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Imagine if the 5-year incarceration of #nanazinzaghariratcliffe got the sort of global attention afforded to #Djokovic because his paperwork wasn’t in order.

A good example of humanity’s priorities gone mad.

When asked why he attended a big event the day after testing positive, the #Djokovic family abruptly ends the press conference. They are well at home in the company of Laurence Fox, Farage et al. Evasive and entitled. And dangerous. #AusOpen #covidiots
Game Set & Match, Ms Navratilova. 🎾 🏆
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3 calciatori morti di infarto negli ultimi 5 giorni. Avevano 23, 29 e 30 anni. Tali casi si aggiungono a quelli già registrati nell'ultimo anno, che ha visto collassare tanti sportivi in campo, senza alcuna ragione apparente. #novax #Zangrillo
Ecco una possibile spiegazione dei casi di infarto dopo il vax da parte dei #Covidiots.
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Cheap-flight CEO in climate emergency:
CEO of Ryanair has declared that anyone who remains unvaccinated should be completely cut off from society, including not being allowed to travel, go to the supermarket to get food, or the pharmacy to get medicine.'…
''O’Leary admitted that making vaccines compulsory is “an infringement of your civil liberties,” but added that the way around it is “you simply make life so difficult...”'
'Calling the unvaccinated “idiots,” the Ryanir boss further stated “I don’t think that governments should permit those people who are not vaccinated to go and infect everybody else.”'
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Occam's Razor:Γιατί οι εκτιμήσεις αποτελεσματικοτητας του εμβολίου κατά του #SARS_CoV_2 αντιβαινουν την επιστημονική αρχή της οικονομίας και επιτρέπουν θεωρίες συνωμοσίας ή θαυματουργού σκευασματος;

Το εμβόλιο θα έπρεπε να προσφέρει ανοσία στο ληπτη, να αποτρέπει δηλαδή τη
μόλυνση κ τη μετάδοση. Τελεία.

❌Και μόλυνση κ μετάδοση σε μικρότερο βαθμό από τον μη εμβολιασμό
❌Και νοσηση κ νοσηλεία και θάνατος σε μικρότερο βαθμό από τον μη εμβολιασμό
❌Μείωση αποτελεσματικοτητας λόγω μεταλλάξεων που έχουν όμως την ίδια πρωτεΐνη ακίδα, στην οποία
στηρίζεται το εμβόλιο.
❌Προνόμια κ αποκλεισμοί για εμβολιασμενους κ μη εμβολιασμενους αντίστοιχα
❌Παρεμβολή πολιτικής υγείας για μέτρηση αποτελεσματικότητας έναντι του ιού
❌Στόχος % εμβολιασμών για ανοσία, ενώ δεν επιτυγχάνει ανοσία το σκεύασμα
❌Συχνές επαναληπτικες δόσεις
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I see the lockdown fan club is full of Christmas cheer.
#covidiots #londonprotest
Normal, decent folk.
Mayor of London has said the vast, vast majority of hospital cases are unvaccinated. I'm so done with these rabid, stupid, foul people. They're the reason for all this panic about strain on health services. They are literally what is causing the restrictions to which they object.
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Chris Whitty politely destroys a Tory MP bravely asking an idiotic question on behalf of fellow idiots.
#covidiots #omicron
I love this clip so much.
Why do some people not understand that if thousands & thousands of people are off work for 10 days with even very mild Covid, those people include the doctors, nurses & ambulance workers on whom we depend when we ourselves get sick or injured? It surely isn’t complicated is it?
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@Dr_D_Robertson Except they didn't #Lockdown in Japan

And had many with antigens over year ago

Didn't #LockDown in Sweden

#COVIDIOTS have to switch from comparing deaths to 5 yr av which hides not just all recent peaks but all historic stats

To just previous year

When had freak low deaths!
@Dr_D_Robertson Sweden had BELOW AVERAGE deaths with #COVID

#COVIDIOTS had to compare with previous freak low year not usual peak-hiding 5 yr av to make BELOW AVERAGE 2020 death rate seem like big jump

If #LockDown works why always use damned lies & "statistics" to make (asymptomatic) "case"🤦‍♂️
@Dr_D_Robertson Infection peaks dropping before #Lockdowns imposed

Catastrophe need to avoid is economic

ONS predicted 200,000 deaths from #DiseasesOfDespair from just FIRST #LockDown

Estimates already reached 500,000 from that alone😱

ON TOP of deaths from reduced & refused NHS services!🤦‍♂️
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@xxxtruth1 @JannerDarren @CharlotteEmmaUK Ironically, early last year, Covid was thought to be a danger mostly to the very old & the very sick. #Covidiots thought those groups were expendable! “No need for us all to take precautions to stop the spread; if YOU’RE healthy & under 60--or 50, or 40, or 30–YOU’RE safe.”
@xxxtruth1 @JannerDarren @CharlotteEmmaUK Few seemed to know—or care—that age & physical condition are gradients, not binaries. Those who were neither young & perfectly healthy, nor very old &/or sick, were expected to take their chances of exposure (at 1st, 2nd, or 10th remove) because someone flouted hygiene protocols.
@xxxtruth1 @JannerDarren @CharlotteEmmaUK Some callous young-to-middle-aged adults referred to Covid as “Boomer Remover”.
And few even noticed—or cared—that midlife parents, teachers, and other workers with a pre-existing condition or two were at moderate or higher risk of serious illness if infected.
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1, Thread on the fat man with the clean bill of health... Even superficially that is taking the piss but there is more....… #AledDavis #CovidVaccine #Omicron #walesonline
2. Aled Davis is pretty blatantly flashing a devils horns sign . I cant quite see the tattoo but it does not seem to be peace and love... #aleddavis #covid #devilshorns #omicron #covidvariant
3. Was that an accident? Looking at the other photos in the article - blatantly flashing a 666 sign whilst pretending to play the guitar... #AledDavis #Covid_19 #Omicron #moronic #sixsixsix #covidvariant
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‘Masks are dehumanising’.

Drowned child refugees, not so much.

It’s going to be an exhausting week.
#MondayMood #WearAMask #GetVaccinated #covidiots
Just someone who is very angry with the air ambulance service for rudely trying to save someone’s life. Bet they won’t be wearing a mask. #idiocracy
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Lots of people who don’t remotely mind terrified, freezing refugees drowning in the Channel will shortly appear here, incandescent with rage that they may be required to wear a piece of fabric over their nose & mouth for 15 mins when they’re in a shop.
#BrexitBritain #Omnicron
Someone just told me that their ancestors fought for their right not to comply with mask mandates, and now I want the earth to swallow me. 🤦🏻‍♂️ #covidiots #covidvariant #COVID19
If anyone has lost their crystal meth lab I know who stole it. #covidiots #covidvariant #Omnicron #idiocracy
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The police are are at JAKK Tuesdays right now
They think because this is on the door the police are trespassing #ygk
Multiple cop cars outside JAKK Tuesdays and inside the restaurant #ygk
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One of most horrific events I have witnessed was British Petition system after Brexit with call for People's Referendum. How can anyone claim that Democracy exists in UK?
Not perfect, but let me tell you about Bavarian petition held about same time & has to do with this video
2. (Background)
Bavaria 13m pop. 10m voters
Land mass same as Rep of Ireland, 20% of Germany's total land.
86% of land for agriculture & forest. Loads of major rivers incl Danube to Med, Main to North Sea.
Land & Water critical
Own Parliament & MPs.
Want a petition?..
3. Petition, Rules.
1. Write full legal text of law you want & why it is important, what it's aims are
2. Get 25k signatures, hand in for checking if text legal
3. If approved, petition put in town halls 14 days & must collect 1m (10%) certified signatures.
If successful.../4
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The #MASKHOLE who’s been terrorizing our business pulled a GUN on me today because HE felt threatened.

This is what it is to have a small biz in the era of #covidiots

A thread…
After our mask sign went mini-viral we started getting phone bombed from a NO CALL ID number.

Several hundred in a day.

But it stopped.

First, a confession…
During the phone bombing I DID answer several calls with messages of my own.

I do recall answering one with “I can’t talk now I’m F@&king your MOM!”

Maybe that was my bad. But at the time it was just a phone prank.

Then it escalated…
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1/. I consider myself a good decent person. I’ve spent 40yrs in healthcare (Paeds and Oncology). I’ve had my own struggles. I’ve volunteered at ASRC since 2017. I’ve had my racist, misogynistic & homophobic bones excised. I try to be genuinely kind and empathetic.
2/. However, I find myself with rapidly declining sympathy, empathy, and care for those who deny COVID, flout rules, attend Toddler Tantrum protests, and risk lives, who then find themselves seriously unwell with COVID ( and despise opportunistic politicians).
3/. A recent example is a Stranger to Truth who was on the Westgate Bridge and other protests, denies COVID exists, who became unwell and went about his ignorance for TEN DAYS before he was so sick that he attended the ED of a major metro hospital. When there he abused staff..
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Breaking: #Vaccines now the #1 cause of coincidence.
#Australian #nurse claims 20 people per hour turning up at hospital with chest pains after #vaccination.

Dee Dee doesn't seem to comprehend what she's been told and stumbles with telling people not to go to the hospital? #GetVaccinated
So 'Karen' the liberal Notre Dame professor dies 12 days after the 3rd booster shot while bitching about the #unvaccinated. Notice the cause of death - Cancer complications. Now watch the next clip.🧵 ImageImage
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RT 🧵

Criminal Minds: False flag
episode 2017


With explanation how it works

Help me spread the word!

#coronapas #IkPrikNiet #COVID19
#GreatReset #wappie #Iktestniet #FVD #MAGA #COVIDIOTS
1. The spreaders
The big mouths saying the people get scammed!!
Are actually the people selling
2. How actual science works
The methods of the counters

👌Cognitieve truc!!

How deep the conspiracy goes=eliminating the evidence
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I kinda doubt the plague rats are gonna occupy Luna Park, but anyway ...
(Shout-out to all the funny kvnce trolling Harrison McLean's Telegram channel. And to the #COVIDIOTs bringing the inadvertent lulz.)
They're strolling along St Kilda Beach atm, being shadowed by pol.
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59) Nurse Shanda Parish has cancer, but won’t get vaccinated, even after losing both parents to #COVID19. She resents judgment from friends asking why they didn’t get vaccinated: “people make us feel like it’s our fault they’re gone.”

Who has she infected?

#Spreadnecks Nurse Shanda Parish has can...
60) This “Christian” radio host became infamous for reading obituaries from people who died of AIDS while playing the Queen song "Another One Bites the Dust”

Now Bob Enyart bit the dust.

But who did he infect? What variants did he breed?

#Spreadnecks #COVIDIOTS #Talibangelist Image
61) Gregg Prentice, Hillsborough County, FL @GOP accountant & chair of the committee for election integrity, who wanted to “end Faucism” dies from #COVID19. He said, "we need more socialist distancing than we do social distancing."

His wife & daughter are both ill.
#Spreadnecks Image
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1/ Florida adalah studi sempurna infodemic #COVID19 yang melibatkan account @Twitter centang biru.

2/ Untuk menjawab pertanyaan seolah saya antivaxx, foto ini clear bahwa semua anak saya imunisasinya full, termasuk booster.

Bahkan saat katanya di Jakarta langka MMR, anak saya sudah dapat MMR. Sekarang saya dengar MMR sudah diganti MR @idai_tweets

Jadi, saya bukan antivaxx.
3/ Saya yakin, saya tidak sendiri.
Banyak orang tua Indonesia yakin, imunisasi adalah salah satu bentuk kasih sayang dan tanggung jawab orang tua terhadap anak-anaknya.

Buktinya, sebelum ini posyandu penuh, apalagi kalau ada doorprize susu 200g dari sponsor. @idai_tweets @PBIDI
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On the way out the door to finally get a break overnight and celebrate a friend’s wedding. Got the call his platelets are low and #NateTheGreat needs a blood transfusion immediately. (Record scratch in my mind)

Wrap head around this

Have to go to the ER DURING COVID
There’s no room in the transfusion center. So we have no choice but to race him to @UCDavisChildren ER. The same one that has seen a ridiculous increase of #Covid patients.…

Fuck each and every one of you who are in the ER, TAKING A BED FROM MY BABY because you refuse to get vaccinated and mask up.

And forcing my neutropenic, low platelet son to sit next to you and wait for hours for blood to help him live.
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#NSW Government says avoid Sex during COVID.

Instead, masturbate in front of your partner while social distancing, and wear a mask while doing that.

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Les #COVIDIOTS de tout poil disent souvent à nous, rationnels et vaccinés, qu’on agit par peur.

Enfilade qui explique pourquoi, dûment vacciné, je porterai quand même le masque en tout temps au travail… même si je n’ai pas peur du tout.


#polqc #eduqc #covid19 #covid19qc
Réglons d’abord le cas de la peur. J’ai eu la COVID en septembre, puis 2 doses de #Moderna. L’état actuel des connaissances, dans un tel cas, c’est que je suis presque immunisé à 100 % contre les formes graves de la maladie… alors la peur, très peu pour moi! 💪


… mais tout le monde n’est pas dans ma situation. Sur le plan personnel, je n’ai aucun problème de santé, aucune maladie, aucun médicament, je suis en forme. Sur le plan professionnel, je fais un métier hautement social : prof au secondaire.

Décortiquons tout ça un brin.

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