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14 May 20
#Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 is set to go live this year. A survey of ~300 ETH holders by @ConsenSysCodefi aimed to determine the motivations and concerns of ETH holders who are considering (not) staking on the #Eth2 network. Conclusions, a thread:
Of 287 respondents, over 65% plan to stake on #Eth2. Half of those 65% plan to run their own validators, and the other half plan to use a third party staking provider. Additionally, 14.6% are undecided and only 2.8% do not plan to stake.
Of the 65% of respondents who plan to stake by running own validator or using 3rd party, both groups plan to stake ~50% of total ETH holdings. 63% of respondents own >32 ETH, & majority of people who will not stake own <32 ETH.
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