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⚠️💀While the #Amazon urgently needs to be considered as a #FossilFuel Free Zone, the Peruvian government 🇵🇪 is giving #oil a new boost by promoting internationally a series of reserves that are home to 435 #indigenous communities.…
🛢️Without consulting local populations, @Perupetrosa promoted 31 areas with potential for hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation to international investors meeting in Texas.…
👀An investigation from @Ojo_Publico reveals that of the 31 areas, 25 are located in the #Amazon and overlap with 435 indigenous communities in Loreto, Ucayali and Madre de Dios, and two reserves for indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation #PIACI…
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1/12 Here is our very useful series of cards, we handed out to people at @StanChart - everyone was very keen to collect all 12 . We're looking forward to hearing which one was the most useful #ClimateAction ImageImage
2/12 Could this be a regular excuse often heard inside @StanChart to delay climate action? ImageImage
3/12 We have a feeling this card may have proved very useful inside @StanChart . Let us know 🤔 ImageImage
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HSBC breaks green pledge with $340m coalmine loan

Bank had said it would ‘seek to withdraw’ from fossil fuels…
Banks still investing heavily in fossil fuels despite net zero pledges – study

Financial institutions signed up to GFANZ initiative accused of acting as ‘climate arsonists’…
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Kolumne: Es gibt vier Kategorien von Scheinargumenten, die echte Klimapolitik weiter verzögern sollen. Ein vielstimmiger Chor trägt sie derzeit mit verteilten Rollen vor: von »Bild« bis Sahra Wagenknecht. Woran das liegt? Ganz einfach: Fossiler Lobbyismus.…
Das Schweizer Taschenmesser des Klimaverzögerungsdiskurses ist Jens “Brechstange” Spahn: Wasserstoff im Keller, CO₂-Speicherung, E-Fuels und Kernfusion - bei @jensspahn geht alles außer dem, was aktuell wirklich möglich, sinnvoll und sofort machbar ist. Und natürlich: “Nur 2%!”
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#Hydrogen, a green energy carrier, is one of the most promising energy sources. However, it is currently mainly produced from depleting #FossilFuels with high #carbon emissions, which has serious -ve effects on the economy and environment. 
1/6 ImageImage
To address this issue, sustainable hydrogen production from bio-energy with #carbon capture and #storage (#HyBECCS) is an ideal technology to reduce global carbon emissions while meeting energy demand. 
2/6 ImageImage
So, a recent review presents an overview of "the latest progress in alkaline thermal treatment (#ATT) of #biomass for #hydrogen production with #carbon storage, mainly focusing on the technical characteristics & related challenges from an industrial application perspective."
3/6 Image
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Today and tomorrow, @G7 #Energy ministers meet in #Japan – a country, often considered a “laggard” on #energytransition. What is 🇯🇵’s energy system like and why is it so reluctant to step up #decarbonisation of its economy? A 🧵 1/19…
The “usual” arguments by the 🇯🇵 government when confronted with lack of both action and ambition on #energytransition:
1. #Japan is resource-poor
2. Japan’s geography limits #renewables build-out
3. Technologies & Innovation will solve the transition

How true are they? 2/19
Japan is indeed poor in some resources, most notably #fossilfuels. Fossil fuel based, its energy system is 88% dependent on #oil, #LNG and #coal imports. It has one of the least self-sufficient energy systems, dependent on #oil & gas from #MiddleEast & #coal from #Australia. 3/19 ImageImage
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.@TIME has just named @petrogustavo one of 100 Most Influential People of 2023🇨🇴👏🏽

One of the reasons: the Colombian President's forward-thinking climate policy, which paves the way for building fossil fuel free future 🧵⬇️…
@GabrielBoric 🇨🇱says of his Colombian counterpart:

“Gustavo dares to speak about complex issues [....] and the imperative to care for the environment in the context of a global climate crisis. He’s a leader who makes difficult decisions and learns fast.”…
In Latin American, where the extractivist economy is the rule, @petrogustavo’s proposal to phase-out #FossilFuels is indeed against the tide.
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I’m delighted to announce that my provocative piece on the impact of #plasticpollution on the #tropics is the first published article in Journal of Tropical Futures published by @SAGEPublishers…

#plasticfree #plastic #plasticwaste #plastictreaty
Unsustainable #plastic production, use and mismanagement have resulted in increased #plasticpollution in the environment threatening #sustainability, especially in the #tropics.

#sustainabledevelopment #sustainabilitymatters #singleuseplastic
Countries in the #tropics have been disproportionally impacted by #plasticpollution due to imports of #plasticwaste from developed countries, or because tropical Small Island Developing States have become overwhelmed by #singleuseplastics used widely in the tourism sector.
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My #Resilience Community of Practice group started up again today—a year of engagements & community building determined collectively.

Two things I flagged as wanting to work through was the framing & language of resilience & FEAR.

Warning—loquacious climate ramble.
Framing & Language

A collective priority was addressing how to support people in shifting the language and framing of “resilience” away from individual targeting to addressing the systemic level #resilience and origins of harm and violence.
As we know, “#resilience” framing is often weaponized & used to gaslight the toil of survival (specifically racialized & oppressed communities) amid systems designed / built to systematically undermine wellbeing, life & thriving.
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🇨🇳 #RosemontSenecaBohai= #CCP CO-MINGLED
🚩 #FollowTheMoney expose how COMPROMISED
+FBI verified
#Bobulinski's claims of CEFC+China ties
#Burisma $83,333.33 pmts
in co-mingled
Bank Statement⬇️… ImageImageImage
WHY Benefit #CCP 🇨🇳not 🇺🇸 ?
#HunterBiden sold US owned #COBALT Mine in Congo to #CCPChina

¬BIDEN puts 20 YEAR BAN on
Mining of US RenewableEnergy MINERALS

¬US passed #ChipsAct #Infrastructure rely ON MINED Materials…… ImageImageImageImage
🚩UnConstitional #ESJ #ESG
Uses SocialJustice

#SocialScore DigitalID:
+LIMITS EV #GeoFence
+BANS Bank loan
👋NO #2ndAm
+Reports #CarbonFootprint
Pay #PerMileTax
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Today is a BIG day for #ClimateJustice with not one but two critical developments at international institutions advancing efforts to clarify & enforce States’ #HumanRights obligations in the face of #ClimateChange.

Our reaction:…

A thread🧵👇
The 1⃣ critical development is the first-ever public hearings at the @ECHR_CEDH on climate cases addressing the duty of states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including a case brought by the @KlimaSeniorin against Switzerland.

The2⃣ development is the historic adoption by the #UNGA of a resolution calling upon the world’s highest court, @CIJ_ICJ, to issue an opinion on State legal responsibilities to protect the climate system for present & future generations & the consequences of failing to do so.
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🚨 Read our new report on #hydrogen 🚨

🔴 It shows how it is being used as a Trojan horse to prolong the use of #FossilFuels

✊The EU must scrap its unrealistic H2 targets and increase investment in energy efficiency and just renewables

👉 Here:… Report cover, map of Africa and an air balloon sayin Hydroge
🚨Behind the hype, this hydrogen push will actually lead to higher CO2 emissions

⛔It’s not because you put the word green in front of #Hydrogen that it becomes climate friendly

👉 Read all about it here:… The hydrogen supply chain from production to transport to po
We found that:

❌100+ German businesses are key players for #GreenHydrogen and many of them have ties to the fossil fuel industry, jumping on the hydrogen bandwagon to lock in harmful infrastructure & production models.

👉 Here:…

#fossilfreepolitics Photo of gas transport pipes, in a black and white ohoto, on
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TODAY @IPCC_CH released its most comprehensive assessment of science of #ClimateChange, impacts & solutions.
This is not the first & won’t be the last wake-up call, but it’s a unique moment.
I was in Interlaken 🇨🇭 for the last 9 days.
Here’s a🧵with my take #ClimateReport👇 Image
Before I start... Let's step back 👣

Here's a @ciel_tweets & @BoellStiftung analysis on the @IPCC_CH's Synthesis Report #ClimateReport

If you missed it, that's a great starting point to understand what #AR6SYR is and why it matters:…
Negotiations of the Summary for Policymaker highlighted the clash between the indisputable #ClimateScience & mainstream economic models underpinning mitigation pathways, perpetuate a business-as-usual approach. Incredible work of CSOs put a spotlight on #FossilFuels. Image
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1/13.⚡️USEFUL INFO⚡️: The @IPCC_CH is currently meeting at #IPCC58 to review and approve the #AR6 Synthesis Report and it's Summary for Policymakers, with released set for Monday the 20th of March.
More here:…

Why is this important for #LossAndDamage? 👇 IPCC Chair Hoesung Lee  | Photo by IISD/ENB
2/13. The #AR6 Synthesis Report and it's Summary for Policymakers will condense all of the scientific evidence from the reports of the @IPCC_CH working group's and all special reports published between 2018 and 2022.
3/13. For example the @IPCC_CH #AR6 Working Group II report made the following key points on #LossAndDamage very clear:

1⃣Human-induced #ClimateChange has already caused #LossAndDamage to both nature and people;
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Epic disconnect: Head of @NYUSternCSB sustainability forum saying we’re out of time to move business towards more ESG practices at the same she actively partners with climate criminal #fossilfuel funders like @GoldmanSachs @HSBC and plastics monster @PepsiCo. Why? Image
Very happen to learn @Chase and other large #fossilfuel banks will have to take buildings for which they hold mortgages into account under #LocalLaw97. Their energy-leaking investments will come back to bite them. Image
Hallelujah @dgelles for speaking truth @NYUSternCSB: #FossilFuel co’s are funding ESG backlash at the state level. So, quite odd that @nyu is partnering with climate criminals right and left to further their sustainability studies. Also all panel, don’t use Right lingo “woke.” Image
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🚨Study on future options and costs of energy imports for Germany🚨

Our study comparing future options for energy imports to Germany and their costs has finally passed peer-review and is now published.

A thread 🧵
🔑Key findings

- Germany has many options for import
- No one-size-fits-all: Costs strongly depend on what and from where you import
- Costs for renewable alternatives and prices for fossil counterparts converged in last year

(visualisation created with AI b/c it's trendy) ("image" created ...
↩ Service: Availability

Study is open-access, available in @PLOSONE :…

All code and data of course are published as #opensource and #OpenData , see the article for details. @openmod

Together with @Michael_Dueren (@jlugiessen) and @nworbmot (@TUBerlin)
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📢 @CANIntl - LIVE NOW: learn from experts & civil society leaders about upcoming @IPCC_CH Report, what it means for policymakers, and how it can scale-up global #ClimateAction.

w/ @1TeresaAnderson @JPvanYpersele @harjeet11 @sindra_sharma @kaisakosonen…
On 1.5°C limit of #ParisAgreement:

"Because the very reason this target was chosen, is not in terms of the easiness of achieving it.

It was chosen to avoid the most servere impacts. It's a must. We must keep it alive." - @JPvanYpersele
"It's a truly unique moment in human history.

1. Where we are today. Climate change is here today. It will get more severe sooner.

2. Climate change intensifies deep injustices.

3. There's a massive gap between where we need to be and what's happening..." - @kaisakosonen
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Why do geologists think that fossil fuels are the remains of fossilized organisms?

1) Geological evidence: Fossil fuels are found in sedimentary rocks that are typically formed from the accumulation of sediments at the bottom of oceans or lakes. 1/5
2) Chemical composition: Fossil fuels are primarily composed of hydrocarbons, which are molecules made up of hydrogen and carbon atoms. These molecules are similar in composition to the organic material found in living organisms, such as plants and animals. 2/5
3) Isotopic signatures: The carbon isotopic signature of fossil fuels is similar to that found in living organisms. This isotopic ratios is due to the fact that plants and animals preferentially use Carbon-12 during photosynthesis and respiration. 3/5
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#RaisinaDialogue2023 | #JustTransitions: Old Fuels, New #Energy and Persistent Aspirations

We are live tweeting the session with @suman_bery, @Tharman_S, @JoTyndallNZ, @lordstern1, @nitinprasad, @ekitbi and @jayantsinha

Follow this thread for live updates!!

.@Tharman_S: Two things must guide #climatefinance: Scale and urgency. We are way behind meeting our #climate targets and we need to get moving quickly even if it is in an imperfect way.

#Raisina2023 #RaisinaDialogue2023
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1/ Welcome to the bi-weekly #CleanTechEU thread!🧵👇

This week is a dive into the recently adopted #hydrogen delegated act on #additionality, what we asked for, why, and what made it to the final text & what got lost in compromises.🔎
2/ 1st things 1st: making #RenewableHydrogen means needing #RenewableElectricity ⚡️

When connecting an electrolyser to most of #EU’s electricity grids, the #H2 produced will have a very high #CarbonFootprint🏭👣 Image
3/ But, this can be fixed. Here are a few rules that can ensure that #hydrogen produced on the grid has a minimal climate impact:
⌛️temporal matching
🗺️geographic correlation Image
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🧵 For the last 40 hours there has been no power in my home due to a winter storm. I live in San Mateo County: a very wealthy county but I live in its poorest community. If the future is electric what does this say about our future?
@GavinNewsom @AlexPadilla4CA @SenFeinstein @RepAnnaEshoo @JoshBeckerSV you all know that climate change is pushing electricity as the solution and an all electric future is a horror show with this electrical infrastructure.
The power company has given no public estimate of when power will be restored, and remind us that the neighboring cities have no power either. What the neighboring cities do have that EPA doesn’t is wealth, and access to credit.
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1/8. 🤯An eye-opening new tracker detailing the flight emissions✈️of the #SuperRich has been created by Akash Shendure a high school senior from Seattle in the U.S! But how do the emissions of the 1% relate to #LossAndDamage from the #ClimateCrisis?

2/8. 📈Although there are many ways to measure responsibility for the #ClimateCrisis, no matter which way you do it's the richest countries🌐, people🎩 and polluting industries🏭 that come out on top. 👇
3/8. Between 1990 and 2015 the proportional #CO2 emission of the richest 1% of the world's population were 15%, whilst in the same period the richest 10% accounted for 52%.

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Bangladesh is now seeking a revision to the power purchase agreement it signed with Adani Power on concerns it's being over-charged for coal being imported from Adani's Carmichael mine in Queensland

#AdaniGroup #Bangladesh #coal…
A senior official has reportedly said that if Adani doesn’t agree to adjust the pricing mechanism for coal in the PPA, it would be simply unviable for Bangladesh to import power from the Godda power plant.

#AdaniGroup #Bangladesh #coal…
In December last year IEEFA warned that Adani's Godda power plant - fuelled by Carmichael coal - will worsen poverty in Bangladesh not reduce it

#AdaniGroup #Bangladesh #coal…
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