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1/ Launching the TomoX Testnet is an exciting milestone, paving the way for the decentralized future $TOMO is geared up for. As a platform for launching a DEX in MINUTES, it reduces the need for technical knowhow & enables the future of DeFi entrepreneurship
2/ Reducing barriers to entry & operational overhead for DEX ownership incentivizes innovation & experimentation to drive experiences of value for end-users: Unique asset integration, decentralized KYC, inter-DEX partnerships, incentive programs, etc. You know, important stuff
3/ Future possibilities for TomoX are limitless & more than just trading tokens. $TOMO is empowering the direct exchange of value. Think trading fractional property ownership, grandfathered unlimited mobile data plan, even the remaining contract of a Video Streaming subscription
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Alright let's get this through.
My key takeaways from the latest @OwnMarket AMA, and why they make me more bullish than before.

18 tweets so stay focused. 😉

Let's go:

$CHX #STO #securitytokens #Blockchain #Crypto #Bitcoin #Exchanges #gaming #mobilegames #ETH #investing
Let's start with the big one. The first STO (project Crowd) is now confirmed to launch its raise in September, this will be accompanied with a huge marketing campaign.
Remember for every #STO, $CHX gets locked away depending on the total raise.
1 month to go 😎
OWN now has officially signed a cooperation with Raiffeisen Bank who will support them in the STO space and also with their upcoming Stock exchange.
This is an impressive bank with over 2 million customers which has received several "best bank" Awards. #banking #crypto $CHX
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0/ THREAD: Yesterday, we @ideocolab announced our new Startup Studio to accelerate the world's best blockchain startups, in partnership with over 20 leading organizations and protocols.

In this thread, I’ll share why and how we decided to do this.

1/ First I want to thank @coindesk @DanielGKuhn @pete_rizzo_ and @TheBlock__ @Yogita_Khatri5 @mdudas for covering yesterday, as well as the support from our partners and the general blockchain community.

2/ For many people in the #blockchain and #crypto community, this was the first time they've heard of @ideo, @ideocolab, or the fact that we've been working deeply in the blockchain/crypto space since early 2015 with many of the industry's leading crypto projects and people.
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1/ Yes, as bitcoin continues to be a better money than gold or government fiat, it continues to increase economic opportunity for all savers. These savers had previously been forced to make hasty and dubious investments to keep up with inflation.
2/ With bitcoin, savers can wait years or even decades for the right investment opportunity, rather than having to settle for whatever is available when they have disposable income.
3/ When savers can wait to convert their money into higher quality capital goods, everyone benefits from greater economic opportunity: entrepreneurs, consumers, and employees.
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#Blockchain is more than a market. It’s a movement.
Market cap doesn't reflect activity. Decentralized networks are growing.

-10B+ daily API requests served by @infura_io
-1M+ @trufflesuite downloads
-1M+ @metamask_io downloads
-12K+ live @Ethereum nodes
-48M+ unique #Ethereum addresses
-3x @LinkedIn #blockchain job openings
Blockchains are solving real-world problems. Governments get it.

-Israel’s encrypted messaging system
-Estonia’s electronic healthcare record trials
-Dubai’s 2020 initiative
-South Africa Reserve Bank’s @goquorum trial
-Japan’s e-voting system
-Zug @uport_me IDs + crypto ATMs
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0/ Fun fact: plenty of non-#bitcoincashfork-related news went on today!

Here, a thread devoted to a bunch of #crypto-related happenings from the past ~24hrs. Granted, not as entertaining as watching the hash wars play out in real-time, but it deserves your attention nonetheless.
1/ 🍭 #Bitcoin rewards rebate app @TryLolli raised an oversubscribed $2.25M seed round. Investors included @BainCapVC, @VersionOneVC, @ForerunnerVC, @SVAngel, @FJLabs and @DCGco.

Congrats @AlexAdelman, @MattSenter and team! Keen to see #Lolli progress.…
2/ 📢 Aware of the community's increasing level of demand for greater transparency from the @HelloICONworld [ $ICX ], the I.F. issued a detailed write-up addressing their oft lacklustre performance re comms.

Worth reading for those interested in #ICON.…
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0/ It's that time again! As always, there's been *plenty* happening in the #crypto/#blockchain space over the past ~24 hours.

And so, I've compiled this thread to help keep you in the know. I hope it can do just that. Now, shall we?
1/ 🤝 Prof. services giant @PwC_China established a joint research initiative with #blockchain research organisation @LoopringOrg [ $LRC ], focusing on decentralized trading protocols designed to promote future #crypto ecosystems.…
2/ 🇺🇸 The world's largest decentralized lending protocol, #ETHLend, just got *a lot* bigger after the founder of its parent company - @AaveAave - revealed they'd start "allowing US borrowers to borrow cryptocurrencies within ETHLand."

Learn more:…
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0/ Thread time. Continue reading if you want to know what's been going on in the #crypto/#blockchain ecosystem over the past ~24 hours!
1/ 🤝 In a push to bolster speed and throughput, stalwart of the #crypto exchange space - @Bitstamp - chose @Cinnober to henceforth be the provider of its trading system (i.e., replacing Bitstamp's in-house developed matching engine).
2/ Ⓜ️ The team at @MakerDAO [ $MKR ] updated the community on its upgrade path vis-à-vis Multi-Collateral $Dai (MCD).

Ever-meticulous, Maker is running initiatives to ensure that potential bugs/vulnerabilities are identified and fixed prior to release.…
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0/ Regardless of the market conditions, the #crypto and #blockchain space is active as ever.

Let's go through some of the eye-catching, project-specific news that took place over the past 24 hours or so, shall we?
1/ 🇲🇾 @NEMofficial's SEA arm - @NEM_SEA - announced an MoU reached with Taylor’s University.

NEM SEA will assist the Malaysian university's School of Computing and IT in many ways. E.g., help author a syllabus devoted to #blockchain, run some of the students classes, and more.
2/ 📣 @DharmaProtocol unveiled #DharmaLever, a way for users to *trustlessly* borrow/lend #crypto in large volumes on a global scale.

Will feed and draw credit liquidity from Dharma's growing network of relayers (e.g. @Bloqboard, #QuickLine).

Read more:…
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Here's the tweetstorm version of my talk from @build_eth yesterday! I talked about how, from a user's perspective, dApps don't feel like normal apps. This is because of the inherent technology that makes dApps decentralized.

But dApps should feel like apps!
First, some alternative titles...

((please stare at the infinite spinner for 30 seconds to get the full effect))
Self-sovereign ownership is a paradigm shift in how we interact with the world. The ability to own a digital thing sans middleman is a revolution in our understanding of the digital realm. But it's _not_ easy to make that experience usable. (yet!!)
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I want to talk about why Ethereum matters to me, and why it should matter to you, too.

In 2018 when most people in the world hear "Ethereum" they think of ICOs and scams and shills. That's disappointing but understandable. The true message has gotten buried.
I posit: the existing system is broken. By "system" I mean economic, political, social, take your pick. Turn on any news channel anywhere in the world for five minutes if you need evidence. The list of broken things is too lengthy to detail here but, briefly...
Most countries have for some time functioned under a tacit social contract whereby "the public" agree to be ruled by a minority elite with the understanding that the elite will protect their interests and won't rip them off too badly.
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A thread on devs + daily active users (DAUs) 👇

- #Ethereum code school CryptoZombies trained 208k+ users and is growing by 30k+/mo
- Truffle has 580k dls, up 56% last 3 mo
- MetaMask has >1m users
- GitHub lists 14k $ETH-based repos and 220k commits
- 1500+ dapps are in dev

- ETH does more tx and active addresses than BTC
- No, batching doesn't make up the dif in tx
- Of the top 100 tokens by MC, 94% are built on Ethereum
- EEA boasts 500+ members
- Brazil, Canada, Zug, Chile, Dubai, and Estonia are experimenting w/ government apps on Ethereum

On the topic of daily act addr (DAA):

Value transfer is a use case and those *transacting value daily* are DAUs you morons.

Fundraising with $ETH = MOE.

By DAA, Ethereum has as many or more users than BTC.

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Getting started with #walletconf -- UX discussions around wallets and crypto broadly.
First up, @tomcreighton kicking off. Where does UX come into the thinking around crypto? "What is the UX of TCP/IP?"
My question: how do you think about design when you are building lower level lego blocks vs. lego kits?

I'm thinking perhaps about open source components that have developers as the "end user".
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1/ Most problems with today’s blockchain protocols come from the issue least discussed and least questioned: the imperative to extract value from it. Removing this imperative opens up possibilities to scaling and interoperability that are entirely unlike anything we have seen
2/ think of this: the platform currency is a splinter in the body of the dApp’s economy, something you must have and transact in addition to the dApp’s token(s)
3/ the protocol’s policies (for example with respect to how transaction fees are accounted) are dictated by the commons, not a specific dApp
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