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I just become the 7th pioneer of @keep_project's tBTC. 15/05 is a historic gay for both #Ethereum and #Bitcoin.

Now, bitcoiners can use Ethereum as a layer 2 platform to use DeFi in a trustless manner, which weren't previously possible with tokens like WBTC. πŸ‘¨β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘¨πŸŽ‰πŸŒˆ


@Tronfoundation's @justinsuntron need to be prepared and ready to clone tBTC for Tron (before the day he will clone itself).

(sorry for a mistype in the root tweet, replacing "day" for "gay", but I thought too much in the kiss of those long hard rivals. Please note I'm not drunk)

With the launch of ETH2, @ethereum will compete with @lightning as a layer 2 protocol for #Bitcoin. But do LP have DeFi?
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#Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 is set to go live this year. A survey of ~300 ETH holders by @ConsenSysCodefi aimed to determine the motivations and concerns of ETH holders who are considering (not) staking on the #Eth2 network. Conclusions, a thread:
Of 287 respondents, over 65% plan to stake on #Eth2. Half of those 65% plan to run their own validators, and the other half plan to use a third party staking provider. Additionally, 14.6% are undecided and only 2.8% do not plan to stake.
Of the 65% of respondents who plan to stake by running own validator or using 3rd party, both groups plan to stake ~50% of total ETH holdings. 63% of respondents own >32 ETH, & majority of people who will not stake own <32 ETH.
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(1/23) The official #Ethereum 2.0 deposit launchpad has just been open-sourced.
Let's have a constructive look at what's being built right now so you don't have to run the app yourself.…
(2/23) Love the Staking Rewards chart. Clear & simple.

Could be more centered on relevant APRs to appear less flat.
The link is to @ConsenSysCodefi eth2 calculator, which is great but a Google Sheet might look unprofessional.
Maybe… is better (same source)
(3/23) Nice timeline.

I understand why you would not want to risk showing date but people will still wonder why they're not here.
Why "mainnet launch" and not "Phase 0" even though we're talking about Phase 0 below?
Maybe add links to phase descriptions here.
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Curious what goes on inside an #eth2 client? Let's take a look at some colourful boxes loosely depicting the @ethnimbus implementation..
#eth2 uses #libp2p to establish a peer-to-peer network - each node opens encrypted connections to other nodes using chronos and nim-libp2p, purpose-built networking libraries in @nim_lang, and multiplex several protocols like gossip and eth2/sync over that link using `mplex`
On top of #libp2p, we build the #eth2 network core - protocol details, serialization, peer scoring, discv5 to feed it with fresh peers etc - we get a little playful here with @nim_lang, using some of its niche features to good performance and readability advantage
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What are the major #cryptocurrencies up to these days? DXone peeks under the hood to help #cryptoinvestors make #informed_decisions.

You could also sign up at to have all of this information and more at your tips when trading on the #crypto-#superhighway

@IOHK_Charles recently announced the launch of their #Shelley mainnet moving ahead from their #Byron era. Considered the most scientific of all #DLTs, Cardano took a little around 18 months to reach this far.

#IoT solution @NodleTeam recently made the switch from @StellarOrg to @ParityTech's #substrate.

But, in a big win in 2020, @Bitbond received #BaFin nod to launch #tokenized_securities on the #Stellar protocol.
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Controversial take: #ethereum/@ethereum needs more marketers MUCH more than it needs more engineers at this point.

Reasons in thread:
@ethereum 1 / There are loads of talented teams such as @prylabs working on #eth2. In fact there are multiple teams working on multiple clients.

However their progress is not widely known.
@ethereum 2/ #Eth 1.x technologies like optimistic rollups/zkrollups are also progressing very well, but due to lack of marketing efforts, this is not very well known either outside of the #ethereum community.
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A first technical impression of Libra, aka "facebook coin", compared against Eth 1 and Eth 2.

#ethereum #libra #eth2
0. data keying:
- 32 byte keys seem to be the future. Not only Ethereum 2 is using them in SSZ, Libra will use them for account keys
- static generalized indices, can't find much for "light" clients, you're either a powerful validator, or a user (to be expected)
1. Hashing/merkleization:
- SHA3-256. Not like eth1 (older SHA3), or ETH2 (SHA2-256, like bitcoin)
- No derived merkle structures ("hash tree root" in Eth 2) just bare binary trees.
- Sparse binary trees, with leafs moved upwards. Efficient, but not static enough (important too)
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So what does an #eth2 beacon node actually do, in practice? Well, here's a tweet storm to find out. We'll follow the logs of a node backwards, just like following a block chain that effectively is a singly linked list going back in time. Reverse engineering, like :)
The beacon node establishes the current head of the list effectively by voting, or attesting, as it's called here. Time progresses in slots, and for every slot, we broadcast and collect votes. Several nodes are voting for block B9F2ED1F, us included.
Apart from the head block, rewards will be handed out for getting a few other pieces of data right - including nailing justification as per Casper:…. 10 validators connected to this node, but only 3 are voting this round - it's split by shard.
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Rick @AFDudley0 responds to twitter questions at #EthCC: "What is the one thing you'd change about Ethereum?" A: "I wish the early design factored in more CS and more democracy in both the protocol and the Foundation."
"Ethereum 2.0 #eth2 is a bunch of napkins. No one knows what the bandwidth requirements are going to be."
"What's the biggest risk to #eth2? A: that it never happens because there are too many vested interests, too much invested and too much at stake in this existing system. People may not want to see it change."
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1/ Here comes a thread to give a high-level overview of Ethereum 2.0, and its first phase, the Beacon Chain.
#ethereum #eth2 #beaconchain
2/ Ethereum 2.0 is the result of years of research on how to scale Ethereum to deliver thousands of transactions per second and to implement Proof of Stake, addressing environmental and centralization concerns due to Proof of Work.
3/ From a high level, Eth 2.0 will have a hub and spoke model. The hub, called the Beacon Chain, will be the root security of the whole system and provide services such as finality, randomness, and management of validators for all the spoke chains, i.e. the shard chains.
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