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Did Benjamin Netanyahu & Philip Zelikow write “the 9/11 script”? Netanyahu has said repeatedly that he PREDICTED 9/11 back in 1995 - apart from the seemingly unanticipated “flying bombs” & actually naming Osama bin Laden, who was barely on anyone’s radar back in 1995.
Netanyahu in his book Fighting Terrorism (1995) "predicted" that - if we don't stop "this rising tide of Islamic terrorism" - one day "a nuclear-armed Iran" might use “its pre-armed militants in the West” to detonate “a nuclear bomb in the basement of the World Trade Center”
In 1998 Philip Zelikow w/Ashton Carter & John Deutch published article "Catastrophic Terrorism" in Foreign Affairs (CFR) also raising the specter of nukes under the WTC & implicitly pointing to Osama bin Laden, just indicted for the East Africa bombings
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Terrorizing people in the darkness of night with no visible identification and getting shot and killed by his own fellow jump out boys, who later likely planted an unfired drop gun on their other victim? Interesting job description, I guess.
A "war on cops" in NYC waged by other cops: "Mulkeen is the second officer to be killed on duty in New York this year. Detective Brian Simonsen was [also] accidentally killed by another officer in February while responding to a report of armed robbery"…
Probably related | “Ain’t no ‘might have’ — they did it,” Brown told the Daily News. “I know what police do. I am 47 years old and I’ve been dealing with that all my life. It may be new to some people, but it’s not to me.”…
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And we're back: #6ix9ine trial continues with #NYPD "Criminalist 3" on the stand @SDNYLIVE. Earlier today, Kristian Cruz disputed it was his Instagram account communicating with Nuke Mack. Thread
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @revolttv @XXL @Power106LA The NYPD lab tech is testifying about scales and grinders and confirming the presence of #fentanyl (yesterday we posted the photos of DHL envelope from Shenzhen, China to Kristian Cruz, the sometimes "IGotRich_" on Instagram)
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @revolttv @XXL @Power106LA Judge Engelmayer getting more and more frustrated. Tells NYPD tech, You're not here to read this document, just to say if it jogs you memory. Then to the lawyers: we're going off the rails here. It's not worth anyone times to explore this through this witness
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#TulsiGABBARD She of World Journo Fame cuz she outed herself as #RussianMob member in 2017 by using lawyer who smeared @Billbrowder to smear #Honolulu reporter. NOW Outs #TrumpFamily as #Saudi backed traitors to one and all
via @CNN #ManhattanDA noticed
@Billbrowder @CNN SO #TulsiGabbard Implies #Mogi is not happy #Trump double crossed him with #Emiratis and #Saudis (Because #Russia is broke) BUT #Saudis known to be #911Perpetrators and thus have Lots of RealAmerican enemies (like me and @iava #NYPD) and RMOB have lots of wet workers. #maddow
@Billbrowder @CNN So remember folks TRUMP (Kushner) want you to think IRAN is our enemy. BUT now we know the rest of the story. (See in next tweet) SEE DB summary of NYTIMES piece on #Saudi #OilField being attacked. and for #greens We Love It! @350 #ClimateChange #maddow
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09.11.01 #Thread 8:46am @IWidroff & myself were clearing an emergency call in Midwood Bklyn when a call for “an explosion atop the #WTC “ We responded! Little did we know, at 9:03am a second plane hit the second tower, we were in the BBT at the time..
exiting the tunnel was like a scene out of an apocalyptic movie set flaming chunks of debris atop of smashed cars, convoys of emergency vehicles, sirens blaring all making its way to the #WTC
At that moment we knew this was no “small plane” accident into a building
We staged at the corner of Liberty & West, together with countless other #Hatzolah #FirstResponders #FDNY & #NYPD units trying to determine how to help those trapped in the towers..chaos!
The panic as “another plane” was spotted flying in fast... #USAF F16
#USA was under attack
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Many of the people donating to Daniel Pantaleo’s GoFundMe are police officers. A lot of the names of donors are shared by active NYPD officers, sergeants, lieutenants, etc and many of those individuals have lawsuits against them and post racist social media content.
Peter Guastamacchia, with some weird jokes about breaking in rookies.
Steven Wallace, who has a disturbing “I Am Pantaleo” profile picture. This image and the upside-down NYPD flag has become very popular.
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1. #QAnon Is turnabout fair play? FBI spying on American presidential campaign? Now we spy on FBI? H/T to "Rusty Shackleford" who many believe is McAffe proxy. Drones capture #FBI/#NYPD boxing up #Epstein's computers on #PedoIsland
2. This thread continues anew taking up from where the previous #QAnon/#Epstein/#FBI thread left off:
3. "Screaming & shrieking" were heard "coming from #Epstein's cell early Sat morning" -CBS

a.) Hung men do not "shriek". It is anatomically impossible (no air flow).
b.) Do first responders "shriek"?
c.) Do ppl recognizing their murder 2B imminent "shriek"?
#QAnon #Q
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Today, on Tisha B’Av, #JewsAgainstICE are taking action to say #NeverAgainIsNOW. Tisha B’Av is a Jewish day of mourning, and today we mourn for the people rounded up, torn from their families, thrown in cages, and deported by ICE.
We are turning our grief into action and taking to the streets to demand that tech companies stop enabling the deportation machine terrorizing immigrant communities, separating families, and putting children in cages.

#JewsAgainstICE #NoTech4ICE #NeverAgainIsNow #ClosetheCamps
We are at @amazon's store because @AWSCloud is vital to ICE’s cruelty.

Without Amazon, ICE cannot round immigrants up to imprison them in concentration camps or deport them. #JewsAgainstICE will not stay silent while tech companies profit off of cruelty.

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1. BOOM!! BIG "#QAnon" news, as we receive yet another #QProof!! Are we tired of #winning yet? #Q'd told us yesterday to expect [#PlannedParenthood] news. Now the abortion mill will not be getting $60M in Title X funds! We're told to expect more PP news!…
2. #QAnon agrees with an anon who disagrees with the Board Owner's (BO) decision to shorten #Q threads w elimination of tools & resources from the top of each thread as well as "notables". BO has created separate "Q Research Notables Thread".
3. #QAnon mentions Hillary's bff, Lynn de Rothschild (LDR) bridged to the Bronfmans. The Bronfman Rothschild investment firm was purchased by NFP (NY insurance/consulting firm). Bronfman was financier of #NXIVM. #Q…
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Prosecutors: #Epstein had a "vast trove of lewd" photos of young women or girls.

Agents also found "in a locked safe ... compact discs with hand-written labels including 'Young [Name] + [Name],' 'Misc nudes 1' and 'Girl pics nudes" #JeffreyEpsteinArrest…
"For all his infamy, there are scant details of how he made his money. He ran a money management firm catering to the ultra-rich (primarily Wexner) but its assets were never made public & few on Wall Street have dealt w/ him as financier or money manager."…
Thread @DrRJKavanagh on Vance's appalling handling of #JeffreyEpstein's case in 2011 – one of many instances in which he gave a pass to the crimes of the well-to-do. #JeffreyEpsteinArrest
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(1) @NYPDONeill is in the @nytimes today, defending the #NYPD’s #FacialRecognition, but his defense left us with more questions than answers. S.T.O.P. and other advocates have challenged the #NYPD’s facial recognition dragnet. #NYC needs reforms, not PR.…
(2) The truth is that the #NYPD’s #FacialRecognition system is biased and broken. Their database will return more than 200 possible “matches” for every single photo. Meaning that AT BEST it is wrong 99.5% of the time. All too often, NONE of the “matches” will be the real suspect.
(3) #FacialRecognition can be a powerful tool, but only when used correctly. Per @GeorgetownCPT, #NYPD artists #Photoshop images before testing them, altering the faces and copy/pasting #celebrity photos. This isn’t #ForensicScience; it’s an art project.…
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What's up with all the recent strange deaths? #LooseEnds?
1>Authorities in #Arkansas confirmed on Thursday that a woman found dead outside her home this week is former Republican state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith.…
2>A former Republican state senator in #Oklahoma was found dead with a gunshot wound in his home Wednesday, the second former GOP state lawmaker found fatally wounded in as many days.…
Granted, this one may just be a cancer-related death but I add it because of the next two
3>Former #NYPD detective and TV newsman Mike Sheehan loses battle to cancer at 71…
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A string of suspicious deaths have been happening recently…

First one is a Republican Senator who was shot dead in her home, Linda Collins-Smith

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #MEGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #LindaCollinsSmith
Linda Collins appeared on a QAnon youtube show earlier on: Patriots Soapbox…

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #MEGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #LindaCollinsSmith
Another suspicious death days apart…

NYPD Deputy commits suicide days before retirement

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #MEGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight
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(1) I finally got to watch #WhenTheySeeUs, but the news interrupted: a "#terror attack foiled in #TimesSquare." A disturbing headline, but if you look beneath the surface, a very different story emerges, along w/ disturbing parallels to the #CentralPark5…
(2) The first thing that got my attention was prosecutor’s admission that “despite his intentions, he posed no immediate threat.” A man wanted to attack Times Square, but there was no threat? That didn’t make sense. How could such a major attack not be a threat?
(3) Looking at the facts laid out in the criminal complaint, things get a bit clearer. As paragraph 3 says that in "the course of an investigation...[the defendant] bought and received two firearms with obliterated serial numbers from undercover law enforcement officers."
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#Justice Charges Against 19 Defendants For The Sex Trafficking Of Minor Girls And Young Women In New York State’s Child Welfare System

10 of the defendants in custody; 8 previously arrested; 1 remains at large

U.S. v. Merchant, et al., 18 Cr. 527 (KMW)
Sean Merchant, 31
Conspiracy to commit sex trafficking between January 2016 and June 2018

(18 U.S.C. § 1594(c))
U.S. v. Merchant, et al., 18 Cr. 527 (KMW)
Martique Mcgriff, 30

Conspiracy to commit sex trafficking between January 2016 and June 2018
Sex trafficking by force, threats of force, fraud, and coercion
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Bush led team investigated the theft of 350 nuclear pits, plutonium pits, from Pantex from as early as 1993 onward. The pits were removed and loaded onto refrigeration trucks that normally carry meat and carried to West Texas “repackaged” at a fertilizer plant there.
From there, the pits were taken to the Port of Houston and then transferred to the Canary Islands. There they were placed on planes and flown to the Polisario region of Western Sahara to an iron mine owned by F.W. De Klerk.
There they were sorted, using stolen American nuclear secrets. There they were kept, free from satellite surveillance and scrutiny, until they were sold to clients which may have included North Korea and Pakistan, among others, too many others.
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#Breaking: Just in - Multiple people dead' in New York as at least four shot in #Manhattan. Gunman believed to be on the loose following shooting.
#Update: Just in - Authorities in New York City have confirmed three people have been shot, one person dead, following a shooting in midtown #Manhattan near busy Penn Station.
#Update: #NYPD says 3 males shot 1 person dead tonight at Jefferson Houses in East Harlem, #Manhattan. Shooting may be gang related. Pictures: @SamiLiebman
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This is outrageous.
1. She was in custody. You can’t consent when you’re in police custody
2. How was that not always the law in NY or anywhere?…
It’s a disgrace that this hasn’t always been the case:

“Legislation is currently working its way through the New York legislature to make it clear that people in law enforcement custody are not capable of consensual sex.” #NYPD #NYC
AND they tried to shut her up: “They came with nine cops to intimidate her and her mom, to discourage them from coming forward and reporting the rape and sex assault”… h/t @ismat
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Lynching is a message crime where the very public murders of Black Americans terrorized communities across the nation in the 20th century.

Today Congress passed a bill which makes lynching a hate crime. Watch highlights from @eji_org's summit for the opening of @MemPeaceJustice.
It is not an accident that many do not know about the horrific and very public murders of Black Americans. @Sifill_LDF recalls how a local newspaper did not cover a lynching that happened in front 500 people “for the simple reason that everyone [knew] what happened.”
The legacy of lynching is the foundation of the Black community's relationship with our criminal justice system. Today there is one key difference, “now you cannot unsee Walter Scott running through the park being shot or Eric Garner being choked to death to death by the #NYPD.”
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23 year old Jazmine Headley took a day off work to go to the Human Resources Admin offices in Brooklyn to resolve an issue with her daughter's day care vouchers.

There were no chairs available, so after 4 HOURS, Headley sat on the floor with her kids. 1/6 #NYPD #PoliceViolence
Security guards asked her to stand. There were still no empty chairs & the day care issue hadn't been resolved.

Bradley didn't stand. Security guards took her to the floor & police violently yanked her son away in an unnecessary use of #physicalforce. 2/6
Onlookers took video & yelled for police to stop, saying Bradley hadn't bothered anyone.

One officer pointed a stun gun at the crowd, then at Headley. 3/6 #HumanRightsDay
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Gavin McInnes: "I cannot recommend violence enough. It is a really effective way to solve problems."

@nytimes: "Hipster Gavin McInnes is willing to get physical at times."

This is beyond normalizing a self-proclaimed violent thug, but actively promoting him. Fascist apologia.
“I started this gang called the Proud Boys. “We will kill you." That’s Proud Boys in a nutshell.”

“Like Bill the Butcher & the Bowery Boys, we will assassinate you”

Viral video appears to show Gavin McInnes calling for Trump supporters to commit violence
Getting gangbangers off the streets of New York. (Isn't 38 a little old to be calling yourself "Proud Boy"?)

NYPD arrests first right-wing thug for Manhattan fight with Antifa, charged with riot and attempted assault…
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Why when video shows #ProudBoys stomping on person lying on ground in the fetal position is #NYPD planning only to charge them w/ Riot & Attempted Assault?

Riot is a Misdemeanor & I guarantee my clients would be charged w/ Gang Assault.… via @marygeorgant
Gang assault in New York, does not mean membership in a "gang," it just requires the participation of three or more people in an assault. This is a classic gang assault situation. Oh and, hey, hate crime charges - there were repeated use of homophobic and racial slurs.
Even when @NYPDONeill & @NYCMayor come under enormous scrutiny and pressure for arresting protesters and not #ProudBoys, & announce they'll take action, it's still smoke & mirrors.
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