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U may feel sucker-punched🥊 or prayers answered😇 or got stopped out🤨 by broad market downturn that hammered #Uranium #mining #stocks🔨 but we still have a #U3O8 supply deficit⏬⛏️ vs surging #CarbonFree #Nuclear demand⚛️⏫ with fundamentals stronger than they've ever been!🏋️‍♂️👇
Regardless of where share prices of #Uranium #stocks may be🤿 there's still a growing fleet of #Nuclear reactors demanding far more #U3O8 fuel than is being mined🔀⛏️ with #China #India #UK #France #Canada & other nations planning to build many more.🏗️⚛️⏫
In just the past few months we've seen a major shift towards embracing #CarbonFree #Nuclear #energy🤗⚛️ as once again key to achieving global #NetZero emissions goals🌞 reducing air pollution🏭☠️ & decarbonizing industry in electrifying 'everything'⚡️🔌🌏
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The world is set to add more renewable power capacity in 2021 than ever before

The record-breaking additions of 290 GW of solar, wind & other renewables are yet another sign that A New Global Energy Economy is emerging

Find out more in @IEA's new report:
We expect renewables to account for almost 95% of the growth in global power capacity through 2026, with solar PV alone providing more than half

This is driven by stronger support from policies & more ambitious pledges made going into #COP26

Read more:
India is set for the fastest rate of renewable capacity growth among major economies in the next 5 years, doubling additions versus 2015-2020

This supports 🇮🇳’s new goal of 500 GW of renewable capacity by 2030 & highlights its potential to accelerate its clean energy transition
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1/13) #Uranium #mining #stocks are blessed with increasingly bullish fundamentals🤠🐂 as surging demand for #CarbonFree #Nuclear #energy for #NetZero🌞⚛️🏗️⬆️ collides with a sustained #U3O8 supply deficit.💥⛏️⬇️ Here's a thread 4U that explores the Uranium #investing thesis💰🧵👇
2) #Uranium #mining #stocks are famous⭐️ for delivering investors extraordinary life-altering returns😎🍹🏝️ when they enter a boom cycle⤴️ after a long painful bear market for #Nuclear fuel😩 when supply/demand fundamentals shift🌊 as they have now in a strong bull market🤠🐂../3
3) #Uranium is a cyclical commodity🔃 that goes through boom & bust cycles based on supply vs demand imbalances⚖️ magnified to extremes🌜 by supply security fears😟 as there is no substitute fuel for #nuclear reactors⚠️ so fear can lead to panic buying by nuclear utilities🛒.../4
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Getting the whole world to #netzero #GHGs rapidly is going to be incredibly difficult. But given how strong and organized the #climateopposition is, we must distinguish #thesignalfromthenoise on which pathways are the most likely to succeed. A 🧵 on how I think about this 1/14
2/ First, we cannot rely on social and lifestyle change governed by new paradigms like degrowth to deliver in time for this #climatedecade. But if the movement delivers small reductions in energy or meat consumption, we need it…
3/ #Technologyandpolicy (and politics) need to do the heavy lifting. Can they deliver? Yes, but to effectively channel our efforts and fight off the opposition, we need to distinguish between main courses, side dishes and poison pills (frequently buried in the side dishes)
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Look how panicked this strange £5million/year outfit is by people having a different opinion.

They don't seek to counter what they call 'misinformation' through debate -- nor even *dialogue* -- but by smear-mongering and intrigue.

It's a strategic blunder.
They're adamant that "Tactics have pivoted from outright climate denial to attempts to frame climate change through a culture wars lens". But sceptics have been consistent in arguing that the issues are the costs of policies: jobs, money, freedoms &c &c... NOT culture war stuff.
It is the likes of @ISDglobal's framing that has shifted to 'culture wars', because it's a convenient peg on which to hang the issue, and by which to belittle dissenting opinion as a skirmish in a broader social phenomenon, that resonates with their analysis and remit.
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This Black Friday instead of buying things (or in addition to buying things), join us as we put our money towards quality carbon removal. It's an Alternative Black Friday. Yes, we could have called it Green Friday!


#ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction #NetZero #TogetherForOurPlanet
1/ The baked-in greenhouse gases differ in all products - even those that seem identical - depending how & where they were made, how far they’ve travelled & the supply chain. Often these emissions are the majority of the total across its lifecycle of production, use & disposal
2/ We've made something as a climate positive antidote to the usual hype this time of year. No preaching or FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt). The science is clear. It's just the facts, combined with heaps of the usual hope and progress.
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Why #NetZero has opened the biggest TAM ever for @PalantirTech in this decade and next
- COP26 and global activism has already set the world on a path of carbon reporting, mgmt, and compliance
- the biggest challenge is that system relies on polluters themselves to report
- Also the carbon footprint is very complex measure, for the purpose of modeling it is divided into three categories - Scope 1 covers direct emissions from owned or controlled sources.
- Scope 2 covers indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, steam, heating, and cooling consumed by the reporting company
- Scope 3 includes all other indirect emissions that occur in a company's value chain.
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Many, many experts already discussing the success or failure of #COP26, but on mitigation I must say that the overall progress since mid-2015 has been far beyond my expectations six years ago: (1/n)
First of all, back in 2015 I (either too pessimistic on UNFCCC negotiations or just not a visionary…) didn’t believe that ‘1.5°C’ could at all make it to the #ParisAgreement, which is now even more firmly cemented in the Glasgow Climate Pact (2/n)
Most major emitters now pledged long-term #netzero – even India by 2070 (only 20 years after EU, JPN and USA!) However hollow these pledges may be at this moment, I consider them to be sth like ‘substantive ratification’ of the #ParisAgreement. (3/n)
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Is there anything new to be said about #COP26? Perhaps not, but in this thread I hope to start putting the outcomes in context, rather than just focusing on whether the text got better or worse ... 1/23
2/23 So to start, remembering that climate is a chronic problem that cannot be solved, and must be managed, justice is central to progress. Climate justice is multidimensional - at COP26 it featured mainly in discussion of emissions pledges, climate finance and loss and damage...
3/23 On 'loss and damage', which means compensation or reparations for the harms that climate change causes, the rich world failed badly, agreeing only to 'a dialogue' on the subject ... despite being responsible for the vast majority of accumulated greenhouse gases.
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Wood Mackenzie #COP26 briefing: 6 Oct 2021

"Mission impossible"

"delivering the base #metals to meet [#NetZero 2050] pathways strains project delivery beyond breaking point from people & plant to financing & permitting."…
Nov 6, 2021 "The 19 million tonnes of additional #copper that need to be delivered for net-zero 2050 implies a new La Escondida must be discovered & enter production every year for the next 20 years."…

Escondida mine. (Photo: BHP) 👇
"Even if you focus on just one of the obstacles bringing new copper supply online – the time it takes to build a new mine – and leave aside all other factors, #NetZero 2050 has zero chance."

#COP26 #4IR #technology…
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As we approach the final hours of #COP26, it's worth asking what impact it'll have on the UK
Firstly, the UK has finally hosted one of these things, 32 years after then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s call for a UN climate treaty The UK has always had an important role in the process but hosting this summit makes the connection more visceral…
…especially as it comes at a time when public concern on climate change and support for a zero-carbon transition have never been higher - that's true globally too btw…
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Wondering what the #ClimateFinance package in Glasgow means in practise? You may want to read my thoughts on how it is ambitious both in substance & in the forward process. Both of which are essential outcomes here.
On substance, there are 3 key dimensions
1) Delivery of existing commitment by developed countries to mobilise $100bn/year to developing countries for their climate actions.
-- First the developed countries rightly express deep regret at having missed the target date of 2020
-- More welcome are the additional pledges made before & over the 2 weeks and the forward looking delivery plan that sets how countries will make good on their $100bn/year promise as soon as possible and certainly by 2023
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/12/2021…
The Real Tantrum Should Be Over The Disturbing Lack of Celebration (higher yields)…

#yield #BondMarket #CentralBank #normalization #InterestRates
Identification of LZTFL1 as a candidate effector gene at a COVID-19 risk locus…

#SARSCoV2 #genetics #risk #RespiratoryFailure #GainOfFunction #variants #TherapeuticTargets
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Here's the #FLOP26 roundup while the series has a hiatus, for your catch-up convenience...

The Guest on Episode 1 was Benny Peiser of @NetZeroWatch, who explained the UNFCCC process, and what @COP26 was all about.

In #FLOP26 episode 2, Austin Williams (@Future_Cities) discussed eco-colonialism, environmentalism's toxic obstruction of economic development where it is most needed.
In #FLOP26 episode 3, Richard North (@RichardAENorth) talked about scaremongering and technocracy, and one of green technocrats' biggest failures: flooding.
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#Sustainable Alternative Futures for #India (SAFARI) is a user-interactive scenario development tool developed by #CSTEP.

#ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction #Climate #CSTEP
The #SAFARImodel helps simulate long-term pathways where #development goals AND #ClimateAction are achieved synergistically.

#ClimateEmergency #Climate #CSTEP @ConnectSDGs #COP26 #SDGs @UN
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Welcome to our Twitter Q&A on net zero in aerospace to mark Transport Day at #COP26. Our panel is raring to go to answer your questions!

#netzero #aerospace #aviation #technology #innovation #asktheATI
On our panel today we have Dr Alejandro Block Novelo (ABN), Senior Technologist for Strategy & Integration at the ATI (@BlockAlejandro).
Also on the panel is Dr Katy Milne (KM), FlyZero’s Head of Industrial Strategy (@Katy_Milne).
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New #COP26 analysis: 🚨🌡️🌍
Is COP26 on track to keep 1.5°C alive?

Here I connect the dots between findings of the most recent scientific reports and look at what current pledges mean for carbon budgets limiting warming to 1.5C

I start with historical CO2 emissions from the Global Carbon Project @gcarbonproject as assessed in the latest @IPCC_CH #AR6 #ClimateReport

About 2400 billion tonnes of CO2 (GtCO2) have already been emitted between the years 1850 and the end of 2019 (2/n)
I then add global emissions pathways consistent with current policies, and various interpretations of country pledges (called NDCs, or nationally determined contributions) from the latest update of the @UNEP #EmissionsGap Report 2021. (3/n)…
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Right have I got a tale for YOU

Last night I went down to support @gastivists woth a projection on #COP26 venue, calling out greenwashing and demanding that fossil fuels are left in the ground.

#NotHereNotAnywhere #NetZero
So obviously #COP26 weren’t thrilled about this, and responded by trying to project different patterns etc over the projections to try and disrupt them.

In reality they just made them look more exciting?

Realising that wasn't deterring us, they animated the background and that didn't work either...

which lead to the moment that #Cop26 decided to write the words "GO AWAY" over our projections, and more specifically, over their own venue!

Sound on for absolute hysteria
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CAT global update: Glasgow has a credibility gap between talk and action. If all govts met their 2030 targets, we would have 2.4˚C of warming in 2100. But right now, current policies put us at 2.7˚C.
A Thread 🧵
The 2030 #emissionsgap has only closed by 15-17% in the past year. Global GHG’s in 2030 will still be twice as high as what’s needed for 1.5˚C
There’s still a massive 19-23 gigatonne gap betw 2030 targets & 1.5˚C compatibility in 2030. These are the countries impacting the gap. What’s stopping action? #natgas & #coal. Still too much coal in the pipeline, and gas is still a fossil fuel /4
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#Thread #NewStudy
Netzero announcements ✅
But is the available carbon space being fairly shared?
➡️by 2050, China, the US, & the EU are likely to occupy over 90% of the available 1.5°C #carbonspace.
➡️by 2030, they would consume 45% of the available carbon space.

Read 👇
The study also found that the #netzero commitments made by the 10 big emitters are inadequate and would surpass the 1.5°C #carbon space by 33% by 2050.
Read #pressrelease📜:
We propose that:
➡️the US, China & the EU should consider advancing their #netzero years by a decade & aim to turn net negative by 2050.
✅This would help contain warming within the 1.5°C #carbonbudget threshold suggested by the recent #IPCC report.
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Here we go, follow @michaelgove taking questions from @luhc committee, right now!
Watch here!…

First question from Clive Betts: What does levelling up mean?

Gove says -
Making opportunities more equal across the country.
continues....We hope to publish a white paper before Xmas some metrics on how the Government can be judged.

Betts asks - Your department is being tasked with levelling up, can it achieve it?

Gove - Levelling up can only succeed with different solutions in different places.
Betts - What mechanisms will you put in place so relevant departments work together?

Gove - Has to be done in a cabinet committee.

(I would agree with this BUT it depends on what information is passed on to SPADs and whether ministers grasp that in terms of other depts)
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Under the main article on this research which shows that people don't want to pay for #NetZero is an article by @Will_Tanner, who claims that "There is no longer a political constituency for climate scepticism." Which is odd..…
It's odd because, according to the best (on his terms) interpretation of the research, there remains 30% of the population which is not convinced of the green agenda's necessity.
And it's odd because climate sceptics *main* argument for *years* has been that it is the costs of the political agenda which is the main problem.
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The Irish leader believes that there should be no checks on goods moving from the U.K.-NI unless they “could” go to the EU (Ireland) although he doesn’t want checks there either. Then you have the fact this was meant to be “light touch”… 1/
…in terms of any checks, yet they have increased checks more than double what they do for goods coming from nations like Canada for example! That’s not good faith. The U.K. is constantly portrayed as the “bad guy” because we choose to leave, but be honest, look at the… 2/
…recent actions/threats from France, their attempt to make sure (and might have succeeded) in making sure the EU commission backs them, because we didn’t approve every fishing license application. Why didn’t we? Because we followed what was agreed! 3/
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Thread: Electric cars are the Betamax of our times they will be superseded by hydrogen to the regret of early adopters. How can people who live in flats, terraced houses etc charge them? How can we produce enough electricity when we already verge on brown outs.
What about the carbon footprint of creating all these batteries that will pollute the planet for decades. Heat pumps are an even worse white elephant. Unless you are keen on luke warm water and tepid radiators.
#COP26 will achieve nothing unless it has a rational path to #NetZero which can only be achieved without destroying the economy by three fuels.
1) Electricity from base load nuclear + renewables
2) Hydrogen for cars/lorries
3) Ammonia for aviation
2 & 3 can be produced using 1
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