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25 Jun
BREAKING: Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage says the province's inquiry into an alleged foreign campaign aimed at discrediting AB's energy sector needs more time. They're also reallocating $1 million from the Canadian Energy Centre (war room) budget. #ableg
The war room's budget was cut in March:
The inquiry's interim report was submitted earlier this year but the key environmental groups that were accused of being part of this alleged campaign were not interviewed cbc.ca/news/canada/ed…
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9 Mar
The hereditary chiefs say the gov didn't properly consider this record, and that they didn't consider the links between resource extraction and violence against Indigenous women, girls and 2S people. This relates to a call to action from the MMIWG inquiry nationalobserver.com/2017/09/21/new…
In response, the BC EAO makes a remarkable argument: that it did consider those things but isn't obliged to give the Wet'suwet'en, whose unceded traditional territory this runs through, a full explanation of its reasoning.
The BC EAO also argues that the MMIWG inquiry call to action isn't legally binding so it doesn't *have* to do anything about it, though the EAO also argues that it did.
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17 Jul 19
THREAD: So, a little while ago, @RVAwonk and I saw a tweet that baffled us. That's right folks, I'm talking about that time Theo Fleury said @gmbutts is sitting on $23 million. Which is extremely false! So where did it come from? nationalobserver.com/2019/07/16/new… #cdnpoli
One thing was clear right away: this false info didn't start with Theo. He was just the most prominent person to tweet about it. As far as we could tell, it originated on a fake news/clickbait site in 2016, as part of a listicle about the "richest politicians" in Canada.
There were a LOT of problems with this listicle. The grammar & spelling are atrocious. It seems to pull biographical details from Wikipedia and pair them with random, absurdly high net worths. It doesn't cite sources. It has no byline. The site is called TopRichests. Like, c'mon
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1 Apr 19
Hello #abvote pals! This afternoon, ex-@Alberta_UCP leadership candidate Jeff Callaway (& others) will ask a judge to halt the election commissioner’s investigation into his campaign. I’ll tweet from court, follow along here. Background: thestar.com/calgary/2019/0… #ableg #abpoli
The hearing is set for 2 p.m. If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, you can get caught up with the latest on this here: thestar.com/edmonton/2019/… #abvote #abpoli #ableg
Of note: this hearing is about the election commissioner’s investigation. We know the RCMP are also looking into aspects of Callaway’s campaign, but as far as I know, we’re not here to talk about that. Just election commissioner.
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31 Jan 19
BREAKING: The Supreme Court of Canada has reached a decision in the #Redwater case. When energy companies go bankrupt, the cleanup of their old oil and gas wells must take priority over paying off creditors, the court found. Sides with Alberta Energy Regulator. Story soon.
Supreme Court ruled 5-2 in favour of @AER_news and the Orphan Well Association. Read the full judgement here:
Here's my early file (many, many more updates to come. In short: this decision empowers provincial governments to stop insolvent oil & gas companies from off-loading their environmental messes onto other companies or the public. thestar.com/calgary/2019/0…
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