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#BreakingNews | Massive disclosure made by Union Railways Minister #AshwiniVaishnaw on the 'criminal angle' in #OdishaTrainAccident

'Those behind the criminal activity will be identified soon. Settings of the point machine were changed'
"Root cause of accident identified, will try to restore track today. Commissioner of railway safety has investigated and we have identified the cause of the incident and the people responsible for it... It happened due to a change in electronic interlocking”.:
Did someone deliberately tamper with settings to trigger this tragedy?

#BalasoreTrainAccident #OdishaTrainCrash #AshwiniVaishnaw
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The recent #BalasoreTrainTragedy in #Odisha has shocked & saddened many people,including those who have served in senior operational positions in the #IndianRailways.
Some feedback we received:

One retired senior board officer said, "I am ashamed of what happened..
@RailMinIndia ImageImageImageImage
We had made so much progress in reducing accidents in recent years, but it seems like we have let our guard down. We need to get back to basics & focus on safety."

Another retired officer said, “Last major accident was in MaldaDivn ERly in Jan 2022.The #Malda derailment showed..…
that there were cracks in our strategy. We need to be more vigilant & make sure that all safety procedures are followed. Malda happened becoz basics of planning were ignored-while extending run of electric loco, neither Divn, nor Zone nor RlyBd ensured that locomotives will not..
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Unveiling the shocking truth behind #Bihar's notorious nickname, #JungleRaaj. Brace yourself for a riveting thread 👇👇 that delves into the tumultuous history.
#JungleRaaj, the dark legacy of @laluprasadrjd 's 15-year rule in Bihar, where our beloved state Bihar plummeted to the rung bottom of economic and social rankings. Law and order crumbled, kidnappings soared, and gangsters turned politicians thrived.
August 5, 1997, the fateful day when during a hearing, #Patna High Court declared, '#Bihar me sarkar nahi, Bihar me jangal raaj hai.' A moment of truth that exposed a state plagued by lawlessness, where progress was devoured by chaos.
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Good morning from Bangkok Railway Station. Today I’m on the KiHa-183 excursion train to Chachoengsao. This is a THEAD of the trip. More information here:… You can also find more train photos and videos by following @ThaiTrainGuide.

#RailTourism #Thailand ImageImageImageImage
The KiHa-183 trains were donated by Japan. They were then refurbished in the Makkasan Workshops so that they look as good as new. They kept the livery the same as when it was used in Japan. There also kept the information signs. The KiHa-183 trains will be used as tourist trains. ImageImageImageImage
The trip today is a package tour to Chachoengsao. The ticket price is 1,999 Baht which includes breakfast, lunch and a bus/boat tour. #Thailand ImageImageImageImage
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Business Analysis of Jupiter Wagans Ltd.

A Proxy for Rail Logistics?

Can it be accommodated in the electric CV market?

lets deep dive
1)#jupitarwagons #JWL #Railway #logistics
2)About JWL
- founded in 2006 by Lohia Family
-largest manufacterer of railway wagons
-over the years it has expanded into cast manganese steel crossings ,CV bodies,containers and other components
- backward ingrated with inhouse manu capacity for brakes & other ancillary parts

Backin 2019,JWL acquired CEBBCO,which was on verge of bankruptcy through buying stake from Axis & IDBI bank & reverse merged with self & JWL was listed in Stock market

CEBBCO is MP based manufacturer of tippers,trailers & defense Vehilces and also builds wagons
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The Moplah Revolt of 1921.

What is revealed is how rapidly the  All India  #Congress retreated whenever the masses were in motion, and how in this case a strategic political retreat necessitated a communalist rather than class view of an important peasant (1/25)
The #Moplahs were #Muslim peasants in Malabar (now part of the state of #Kerala ) on India's west coast. In 1922 it had a population of 400,000, of which 163,328 were Hindus and 236,672 were Muslims. The Moplahs were amongst the most heavily exploited (2/25)
peas­ants in the entire subcontinent. Most of them worked as wage-labourers either on the land of others or on the rubber plantations. The #landlords in the region were virtually all upper-caste #Brahmin Hindus. In the century preceding 1921, there had been a total of (3/25)
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A very special present from #TeamOneFist: Op.Switchblade, one of our largest #DataCenter attacks yet!
We hunted down every #networking #switch we could find in #Russia and tested them for vulns. From these, we conducted a #cyber strike against 55 strategically valuable devices 1/ ImageImageImageImage
We penetrated devices both large and small; many of them were at the heart of #ISP DCs like Rostelecom or Kuban-Telecom, but many also belonged to individual businesses. All had high utilization rates, uptime, and were rich in features: these were all core infrastructure 2/ ImageImageImageImage
These included #Russian, #Chinese, and #Western boxes like #Cisco and #HP!
We swiftly demolished them, before any of the sysadmins could react or notice us. After the initial strike, we kept reattacking if they were recovered (>8 times!). No uninterrupted service for them! 3/ ImageImageImageImage
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🚂 This is a LIVE thread of my #TrainTrip from Bangkok to Singapore via Malaysia. You will find full details here of all the trains and ticket prices. Don’t forget to also check out the YouTube channel for this trip:…

#railway #Thailand #railfan #train Image
DAY 1: Bangkok to Hua Hin.

🚂 Special Express No.43
🎟️ 2nd Class (A/C) 412 Baht
⏰ 7:50am-12:05pm ImageImageImageImage
ALTERNATIVE TRAIN: There is a sleeper train that goes all the way from Bangkok to Padang Besar on the Thai-Malaysia border. This is joined with No.37 until Hat Yai.

🚂 Special Express No.45
🎟️ Lower Berth 960 Baht, Upper Berth 870 Baht
⏰ 3:10pm-9:50am

#TrainTrip #Thailand ImageImageImageImage
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1/ Official :
The Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated 5 settlements near Lyman in the Donetsk Region and around 5k Ru soldiers (but we still don't know exactly who moved out and in so it could be less) are almost trapped in the area of #Lyman
Several scenarii could unfold now
2/ Ukr can "provoke" reaction from Russians and wait until they have no more ammo to fight back as no one can send them more.
they can also (they already do that) pick appart & interdict any attempts of breaking in/out, (to help the trapped troops or to escape).
they can also
3/ wait for the night to come to produce their max effort, (just teasing defense and exhausting Ru troops during the day) during the night, using their superior night vision / materials / skills.. doing so a couple of days before just waiting for Ru morale to definitely crumble.
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🚂 @PKP_SA celebrates its 96th birthday 🎂🎉 #OTD 26.09 the 🇵🇱 state railways were established.

Here's a little #history🧵on its origins (for all #train buffs & railfans)

#PolishHistory #Poland #History #railway #travel #tourism
Although much of the infrastructure within the borders of newly-independent 🇵🇱 had been destroyed during #WWI, 🇵🇱 was very quick to reestablish its railways. New lines sprang up allowing for economic development and integration.
The railways and their unification was not an easy task as some had to be rebuilt to standardise tracks across the lands of the former partitions. Finance was also a major issue: foreign capital was sought – to little avail.
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🚂 Special Express No. 7 from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (8:30am-7:30pm). Three 2nd Class Daewoo carriages with air-con and reclining seats.

I will be getting off in Phitsanulok at 1:12pm. Ticket for me is 479 Baht which includes a meal.

#thaitrain #railway #trains #Thailand
[2] The seats on the No.7/8 recline and there’s a reasonable amount of leg room. The drop-down table on the seat-back looks reasonably clean but I would bring soft wipes. Luggage space is adequate if your bags are not too big.

#รถไฟไทย #thaitrain #railway #trains #railfan
[3] The toilets are clean enough. You have the choice between squat toilets and Western style. There’s a washbasin with a small bar of soap. There’s also a microwave where the attendant for our carriage is already warming up our meals six at a time.

#trainphotography #Thailand
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What the Ship!
July 20, 2022

Updates on Previous Stories
1⃣Supply Chain & Rise in US Container Imports
2⃣Brazil, Bulkers & China's Mineral Resource Group
3⃣US Energy Exports Increase
4⃣Labor Strikes Around the World
5⃣ US Inland & Coastal Waters

1⃣ U.S. Container Imports Rise in June as Congestion Shifts East

H/T @gCaptain @theloadstar


#supplychain #ports #rail #containers…
2⃣ Fertilizer Inflation Forces Overhaul of Brazil Ports, Railways

H/T @gCaptain @business @BloombergNRG


#bulk #fertilizer #sugar #ore #china #australia…
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Good morning from Bangkok Railway Station. Today I’m on an excursion train to Suan Son Pradipat Beach:…

This is a live THREAD 🧵 of the day trip. Follow @ThaiTrainGuide for more photos and details.

#BKKdaytrip #thaitrain #railway #trains #Thailand #rail ImageImageImageImage
Tickets for the day excursion to the beach cost only 120 Baht in 3rd Class fan or double if you want air-con in 2nd Class. I prefer with open windows as easier to take photos. However, this time I’ve booked an inward facing seat as it gives more leg room for this 5 hour journey. Image
Breakfast on the train today is my usual. Stir-fried basil with minced pork. The cost with a fried egg was 30 Baht. Not the most generous of portions but good value for the price. Anyway, there will be more food opportunities later.

#thaitrain #railway #trains #ThaiFood Image
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Good morning from Wongwian Yai Station in #Bangkok. Today I’m on a #BKKdaytrip to Samut Songkhram by train. This is a live THREAD 🧵 of the trip. Also follow @ThaiTrainGuide for more photos and information.

#รถไฟไทย #thaitrain #railway #trains #rail #Thailand ImageImageImageImage
[2] Even if you are not catching a train, Wongwian Yai Railway Station is a great place to explore and buy some food.


#thaitrain #railway #trains #BKKdaytrip #Thailand ImageImageImageImage
[3] Tickets for the one hour train trip to Mahachai (Samut Sakhon) are only 10 Baht in 2nd Class with fan. The seats are hard but it doesn’t really matter as the journey is short.

#Thailand #thaitrain #railway #trains #BKKdaytrip ImageImageImageImage
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🧵We are a group of volunteers exploring existing and non-conventional options for moving #Ukrainian #grains, #wheat and #agricultural products into the #European #Railway Network for distribution to EU #Export terminals, primarily, but not exclusively on the #Danube Waterway.
Why, what's stopping this?

Similar to @Apple, @Microsoft or @Android Operating Systems, #Ukraine's and #Europe's #trains, #locomotives & #wagons operate on physically different track widths.

While having similar functionalities, they don't "play well with each other".
Specifically, a Ukrainian train cannot travel on a European railway (track) and European trains cannot travel on Ukrainian railways.

The width, called "Gauge", between rails is different. Ukrainian is 1520mm wide, while European is 1435mm.
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News outlets and social media in #Russia are reporting that a freight railway #bridge in the #Kursk region has partially collapsed. The cause of the failure is being investigated. 1/…
The partially collapsed railway #bridge in the #Kursk region of Russia is said to be on the "Sudzha-Sosnovy Bor railway." This is about 10 miles (15 km) of the #Ukraine-#Russia border, an about 50 miles (80 km) northwest of Belgorod. 2/ Image
A quick FYI: I have not yet found any photos that show the damage to the partially collapsed railway #bridge in the #Kursk region of #Russia. All the photos I've seen so far are from other railway incidents in Russia or #Ukraine. I'll post photos as soon as I find any. 3/
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Shunting is a bit like chess. We've always got to plan ahead.

Friday Day Shift is particularly important for us as we don't just plan for the next day, but for the whole weekend and Monday morning.

Let's run through what happens...
#railwayfamily #railway #trains Image
Each week we are sent a Carriage Working Notice (CWN) for each day of that week. This is a working timetable showing every train movement planned for that day at each location.

I can't share the exact document, but @RealtimeTrains looks very similar. Image
Using Saturday as an example, I can see all the trains in the places I'm responsible for (Bognor Sidings, Middle Road and Station).

The CWN also tells us train formations (not shown on Realtime Trains yet for GTR).

From this we can then work out how many trains we need. ImageImageImage
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What is the impact of the rapidly evolving #UkraineWar on #supplychains? We've published @Flexport reports on the topic. First #airfreight where the issues are routing, capacity and sanctions (1/6)…
The main issue for #airfreight is route changes. Airspace closures are forcing more jets through narrower routes, which has added c3% to Asia-Europe transit times. (2/6)
For #supplychains more broadly the main issue is pricing of commodities with oil, natural gas, wheat and selected metals all having gotten more expensive. That's come as supply chain #inflation had already been rising. (3/6)…
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The story of Bahubali of Dharmasthala, #Karnataka

This 57 ft idol is a wonder of the Modern world, created nearly 400 yrs after the last Bahubali at Venur. No one had any concrete idea about how such a massive statue would be sculpted, transported or erected.
#Thread #Jainism
However, Shri Rathnavarma Heggade made a bold decision to make it happen come what may & initiated the plan. Unfortunately he passed away before his vision was brought to life. His illustrious son Dr.Veerendra Heggade succeeded him at a tender age of 20 & continued work!
Sculptor's Salt Sacrifice for 6 Years:
Renjala Gopala Shenoy who was 64, completely sacrificed salt until the statue was completed! At Karkala, he found a perfect 100 ft tall stone to begin with & laborers, mostly migrants from Tamil Nadu worked for 6 long yrs to complete it!
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The North-Western State Railway (NWR) was formed in 1886 by merging the Sind, Punjab and Delhi Railway, the Indus Valley State Railway, the Punjab Northern State Railway, the eastern section of the Sind-Sagar Railway and the southern section of the Sind-Pishin State Railway.
The NWR operated a board gauge network on the following mainlines Karachi to Quetta, Karachi to Lahore, Lahore to Delhi and Lahore to Peshawar. By 1947, it operated 6861 miles of track.
The oldest section of track in the system was opened between Karachi City and Kotri in 1861 by the Scinde Railway. The terminus became the Karachi Cantt Station.
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Between 1925 and 1960 all electrified #railway tracks in #India operated on a Direct Current system. The last sections of 1.5 kV DC from Mumbai to Panvel and Thane to Vashi, were upgraded to 25 kV AC in April 2016. Here is a look at the now extinct DC locomotives of India.
WCP-1/2 ordered by GIPR to a Swiss Locomotive & Machine Works design for operations over the Western Ghats in 1928. 22 Vickers built locos entered service in 1930 and served into the mid-1980s. With a top speed of 137 km/h, the locos offered 15,295 kgf of tractive power.
WCP-3/4 were two locomotives ordered to General Electric Company and Brown, Boveri & Cie. designs for evaluation purposes in 1928. Built by R&W Hawthorn, Leslie & Co. both offered lower tractive effort and speed than the WCP-1 (EA-1). They operated into the late 1960s.
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The East Indian Railway (EIR) was a British company, registered in London, privately owned and financed, operating under license and guarantee from the British Board of Control in India and the East India Company between starting in 1845. Image
In 1849, EIR signed a contract to construct and operate an "experimental" line between Calcutta and Rajmahal, 100 miles long at an estimated cost of £1 million which would be later extended to Delhi via Mirzapur. By 1937, EIR had 4217 miles of broad gauge track. ImageImage
In 1854 that the EIR opened its first section from Howrah to Hooghly, a distance of 24 miles. ImageImage
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The Z-1-a was #Canada's only mainline electric locomotive. They were originally delivered to the Canadian Northern Railway by @generalelectric in 1917
The Canadian Northern Railway was headquartered in Toronto and between 1899 and its merger in 1923 into @CNRailway owned a main line between Quebec City and Vancouver via Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Edmonton.
The National Harbour Board also operated several of the same type which were passed on to @CNRailway. Electrification was restricted to Montreal, and went from Central Station to Saint-Lambert, Turcot, Montréal-Nord and Saint-Eustache-sur-le-lac, later renamed Deux-Montagnes.
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The Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway (BB&CI) was a company incorporated in 1855 to undertake the task of constructing railway lines between Bombay and Baroda State, that became the present-day Baroda (Vadodara) city in western India. BB&CI completed the work in 1864.
BB&CI built upon the feasibility work done by in 1852 by John Pitt Kennedy for Maharaja Ganpat Rao Gaekwad of Baroda who wanted a line to link Baroda to the coast.
In November, 1854, the Governor-General, Lord Dalhousie, sanctioned the construction of the sections Broach, and Baroda, to Ahmedabad.
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