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HS2 is a new high speed railway that will form the backbone of Britain’s transport network. Tel: 08081 434 434 Email: hs2enquiries@hs2.org.uk
Feb 5, 2021 14 tweets 5 min read
Challenge the lie that HS2 will destroy 108 woodlands. To support 500,000 UK jobs and deliver a low carbon, high capacity, better connected transformation of our railways, there are some upfront limited impacts. But let’s look at how limited they are:
1/14 England has 52,000 ancient woodland sites. 43 are affected by HS2 between London and Crewe, of which over 80% will remain intact.
Oct 1, 2020 13 tweets 5 min read
HS2 respects the right to peaceful, lawful protest. However, we must correct the incorrect and misleading information about the #HS2 project, such as false claims that entire woodlands are being destroyed.
1/13 HS2 is very conscious of its impact in building the new railway and takes its responsibilities very seriously, employing world leading ecologists delivering many miles of ecological and landscape investments.
Jul 31, 2020 16 tweets 13 min read
There is a huge amount of false and misleading information about #HS2 on social media. Below is a myth buster thread which corrects some of the most repeated misconceptions about the project… Myth 1: ‘HS2 only saves 20 minutes to #Birmingham’. FACT: #HS2 services will call at 25 stations in England and Scotland connecting 30 million people. It also frees up space on the existing network for more frequent stopping local services benefiting those who may never use HS2.
Jun 5, 2020 12 tweets 12 min read
HS2 is Britain’s biggest environment project, delivering miles of ecological and landscape investments alongside construction. On #WorldEnvironmentDay, find out more about the huge scale of environment work and the benefits #fornature. gapi.io/6rDW
1/12 HS2’s already created over 60 new #wildlife habitats. Grassland, ponds, and plantings now support reptiles, badgers, birds, and bats. At Finham Brook in #Warks six new ponds benefit great crested newts amid 6,200 new trees. #WorldEnvironmentDay
May 7, 2020 6 tweets 7 min read
“HS2 is just 20 minutes quicker to #Birmingham” is a well-trodden myth. #HS2 will transform the UK with the 3Cs: More CAPACITY across the country’s #rail network. A low CARBON #transport network. Better CONNECTIVITY in the #Midlands and #North. Image Capacity: #HS2 will add vital capacity to our overcrowded #rail network by placing long distance services on their own pair of tracks. This will create thousands of extra seats and space for more local, commuter and #freight services on the existing #railway. Image
May 4, 2020 6 tweets 2 min read
HS2 will help cut the number of cars and lorries on our roads, cut demand for flights, and help fight climate change. Here are some of the facts behind the false information being spread by some groups online. 1/6 Image Of England's 52,000 ancient woodland sites only 43 will be touched by HS2’s London - Crewe route. Over 80% of the total area of these 43 will remain completely intact. Figures claiming the total loss of 108 Ancient Woodlands are simply not true.
Apr 15, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
.@transportgovuk has approved HS2 to issue Notice to Proceed (NtP) to our main civils contractors. It's a major boost to the construction sector, securing and creating thousands of jobs, particularly for small & medium sizes businesses across the UK
1/4 Image The issuing of NtP marks the point when our main contractors transitions from preparatory work, to full detailed design work, construction (within Public Health England guidelines) and importantly placing 1000s of sub-contracts to UK businesses.
Mar 3, 2020 10 tweets 6 min read
Did you know - The #carbonfootprint of 120 years of HS2’s railway between London and the West Midlands (including construction & operation) will be equivalent to less than 1 month’s UK road emissions?
1/10 Image Climate Change poses the biggest threat to the UK’s environment. #HS2 is an important part of the Britain’s response and will help us meet our commitment to reach #netzero by 2050.
Feb 4, 2020 9 tweets 5 min read
Climate Change poses the biggest threat to the UK’s environment. #HS2 is an important part of the Britain’s response and will help us meet our commitment to reach #netzero by 2050.
1/9 HS2 will free up extra space on the existing rail network. It will take cars and lorries off the road and reduce the need for domestic air travel. This will lead to a reduction in carbon emissions and improve air quality.
Jan 24, 2020 16 tweets 10 min read
Our railways are full yet demand for services keeps rising. We need extra capacity. Here’s how #HS2 creates extra capacity where it is most needed, creating opportunity across the country.
1/16 HS2 Phase 1 is the UK's only shovel-ready new line. Backed by 10 years of design & development, parliamentary scrutiny, and consultation to get here. No other projects are within 5 years of where it is. Upgrade of existing lines is ‘absurd’ say experts.
Jan 20, 2020 13 tweets 6 min read
#HS2 is shovel-ready. Ready to deliver a new railway which also upgrades 3 major lines. Ready to provide more seats on more trains. Ready to level-up the country by creating jobs and growth all along the route. Find out why other options cannot provide the benefits of HS2.
1/13 Alternatives to #HS2 would not deliver enough new capacity, cut journey times or deliver wider economic benefits of HS2. Extensive upgrades have already been made to the West Coast Mainline but incremental upgrades won’t provide the step change needed.
Jan 15, 2020 15 tweets 5 min read
The Wildlife Trusts report is inaccurate and misleading.
The fight against climate change needs to be based on facts. Read our response below. #HS2
1/15 All leading wildlife organisations agree climate change is the biggest threat to wildlife and habitats in the UK. By providing a greener way to travel, #HS2 will help cut the number of cars and lorries on our roads, cut demand for flights, and help fight climate change.
Oct 26, 2018 9 tweets 5 min read
Before we build bridges, tunnels, tracks and stations, an unprecedented amount of archaeological work will take place along the line of route. HS2’s #archaeology programme is the UK’s largest ever. 1/9 hs2.org.uk/archaeology/ #HS2digs ImageImageImageImage Over the next two years, 1,000 plus archaeologists and specialists will explore and record over 60 archaeological sites along the route. They’ll reveal over 10,000 years of British history. #HS2digs 2/9
Oct 11, 2018 6 tweets 2 min read
Today the Secretary of State for @transportgovuk has announced the opening of two new public consultations on the working draft Environmental and Equalities Impact Assessment for Phase 2b of HS2. 1/6 The launch of today’s consultations is the next step towards delivering Phase 2b of HS2, which will improve journey times and connectivity across the Midlands and the North. 2/6