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Amanda Sturgill: Researches. Teaches future journalists & analysts. Info on books on the #AltGov and #DetectingDeception at link. Not the useful kind of doctor.
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4 Jun
2/ #opinion I am trained as a journalist, worked as one, and now teach young people who will become journalists in the future. I now start my semesters with a question: What would have to offer the world that any blogger or human with a cell phone would not?
3/ It's a reasonable question. Anyone can write something and publish it at the tap of a button. A substantial percentage of people can even shoot and edit video and do a pretty good job at that. So what value does a trained journalist add?
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20 May
#Thread I've been seeing a lot lately of reporting that is true, but doesn't really matter. It's a case of #DetectingDeception
2/ The stories about the #coronavirus case increases as states allow more travel and commerce are a great example. You always need to wonder why something happens.
3/ The increases in cases are worrisome. The increase in testing is welcome. An increase in testing, particularly where it is targeted to places where infection is likely to spread means cases are likely to grow.
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5 May
Today in #DetectingDeception is using black and white thinking, sometimes called a forced choice. You are seeing it in the some of the arguments for re-opening businesses, that are phrased as a choice between opening or more suicides/drug abuse.
2/ Black and white choices are appealing because they make complex things seem easy to think about. They are often wrong because they ignore important aspects and assume things are inevitable that really aren't.
3/ You are also often asking people to make choices between bad and worse things. Risk of disease spread's consequences to individuals and society vs. risks of addiction and depression for individuals and society.
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21 Apr
Today in #DetectingDeception is ignoring the base rate - a problem we are seeing in the coverage of the #ReopenAmerica protests, particularly in photos and videos. #Thread newsobserver.com/news/politics-…
2/ Photos and videos are more compelling when they show emotion, and compelling art engages audiences. But when coverage is limited to the most emotional, the bigger picture can get lost.
3/ Consider this photo taken by the AP at a rally yesterday in Ohio. Looks like a busy protest, right? I’ve marked one of the emotional bits with a star.
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31 Mar
Tip for students: As almost all colleges have moved to on-line instruction, a lot of you will be facing open-book exams. Here's how I write them and what it means for you. #TeachJMC #AcademicTwitter #Thread
2/ Let's get this out of the way first: open-book tests are NOT easier. They are often, but not always, harder.
3/ Some faculty are reluctantly offering open-book tests because they have realized that detecting/deterring cheating in an at-home test is a bit of a fool's errand. Even with a webcam and lockdown browser, y'all can be creative and determined.
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12 Nov 19
#Thread It will be a bit of an historic week, with the beginning of open hearings on #impeachment. Here's some things I've learned that might help you make sense of them.
2/ My job during the Clinton #impeachment hearings involved sitting in a newsroom with TVs on for many hours every every day. It was an experience that was both fascinating and dyspeptic.
3/ I'd leave work each day with the same thought: "It's not about the sex! It's about the lying!!!" It was unbelievably frustrating to watch members of Congress, who you KNOW know better than this, make tons of bad-faith arguments.
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14 Oct 19
We are learning about Twitter #thread construction today. Our topic: The events involving #Turkey and #Syria.
2/ What struck us this morning was the differential placement on assorted #news home pages. Here's what I mean.
3/ @CNN leads with impact of troop withdrawal, in particular the possibility of re-enabling #ISIS.
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14 Oct 19
Perhaps inciting violence against the #media...nytimes.com/2019/10/13/us/…
2/ You can find the mentioned video if you look for it, but I wouldn't recommend it, since it's disturbing. I will say that the variety of media, politicians and entertainers depicted is larger than the article indicates.
And the White House Correspondent's Association has thoughts about this.
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2 Sep 19
It's not Friday, but here's a bonus #FunFact #Thread about the #AltGov. It's topical to #HurricaneDorian
2/ It is true that they got their start right around the inauguration in 2017. There have been a few events that have been have caused them to organize and build structures. The 2017 hurricanes were one.
3/ An #AltGov-started initiative ended up bringing in follower volunteers literally all over the world, and they developed technology and structures that were responsible for saving thousands of lives.
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18 Apr 19
#Thread 1/ Today's a day when I think a lot of people are going to be discussing and critiquing #journalism Since I've been teaching the subject for quite some time now, here's some things I tell my students about their relationships to public officials.
2/ The first rule of #journalism, even in the @spj_tweets code of ethics, is to "seek truth and report it." Sources of truth don't always want it shared. Everyone wants to look good, and when people have chosen to do bad things, they don't want you to expose them.
3/ A side #ProTip for newsmakers: The best way to avoid unfavorable coverage is to not do bad things. It's not 100%, but it works a lot better than other shenanigans you try.
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19 Jan 19
As a citizen who enjoys things like planes not running into each other in the sky, safe food, etc. I support federal workers. As a journalism professor who sometimes teaches about what makes charity effective, a couple of thoughts. #Thread
I am glad that people are stepping up to help. But #ethics!
The people in line in pictures like this are doing something humiliating. Covering this? Frame the shot so you can't identify people.
The story mentions people donating cans of soup and boxes of ramen. Donating rocks, but try to donate things YOU would want to eat. Food banks often have a list of wanted things want on a web site. Here's Capital Food Bank
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8 Jan 19
As a former journalist and a researcher of the relationship between #news and #socialmedia, I think I understand both sides of the argument over whether tonight's presidential address should be carried live. A few thoughts. #Thread
It's important to look at the decision in itself. Even if you think it violates precedent, and therefore is hypocritical, it may be that the previous decisions were the wrong ones and shouldn't be repeated.
For example, if I used to throw my trash out the car window, arguing that it kept prisoners busy doing litter pickup, that's clearly stupid. If I now know it's dumb and stop doing it, that is a greater good than my being consistent by still doing it.
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7 Dec 18
Thanks again to everyone who shared today. As promised, 5 more things I've learned about the #AltGov #Thread
1. They are quite diverse in opinions. For example, they are definitely NOT an angry mob of Democrats. To the contrary, many came into this moderate, leaning conservative.
2. They don't all like Twitter. Several have said when things are stabilized, they will delete their accounts. And over the months, some of them have, in fact, quit. I knew one pretty well, and they are missed.
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6 Dec 18
#Thread I'm doing a book-pitching event for a manuscript I'm working on about the #AltGov resistance movement. I appreciate so much those of you who are interested and have retweeted those with the (#)pitmad hashtag. Here are 5 things I've learned in my 9 months of research.
1. They are all over the country and usually don't know who each other are. They use a system of 3rd-party vetting to know whom to trust, because they are afraid of getting fired or being harassed.
2. They have more than 1 MILLION unique followers, some of whom they have close relationships with and talk to in Twitter messages every day.
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