, interfered with the negotiations, and even videoed or photographed the individual in crisis.” #bcpoli #vanpoli
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Parents & educators should be getting angry with #bced #bcpoli & @CDCofBC for not protecting schoolchildren & educators during #Covid #Influenza #RSV They had 3 yrs to get it right. Ty @OhCasavant @kyenta_m @VanDPAC… via @VancouverSun
What happened this fall in BC should be proof enough that more needs to be done for schools to become safe learning spaces. Photo of empty classroom on the right. On the left COVID-19
To be clear, BC schools have never been safe during the #COVID19 pandemic.
#COVIDIsAirborne #CleantheAir #Ventilation #N95 #CO2 Photo of Dr. Henry on the right with a ripped printed email
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“Whistleblower protection” - really? No help if you can't speak. Over the past 12 years, I was regularly asked by the media to comment on healthcare issues. Administration consistently “instructed” me to stay quiet. The current public health crisis was a tipping point. A 🧵…
Emails redacted for privacy of third parties…
1st warning email: Clearly what bothered administration the most was my named affiliation with the hospital in which I worked.
I asked for the policy that states I can’t talk. This is what I got. The work product of multiple VPs at PHSA. Word soup is common in the upper echelon.
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1/ As Canada grapples with its ongoing legacy of violently dispossessing Indigenous peoples of their lands & waters to make way for resource extraction, our public pension funds have a clear role to play in the process of reconciliation. #cdnpoli #UNDRIP…
2/ But only a handful of pensions have taken steps to develop an Indigenous rights & reconciliation framework in their investment processes. This is particularly troubling for pension managers that are Crown corporations in jurisdictions that have enacted #UNDRIP in law. #cdnpoli
3/ @aimcoinvests, @LaCDPQ, @cppinvestments, @HOOPPnow, OMERS and @OTPPinfo have said virtually nothing about Indigenous rights and reconciliation, despite collectively having more than $1.5 billion in assets in Canada and around the world. #onpoli #polqc #ableg
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1/ NEW REPORT: Our first ever Canadian Pension Climate Report Card reveals Canada’s major pension funds are not on track to protect pensions from the worsening #climatecrisis or to align their portfolios with a safe climate future. #cdnpoli

A 🧵. Read on!
2/ Canada's pensions must do much more to develop and implement credible Paris-aligned climate action plans, fulfill their fiduciary duty to invest in members’ best long-term interests, and protect retirement security in a world that limits global heating to 1.5°C. #cdnpoli
3/ The report finds a high level of inconsistency among pension funds with a collective >$2 trillion in AUM, with the degree of urgency, detail, transparency, and ambition varying widely for managing climate-related risks and opportunities across the sector. #climaterisk #cdnpoli
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🍁Suicidology Update 🍁
🍁Suicide in Canada during the Pandemic 🍁

Quite simply, suicide rates in Canada have sharply decreased since the onset of the pandemic. It is a profound effect, with changes we haven't seen going back 25 years.

#canpoli #bcpoli #onpoli #abpoli

/1 chart: Suicide Rates in Canada have sharply decreased since
Frequently asked questions:

"Is this caused by people dying of covid?"
No, and we can test this by age stratification. If COVID was responsible for the decrease, we would see an over-representation of decrease in older groups, and the decrease is consistent in all age groups. suicide rates by year and age, showing the drop in 2020 is v
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1/ Fisheries and Oceans Canada is investigating #CoastalGasLink after Wet’suwet’en chiefs captured video footage of the pipeline company violating environmental regulations on sensitive salmon-spawning rivers on their unceded territory. #cdnpoli #bcpoli…
2/ “It was alarming,” said Tsebasa, a Likhts’amisyu clan chief. “It’s just really hard to process. I was really quite disturbed by the complete disregard for the salmon, the water, the people — our rights as Wet’suwet’en people.” #cdnpoli #bcpoli…
3/ The Wet’suwet’en have never given their consent to the #CoastalGasLink fracked gas pipeline. They're suing the pipeline company, RCMP & a private security firm for using intimidation, harassment, & unlawful detention to make way for construction.…
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11,000+ British Columbians

On April 14, 2016 BC declared a public health emergency in response drug poisoning deaths.

Since that time, the unregulated drug supply has become more toxic and more unpredictable.

Since that time, at least 11,000 people in BC have died.

#bcpoli “A graph showing the increase of illicit drug deaths as th
Our most recent @bccoroners data is from October 2022. There is no doubt that we will get year-end update in the coming weeks.

And with that update, we will get another round of staged placations.

More grim milestones announced.

More “we’re doing our best”. “179 or 5.8 per day - that’s the number of British Colum
It’s important to note that we are not doing our best. In fact, our incrementalist approach to unregulated drugs is causing harm.

Many outside of BC believe we have widespread access to #SafeSupply.

That is lie.

BC’s “safe supply” is not accessible to the majority in need. “Tell your MLA that safe supply is not effective unless it
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Hibernation Day #473 | The reason why Victoria gardens are brilliant is that we start gardening in January. Or, at least, tidying up. Brilliant Day, high of 13 but much warmer in the direct sun. I did a bunch of defensive pruning. 1/
The thing about this little micro-climate is that stuff that survives grows like topsy. Today I was cutting paths to the places I want to actually prune next week. If I don't the blackberry and wild roses are impassable. And the ivy. Oh, God, the ivy. 2/
But it was warm enough to sit out on my deck when I was done and enjoy a well earned beer. For most of us, normal, with a few bumps, has returned. The bumps are not being able to travel to the US without proof of 2 jabs, understocked shelves, long waits for stuff. 3/
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Hibernation Day #472 | Stayed home other than a shortish dog walk. The mask ninnies were gunning for Dr. Bonnie Henry over at #bcpoli. Despite being jabbed and boosted they want their mask mandate back. Isn't going to happen. Therefore Bonnies should be fired. 1/
The bitter clinger Covidians are all about collective action. The Kraken is upon us. There's flu, time to get serious about coercing people. The fact that none of the NPIs actually worked is irrelevant. Like communism, real masking, forced jabs, have not yet been tried. 2/
But the Covidians scored a tremendous win with the BC Gov't refusing to allow unvaxed HCWs to return to their jobs. This bit of lunacy looks to be set in stone when double jabs will become a condition of employment in the near future. 3/
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🧵1/ On Jan4th Penny Daflos interviewed Dr.Henry. Responses incl. gaslighting, mistruths & run-on sentences w/endings that contradict their beginnings.

The following is my attempt to wade thru & counter each w/evidence-based facts. #bpoli

Here's the Q & A gist of it…
2/ Q #1 "…XBB.1.5 is making alot of people nervous…what is your perspective…about the data you’re seeing?"

A: "We’re watching…we have quite a robust WGS..still small %, not seeing rapid take-off's concern…but at the end of the day it's still Omicron."

3/ You mean this Omicron, Dr. Henry?
“In fact, every Omicron *low* has been higher than Delta’s *peak.* This means a sustained pressure on an already exhausted HC system."
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1/20 A 🧵on Culture Guard's Kari Simpson & transphobia in BC's Convoy movement. It's no surprise that Convoyers attack drag events & rally against LGBTQ2S+ communities because the movement continues to be influenced by transphobic Christofascist "activists" like Kari. #bcpoli Screenshot of an event poster from Telegram. Text reads: &qu
2/ BC has many well-funded fundamentalist churches, spaces that voraciously defend traditional family values while they rally against progressives & the LGBTQ2S+ community. For orgs already in that space--like Culture Guard & Action4Canada--COVID is an opportunity to radicalize. Screenshot from Culture Guard website shows a Christian flagScreenshot from Action4Canada. Text reads: "Notice of L
3/ Dr. Henry banned in-person religious gatherings in Nov 2020 as a new wave hit. A small # of churches defied the orders, including Riverside Calvary Chapel in Langley. "Concerned citizen" Kari was there to speak to media when police fined the church. (…) Screenshot from Victoria News website. A video clip with theScreenshot from Kari Simpson's Facebook page. The post reads
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🧵 1/ It’s become quite apparent re: complete lack of media coverage that likely only these 4 (& those they chose to share it with) were privy to this 2nd letter dated Apr12/22 from HRC Govender: Dr. Henry herself w/CCs to @adriandix & 2 DPHOs. #bcpoli…
2/ What happened? Well, on the newly updated HRC “Key Issues: Covid-19” Sec, it incl this link to “Discrimination Media Release” page that was last updated on Mar28/22. Which was the media release date of the Mar16/22 letter & comes before the 2nd letter.…
3/ So, I took a trip down memory lane to rehash the cascade of attention that this 1st HRC letter received after Henry’s Mar10/22 mask repeal.…
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To @keithbaldrey,
Actually, COVID-aware *are* in step w/ science; it’s “if we have to live w/ this virus, let’s be smart about it instead of #LetItRip nonsense.”

Let’s look at the science, shall we? And about public opinion…let’s look at that too.

A thread 🧵…

2/ First, who are these people you deride as “COVID zero”? Many have good reason to seek out info to keep ourselves & others safe:
- front line workers
- caring professions (schools, LTC, hospitals)
- immunocompromised or live w/ someone who is
- have #LongCovid
- have empathy
3/ So, with the above motivations, COVID-aware looked for evidence to understand what the world is facing w/ this virus.

No 1 basic fact: #COVIDIsAirborne, but unfortunately political forces (incl 🇨🇦PH) deny & obfuscate that.

It’s a massive failure. Mario Possemai says it best:
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🧵 1/ 🙏 @humanrights4BC for updating your Covid19 sec w/ @KasariGovender’s Mar16/22 letter to #DrHenry. Also, for incl this imp 2nd letter dated Apr12/22 that challenges BCPH narrative, Henry’s response & continues to advocate for masks. #bcpoli #bced…
2/ As per your Apr12/22 reply to #DrHenry, you state: “Although I understand reasoning…for ending temp mask mandate, I wish to offer some responses to points raised in you Mar31/22 letter.” Con’t…
3/ “While it’s encouraging pop-level threat of serous outcomes from Covid is reduced, it’s not the proportion of people at risk but the rights of marginalized that are relevant to HR...”
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🧵 1/ So, @CDCofBC remember the good old days before all this PR spin & politicization of viruses when you would w/o ambiguity & careful omission report weekly virus info incl *Influenza-like illness (ILI) outbreaks in schools*? Let’s dig in to this, shall we?#bcpoli
2/ So, here’s blast from past re:3 yrs ago via your 2019-20 weekly report when news out of Wuhan was just unraveling on pg 10 but you were still speaking truth on pg 9 that “Four school Influenza-like Illness (ILI) outbreaks have been reported.” #bced… BCCDC weekly influenza report dated week 1 of 2020. It inclu
3/ Okay & let’s travel back further to 4 yrs ago when BC kids were on cusp of Winter Break. Here’s your 2018 Influenza info for Dec 9-15 & on pg 10 you report that “24 Influenza-like Illness school outbreaks h/b reported.”This lines up w/pg 3 ⬆️#s in BCCH!… BCCDC weekly influenza report for Dec9-15th, 2018 that plain
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🧵1/ So, I wrote this letter to @KasariGovender:
"Dear Commissioner,
In your Mar16/22 letter to Dr. Henry, you stated that it's 'part of your statutory responsibility to act as an impartial advocate for the promotion & protection of HR in BC.'" #bcpoli
2/ "You also stated that lifting the mask mandate will do 'disproportionate harm to those already marginalized' & that 'parents who may be vulnerable w/b faced w/difficult decision to send their children to schools w/increased risk of transmission.'”#bced
3/ "Since then, situation has only worsened re: compounding impact of mask removal on vulnerable people, incl those parents & now their children. In fact, all children are high risk now, making those children w/underlying cond, med complex needs & disabilities even more at risk."
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1/ Hey BC, did you know a bunch of antivaxxers & far-right extremists are trying to certify a class action lawsuit on your behalf? It starts today! Since this is being foisted upon all BCers, BCers have a right to see the twisted motivations and extremism behind the case. #bcpoli
2/ The Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science in Public Policy (CSASPP) aka SueBonnie[dot]ca is led by 911 Truther Kip Warner. He thinks a cabal of bankers, likely the Rothschilds, are responsible for 9/11. (Jews. He's talking about Jews. This is straight anti-Semitism.) Letter from Kip Warner to the Minister or Public Safety in 2
3/ CSASPP filed Notice of Civil Claim on January 26, 2021 against Dr. Bonnie Henry and the Province of BC. They claim the province did not meet conditions to declare a state of emergency under the Emergency Program Act, there was no emergency, and everything was a lie.
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