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🍺 Pass the Corona‼️ Memorial Day Party At Lake of the Ozarks Will Spread #CoronaVirus throughout Kansas and Missouri. Look for cases to rise from this single event👇…
More #coronavirus Insanity at Daytona Beach 🏝…
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Trump has been waging his own kind of war on the wearing of face masks. It’s working — his base is getting increasingly hostile to the masks and even to social distancing.…
Because there is literally no depths they will not sink, Trump supporters are encouraging each other to fake disabilities to get out wearing masks to the store. Some are even falsifying documents.
Trumpers harassed and abused a mask-wearing reporter, making claims about "fake news" and declaring they had nothing to fear from the coronavirus. Now Trump has singled out these #Covidiots for praise.
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I've put together a little thread for you guys about our complacency as Patriots. We do not hold the same values or ethics. We have grown weak, so weak that if see civil unrest in Michigan, we do nothing...
So weak that if states decide to extend the Lockdown for 3 more months, we do nothing because "it isn't happening to me". What happens when it shows up at your door and everyone has been so complacent that there is no Army of Patriots to fight with you?
What if we are missing our opportunity to save ourselves, right now? What if Q is simply waiting for US to stand the fuck up and fight our government? THIS WAS LAID OUT FOR US IN THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, SPECIFICALLY FOR THESE SITUATIONS. CHANGE IT OR ABOLISH IT...
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1/ Feeling 🌞 today; alternative possibility:

COVID's R 2.5 has multiple compartments (with mixing)

*A small group of hypersocials R 8 (aka #COVIDIOTS)

*A large group w R<1 (#COVINTROVERTS)

Letting the hypersocials do their thing could lead to herd immunity at 10-20% prev 😀
2/ a few caveats- this assumes that super-givers are also more likely to be super-getters (early getters). This may not be true

An operatic loud talker may be great at spreading, not at getting.

This reduces the dampening/early infection and immunity effect
3/ some of those most at risk of getting and spreading may be super important to society's functioning- we don't want them all to get infected quickly!

Think healthcare workers

We need PPE and protections for those people who are at high risk b/c jobs, not their social habits
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This is not new. It has actually been a long time coming. I've been writing about how antivaxxers have coopted far right rhetoric and have been becoming more extreme. Unfortunately #COVID19 has accelerated the process. 1/
For instance, in the 2016 election @delbigtree visited Michigan and ranted on about standing and, if necessary, dying for freedom, as his group went around buttonholing state legislators. 2/…
Before that, Bigtree was on video saying "Now's the time for guns." 3/…
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Victory Day parade held in Minsk, Belarus on May 9th 2020
An army parade to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Soviet people's victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 took place in Minsk on 9 May
No #SocialDistancing by fascist cops 😉…
The Daily 🕎 Mail reports on Minsk Parade
Belarus ‘bribes people’ to attend Victory Day parade! 🤣
President Alexander Lukashenko has rejected #lockdown, earlier claiming coronavirus is a 'mass psychosis' 😉…
Belarus is considered by the Western media and politicians as a 'brutal regime'!
Meanwhile in the West our civil rights are trampled by the (semi-)police 😉
#Belarus has made a joke out of the Western politicians and their #Covid_19 fearporn.

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Ich denke, dass Problem der #COVIDIOTS sich in den nächsten 2-3 Wochen ganz von alleine biologisch lösen wird. Gestern haben tausende ohne jeden Mindestabstand und ohne einen MNS in vielen grossen Städten demonstriert. Dabei haben sie stundenlang laut „Wir sind das...[Thread]
...Volk!“ und „Widerstand!“ gebrüllt. Der Speichel fliegt dabei bis zu acht Meter weit. Durch das laute Reden und Brüllen holen die Teilnehmer oft und tief Luft. Dabei inhalieren sie die Aerosole und feinen Tröpfchen ihrer Mitstreiter besonders tief bis in die tiefsten ...
...Lungenabschnitte. Ich nenne es das „Ischgl-Syndrom“. Man konnte besonders bei den Skifahrern schwere und teils tödliche Verläufe beobachten, mit einer schweren viralen Pneumonie von Symptombeginn an. Ich denke, dass wir in den nächsten Wochen in Städten wie Stuttgart...
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Is Bill Gates the Worst Tyrant of Them All? April 10, 2020 | 
Or is he the Anti-Christ?… 

Or is he Satan incarnate?  Or merely an egotistical threat to world health?…
De media worden ook mede gefinancierd door Gates, de 'factcheckers' van 'fakenews' worden ook door Gates & Soros betaald. SocialMedia worden door factcheckers in de gaten gehouden op 'fakenews', etc. Zo is de illusie ontstaan waardoor Gates heilig is verklaard.
Ferguson #COVID19 computer model via Imperial College beloofde massale sterfte ook in NL!
Sponsor Imperial College is Gates Foundation. COMPLOT? 🤣…
Coronavirus Model Drastically Downgrades Projection…
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Tucker: Big Tech censors dissent over coronavirus lockdowns via @YouTube
Has little challenge as do corrupt politicians as long as #FreeSpeech is suppressed. The #NumberOne #HumanRight that made #AmericaGreat. The principle upon which the internet was made to acquire knowledge and exchange ideas. Let’s reflect on that #MothersDay
With out #SydneyPowell speaking up for #GeneralFlynn America wouldn’t know the general Is an American Hero set up by those involved in #ObamaGate. They would still think @POTUS was a Russian Agent when it was @HillaryClinton @DNC aid for and organized #Spygate
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Gerade, wenn ich solche Bilder sehe kommt mir als Pflegekraft das Kotzen hoch. Die Ignoranz mancher Leute frustriert mich mehr und mehr.

In diesem Thread möchte ich einfach mal loswerden, wie ich die #Coranakrise in der Pflege erlebt habe und #COVIDIOTS mir auf die Nerven gehen
Ich weiß gar nicht so recht, wo ich anfangen soll.
Ich arbeite derzeit auf einer kardiologischen Station, wo wir derzeit, wegen Corona und Kräftemangel, auch gastroenterologische Fälle aufnehmen.
Derzeit ist unsere Station durchgehend komplett voll, geht einer, kommt der nächste
Das war aber auch schon vor Corona so, volle Stationen, überforderte Pfleger, das ist so ziemlich der Alltag.
Was Corona ändert, ist beispielsweise das konsequente Dauermaskentragen.
Zumindest bisher.

Bei weiteren Lockerungen und einer höheren Reproduktionsrate kann sich 3/x
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Do refer to this thread on how Chaitra irrigation is #polluting the water and has made the life of residents of Devarakaggalahalli miserable and sickly. Please note the owners of Chaitra irrigations are the ones who operate HW landfill called Mother Earth(sic) in Harohalli !
Mother Earth has MANY violations as pointed out in the emails by us to concerned authorities! Since the beginning of this unit, it has been a disaster! Despite an FIR, a closure order due to violations of consent conditions,they run their business like there is no Law and Order!
Now in #Covid_19 #lockdown,they are bringing in tankers of effluents at night and filling it up in lagoons as can be seen in the picture attached.Last year, it is precisely these activities that contaminated the surface waters and killed the cows, fish and birds & we got to know.
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1/43 So far I've supported @fordnation's response to the #COVID19 pandemic in #ONpoli, but this marks a turning point that recklessly plays with fire & a return to partisan agendas that will explode the death rate in rural Ontario

See #THREAD for details…
2/43 #THREAD Re #COVID19 in #ONpoli #CDNpoli cc @fordnation

Although I appreciate the political pressures on Premier Ford to re-open the economy, he's become insulated in a #TOpoli bubble that is utterly tone deaf & detrimental to Conservative strongholds in cottage country
3/43 #THREAD Re #COVID19 in #ONpoli #CDNpoli cc @fordnation

I'm speaking in these partisan terms in an effort to get through to Premier Ford, that his predetermined decision to send urban Ontario to cottage country for the May 2-4 holiday is so mistaken it will cost him votes
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WHY YOU’RE WEARING A COVID MASK - The three stages of an initiation ritual
A ritual initiation (wearing a #Covid mask) introduces and inducts one into “the way”; a new way of life or world view.…
The Characteristics of an Initiation Ritual
"The new normal" and "We're all in this together" is being hammered into our heads like a (#COVID-) cult mantra
Video 👇🤓😮
The second wave will be blamed on freedom seekers and lockdown protestors. The NWO wants citizens fighting among each other while they carry out their agenda for a totalitarian New World Order.…
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@SpeakerPelosi⁩ & the ⁦@TheDemocrats⁩ apparently think they can’t talk with a mask. And they broke any and all universal precautions for wearing a mask.
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1/According to the Brigham Young University survey, loneliness is a bigger cause of early death than obesity. Being aware of obesity death numbers which are mind-blowing,
2/what happens when people with smaller homes especially in Europe can only travel from bed to sofa and sofa to bed and loneliness and obesity both together act as the worst poison that they have to take every hour and day and week and months and who knows for how long?
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From Bernardette:


They call it moving with the times... I call it total Government Control. ⛓⛓⛓⛓
Imagine a world where everything and anything will be connected to a smart grid, sounds good.......Imagine what those in control can do with this power........sounds scary. 😳😳😳😳😳😳
Now think again.

Are you prepared to risk giving up your freedom so that you can ask “...
....Alexia” to drive you to the grocery store???🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗

We can all see the great health implications of living in a fully wireless grid but it’s more then about health.

Being connected to this grid means that there will be no privacy! No secret unknown.
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I am writing this thread to let everyone know what is happening in Mumbai for dialysis patients.
We go for a dialysis in Mumba, Andheri. Centre is very good and Doctor's are brilliant. They even do the dialysis at subsidized cost to some marginalised people who cannot afford the charges. All staff is very good all g with the Nephrologists
Centre found a positive COVID-19 case so they asked every patient to do a test and then only they can get a dialysis. Even they asked the staff to do it. This is very fair because any patient may spread the disease.o
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#COVID19 #Fascism / #Communism has arrived and you expected #Hitler or #Stalin, didn’t you?🤣
Our civil rights are being trampled by lying politicians, cooperating police and military.
Worst part, the public ‘thinks’ it is OK 😁😉

21Day #SouthAfricaLockdown - Police & Army brutilize civilians
Mind you, if the Police & Army were White the whole leftist world would demonstrate shouting "RACISM or FASCISM".
Are black Communist Police & Army allowed to do this?🤔
Status of COVID-19
As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the #UK. Mortality rates are low overall, #COVID19 should no longer be classified as an HCID 🤔…
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Is the youngest boy to die from #coronavirus a lie?

Why is a photo from a 15 year old boy's death in 2017 being used?

This is not to offend anyone, just want the truth

Ishmail Mohamad Abdulwahab
Died at the Age 13

This is the only pic that has been released

The boy in the picture is actually

Isaiah Gonzolas
Age 13
Known as Conor Wilmot

(Most likely to divert attention from his parents living undocumented in the country)

Tragically lost his life to suicide in 2017 playing an online game called "Blue Whale Challange"

A Gofundme to cover the funeral costs for Ismail has raised
$ 87,901.05 usd

@madinah_college Director and family friend Mark Stephenson set up the fundraiser.

Ismail the 13 year old boy is also being reported as a student at Madinah College.

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1) Yesterday in response to comment I made on Facebook on @MaziNnamdiKanu post, his gullible & misguided uneducated followers came attacking me & one of them brought d issue of @MBuhari 's younger sister celebrating 85 yrs. I Asked for d IV card or programme of event that
2) indicated 85yrs, he kept quiet. I then went ahead to educate thus:

General Gowon and Obasajo were older than PMB in age & service. Gowon is 85 & he joined d Army in 1954. OBJ is 83 & joined d Army in 1958.

PMB's mate's
Abacha was born in 1943, would have been 77yrs now
3) he joined d Army in 1963
IBB was born in 1941 he is 78yrs. He Joined d army 1962
Shehu Musa Yar'adua who was PMB's classmate in Secondary was born in 1943 if he was alive he would 77yrs now. He joined d Army in 1961.
PMB was born in 1942 just 3 months after Yar Adua 77yrs
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Good morning.. COVID news from up close.

Neighbour's son tested positive day before yesterday. 😑

Son doesn't live in our bldg but lives very close by and has been frequent visitor to our building.

Has travel history n was showing symptoms since a week.


Apparently he'd been told to quarantine but didn't n was roaming around n visited his parents n possibly also stayed over around 4-5 days ago. 🙄

So he's been visiting AND using the elevator in our building since a week.. n they didn't bother to inform anyone.

Gets worse...

So day before he tested positive n his father took him to be admitted to hospital.

Since family (our neighbours) had come in contact with someone who tested positive, all were asked to self-quarantine n not step out.

BUT - neither did they inform society nor stay indoors.

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Italy, UK, Spain, France took part in poignant clapping tributes. They went to their doorsteps & windows outpouring gratitude. Healthcare workers were applauded worldwide.
As millions of people were in voluntary isolation or lockdown, the clapping was a sign of raised spirits/1
On the other hand, Brazil erupted to the sound of banging pots and pans and shouts of "Bolsonaro out!" with housebound protesters expressing their anger toward the President. This was their way of un-bottling their pent-up frustration./2
In India, after indulging in all important events of kemcho Trump, Delhi riots, MP Govt toppling, (I might have missed out a few) Modi gave a 29 minute speech on #coronaviruspandemic urging people to express gratitude thru #ThaliBajao. Gratitude to whom??? Noone asked/3
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Enough bullshit about 'punishing' #Markaz members. Fact is Govt allowed participants from abroad. Jamaats are hard to miss at airports. Can be spotted from a mile.
Meanwhile- Hindu pilgrims stuck in Jammu. Who gave permission for this yatra? #COVID19…
Who is going to test lakhs of #migrantworkers who have been gathering at bus stops and state borders? Who is responsible for that 'congregation'? Is an FIR going to be registered against them? Stop using #COVID as an excuse to target Muslims
Parliament was functioning till the 23rd of March. Was that not a 'congregation' of people from all over the country? On 17 March, the PM told MPs at the BJP Parl party meeting that the budget session won’t be cut short b'cos of #COVID I dont see any FIRs…
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Chronology samajhiye.
From the time #COVID19 broke out, one wondered how would the world's sickest, most violent and regressive minds not use a highly contagious pandemic to wage #CoronaJihad on kafirs.
* Soon, videos like this one started emerging.
* Then came a spate of TikTok videos urging co-religionists to throw away #coronavirus masks, rely on skullcaps.
* The vids seemed smoothly coordinated, came by dozens. We laughed them off as #COVIDIOTS.
* There were also videos urging to defy Modi's call for social distancing.
* Bihar police find Uighur Muslims and other foreigners hiding there. Arrests made.
* Delhi govt bans mass assembly, India on alert at airports etc, but Tablighi Jamaat, a conversion org, holds #Nizammudin with 100s of foreigners.
* Infy guy urges open spitting to spread #COVID.
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