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This is not about “keeping kids in classrooms.” It’s about imposing a contract that is not fair or equitable.

#ontedsolidarity #CUPESolidarity #onted #ontpoli
There were several options that could have been used to prevent any strike or other labour disruption, all without using the notwithstanding clause. The only problem for the government is that these other options would have most likely resulted in higher wage settlements.

For instance, @fordnation could have legislated that there be binding arbitration. So, in lieu of a negotiated collective agreement (with labour action possible), an independent arbitrator would decide what the fair outcome should be.

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Alright. I'm on the @blackvotecanada webinar with provincial leaders speaking to the Black community. @CBCAdrianH is moderating. I'm asking an audience question. Here we go. @AndreaHorwath is first. Lemme live-tweet this 🪡
She called out @fordnation for not showing up and I can’t disagree. She talks the unequal impact of the pandemic, systemic racism. Yet doesn’t talk about the police. She tells us that Ford doesn’t give a fuck about Black people. Says the @OntarioNDP does #ontpoli
The @OntarioGreens dude needs better audio. But also calls out @fordnation for not showing up. But does talk about the police. Spends a lot of time acknowledging his privilege in the face of Black ppl’s experiences. This is not a value judgement just reporting #ontpoli
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This just hit me eh!
#DougFord @fordnation cut $71 from
133 First Nation communities
66 of which face system water inequalities

To add to insult, he only pledged $10M to investigate burial sites at residential schools... there were 15 schools in the province 😶‍🌫️ @AFN_Updates
The mark of the beast is telling
When you divide 10M by 15
You get 666,666.666

@fordnation is a muppet... his handler chose that number b/c of the Indigenous rejection of Christianity/Catholicism... i perceive it as a slight by conservatives & handlers
#DougFord is not a religious man but his handlers are.. the ppl who control @fordnation are to an extent

Doug doesnt go to church but who advised him of $10M was calculated
The Beast of Revelation in Chapter 13, verse 18 features;
The Number of Beast
[Book of Revelation]
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A @CTV reporter just left Victoria Park in London in tears after being accosted by a mob angry anti-mask demonstrators shouting "fake news," one of whom threatened to kill me for coming to her defense.
These people are garbage.
After my kerfuffle, I listened from a distance to their speeches.

This group has NO COHERENT NARRATIVE. It's a hot mess of conspiracy, old-testament vengeance, victimhood and martyrdom.

Masks? Heavens no.

So many kids with parents...
I hope they call. These rallies have lost the plot. Well, they never HAD the plot, but now they're veering dangerously toward extremism instead of selfish idiocy. Police, the time for "keeping an eye on it" has passed. #Ontpoli #COVIDIOTS @lpsmediaoffice @CTVLondon #LDNont
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Auditor Gen'l of Ont Bonnie Lysyk "had there been less of a crowding issue, the mortality rate might not have been as high. The fact that some of the deaths are attributed to malnutrition, indicates the staffing may have been an issue" (paraphrased)
LTC not prepared for COVID-19
from sidebar notes per @CBCCalgary:
- Residents were living in rooms with 3-4 occupants
- Insufficient LTC staff and staff training for appropriate care
- Infection prevention not consistently practised
(cont'd next tweet)
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I just heard from the staff rep at another high school in our system that a student who tested positive had no close contacts in class, only on the bus. Public health didn’t inform the teacher. (1/6) #FordfailedOntario #onted #ontpoli #FireLecce
At this same school, two students who sat beside each other in class both tested positive but it wasn’t an outbreak. (2/6)
They’re doing voluntary asymptomatic testing this Friday starting at 2:30 PM—school will be over. (3/6)
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Crisis pregnancy centres are faith based organizations that are morally opposed to some of the key choices that people make regarding reproductive healthcare. #TheRightToChoose #ontpoli #onted
Deciding how to deal with an unplanned pregnancy is a very personal decision. It is important that people have all the information and support they need to make the most well-informed decision. #therighttochoose #onpoli #onted
Fake clinics often have names similar to abortion clinics. #therightochoose #onpoli #onted
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Letter to @fordnation @Sflecce @celliottability

8 day COVID test process is unacceptable
Loss of in-class time & puts families & community at risk
Increasing testing should be a top priority!… @GaryCarrHalton @RegionofHalton @HaltonDSB #OntEd #onpoli
Correction: @GaryCarrHalton and @RegionofHalton are not responsible for testing. It falls under the hospitals an Ministry of Health. Thank you for the clarification Gary. Much appreciated.
Correction posted: Halton Region has nothing to do with COVID testing. Testing is the responsibility of @OntarioHealthOH @ONThealth and hospitals.… #Ontpoli
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Remember when the fear was the Feb liberals calling an early election and killing it? That was a joke.

Might I suggest the Ontario PCs have considered an early election? The number say it could work. These numbers are vote intent and crisis approval. #ontpoli #cdnpoli #topoli
This is not a troll. This is firmly empirical supported and building. So I won’t engage trolls. I’ll gladly respond to respectful comments. Personally, I think his supporting cast of misfits is so weak that his numbers hopefully won’t rub off nearly as much on them. See: Harper.
I know these tweets are polarizing. I’m ok with that. The numbers aren’t made up. My interpretation is cautious. But the LTC war ravages on and approval numbers stay strong. He has been best when he does nothing, and people are responding well to that. Does this become votes?
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@HaltonDSB Trustees send Minister Lecce a letter regarding their disappointment in the cut in funding and change in application/management process for school council Parent-Reach-Out (PRO) Grants.…

@Sflecce @OPSBA @HaltonDSBPIC
#PROGrants #OntEd #Ontpoli
Parent/guardian engagement in education is critical. They are our partners in each student’s journey through our schools. @HaltonDSB Trustees believe activities enabled through #PROGrants make a valuable, impactful contribution in support of student achievement and well-being.
To understand the changes to the PRO Grants funding and process, please read yesterday's @TorontoStar article by @krushowy…
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Consultation results (6853 Halton community members) show that less than 4% of question respondents were in favour of mandatory e-learning. Full report at
#onted #onpoli @LisaThompsonMPP
Less than 20% of respondents thought e-learning classes should be larger than regular-33% thought they should be smaller #nosavings Concerned about loss of: engagement, IEP adherence, differentiated learning, relationships with caring adults
#onpoli #onted
88% of respondents thought 28:1 for secondary too high. Top concerns: student achievement, teacher's ability to teach all students, student well-being and loss of program choice. Full report at
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@JustinTrudeau did not direct the Attorney General to intervene in the #SNCLavalin case, so therefore he respected the independence of the AG which was confirmed by JWR @Puglaas in her testimony.


The #CPC passed the Director of public Prosecutions act in 2006, clearly the AG retains political discretion to override decision's by the director (DPP) on whether to prosecute.

#Bcpoli #Abpoli #Skpoli #Ontpoli #Cdnpoli
When the Attorney General decides whether to initiate and conduct a prosecution on behalf of the federal Crown, Crown counsel must consider two issues:

#ButtsTestimony #Geraldbutts #SNCLavalin…
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Trudeau also has connections to the CLINTONS.

Investigators found the Shermans, side by side, each with a men’s leather belt wrapped around their necks and tied to the pool railing.
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