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Futurista 👁️ Tech entreprenuer 👨‍🎤 Prof adj #Digital & #Crypto, Pavia University 🔸 @binance KOL 🐸 HUDI ⚙️ internet art ❤️
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1/10 🧵🔮 #CryptoNews: Gemini's latest update states that Digital Currency Group (#DCG) missed a $630M payment due to Genesis last week 💔

🤔 As complex as it sounds, let's break it down in #crypto language


$GEMINI $DCG $GENESIS Image 2/10 Gemini is now working alongside #Genesis, #DCG, and their creditors to provide some leeway to DCG to prevent a default. This could be a game-changing move in the crypto lending space. 🎲
May 23 • 9 tweets • 7 min read
0/8 🌐 Blast from the Past:

the birth of #esports: #DreamHack2000

💥"Internet Culture Rewind" series: unpacking iconic moments that shaped our digital world.

Buckle up for a nostalgic ride through gaming history.
#InternetCulture 🎮👇 Image 1/8 🎮 Ah, #DreamHack2000... when LAN parties were the rage & you lugged your beast of a computer to game with friends. Good times! #gaming #esports Image
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am I making art or what?
#AIart #midjourney5 #promptengineering #art #NFT Image Image
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ChatGPT is so last year 🤯

🤖Meet Bard 🥳 the new AI darling that can do it all.

🧵 #GoogleBard #ChatGPT #AI… Image 1. Access Google Search 🤩

Bard can access and process information from the real world through Google Search. This means you can ask Bard questions about current events, weather, and other topics and get accurate answers.

ex. I can ask: "How is the weather in Paris right now?" Image