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Confirmation in today's @brightonargus that @lloyd_rm has intervened to block me rejoining @UKLabour saying I would be "highly disruptive".
It is questionable if it is a good use of his time or reflects well. Under data protection, who "brought it to his attention" and why?

It is questionable also what role the CLP Secretary Colin Piper played, if any, in sharing my application with my MP. Mr Piper was a TUSC candidate for Queens Park in the 2015 local elections, but joined Labour despite objections under the same rule being used against me.

As branch secretary Mr Piper was involved in forcing out the three excellent Labour councillors who won Queens Park in 2015, becoming a candidate in last year's locals in the same ward, where he lost the seat.

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The straw man of the left

"criticism of Israel is not antisemitic"

They're right it is not. But it is the straw man of racists and I am surprised the left - which claims to be 'anti-racist-savvy' - allows this stupid phrase to flow so easily in their mainstream
Lets' not talk about Israel because people's brains implode when you do. Let's talk about racism against black people.

"Arresting someone who is black is not racist"

It is clearly a straw man. A meaningless phrase that might be used by racists as a way of defending racism.
Structural racism and discrimination isn't all about the end result. It is not about the criticism of Israel or the arrest of the person who is black.

You can freely criticise Israel if they do something wrong just as police can freely arrest a black person who commits a crime.
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@MPeakeOfficial uses a modern version of blood libel to slander Israel, as being responsible for the death of George Floyd for training police in counter terrorism.

Ironically @amnestyintl put out a press release contradicting her.

An old libel 1/…
Thread 👇🏼 a history of Blood Libel and associated lies:
It dates back at least to 250BCE, when the Greeks, puzzled by the Jews' lack of a tangible corporeal God, started making daft allegations about our modes of worship, alleging that we kidnap and consume Greeks or gentiles. 2/
Damocritus is first cited using the smear. Roman Jewish turncoat historian Josephus defended Jews against the libel w "In Apion", who alleged that Jews fatten Greek captive annually for sacrifice and consumption. The lie was current; others used it. 3/…
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To all of you on the Far Left. You cannot stand up to racism and yet be proponents of the oldest form of racism at the same time. If you don’t understand you racism here a little thread. 1/n
#Antisemitism #labour #RebeccaLongBailey #KeirStarmer #LabourAntisemitism
Racism has many forms, but what they hold in common is biases & beliefs, conscious & unconscious that a race or ethnic group should be held to different values/standards and treated differently. This is what unified anti-black racism, anti-semitism, islamophobia, etc. 2/n
Jews have always been scapegoated in Western societies & to a lesser extent in Middle Eastern society. This has long, deep, pervasive roots, usually dating back to the early days of modern religions, but has morphed and transformed to new antisemtic forms as new political 3/n
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Psychological Warfare: E. Michael Jones on YouTube Censorship
The essence of Psychological Warfare is the attempt to prevent un-authorized communication between subject peoples (1,5 metres is also Psycho Warfare 😉)

#FreeSpeech #CultureWars #LogosRising

The B'nai B'rith is part of the Masonic Scottish Rite Order established in 1843. It's militant arm, the "Anti Defamation League" (#ADL) was formed in 1913, the same year as the US Federal Reserve.…
Hidden History of B'nai B'rith & the Young Turks
The B'nai B'rith is an abject tool of British intelligence, run and directed to serve the interests of British imperial policy. B'nai B'rith and the Young Turks efficiently destroyed the Ottoman empire.…
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Last night there was a toxic event with Chris Williamson, Jackie Walker, Tony Greenstein and Mark Wadsworth. Four of @uklabour's #antisemitism stars. As an added bonus they had conspiracy theorist Max Blumenthal from the States. 1/7
The event was meant to be about 'free speech'. What they meant was freedom to attack the Jews - or in their minds - the invisible and powerful elites that control the world.

In reality the event was all about how antisemitism doesn't exist and Zionists control the world. 2/7
These people are ideologues and they think there message is so clear they cannot fathom why they do not have massive popular support. The idea of a Zionist-funded conspiracy that is out to thwart them becomes a natural conclusion = Antisemitism 3/7
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Like many others who have taught contemporary (#Islamic) thought I have had occasion to discuss in class The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity of Jurgen Habermas (b. 1929) 1/
I always felt that within his theory of communicative reason and the intersubjective ethics of the public sphere his treatment of religion and culture was ever wanting 2/
While his attachment to modifying and rehabilitating the #Enlightenment project was understandable given his generation and the experience of post WW2 Europe 3/
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Hi @TwitterSupport, let's talk about this antisemitic, Jew-hating spammer.

An account stuffing every reply with hate, denial of Jewish identity, and outright racism.

Please act.

#antisemitism @ADL
@bnaibrithcanada #EnoughIsEnough
More racist spam. Hundreds of tweets of hate and #antisemitism.

Please deal with this account, @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety

#racism #antisemitism @ADL @bnaibrithcanada
Mocking the Holocaust is bad enough, @TwitterSupport, but this revolting account targets the families of survivors and victims - and even @yadvashem.

Please remove this hate-filled individual from your platform.

#antisemitism @bnaibrithcanada @ADL
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If you’re a Q researcher and you’re incapable of differentiating between a few elite Jewish banking families and the good people of Israel, you are generalizing an entire race based on the sins of a few. That is #prejudice. That is #antisemitism. Period. End of story.
I just got blocked by a famous Q researcher who did not like that I was stating historical facts about the name “Palestine,” which was created by Romans to destroy Jewish culture and identity during their occupation of Israel.
There are far too many Israel haters in the Q movement. I understand the Khazarians and Rothschild conspiracy lore is tied to Zionism. But to cast aspersions on every Jew because of a few elite Satanist Jews is intellectually irresponsible and dishonest.
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#Europe and #Jews 1700s-1950s (including Russia) thread.
#JewishHistory #Antisemitism
I started using books but I could see I'd never finish so I've used Wiki, I have read about the majority of these in better sources, but please correct any errors, there are bound to be. I could never do this by memory and there's bound to be omissions too.
1712 - Sandomierz blood libel and expulsion of Jews
1715 - Expulsion of Jews from Bavaria
1717 - Expulsion of Jews from Gibraltar
1718 - Expulsion of Jews from parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
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#Slavery was America’s original sin, but it was also ours in Europe. After all it was the Portuguese, Brits, French, Spaniards, Dutch, Danes, and the occasional Norwegian who drove the #slavetrade. Less obviously barbaric, but far bigger in scale was Europe’s #Colonialism ...
This was considered respectable well within living memory. Top them up with centuries of #Antisemitism , a rising #Islamophobia and endemic #racism against the #Roma and it's not good enough for us in Europe to be smug about the upheaval in the US, but let's look in the mirror!
Talk to the #Congolese in #Belgium, the #Syrians in #Germany, the #Pakistanis in the #UK, the #Somalis in #Norway, the #Afghans in #Sweden, the #Chinese in #Italy what their daily experience of life in Europe is like. Full of a thousand humiliations, comes the honest answer.
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1/6 Self-loathing (self-hating) #Jews and the existence of #Israel. After WW2 a lot of the #Jewish survivors denied their #Jewishness all together. Converted to Protestantism, became hardcore socialists or even communists. Pretending to by one of the many, instead one of the few.
2/16 Examples in my little family. Another hiding place was to marry non-Jews. Male Jew & non-Jewish woman broke the bloodline. Female #Jew & non-Jewish male was a reason to not follow Jewish traditions. No Brit Milah, no Bar/Bat Mitswah, nada. Also examples in my little family.
3/16 Remember this was in the early 1950/60’s and the man of the house decided most. The deeper thought, no, the huge fear that something like the #Holocaust could happen again was the reason for this. Don’t show the outside world you’re a Jew, you could be round up next time.
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(((THEY))) are lying again about #Antisemitism, again and again!😉
#AntiSemites in the #USA? You need a magnifying glass to find them!🤔😨
Minute 1.01.29…
Fighting anti-semitism seems to be the core of US Administration🤔… (foto Trump&chabad, merkel ‘wij zijn joods’, )
Jewish man accused of spray-painting swastikas on own home (2017)
(diagnosed as schizophrenic 😉)…
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Donald Trump hat angesichts der Proteste nach dem Mord an George Floyd durch Cops angekündigt, "die Antifa" als terroristische Organisation zu labeln und zu verbieten.

#trump #antifa #GeorgeFloydProtests #antisemitism
Damit folgt er einer länger laufenden Strategie, in der "die Antifa" die Funktion des inneren Feindes in organisierter Form einnimmt. Entsprechende Aussagen gab es z.B. nach dem Mord an Heather Heyer (rip) durch einen Rechtsradikalen bei Protesten in Charlottesville zu vernehmen.
Dass es "die Antifa" als Organisation gar nicht gibt und es sich nur um ein Label handelt, mit dem sich so ziemlich alle schmücken können, ist ihm völlig egal. Es tut auch gar nichts zur Sache, denn es geht hier um das Erfüllen einer Funktion in seiner Freund-Feind-Kennung.
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Ways that Donald Trump is just like Henry Ford, And Why That’s Not Good for American Democracy: a Tweetstorm
On Thursday, speaking at a Ford Motor Company plant, Donald Trump paid his latest homage to Henry Ford 1/
lauding the family’s “good bloodlines” with Ford’s great grandson in the front row. Ford, like Trump, was obsessed with bloodlines—with the idea that race and genetic origins determined who counted as the “best people.” 2/…
Trump has put antisemitism at the center of his administration’s vision of America as a white nationalist ethnostate. Like Ford, he has built a nationwide public following by signaling his approval of a racially structured society. 3/…
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Y-a-t-il eu un antisémitisme médiéval ? C’est la question que se pose François Soyer (@FJSoyer) dans son dernier livre. Il nous a accordé un entretien exclusif où l’on parle persécution des juifs et invention de la haine raciale... Un thread ⬇️! #Antisemitism #histoire
F. Soyer rappelle que le plus souvent les historiens distinguent l’antijudaïsme, médiéval, et l’antisémitisme, moderne et contemporain. Mais lui propose une approche plus nuancée
Le mot même « antisémitisme » n’apparaît qu’en 1879, mais on peut s’en servir avant. Et il est important de reconnaître l’existence d’un préjugé proto-racial contre les Juifs, né au Moyen Âge.
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This is how much Jew-hate matters to @TwitterSupport.

Despite so many reports, @Twitter unsuspended the account - it remains free to spew anti-Semitic abuse.

I see no way that this doesn't constitute institutional #Antisemitism.

@CST_UK @antisemitism
@CCDHate @LordJohnMann ImageImageImageImage
This is what @TwitterSupport allows. Despite weeks of reports. Nothing but Jew-hate.

Tweet after tweet, night after night, and @TwitterUK doesn't just allow it, but reinstates them when we complain.

This is institutional #Antisemitism.

#EnoughIsEnough ImageImageImageImage
#racism, #Antisemitism, abuse.

Not just ignored by @TwitterSupport @TwitterUK - but actively permitted to do so.

This is institutional Jew-hate.

#EnoughIsEnough @CST_UK @antisemitism ImageImageImageImage
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@LaughingDevil1 Have a look at the other accounts I've been publishing the last couple of days and it gets even more worrying.
@LaughingDevil1 This is just from ten minutes this morning. So much Jew-hate and open Holocaust denial, all given a platform by @TwitterSupport despite all the reports.

@Twitter is, in my opinion, #complicit in #Antisemitism. Image
@LaughingDevil1 @TwitterSupport @Twitter John here is apparently running for Congress. Obviously his 1st Amendment rights mean the Government can't act to stop his #Antisemitism and #Holocaustdenial, but that doesn't mean @TwitterSupport are obligated to give him a platform.

@ADL #EnoughIsEnough ImageImageImageImage
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@Israel_Studies @AndrewPessin @NGOmonitor @palwatch My pleasure, I’m glad to help @shaynamalka! But I just checked & I’m surprised to see that Al-Shabaka hasn’t been removed yet. It’s still listed in the Guide (uncritically) & first up alongside reputable think tanks, centers & institutes. ☹️ 1/
@Israel_Studies @AndrewPessin @NGOmonitor @palwatch @shaynamalka The Guide has a disclaimer but the HomePage enthusiastically recommends the entries as resources that offer “tips for effective research” & help students, scholars “explore the rich world of modern #Israel 🇮🇱 Studies”. Based on these criteria, including Al-Shabaka is #shameful 2/
@Israel_Studies @AndrewPessin @NGOmonitor @palwatch @shaynamalka I’m not sure who vetted the Guide or which “expert” recommended it’s inclusion, but someone steered you very wrong. Let me explain, in brief. First, Al-Shabaka’s key sponsors are affiliated w/Badil. It’s a virulent anti Israel org that wins prizes for #antisemitic cartoons 😡 3/
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Thread. Corbyn gave hope to 1000s of young people, who joined Labour & became politically active. They have written him a thank you letter.
This is the hate & abuse they face on Twitter from anonymous hatefilled trolls. #JeremyCorbyn #Labour #antisemitism 1/6
All of these tweets have been directed to London Young Labour because they wrote a thank you letter to #JeremyCorbyn the man who inspired them. We can see with our own eyes who the real haters are. 2/6
More hate from anonymous troll accounts directed to London Young Labour for writing a thank you letter to #JeremyCorbyn 3/6
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The current #Immigration debate is fascinating.

Proponents of it usually argue that modern Western states should be defined through (liberal) values. But detractors point out that most immigrants, particularly Muslims, aren't really liberal.

So I decided to have a closer look.
I started with Women's rights since this topic is hotly debated.

To that end, I took the Global Gender Gap index from the (2018) Global Gender Gap report and used the percentage of #Muslims per country as a predictor. (Note the confusing fact that a high index means a small gap)
The regression revealed a strong relationship with R2=0.395. This means that almost 40% of variation in the country-level gender gap is explained by the % of Muslims in a given country.

That's way higher than I expected.
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To understand #antisemitism, one must observe how antisemites communicate. I’ve identified 20 commonly used phrases that are typical of such exchanges. This thread will showcase them in an effort to point to patterns of antisemitic behavior. (1/10)

Here are the phrases:

1) “I’m not a racist, but Jews ... “
2) “I love Jews. I just don’t like Zionists.”
3) “The Rothschilds are behind [this or that group].”
4) “Zionism and Nazism are similar ideologies of white supremacism.”

#antisemitism (2/10)

5) “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
6) “I lots of friends who are Jewish, and they all agree with me that Israel is a racist endeavor.”
7) “These are some of the good Jews.”

#antisemitism (3/10)
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THREAD: Documenting COVID tyranny:

Kansas Pastor Vows to Ignore Democrat Order Outlawing Easter Services…

#1A #Tyranny
DOJ Spokesperson: ‘Expect Action From DOJ Next Week!’ on Overreach by State, Local Officials on Religious Services…

#1A #Tyranny
Sign The Petition To Recall Gov. Gretchen Whitmer For Her Latest Stay At Home Order…

#MI #Tyranny
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