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Progressive? Yes. Partisan? No way - partisanship is a wasted effort.
1 Dec
Sure, Schmidt is right about #LaraLogan. The absurdity that she spouts off here should be cause to penalize $NWSA, but how? It's not as if either satellite or cable television providers have to answer to the @FCC
The Fairness Doctrine only applied to broadcasters (T.V. that one picked up with antennas and radio station). But Reagan killed that in 1987.…
It would seem that there are no statutes or laws that can keep the Lara Logan's of the world from disseminating noxious screeds against the likes #AnthonyFauci who are trying to keep us well if the likes of @rupertmurdoch chose to sit her ilk in front of their cameras.
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2 Mar
Does @IowaGOP @realiowacrs appreciate the good work that @ChuckGrassley is doing to point blame at #antifa for the #CapitolRiots? Understand that y'all need it because jailed constituents can't vote.
The #IAGOP could use to support remedial #literacy program for seniors elected from their ranks. They might be able to understand the #CapitolRiots better.…
It's something that @iowacrs @YoungIowaGOP @officialifcr could volunteer to better their community.
How many contacts do the #scgop have with these types?…
How many of the @SCGOP's constituents would end up in jail for those contacts, be unable to vote for either @TimScottSC or @LindseyGrahamSC? #CapitolRiots
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31 Jan
because she was useless in even protesting the #genocide of #Rohingya people, no one cares
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15 Nov 20
Yesterday in #LawEnforcement failures to combat #terrorism
{comentary follows}
What happened in DC is a travesty. If you don’t know, a group of Proud Boys mixed in with some other conservatives marched and towards the end went to fight with counterprotestors in BLM plaza.
There’s been a fair bit of misreporting but what is clear now is that Proud Boys stabbed multiple counterprotestors unprovoked. This probably brings unpleasant flashbacks to 2015 for a bunch of Sacramentans... 😕 (they marched in #Sacramento too)
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31 Aug 20
Mary Anderson of Minnetonka #MN was gaslighting @CNN. No compos mentis person can say what she does about @realDonaldTrump or @SecretaryCarson.
Also comparing @JoeBiden in the same manner. This woman is a mirror engineered #crisisactor.
It's things like this that want me to get something like one of these…
and one of these to capture the false equivalence that #TV #News broadcasts…
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4 Jun 20
.@GayleKing found this video heartwarming. Perhaps it is. I for one, see it as a possibility that there have been white racist provocateurs in the #GeorgeFloydProtests
they are a noxious lot that @CBSNews hasn't examine sufficiently…
@szirinsky should take a look at all of this, too…
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1 Jun 20…
was an exercise in moral equivalence @NPR
Other people are looking into the #ViolenceOnTheStreets; they aren't finding the kind of people who would be your donors…
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13 Feb 20
I don't believe #USAG Barr when he complaints about @realDonaldTrump's tweets. I think he is saying that for political cover from any other concerned person than #POTUS45. Barr isn't suffering, he's thriving.…
@realDonaldTrump Others may be slightly more generous.…
This is not a good look, @Salon:…
You come across as naïve as a news operation at a UHF station with ratings smaller than a property on the same market.
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