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Producer: @BetMGMTonight for @Audacy / @CompassMediaNet National NFL Radio - Wife: @LorettaGrayVA - Proud Jew fighting #Antisemitism - Fan #Huskers #Dodgers
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If Assamad Nash was behind bars, Christina Yuna Lee would be alive right now

If Jarrod Powell was behind bars, Yao Pan Ma would be alive right now

If Martial Simon was institutionalized, Michelle Alyssa Go would be alive right now

It's really that simple Assamad Nash: "Homeless career criminal, 25, free on bail"…
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"We're coming to f-----g America...We'll give them f-----g war"

#Colleyville, Texas synagogue terrorist #MalikFaisalAkram said he was 'opening door' for attacks on the United States… #ColleyvilleSynagogue #AntiSemitism #Judeophobia (via @Jerusalem_Post) "I'm in a synagogue, I've got four beautiful guys, Jewish guys with me. I'm bombed up, I've got fucking every ammunition. I've only been here two weeks and I've got them all at gunpoint"

Why are we not getting this from American media?

(via @JewishChron)
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I couldn't have been luckier than to have started my sports producing career with Sonny, Sam, and Frank at the old WJFK radio. So many great times on the road and even greater stories from those legends. RIP Sam Huff and thank you for your friendship. This is really sad news. @ProFootballHOF statement on Sam Huff's passing #RIPSamHuff Image
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If you told me when I woke up this morning in Washington that I'd be seeing Burt Reynolds' grave in Hollywood today, I'd would have given you a Burt Reynolds laugh. ImageImageImageImage Plus, Mel Blanc, who has an unforgettable headstone Image
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At a past job, my coworkers always wondered why I would never go with them for free cone day
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The situation for Jewish students was already bad, and this Fall is going to be worse than ever Rutgers caving is just a taste of what's to come

Jul 21, 2020 4 tweets 1 min read
Try to imagine the MSM coverage if conservatives were rioting in a major American city for over 50 days
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Nick Cannon
DeSean Jackson
Shannon Sharpe
Ice Cube
Snoop Dogg

The mainstreaming of #AntiSemitism/Farrakhan by some big names is a dangerous cancer that's quickly getting out of control, and my fellow Jews need all of you to speak out before it's too late again Ask all of them if this is ok, especially @Toyota @toyotapolicy, which I can't imagine wants to be associated with insane #AntiSemitism hatred and conspiracy theories

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I'm near certain that you heard about the armed couple in St. Louis

I'm also near certain that you haven't heard about the six Chicago children shot dead in a single week… 19K RTs

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When I worked as a producer on the G. Gordon Liddy Show in the 90s, all we wanted to do was beat Rush Limbaugh in the ratings

Now I just hope Rush beats cancer's ass. Rooting for you #RushLimbaugh.
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This is absolute insanity, @realDonaldTrump. Please make sure that piece of anti-Semitic garbage never again gets @WhiteHouse credentials, or even steps foot in it. @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse Unacceptable, @PressSec @whca
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Google Flint, Michigan Councilman Eric Mays, he's a real piece of work Flint Councilman Eric Mays charged for pawning laptop 9 times…
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I don't take a lot of selfies, but I do when I'm lucky enough to be on #LambeauField for the 200th meeting of the #Packers and #Bears #CHIvsGB #NFL 360 video #LambeauField #Packers #CHIvsGB #NFL
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The UK polls are now closed and the British broadcasters exit poll is out showing a MASSIVE win for the Tories and Brexit #GeneralElection19 #GeneralElection2019 #ElectionDay
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Are you being serious? Do you not see the constant videos of Jews being attacked in Brooklyn? Do you not know of the #AntiSemitism on the campuses of Columbia and Barnard? Do you not listen to @HikindDov? Are you really this out of touch with your city? Meanwhile, Twitter's "For You" doesn't even mention Jersey City