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#Breaking: Just in - Multiple people dead' in New York as at least four shot in #Manhattan. Gunman believed to be on the loose following shooting.
#Update: Just in - Authorities in New York City have confirmed three people have been shot, one person dead, following a shooting in midtown #Manhattan near busy Penn Station.
#Update: #NYPD says 3 males shot 1 person dead tonight at Jefferson Houses in East Harlem, #Manhattan. Shooting may be gang related. Pictures: @SamiLiebman
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This is outrageous.
1. She was in custody. You can’t consent when you’re in police custody
2. How was that not always the law in NY or anywhere?…
It’s a disgrace that this hasn’t always been the case:

“Legislation is currently working its way through the New York legislature to make it clear that people in law enforcement custody are not capable of consensual sex.” #NYPD #NYC
AND they tried to shut her up: “They came with nine cops to intimidate her and her mom, to discourage them from coming forward and reporting the rape and sex assault”… h/t @ismat
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New THREAD...Benghazi aint goin away....So here's the REAL story.
Amb. Stevens was sent to Benghazi post haste in order to retrieve US made Stinger missiles supplied to Ansar al Sharia without Congressional oversight or permission. Hillary brokered the deal through Stevens and
a private arms dealer named Marc Turi. Then some of the shoulder fired missiles ended up in Afghanistan used against our own military. It was July 25th, 2012 when a Chinook helicopter was taken down by one of our own Stingers, but the idiot Taliban didn't arm the missile and
and the Chinook didn't explode, but had to land anyway. An ordnance team recovered the serial number off the missile which led back to a cache of Stingers being kept in Qatar by the CIA. Obama and Hillary were now in full panic mode and Stevens was sent in to retrieve the rest of
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Lynching is a message crime where the very public murders of Black Americans terrorized communities across the nation in the 20th century.

Today Congress passed a bill which makes lynching a hate crime. Watch highlights from @eji_org's summit for the opening of @MemPeaceJustice.
It is not an accident that many do not know about the horrific and very public murders of Black Americans. @Sifill_LDF recalls how a local newspaper did not cover a lynching that happened in front 500 people “for the simple reason that everyone [knew] what happened.”
The legacy of lynching is the foundation of the Black community's relationship with our criminal justice system. Today there is one key difference, “now you cannot unsee Walter Scott running through the park being shot or Eric Garner being choked to death to death by the #NYPD.”
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23 year old Jazmine Headley took a day off work to go to the Human Resources Admin offices in Brooklyn to resolve an issue with her daughter's day care vouchers.

There were no chairs available, so after 4 HOURS, Headley sat on the floor with her kids. 1/6 #NYPD #PoliceViolence
Security guards asked her to stand. There were still no empty chairs & the day care issue hadn't been resolved.

Bradley didn't stand. Security guards took her to the floor & police violently yanked her son away in an unnecessary use of #physicalforce. 2/6
Onlookers took video & yelled for police to stop, saying Bradley hadn't bothered anyone.

One officer pointed a stun gun at the crowd, then at Headley. 3/6 #HumanRightsDay
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According to “Da Rules” PayPal has to cut ties with Twitter now.
Louis Farrakhan has tweeted THE EXACT SAME rhetoric the Pittsburgh shooter had in their GAB profile.
Louis Farrakhan has spread hatred against the Jewish community for years.
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Gavin McInnes: "I cannot recommend violence enough. It is a really effective way to solve problems."

@nytimes: "Hipster Gavin McInnes is willing to get physical at times."

This is beyond normalizing a self-proclaimed violent thug, but actively promoting him. Fascist apologia.
“I started this gang called the Proud Boys. “We will kill you." That’s Proud Boys in a nutshell.”

“Like Bill the Butcher & the Bowery Boys, we will assassinate you”

Viral video appears to show Gavin McInnes calling for Trump supporters to commit violence
Getting gangbangers off the streets of New York. (Isn't 38 a little old to be calling yourself "Proud Boy"?)

NYPD arrests first right-wing thug for Manhattan fight with Antifa, charged with riot and attempted assault…
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Why when video shows #ProudBoys stomping on person lying on ground in the fetal position is #NYPD planning only to charge them w/ Riot & Attempted Assault?

Riot is a Misdemeanor & I guarantee my clients would be charged w/ Gang Assault.… via @marygeorgant
Gang assault in New York, does not mean membership in a "gang," it just requires the participation of three or more people in an assault. This is a classic gang assault situation. Oh and, hey, hate crime charges - there were repeated use of homophobic and racial slurs.
Even when @NYPDONeill & @NYCMayor come under enormous scrutiny and pressure for arresting protesters and not #ProudBoys, & announce they'll take action, it's still smoke & mirrors.
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"James Stachowiak is a multiple felon who regularly posts online videos calling for black people to be shot on sight."

He & his comrades have also been harassing Stacey Abrams’ campaign, but please, tell us again about leftist mobs…
.@NYGovCuomo assigns NY State Police Hate Crimes Unit to assist NYPD in its investigation of the "Proud Boys" mob violence, calls for an FBI inquiry into the far-right attacks…
Under pressure after video showed "Proud Boys" thugs beating several protesters and responding officers not arresting anyone, the #NYPD now plans to charge at least 9 neo-fascists and 3 leftist protesters with riot and assault…
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🕵️‍♀️Why is the Broward County Sheriff sniffin' around my LinkedIn🤔 Could it be because they ARE connected to the #Minnesota faction⁉️ 🆘️Alert to #NYPD, his former employer❗… #Freemasons #PedoGate see feed👇
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We're starting a #HurricaneFlorence pet safety thread to help update everyone in the path of possible danger. For information on pet-friendly shelters and pet safety tips, please follow along.
Brunswick County has issued a mandatory evacuation for residents in unincorporated areas who live in low-lying and flood-prone areas or substandard or mobile homes, beginning at daylight (7 a.m.) Tuesday, Sept. 11.
Dogs and cats are accepted at the West Brunswick High School shelter. Owners must stay at the shelter as well, and should bring documentation of rabies vaccines, food, any medicines, and any other items necessary for your pets.
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Destroying the "pancake-ing floors" "debunking conspiracy" 9/11 official narratives with video from FIOA / declassified footage

#911Truth #controlleddemolition #Demolition #insidejob #911INSIDEJOB
FOIA Hoboken footage captures chopper fly in swiftly, then hover few minutes directly over WTC.

Presumably a rescue attempt foiled by S. tower collapse. Look @ several BRIGHT flashes seconds before freefall btwn chopper & building

Direct energy weapon?

"These People were disrobing prior to jumping, calls about intense heat yet tons of paper around them didn’t burn. Nothing left, even steel or porcelain. Why?

It's like a microwave effect, where food inside cooks, but the paper wrapper around it doesn’t.”
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Four years to the day, we mourn the loss of #EricGarner, a faithful father, husband, and friend. He was 43 at the time of his death. #OTD
Garner was killed by a NYPD Officer Pantaleo who placed him in a chokehold in violation of departmental policies.….
Just yesterday, the the #NYPD finally announced it will be moving forward with holding Officer Pantaleo accountable for using a banned chokehold and killing #EricGarner. This is long, long overdue.…
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Selected list of #indictments for week of June 30, 2018
1. Luis Rodriguez has been charged with laundering hundreds of thousands in drug proceeds thru Las Vegas real estate and shell corporations to send the proceeds to drug traffickers & money launderers in Mexico.

#drugtrafficking #moneylaundering #mexico…
2. Liberian War Criminal Living in Delaware County Convicted of Immigration Fraud and Perjury

#Woewiyu #NPFL #CharlesTaylor #samueldoegovernment #Liberia…
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#QAlert 5/15/18 This will be my THREAD for all of #Q’s posts for Tuesday May 15, 2018. #1776, Enjoy the show, find the 2 [187]’d #NYPD detectives mid-year and more!

Let’s Go!

@POTUS #Qanon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #EnjoyTheShow #ImwithQ #TheRainMakers
#QAlert 5/15/18 Post 1369 #Q labeled this post ##1776 and quoted a paragraph about destructive gov’t. Then links to a damning Erik Prince audio interview. MUST LISTEN!
We Fight!
@POTUS #Qanon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #EnjoyTheShow #ImwithQ #TheRainMakers
#QAlert 5/15/18 Post 1370

Why was Preet Bharara fired?
Why was the NY AG just removed?
Why did Rudy recently join POTUS’ legal team after being ‘quiet’ for so long?

[More below]👇🏻

@POTUS #Qanon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #EnjoyTheShow #ImwithQ #TheRainMakers
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#NYPD just shot and killed someone in Brooklyn, on Utica Ave & Montgomery. They shot him 9x. In the middle of the day. In the middle of the street.
It’s being reported that he had a showerhead in his hand, “waving” it around at people.

Neighbors are saying that he was 17yo. They shot him 9x. In the middle of the day in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

According to neighbors, they tased him last week. This week they came back and murdered him. They were aware of him and knew he had mental illness issues.

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