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1/#TeamFlynn statement: The transcripts of General Flynn’s calls with Ambassador Kislyak released today by Senator Grassley prove there was no conceivable “Logan Act” violation—nothing wrong at all with General Flynn’s conversations with the Ambassador. In fact, General Flynn
2/ should be applauded for asking for “cooler heads to prevail” and trying to keep things on “an even keel”—encouraging the mutual interest of Russia and the United States in stability in the Middle East and fighting radical Islam. The conduct of the FBI, certain members of the
3/ DOJ, the Special Counsel Operation, and those in the House, Senate and elsewhere who have obstructed the release of the truth have all obstructed justice and put this man, his family, and the entire country through three years of hell—for their LIES and deceit.
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@BretBaier @seanhannity @FoxNews
1.) Still not convinced!
Just b/c it’s “claimed” that it may have hopped from bat to human inside a lab... doesn’t mean it still wasn’t “intentional”. An infected radical Chinese lab employee could’ve been “selected” to carry the virus...
2.) ... or that chosen lab employee may have been threatened with death or harm to his family if he didn’t comply to be used as a “bioweapon”. 🤷🏻‍♀️ China is a communist country who are notorious for victimization!
3.) Which if you think about it... wouldn’t that be the “smarter” evil route? Of course they’re smart enough NOT to make it “appear” as though it was “man made” b/c that would immediately give their agenda away!
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Let’s explain why #ReopenAmerica is an idea that could only have disastrous consequences.

We should start with a few facts. First, #COVIDー19 is not just a disease of the elderly. Plenty of young people are critically ill and dying in our country alone. Second, we have a finite number of hospital beds. /2
Third: the major concern in #COVIDー19 is NOT mortality, as #RushLimbaugh and #GlennBeck love to spew. It’s the complete overrun of our hospital capacity. We’re already seeing in the U.S.
forced complete repurposing of ICUs for COVID-only patients. /3
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Today the @washingtonpost released an extremely scary video that illustrates how #FoxNews downplayed the early days of the #Covid19 crisis.

Right now it’s clearer than ever that #FoxNewsLies are powerful, toxic and dangerous.

And it’s time to put a stop to it.


How did we get here? First, Fox News is a pro-Trump propaganda machine. They’ve spent years telling viewers that the “deep state” is out to get Trump, and they eagerly painted #covid19 as just the latest attack.

But #FoxNews and others like them were wrong. The #coronavirus is a deadly and highly contagious global pandemic, and their downplaying of the virus as an attempt to support Trump will quite literally cost many lives.

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I would buy defense stocks while they’re cheap.

#China’s economy will suffer as exogenous demand plummets. To maintain full(er) employment, they’re likely to conscript people.

They may even offer to send soldiers to #coronavirus/#COVID19🦠 hot zones as a soft power strategy.
… understand this: #China’s Communist Party sees moments like these as opportunities.

America’s divided political leadership — inc. Congressional Republicans who, like #RushLimbaugh, are apparently smarter than world renowned epidemiologists — leaves us open to be leapfrogged…
… an example: #POTUS #Trump did the smart thing in imposing a #TravelBan on #Europe🇪🇺.

Europe, please impose one on the US, too! We *must* stop non-essential travel.

But while Europeans nursed their hurt feelings, #China promoted THIS👇 story…

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Why #RushLimbaugh is actually just a massive piece of human trash a thread of actual quotes he said with his actual mouth. *WARNING ITS FUCKED UP*
“I think it’s time to get rid of this whole National Basketball Association. Call it the TBA, the Thug Basketball Association, and stop calling them teams. Call ‘em gangs.”
“Women still live longer than men because their lives are easier.”
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Let's remember that tonight, the president awarded one of the nation's highest honors to this dude #RushLimbaugh
Things you can say to get your own medal of freedom
Things you can say to get your own medal of freedom
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The elites may just steal the nom away from Bernie Sanders like they did in 2016. But all is not what it seems.... in fact this might just be a 4-d chess situation. Let me explain.
What if.... this narrative is leading to a third party that'd split the Dem vote?

02/03/2020 Rush Limbaugh: "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has alluded to doing this, has she not, for Bernie, that Bernie — that they — would go third-party?"… #rushlimbaugh
02/01/2020 DNC Members Planning Move To Block Sanders... Again

The corruption on full display to block Sanders - and it already happened before, literally stolen from them. If it happens again? They may be forced to embrace a third party run!…
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Really sad to hear #rushlimbaugh has advanced lung cancer.

This segment:
turned me into a ditto head years ago. It's this great reaction to a caller defending Obama's preacher. Takes a while to get going, but once he does his speech will blow you away
02/04/2020 Rush Limbaugh awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom at President Trump's State of the Union address.… #SOTU2020 #RushLimbaugh
02/05/2020 The Legend of Limbaugh
A history lesson: Reagan killed the fairness doctrine which led to Rush and his audience of millions. In many ways it was and is the foundation of the conservative movement that allowed Trump to rise and survive.…
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When I worked as a producer on the G. Gordon Liddy Show in the 90s, all we wanted to do was beat Rush Limbaugh in the ratings

Now I just hope Rush beats cancer's ass. Rooting for you #RushLimbaugh.
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THEY KILLED HIM Rush Limbaugh announces he has 'advanced lung cancer'
"Only a few micrograms of beryllium and polonium-210 are required to cause the development of fibrotic tumors that result in lung cancer."

Jack Ruby died of cancer a few weeks after his conviction for murder had been overruled in appeals court and he was ordered to stand trial outside of Dallas - thus allowing him to speak freely if he so desired.
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03/30/2017 Meet Reinhold Niebuhr @projectexile7 - James Comey's secret alter ego on Twitter.… #Qanon #GreatAwakening #JamesComey
@projectexile7 2.
Screenshot I made using Wayback. Note only people he approved could see.*/https://… So this wasn't for the general public. Some surely knew it was him and therefore he was relaying info this way. So what kind of secret tweets did he make? #QAnon
@projectexile7 3.
"I hope there are pee pee tapes" his pinned tweet. Hating on Assange, calling Wikileaks fake, calling Trump garbage and a terrorist, advocating no borders, race baiting, calling NRA mentally ill. Do you remember MSM saying he was a republican?… #Qanon
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Tonight on @TuckerCarlson, Catherine Herridge dug up this #TweetBomb dropped a week ago, by @paulsperry_ , and didn't credit Paul. Come on Tucker, try and keep up. Incidentally #RushLimbaugh used The #Tweetmaster's pieces at least twice this week while I was listening.
I just heard @seanhannity credit @paulsperry_ w/ #GhostWhistler worked Obama White House, confirms, the #OutOfTuneWhistler communist, lying, cheating, stealing, pile of....well he STILL works for Obama. I've been saying check EVERYONE WHO WORKED FOR OBAMA
Greg Jarrett just said information does not have legal monetary value to a political campaign, well, it does to the #DemoNazis. They paid $10 mill to launder #DemoDossier through foriegn Intel, so ObamaJudge would OK #SpyWarrant.
Dossier written by Clinton's Blumenthal & Shearer
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“Obama’s ties to Ayers and Wright suggest to me NOT that Obama agrees with their views, but that he is the product of a particular intellectual culture that finds the likes of....
Wright and Ayers to be no more objectionable, and likely less so, than the likes of Tom Coburn, or, perhaps, a Rush Limbaugh.”

YEAH BECAUSE #RushLimbaugh plots to blow up police stations.
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1) #RBG not being seen since November is causing ?’s of her health & ability to perform duties of the court. Rumors she’s in a medically induced coma, or dead after #foxnews live graphic, are increasing demands for #ProofOfLife @POTUS @seanhannity @StormIsUponUs @bigredwavenow
2) Attacks on ‘pledge of allegiance’, ‘In God We Trust’ & Catholics are the left’s STRATEGIC planned effort in the lead up to the NEXT nominee. The rush-to-judgement of the Covenant Catholic #MAGAkids was part of that narrative, but BACKFIRED when the TRUTH came out.#WWG1WGA
3) The View’s, Joy Behar, was HONEST when she confessed the ‘rush-to-judgement’ over the #MAGAkids Covenant Catholic group was because [they] are “so desperate to get rid @realDonaldTrump@dbongino @mitchellvii @BillOReilly @RealJamesWoods #GreatAwakening #RBG #KAG #QAnon
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THREAD: I ask Amazon Alexa’s #AI #chatbot about Republicans, Democrats, Trump, Obama, even Rush & @seanhannity The answers are funny, bizarre, and yes, biased against conservatives. For perspective, please read thoughts at end. Here, Alexa suggests Rs are SNL characters 1/12
I ask about @realDonaldTrump and Alexa compares him to @BillGates and then shames homeless people. 2/12
When I ask about #RushLimbaugh the chatbot basically tries to convince me that @seanhannity @glennbeck & Rush are not too bright. This is clearly a specific choice to fit a narrative. 3/12
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