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In late May, we at @8riverscapital announced a breakthrough improvement in hydrogen production – 8RH2 (Gen 2), invented by the inimitable Rodney Allam and the wider 8 Rivers team.

A here description for #energytwitter.…
Why does 8RH2 matter?

Simple – it’ll produce hydrogen from fossil gas while capturing essentially 100% of carbon emissions, at a price that can truly allow hydrogen to decarbonize a screed of sectors and industries.

I’m biased, but 8RH2 will transform how we get to #netzero.
What's transformational?

Low cost and >99% CO2 capture, with maximum H2 recovery (none burned). 8RH2 is simple–see below.

Basically, a CO2 heating loop integrated with an H2 production loop. The CO2 loop creates the heat & captures the CO2 and the H2 loop, well, makes the H2 Image
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With a little bit of help from us, this exciting small company has just landed something massive...

Read on… 1/

#NetZero #CleanTech #RenewableEnergy
.@kinewell's specialist software makes it faster and more cost-effective to design much-needed offshore wind projects - supporting the transition to #NetZero

.@kinewell was supported by match-funding - provided through our £3.5m Technology Innovation and Green Growth in Offshore Renewables programme, in the #NorthEast.

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Es kursieren viele Schätzungen zur #LossAndDamage-Finance. Die Neueste schätzt die summierte Entschädigungspflicht der Overshoot- ing countries (des Nordens) für die Undershooting countries (des Südens) für den Zeitraum 2020 and 2050 auf US$192 (141–298) Billionen (trillion).
Hinweis: Das gilt unter der Annahme, dass alle Länder des Nordens das Ziel der Klimaneutralität #NetZero im 2050 erreichen, allein aus historischer Verantwortung.
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📢New paper on planting #hedgerows for climate change mitigation

How does #hedgerow planting contribute towards reaching #NetZero?

We looked at hedge #biomass and #soil carbon storage and UK planting rates


thread ⬇️ Image
1/9 First, a look at hedge planting numbers. We used @NaturalEngland data for planting and gapping-up in public schemes (#CountrysideStewardship &co)

👉 5265 km of hedges have been planted in 2004-2022
👉 2.6 times as many hedges were planted in 2019-2022 compared to 2004-2018 Image
2/9 But we need to plant more! To be exact, we need +193,000 km in England to meet the goal set by @theCCCuk for #NetZero

How much CO2 would be stored in these new hedges?

at @SoGLeeds we measured aboveground #biomass carbon stock and sequestration in hedges of different ages Image
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@CalliFanciulla J'en ai oublié quelques uns sur cette 1ère partie :
#IoT #IoB #Ilot #AI

Pour voir où ils en sont dans le 1er programme des SDGs de l'Agenda 2030 du WEF, concernant 40 villes qui seront ensuite 100 villes, se référer au website :
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More #NetZero madness!

"First Dutch farmers were threatened with compulsory purchases to satisfy EU emissions targets...
Now it’s Ireland’s turn..." 1/7…
First Dutch farmers were threatened with compulsory purchases to satisfy EU emissions targets, fomenting a new revolt in the process. Now it’s Ireland’s turn, where the government is reportedly looking at plans to cull around 200,000 cows to meet its climate targets. 2/7
"It’s very fortunate we’re out of the EU or we could be facing the same pressure from Brussels. Now, we can only hope that Rishi Sunak, who represents a heavily rural constituency in the Yorkshire Dales, understands what’s at stake for farming communities." 3/7
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Konstantine Kisin gave a brilliant speech on #ClimateChange why 98% of poor people don’t give a shit about, while top 2% rich folks protest about it by stopping traffic, gluing themselves to the roads, spoiling paintings.

A thread 🧵 for awareness👇

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📝💡 𝐖𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐥𝐲 𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬💡📝
Here's your roundup of top #CarbonDioxideRemoval News Articles / Scientific Papers from the past week:
🧵1/12 Image
1️⃣ 🌱🚜 @undocarbon raises £9.6 million ($11.93 million) in funding for its #EnhancedRockWeathering technology led by @lowercarbon.

2️⃣💵 In an effort to neutralize its environmental footprint, JP Morgan has announced it plans to invest more than $200 million to purchase credits from several #CarbonDioxideRemoval companies (“one of the biggest bets ever on #CarbonRemoval”).

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How your taxpayer dollars are paying influencers millions for @gotmilk ads. 🧵 Image
Today, Hailey Bieber, Gen Z influencer and wife of @justinbieber, posted a new ad campaign for @gotmilk.

Hailey is one of dozens of new celebs to join the recently revived Got Milk? campaign. Image
Last month, HBO star Aubrey Plaza launched a similar satirical ad campaign.

The milk advertisement, dubbed "Got Wood?", was quickly criticized by fans, causing Aubrey's team to block and disable comments across all platforms. Image
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Recent study present an analysis of “the gap between the CO2 storage required to meet net zero targets and the slow maturation of regional storage resources.”


🧵 1/12 ImageImage
Researchers estimate that “European storage rates need to boost 30-100x by 2030 to meet #NetZero by 2050. 🇨🇳 & North America face a similar challenge. The slow global progress of #CarbonStorage undermines the latest IPCC, IEA & EU transition pathways to net zero by 2050.”
2/12 Image
“These pathways imply a radically in teased demand for carbon capture and storage & #NegativeEmissionTechnologies (#NETs), contributing 500 of 700 megatonnes of #CarbonDioxideRemoval annually by 2050.”
3/12 Image
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Lots of moving parts in this thread but I hope people will find it useful in understanding the #4IR, or Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Israel is at the nexus. Everything from #Covid, to the war in #Ukraine, to infrastructural sabotage like the #Nordstream act as delivery systems.
Most people understand there is more going on than what the #Zionist controlled news tells us. Stemming from long before Nixon and Chabad puppet Heinz Kissinger took the US off the gold standard, but that was a pivotal moment in transforming the US into an Israeli vassal state. Image
Just as 9/11 was a false flag pretext to usher in a surveillance state under the Patriot Act, Covid-19 and insidious forms of irregular warfare are being used to facilitate the planned demolition of the United States. And yes, it is indeed (((them))).
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📝💡 𝐖𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐥𝐲 𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬💡📝
Here's your roundup of top #CarbonDioxideRemoval News Articles / Scientific Papers from the past week: 🌱🪨🎛️🌊

1/10 Image
1️⃣ 💵 @Microsoft & @Orsted ink “one of the world's largest” carbon removal deals as Microsoft buys 2.76 million tonnes of #CarbonRemoval from Ørsted using #BECCS. To be delivered over 11 years.

2️⃣ 💸Buyers working through Frontier have binding contracts for $53 million with the startup @CharmIndustrial to remove 112,000 tons of CO2 between 2024 & 2030.

*“Charm turns waste biomass into bio-oil & stores it underground for +1000 years.”

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"#NegativeEmissionsTechnologies are needed to achieve #NetZero emissions, but their deployment will depend on regional & national circumstances, technology availability, & decarbonization strategies."

In this regard, a new study is done. Details below in a 🧵
1/7 Image
The recent paper reviews "the literature and maps the role of Process Integration (PI) in #NETs deployment."
2/7 Image
"Techniques such as mathematical programming, pinch analysis (PA), process graphs (P-graphs), are powerful methods for planning #NET systems under resource or footprint constraints."
3/7 Image
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📝💡 𝐖𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐥𝐲 𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬💡📝
Here's your roundup of top #CarbonDioxideRemoval News Articles / Scientific Papers from the past week: 🌱🪨🎛️🌊

1/12 Image
1️⃣ In this week’s @CipherClimate Voices article, "@naimmerchant, @NoahMcQueen13, & Grant Faber discuss:
🔸the critical role #DAC will play in achieving #NetZero
🔸how DAC solutions are improving in terms of cost & efficiency as the tech scales."


2️⃣ 🌊New paper dropped by @bach_lennart, @_david_ho_ & others on "how to deal with air-sea gas exchange uncertainties when assessing the efficacy of ocean-based #CarbonDioxdeRemoval."


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"International C markets are a very potent tool for mobilizing #CarbonDioxideRemoval in line with Paris Agreement ambitions to limit global warming to well below 2°C. Yet, C market regulators have not systematically approached removals."

🧵1/7 Image
So, a review paper recently published "assesses the highly fragmented treatment of #removals under compliance and #VoluntaryCarbonMarkets, including baseline, credit and cap-and-trade systems."
2/7 Image
"The Kyoto mechanisms and the large #VoluntaryCarbonMarket standards have long focussed on biological removals without inherent storage permanence and only recently started to develop methodologies for removals with #geological storage, #mineralization or #biochar."
3/7 Image
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If you've heard about a global #Nuclear #energy resurgence⤴️⚛️👂🐦 driving demand for #Uranium that's in a deep supply deficit⤵️⛏️ and wonder how U can invest💵🤔 in this tiny #mining #stocks sector famous for spectacular gains🎆💰😃 here's a🧵 on the various ways U can play.🤠👇 Image
To build your own #Uranium #mining #stocks portfolio📂 of #U3O8 equities traded in #Canada, #USA, #Australia & #UK🛒 U could choose from the holdings of 100% pure-play '@Sprott Uranium Miners ETF' $URNM 🇺🇸🇦🇺🇬🇧🛒⚛️⛏️🤠🐂 #Nuclear #investing #NetZero #ESG🏄‍♂️… ImageImage
Lowest risk #Uranium #investing option🦺 is a Fund that stacks raw #Nuclear fuel #U3O8🏦⚛️ providing direct 1-to-1 exposure to U3O8 Spot price.📈👯 In North America that's @Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (TSX: $U.UN $U.U OTC: $SRUUF)🇺🇸🇨🇦 & in #UK Yellow Cake plc (AIM: $YCA)🇬🇧🛒⛏️ ImageImage
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1) The #Uranium #investing opportunity⛏️💰 emerges from an unexpected & accelerating #Nuclear Renaissance🏎️🌅⚛️🏗️ creating unprecedented demand for #U3O8🛒 already in a deep multi-year structural supply deficit⏬ that can only be repaired by far higher #U3O8 prices💲⏫🐂🧵.../2👇 Image
2)The #Uranium #mining #stocks #investing thesis in a nutshell🥜 is that after Fukushima the #U3O8 price sank, new mine projects were cancelled, many mines closed, investment dropped💰⤵️ as investors mistakenly thought '#Nuclear #energy is dying'🪦 but they were wrong!✖️😯../3👇 ImageImageImageImage
3) #Nuclear #energy has recovered over the past decade⚛️🏗️⤴️ so that #Uranium demand today is back where it was before Fukushima & is surging higher.⏫🛒 A #Nuclear revival has been underway for years📈 now kicked into high gear🏎️ by #EnergySecurity & #NetZero goals🌞⚡️⏫.../4👇 ImageImageImageImage
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🚨 NEW polling: what did voters think about #climate and #NetZero?

76% of those who intended to vote support the UK’s net zero target, acc to polling by @focaldataHQ for ECIU

🧵 more #LocalElection2023 findings Net zero polling showing wi...
53.4% of all voters said they think the Government should be doing more to tackle #climate change

This was consistent for swing voters, Red Wall voters, and slightly lower for Conservative voters. Image
Support was high for #renewable developments in respondents' area

64% supported new onshore wind development.

68% supported a #solar park in their local area.

Onshore wind garnered a notable 67% support in the red wall.

Only 23% would support a fracking site in their area. Image
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🚨@ShareAction are in Birmingham for @HSBC_UK’s AGM today!

Stay tuned for live #HSBCAGM updates below 👇
Outside, @xrbham are making themselves heard loud and clear on the samba drums 🥁

And highlighting @HSBC_UK #greenwashing with their greenwash bath 🧼🛁… Image
Spotted: a furry friend 🐾

Is he here to sniff out the bank’s stinking oil & gas financing??? Image
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"The study explored the wide range in #CDR deployment volumes across 1.5°C compatible & high overshoot pathways by evaluating the links btw CDR & conceptually linked scenario aspects, via focus on CDR in 2050 & scenario properties related to reaching #NetZero CO2."
🧵 Image
"#CDR volumes
were further evaluated in terms of their relative and absolute contribution to total mitigation up until reaching
net-zero CO2, showing considerable variation across scenarios with a median relative contribution of around 20%."
2/7 Image
"The volumes of #CDR in 2050 and 2100 and the cumulative amount throughout the 21st century were most strongly correlated to the degree to which CO2 emissions are reduced as a means of reaching net-zero CO2."
3/7 ImageImage
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"Many scenario analyses suggest that #NegativeEmissionTechnologies, such as #bioenergy with carbon capture and storage & #afforestation, are required to achieve #NetZero target, but their large-scale deployment has a trade-off relationship with food security."
1/7 Image
So, a new study considered an innovative #NET, "direct air carbon capture and storage (#DACCS), and analyzed its impact on global food access based on an indicator defined by food expenditure per GDP."
Study found that "the scenario considering DACCS mitigates the adverse impact on food access in regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa compared to the scenario not considering #DACCS by alleviating food expenditure increase & GDP loss associated with emission reduction efforts."
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#DAC of CO2 from the atm. is being explored as a tech. that can contribute to the goal of reaching #NetZero CO2 emissions.

A new study led by @DonglongFu1 showed that the use of zeolitic materials are feasible for DAC when it is integrated with H2O harvesting.
1/7 Image
"A combination of a commercially available desiccant, AQSOA-Z02A, and a mordenite-type zeolite (MOR) enables
continuous operation of a designed #DAC system comprised of two
parallel units with a regeneration temperature of 100°C," research finds.
2/7 Image
Furthermore, "the system
using pure #zeolite alone requires regeneration at temperatures between 200°C and 300°C."
3/7 ImageImage
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Incredibly, the 2022 stress tests for the UK banks also did not include testing for substantial hikes in interest rates. The list of failures, policy mistakes, & uncovered crimes, of UK governments & their bankers, grows by the day. #TimeForAChange
Instead of this reckoning, we should be focused on #NetZero now, the #CostOfLivingCrisis and the coronation. We must move on from the rotten Tory system to survive. #GeneralElectionNow
The gutter press supporting the Tory right are on a mission to distract the people so that they overlook the destruction of the country’s infrastructure, society, and economy by the last 5 destructive if not actually corrupt Tory governments.
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English water ways are an international disgrace. So-called plans for improvement are announced by Tory governments, but they tend to remain plans, not actions. The pollution continues unabated.
Then at the next election, after yet another failure, the Tories promise to do better. And the whole disgraceful, #PostTruthSociety vicious circle of #PublicRelations , half truths & lies is repeated again, while the #Finacialization of the water industry goes on, unabated.
There’s money to be made by the water companies pouring their sewage into our rivers and onto our beaches. So, being greedy, they do it to add to their Directors’s bonuses & shareholders’ dividends.
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