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5⃣ promising crypto projects

Follow, bookmark, whatever but you better not fade them.

Today featuring DeFi, more DeFi, DeFi security AND Metaverse.

1⃣Let’s start with some projects for DeFi enthusiasts (as we all should be during these times); I introduce you to @vmexfinance

VMEX is a modular lending protocol designed to maximize flexibility by using a risk-isolated lending pool structure. 🔒
@vmexfinance The structure allows for experimentation with special-purpose tranches and other novel features, such as permissioned tranches, modular stablecoins, and robo-tranches
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The #ETHDenver2023 report 🔥

18 members of the protocol team (including engineering, biz dev, legal, design, film, someone called Nevin) gathered for:

- On-site planning
- Reserve Hackathon
- Speaking at ETHDenver
- 2 after-hour hosted events
- Meetings w/ other teams

We think we've built something the world truly needs and enjoyed coming together IRL to explore what comes next... 👌

And in a world partly re-organized around remote working, it's a reminder of the importance of being in person sometimes. Image

Taylor is mapping out a unique RToken idea in the above picture, but at some point on Tuesday one of the boards looked like this...

As these entries take focus, we'll be sharing them here and in depth on Discord 👉 Image
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1/ The Countdown to #FVM kicked off with a jam-packed event at #ETHDenver. Hear directly from pioneers building on FVM and learn about all the possibilities FVM unlocks in the sessions below. 🧵

2/ 🗣️ @ColinEvran
🗓️ FVM in the context of Filecoin’s Masterplan

3/ 🗣️ @momack28
💽 The New Data Economy Unlocked by FVM

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这两天已经看到大家写的很多小作文了,思考了一下,把自己这些天在 #ETHDenver 和去年参加 #Devcon 的所见所闻所感也整理一下,供大家参考。
1-2)而ETHDenver则更加开放和多元,EF(以太坊基金会)的存在感几乎降到最低,更多是社区自发而形成的各类side event(zk day、walletcon、shelling point、DAODenver、Desci……),面向不同话题的各个stage,大规模的booth区,和大多数人第二天才找到的主会场主舞台……
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Lots happened at #ETHDenver, and one of the biggest highlights was the announcement of ERC-4337.

So, why is this idea resurfacing now, and why should you be keeping an eye on Abstract Account (AA)'s development?

Let's find out 🔍
In Sep '21, #Ethereum magicians proposed EIP-4337, inc. @VitalikButerin. 🪄

Today, ERC-4337 AA is live on mainnet.

Even better: devs were able to implement most desired functionality through a smart contract, instead of at Ethereum protocol level, accelerating the roadmap 🚀 Image
@VitalikButerin Why does ERC-4337 matter?

@kristofgazso, co-author of ERC-4337, noted that the biggest bottleneck in the encryption field is the difficulty for the public to use Ethereum apps.

Promoting ERC-4337 is expected to bring about changes in advance!

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Today, we'd like to introduce you to @AirTorProtocol, a new project that should be of interest for both our fellow $XMR $XHV maxis and our fellow DeFi degens.

So put your Fawkes mask on and let's discover $ATOR.


1️⃣ Intro
2️⃣ Idea
3️⃣ Tokenomics
4️⃣ Our take
5️⃣ End
1️⃣ Intro

As members of the #PriFi cartel, our research mainly focuses on DeFi, privacy and FOSS solutions to counter the aggressive censorship and oligopolistic maneuvers of the globalist elites.

If you degens and normies think this doesn't concern you, think again.

Kürz gesagt, the AirTor Protocol is a new project that aims to drastically improve the Tor Network in terms of speed, decentralization and accessibility.

To do that, you need more Tor relays.

Well, even most Tor users don't bother.

But what if you incentivized them ?

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The all-new Aragon is here. So proud of the team.

This is a very emotional thread on Aragon's beginnings, hard moments, and where it's headed 👇
1/ @izqui9 and started Aragon in 2016 — we were 19 and 21, equal amounts energetic, idealistic and naive.

Without that touch of naiveté, who would start something like Aragon the same year The DAO was hacked?
2/ We were doing a different startup back then, trying to fight patent trolls — companies who don't build anything, just grab patents and sue builders.

I had put all my savings into it, and we were almost bankrupt. We ate cheap pasta and nachos for months.

@BoostVC saved us.
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#ForTheBuilders #ETHDenver

Unlock the block🗝️
Resident in-house🎵vibe curators😎

@JamesJohnBeck 🗝️ @MidwitMilhouse…
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Hey, #Mina community ☀️

The first day of spring is a great excuse to take stock of February.

What did @MinaProtocol surprise us about the previous month? Let's find out! 🧵
1 ⚡️ Week 1 in #zkIgnite, Cohort 1.

∙ Met and connected with builders at the first gathering.
∙ Walked through the program and innovation platform.
∙ Had a “wild ideas” brainstorming session.
2 ⚡️ Week 2 in #zkIgnite, Cohort 1.

∙ Shared tips for writing a stellar proposal
∙ Discussed project planning & milestones
∙ Builders met to explore problem statements
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Introducing Gelato Web3 Functions!

Build truly serverless #web3 apps using decentralized cloud functions able to access off-chain data & computation without having to trust a centralized party

Apply for our private beta today to get early access 👇…
With Web3 Functions, developers can augment their smart contracts with off-chain data, computation, tx automation, indexing & data storage!

Connect your app to relevant real-world data that enriches the UX & empowers you to create a new generation of powerful web3 use cases
Some of these use cases include:

🎵On-chain music royalty payments
🧮 Automated trading strategies that require access to DEX aggregator endpoints (e.g. @1inch @paraswap)
🔮Resolving prediction market outcomes with real world data
🏅Sports betting

To name just a few!
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6 useful projects I’d (selfishly) love to see built during #ETHDenver 🧵

The OP Stack implements an Optimistic Rollup design that aims to be as close to Ethereum. See @protolambda's diff here:

Would love to see an implementation in Reth:…

@refcells is already working on this, reach out
.@wagmi_sh x Foundry full-stack hacks

Wagmi is quickly rising to be the #1 Web3 frontend library. The Wagmi CLI allows blazing-fast iteration on full-stack hackathon projects w/ its Foundry integration.

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Our devrel superstar @francescoswiss will be a particularly busy 🦊 today!

#ForTheBuilders - Catch one or more of these 3 talks all over #ETHDenver.

More details here 🧵👇
MetaMask Snaps at #ETHMobile!

Register here:…
Learn about DAOs, tooling and infrastructure, and @MetaMask Grants DAO.…
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1/ The latest #PolkadotRoundup is here!

As #ETHDenver '23 kicks off this week, now’s the time to check out all the events at the conference involving Polkadot parachains and other teams in the ecosystem👇

2/ @peaqnetwork announced the release of peaq control, a dapp that works as the command center for devices, robots, and vehicles and acts as a portal to Web3 and the Economy of Things.

3/ @pendulum_chain is officially live on the Polkadot mainnet, and its native token PEN is now available on @NovaWalletApp and @wearetalisman.

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We have an important announcement to make:

…Reserve has reached the ALL CLEAR MILESTONE

This version of Reserve’s rigorously audited and tested codebase kicks off our journey of enabling stable, asset-backed currencies for the world.

And in this post, we’ll explain how you can take part! 🔥

In this thread...

- The All Clear Milestone
- What Does Today Mean?
- What Comes Next?
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1/5 📢 Reserve's #ETHDenver Developer Hackathon is coming up on March 1st!

⏰ Wednesday March 1st, 10 AM to 5 PM MST
💰 Over $70k in hackathon prizes to be announced
🍔 Free lunch

Interested? 👇🧵
2/5 This event celebrates our All-Clear milestone (Reserve passing all code audits) 🥳

Now we want YOU, the buidler, to show off what Reserve's asset-backed currencies (RTokens) can do.

We have 2 hackathon categories:
1️⃣ RToken pitch & adoption
2️⃣ Collateral plugin development

1️⃣ will have two subcategories:

⚾️ Pitch: participants create a deck and present on an RToken basket composition, revenue sharing, and growth strategy.

👶 Adoption: prizes for adoption of YOUR deployed RToken
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The most significant events in the upcoming months 👇

Don't delay! Buy tickets and explore the @NEARProtocol!

🟡 Interop Summit is hosting the ecosystems, applications, founders, and builders at the forefront of the interchain future. Image
🟡 #ETHDenver Climate Summit is a day-long summit bringing speakers at the intersection of ReFi, blockchain, carbon markets, and sustainability together for interactive conversations on the path to net zero and building climate-resilient communities.
🟡 The Paris Blockchain Week Summit is a two-day event exploring the latest developments in blockchain technology and its potential applications across various industries. The #NEAR speakers will be there.
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#财富密码 @HaowiWang 课堂笔记

最近忙着和@DeMetaJustin @Tsubasa39923618 准备去 #ETHDenver 的黑客松行程和项目。 错过了最佳的买入时机。钱没挣到,那就好好复盘下。

如果你不清楚 Curve的 加入金库的投票(Add Gauge Vote)那么请看我之前的这个thread


* 如何使用工具查到所有的关于项目有用的信息
* 如何基于这些信息做基本的投资分析和判断 (NFA)
Curve Dao 投票发起 1/22 8pm…
Convex Snapshot 投票发起 1/22 11:59 pm
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After a turbulent 2022 we are approaching the end of the year with a NGMI feeling. In these moments, is important to remember the extraordinary achievements that our team has reached in 2022 to approach the future with optimism and determination.

Here're a few highlights 🧵1/16
2/ The #Aurora ecosystem witnessed astonishing growth in 2022. At the beginning of the year, a little over 10 dApps were building on Aurora, and only 2 regional communities were active. Currently, we count <200 dApps, & 13 regional communities, & 6 media groups 🔥
3/ Aurorascan 🚀

Aurora’s integration with Etherscan was one of the first major announcements of 2022. It allows users and developers to get access to dev tools and network stats with extended insights into Aurora’s EVM.

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1/ONE Conference, Two Weeks, World’s Largest Web3 Community Gathering - #EthDenver was an out-of-the-world experience.

For the ONEs who missed out, give this @CoinDesk article a read 👇…
2/Being ONE of #EthDenver sponsors, @harmonyprotocol hosted a bunch of events including Web3 talks, new launches, merchandise giveaways, ONE Big Night and more.

We also co-hosted the official ETHDenver (@EthereumDenver) After Party.
3/”ETHDenver was like next-level networking and bonding” said Thy-Diep Ta (@yiptweets1), Co-founder of @theunitnetwork and a part of the @_HerDAO delegation, sponsored by @harmonyprotocol

Along with H.E.R DAO, we sponsored 150 women developers and creators to attend #EthDenver.
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1/ The #Moonbeam monthly dispatch is here!🔥 February was a short month but we made the most of it. Read on for new integrations & features on the network, events from throughout the month, and more! 🗓…
2/ On February 20th, the Moonbeam Foundation distributed $GLMR rewards to Take Flight participants who supported the recent Moonbeam launch to @Polkadot! ✨
3/ Runtime upgrade 1201 was enacted in support of Ethereum London (EIP-1559) on @MoonriverNW and #Moonbeam.

This update will serve as the building blocks for a full EIP-1559 implementation and improve governance and multi-chain functionality.…
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A dazzle of DAOs (suggested collective noun…) I'm part of asking about grants.

Heard at #ETHDenver repeatedly: how to start/grow DAOs w/o VC 💵

Spun up & sharing a list of 51 grants for those who recognise there are no problems, only opportunities to be creative.


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@EthereumDenver was a superspreader of spores for the new social fabric of #Web3.

#DigitalCredentials and #ReputationProtocols entangle into a symbiotic relationship - online and offline. 🧬

ICYMI: 5 #OpenRecognition moments into a single thread ⬇️ 🧵
/1 the Keynote. @provenauthority hypnotic narrative connects the above (#OnChain) with the below (#OffChain), the present (#Web2) with the future (#Web3) across one rainbow of Use Cases 🌈

See you on the dancefloor ! 🕺 @discoxyz

#VC #DIDs #W3C

/2 #P2P Reward systems. #Praise to @tokengineering research and #hail to #OpenScience. 🙏

Inverting the "Get cited or die" dark and toxic mantra of research.

#DAO #DeSci

@NEARProtocol @oceanprotocol @SputnikDAO

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☀️ Daily gm (1/n) I'm no war expert. I'm against violence.

This isn't a war thread. For those privileged enough to read tweets rn (like me), here's some CT intel I've collected this week.

Think I'm going to pause the Daily gm away for a while after this & tweet sporadically.
(2/n) @Delphi_Digital TLDR →

@Uniswap = ~80% total vol on Eth spot DEXs
• Narratives for 2022: Decentralized stables ($UST, $FRAX, $DAI), Curve Wars + Convex
#ETHDenver was a call for incentive alignment; ~$1B startup equity in DAO tooling among <200 established DAOs
(3/n) If you're not using Amol's TA, you're missing alpha.

While $200B got wiped from crypto's market cap last night, Amol's managed to hedge the situation as a trader professionally.
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Four projects from the #ETHDenver hackathon that VCs should go chase down for a seed allocation 🧵
1/X @DeusExSecuritas -- employs machine learning to identify common smart contract security vulnerabilities.

Created by @DicksonWuML and @RMacwha.

Waiting months for auditors is a huge blocker to growth, this could help speed up the innovation cycle of crypto.
2/X When people trade on DEXs like @Uniswap, MEV searchers can attack them. @SlowSwap is a simple yet effective solution to preventing MEV exploits through employing verifiable delay functions.
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