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#BREAKING 'Sporadic clashes' in Syria border town after Turkey announces truce: monitor
#UPDATE Sporadic clashes between Turkish forces and Kurdish groups are ongoing in a battleground Syrian border town despite Turkey's announcement of a truce

📸 Smoke rising from the Syrian town of Ras al-Ain on October 18
#BREAKING Turkish air strike kills five civilians in NE Syria: monitor
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#BREAKING: Reports that El Chapo's eldest son, Iván Archivaldo Guzmán, has been captured amid gunfights on the streets of Culiacán, Sinaloa.
More footage of the shootout today in Culiacán. In this clip a cartel gunman appears to be using a .50 cal
Another clip of the gun battle in Culiacán today that reportedly led to the capture of Iván Archivaldo Guzmán.

This one is intense.

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#BREAKING: video


Vice President Mike Pence & Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announce they have reached a cease-fire agreement between Turkey and the Kurds, as predicted by President Trump.

What we're looking at here is an apparent Annex 20 miles deep into Syria. An administrative action & concept in international law relating to the forcible acquisition of one state's territory by another state & is generally held to be an illegal act.

Blood or land.
Erdogan motive is to recreate the Ottoman Empire.

This is what I tweeted yesterday it has references to biblical prophecy.

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-Pence & Erdogan reach a deal to suspend Turkish incursion into northern Syria in 120 hours: reports
-Turkey to suspend operations to allow YPG to withdraw from designated safe zone
US Vice President Mike Pence:
-US & Turkey agree on ceasefire in Syria
-Turkey & US agree to protect prisons in northern Syria & confront ISIS
-We agreed with Turkey to protect minorities in northern Syria
-Agreement with Turkey saved millions of lives
-Washington will not impose additional sanctions on Turkey
-We will work with Kurdish units to secure their withdrawal 20 miles from the Syrian-Turkish border

Initial ceasefire is for 120 hours in preparation for a permanent ceasefire.
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#BREAKING: In opening statement we obtained, Gordon Sondland will testify that Trump put on hold effort to strengthen relations with Ukraine until top US officials were in contact with Giuliani, who had been pursuing investigation into the Bidens and 2016 elections. On @CNN now
“Based on the President's direction ... We could abandon the goal of a White House meeting for President Zelensky, which we all believed was crucial .. or we could do as President Trump directed and talk to Mr. Giuliani to address the President's concerns”…
“Mr. Giuliani emphasized that the President wanted a public statement from President Zelensky committing Ukraine to look into anti-corruption issues ...
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#INXMedia: P Chidambaram brought before the Court of Special CBI Judge Ajay Kumar Kuhar in the case registered against by the ED. He was arrested by the ED yesterday.

@PChidambaram_IN @dir_ed
Hearing for P Chidambaram's remand in the case expected to begin at 4 PM.

Court assembles.

CBI seeks an extension of P Chidambaram's judicial custody by 14 days. SG Tushar Mehta submits that Chidambaram has not been granted bail in that matter yet and his custody ends today.

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#Breaking: Just in - Horrific video has been taken in #Barcelona, of a Spanish riot police vehicle driving over a protestor in the streets when trying to bust through barricades, in this 3de night of heavy clashes and violence with police officers. #Spain #Catalonia
#Update: Correction - Looks like this video has been captured in the city of #Tarragona in #Catalonie #Spain...
I have deleted a Tweet that said that the protestor died in #Tarragona, in #Catalonia. Reports now says that it was a 17 year old guy, who was in a state of trauma and was rushed to the hospital in the region. Doctors now say he is in stable condition. Sorry for the confusion.
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#BREAKING: before Erdogan call, staffers were working on plans for peaceful and coordinated withdrawal of US forces in #Syria, including transferring power to international peacekeepers. Latest from @JimLaPorta @ShaolinTom and me for @Newsweek…
The NSC official said the def team had "presented the president with many different options on how to achieve withdrawal from Syria within anywhere from six months to one month...The prez says America 1st—but he doesn't understand how to make that happen strategically."
Essentially Trump ignored the plans from his own staff which had been working on plans for withdrawal, by deciding after call to just retreat. Staffers knew that chaos would ensue, and were hoping to head that off, even if they disagreed with pullout.
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#Breaking - Schumer says Trump insulted the speaker during WH meeting on Syria, calling it a “nasty diatribe.” Schumer: “He was insulting - particularity to the Speaker,” adding that “he called her a third-rate politician.”
“What we witnessed on the part of the president was a meltdown,” Pelosi said. The Democrats said that Trump noted that some of ISIS are communists and that “might make you happy.” The impeachment inquiry did NOT come up.
Pelosi tells reporters that Trump called her a “third grade” speaker - not “third rate”
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1. President Trump’s First 1,000 Days: In Spite of Constant Harassment from Deep State and Dems, President’s Accomplishments are Historic, If Not MIRACULOUS!… #Trump #Qanon #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA #News
2. Swing Voters In Ohio Focus Group Slam Democrats
– Say Impeachment Is Distraction From Important Issues… #Trump #Qanon #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA #News #DemDebate4
3. Tyrant Kamala Harris Calls 4 Twitter to Silence Trump, Delete His Account – Dems Continue to Crap on Bill of Rights

VOTER MEDDLING against her 'opponent', yet they scream about #Trump is meddling against 'opponent' BIDEN!… #Qanon #Trump2020 #News
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GIORNO 8 (16/10/2019) – Ore 09:30

#Serekaniye resiste ancora, aggiornamenti da Kobane e Tal Abyad, ultimo bilancio 78 morti e centinaia di feriti (paziale)

#Thread #Rojava #SDF
Dopo 8 giorni di attacco via area/terra, l’esercito turco ed i suoi alleati jhiadisti, continuano a non riuscire a penetrare nella città di confine di Serekaniye.

Nella tarda serata di ieri l’esercito turco ha lanciato un violento attacco accerchiando la città da 3 assi, con largo utilizzo di truppe di terra, artiglieria pesante e molti raid aerei, anche sul centro città.
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#NewsAlert: Big heavy violent clashes with riot police and protestors enters the 2nd day in #Barcelona, after #Spain prosecutors sentenced 13 politicians up to a +120 years in Prison. #Catalonia
#Update: Total shocking anarchy in the city of #Barcelona in #Spain as it enters it's second day with heavy clashes and violence, with protestors and riot police violently fighting each other.
#Breaking: Just in - Spanish Riot police reportedly shooting with live round bullets on protestors in #Barcelona in #Spain, Shooting them in the leg to avoiding life treating conditions... This is a bloody European country shooting them with live bullets? #EU
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#BREAKING: Huge victory for #ReligiousFreedom:
A federal court just struck down the controversial #TransgenderMandate, which tried to force doctors to perform potentially harmful gender-transition procedures against their conscience and medical judgment:…
A 2016 HHS regulation, governing nearly every doctor nationwide, said doctors must perform gender-transition procedures, even on children, & even when the procedures could be harmful and were against the doctors’ conscience and medical judgment. 2/
HHS did this by issuing a regulation redefining “sex” to include “gender identity,” and saying doctors who don’t perform gender transition procedures would be punished for “sex” discrimination:… 3/
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#Breaking: Reports of United States Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin is heading towards the White House to hand over the paper with the Sanctions to #Turkey, to be signed by American president Donald Trump, following the invasion into #Syria.
#Breaking: Just in - American president Donald Trump has reportedly signed the Executive order placing sanctions on #Turkey, following the invasion into Northern #Syria.
#Update: The sanctions are reportedly placed at #Turkey's Defense Minister, Energy Minister & the Minister of Interior and their entities. The list of what products will be sanctioned will come out shortly. Following the Turkish invasion into #Syria.
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#BREAKING: And My Reports On #Turkey- #Syria Op, Based On My High-Level Sources, Now All Confirmed: #Russia’s #Putin Says #Turkey Ops In #Syria will end very soon!!!- - -…
Here are a few #Flashbacks from my #Turkey-#Syria Op Coverage- Reporting From #Turkey where I’m currently based: See Dated Screenshots
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#Breaking: Just in - French foreign Minister "Jean-Yves Le Drian" has cancelled his meeting with #Turkey's foreign minister today amid the invasion into #Syria, and arms deal withdrawn for the country. #France
#Update: Some reports says that the entire summit with the meeting with #Turkey/#France will be cancelled entirely. And that it might be moved after Turkey stops it's invasion into #Syria.
#Breaking: Reports says that the #UN has withdrawn all of their staff members who were monitoring and providing humanitarian aid at the #ISIS camps, and refugee camps in the Northern part of #Syria, in case of an all out war between #Turkey.
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#BREAKING: I just received confirmation that #US Army Special Forces are forced by #US Government to block the roads to #Manbij on #Syria Arab Army. Possibly that #Trump has already made a deal with #Erdogan! But things might change tonight!
It is also possible that #USArmy SOF has temporarily blocked the roads in-order to evacuate heavy equipment it had in its observation posts around #Manbij. Or perhaps they still try to convince #SDF to take-over remaining important #ISIL commanders imprisoned in #Manbij prison?!
#BREAKING: #VOA's journalist who is on the ground in NE #Syria is now witnessing that how #US has stopped #Syria Arab Army from preventing massacre of the Kurds in #Manbij by #Turkish Army & its terrorists. #US Special Forces have stopped #Syrian Army!
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#Breaking: Reports coming out from a #SDF spokesperson, that they have agreed with #Russia and the Assad regime to hand over control of border cities of #Manbij and #Kobane in #Syria, amid the Turkish invasion into the country. #Turkey
#Update: Also the report says that SDF fighters will leave the area of #Manbij and #Kobane within hours to let the Assad regime Syrian Arab Army #SAA control the area.
#Update: Statement from a #SDF spokesperson allowing the Syrian Arab Army, who is controlled by the Assad regime and is the country main army force. To hand over control of the cities of #Manbij and #Kobani, to the Russians and Assad, to protect them from the Invasion of #Turkey
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Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Sunday that Turkey "appears to be" committing war crimes in its incursion into northern Syria.
"US official say the situation in NE Syria is deteriorating rapidly. US Forces are at risk of being isolated and the risk of confrontation between Turkish proxies and US Forces is high. Extremist Turkish proxies are wearing SDF uniforms and killing civilians". Per @foxnews
Trump golfs while Kurds burn.

Our only true muslim allies in the middle east have been abandoned to be slaughtered by Turkey. We knew Trukey would do this. Trump would rather rent the US military to Saudi Arabia bc they pay cash. #KurdsBetrayedByTrump
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U.S. President Trump ordered 1,000 U.S. troops to be pulled back from northern Syria as a result of Turkey's military campaign, U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said to Face the Nation.
(File Photo)
U.S. President Donald Trump working with Congress to impose powerful sanctions on Turkey.
@laraseligman reporting:
A second U.S. official confirms that U.S. President Donald Trump has ordered all U.S. troops in Syria, except for those the Al Tanf garrison, to withdraw within 30 days.

(File map from March 13, 2019)
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#Breaking: Update - Reports that the Department of Defence will be pulling 1000 of #US troops out of Northern #Syria this coming week, following the Turkish invasion into the country. #Turkey
#Update: Just in - Another report says that these 1000 of #US troops might be relocated to Saudi Arabia, and will be flying away from #Syria, following the invasion of #Turkey in the country.
#Update: Confirmed the 1000 of #US troops will be leaving #Syria within a week, and might be relocated to Saudi Arabia, following the Turkish invasion into the country, #Turkey
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#BREAKING: #Turkey-backed #jihadists have reached Ain Issa, shot #Kurdish guards dead and released at least dozens of #ISIS terrorists from a detention camp.
#BREAKING: #Turkey is bombing Ain Issa while ISIS members are escaping from a detention camp, total chaos.

Why is @coalition @CJTFOIR @SOJTFOIR not stopping this? @oirdcom @OIRSpox
@coalition @CJTFOIR @SOJTFOIR @oirdcom @OIRSpox Footage showing #Turkey-backed #jihadists on the road between Ain Issa and Kobane.

Why are you not bombing these #ISIS enablers? @CENTCOM
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Kurdish Human right activist & The secretary-general of the Future Syria Party,Ms #Hervin_Khalaf ,has been raped & then stoned to death by #Turkey backed Jihadists near #Hasakah during Turkey's ethnic cleansing operation against #Kurds in Syria. @brett_mcgurk #amnesty
@brett_mcgurk "This happened almost precisely 3 years ago:Kurdish forces raised the US flag in Tal Abyad, while US soldiers were threatened by Turkish-backed rebels.

The President
could learn something about honour & loyalty from these fine men & women"
via @MsJulieLenarz
@brett_mcgurk @realDonaldTrump @MsJulieLenarz On Fox News:
No nation will ever have a reason to trust America or turn to US for support since they are abandoning the Kurds. Kurds done hard fight against ISIS but now they feel betrayed. US government will bury human rights if they have a deal with Islamic Republic dictators.
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#BREAKING: #US, #China Reach a Partial Trade Deal, Easing Tensions - Just a truce in a long war where trade is only one element…
Trump announced on Friday that the US reached a partial trade agreement with China, on intellectual property, financial services & agriculture.

As part of the agreement, Beijing agreed to purchase up to $40 billion to $50 billion in agricultural products from the United States.
In return, Washington called off the tariff hikes on Chinese goods scheduled for next week. Trump called the agreement “a very substantial phase one deal,” adding that there will be two or three phases in China trade talks.
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