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12 Jul 20
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The mainstreaming of #AntiSemitism/Farrakhan by some big names is a dangerous cancer that's quickly getting out of control, and my fellow Jews need all of you to speak out before it's too late again
Ask all of them if this is ok, especially @Toyota @toyotapolicy, which I can't imagine wants to be associated with insane #AntiSemitism hatred and conspiracy theories

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29 Jun 20
I'm near certain that you heard about the armed couple in St. Louis

I'm also near certain that you haven't heard about the six Chicago children shot dead in a single week…
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7 Feb 20
This is Norman, he's staying with us for a few days and has already made himself right at home
And @LorettaGrayVA took this pic of my sweet Vegas the other day
Max is unfazed
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3 Feb 20
When I worked as a producer on the G. Gordon Liddy Show in the 90s, all we wanted to do was beat Rush Limbaugh in the ratings

Now I just hope Rush beats cancer's ass. Rooting for you #RushLimbaugh.
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3 Feb 20
People have flooded the streets of London to protest President Trump and Israel

But never to protest the release of terrorists back onto the same streets of London
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1 Feb 20
Many sweet pups available for adoption from @LastChanceResQ here at the #AlexandriaVA @PetSmart #AdoptDontShop
I wanted to take them all home #AdoptDontShop #AlexandriaVA @LastChanceResQ
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31 Jan 20
And in non-impeachment news...

The UK has officially left the EU #Brexit

(via @SkyNews)
You're gonna love the 2 Brits they interviewed

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23 Jan 20
This is absolute insanity, @realDonaldTrump. Please make sure that piece of anti-Semitic garbage never again gets @WhiteHouse credentials, or even steps foot in it.
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18 Jan 20
Google Flint, Michigan Councilman Eric Mays, he's a real piece of work
Flint Councilman Eric Mays charged for pawning laptop 9 times…
Flint councilman Eric Mays verbally attacks a member of the press

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17 Jan 20
Reminder that New Yorkers angrily marched against the NYPD over the proper arrest of a woman illegally selling churros in a subway station

But no one will march over this...
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1 Jan 20
It was a TERRIBLE year for my wife and me for a myriad of reasons, but she's still here, we have our Max and Vegas, and I was lucky enough to travel from coast to coast and see a much of our beautiful country

So good riddance, 2019, and PLEASE be a better year, 2020
*see much of

How about tweet editing in 2020, @twitter?
@LorettaGrayVA Thank you to everyone for the kind words, especially for my wife

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25 Dec 19
Merry Christmas from Max and Vegas and Winston and Libby
Aaaaaaaand @LorettaGrayVA is making egg nog from scratch with @JimBeam
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24 Dec 19
This is 49 minutes of pure joy, as shelter pets get their presents from Santa. Let's hope they all get new forever homes ASAP and thank you @mdspca for what you do. #AdoptDontShop
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15 Dec 19
I don't take a lot of selfies, but I do when I'm lucky enough to be on #LambeauField for the 200th meeting of the #Packers and #Bears #CHIvsGB #NFL
360 video #LambeauField #Packers #CHIvsGB #NFL
I hope everyone watching the #Packers and the #Bears on @AFNtelevision enjoys the game and thank you for your service #CHIvsGB #NFL
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12 Dec 19
The UK polls are now closed and the British broadcasters exit poll is out showing a MASSIVE win for the Tories and Brexit #GeneralElection19 #GeneralElection2019 #ElectionDay
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