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Transformers linking the supergrid with lower voltage networks go up to 270MVA, not hugely different from the ratings back in the 1950s as those old networks don’t have vastly different capacities. Transformers linking parts of the supergrid are now up to 1250MVA ! [25/36] Image
The early 275 switchgear needed to break 7500MVA (half its subsequent rating) and the only suitable technologies in those days were airblast (still in its infancy) or oil. I covered OCBs recently but 275kV OCBs are pretty bloody special. Served us damn well over 70 years [26/36] ImageImage
The switch yard at Castle Donington shown here in 1956 was one of the largest in Britain at the time & amongst the first to be equipped with 275kV switchgear. The circuit-breakers were so expensive that many early supergrid stations merely used tee-off disconnectors only [27/36] Image
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🔴 إعادة الضبط الكبرى Great Reset

1️⃣ (المعروف أيضًا باسم إعادة البناء بشكل أفضل ، أو الثورة الصناعية الرابعة ، أو الوضع الطبيعي الجديد ، أو الصفقة الخضراء الجديدة أو الصفقة الجديدة للطبيعة) هي محاولة انقلاب رأسمالية عالمية على نطاق لم يكن متخيلًا من قبل. إنها محاولة من قبل Image
2️⃣ نخبة فاحشة الثراء للسيطرة الكاملة على كل جانب من جوانب عالمنا وحياتنا وأجسادنا.

المستقبل الذي وضعوه لنا هو جحيم ما بعد الإنسانية الفاشي حيث ألغيت الحرية ودمج البشر مع الروبوتات وتحولوا إلى سلع لصالح النخبة.
هناك تداخل هائل بين من يقفون وراء هذا المخطط الخبيث ورأسمالي المناخ
3️⃣ الذين كشفناهم نحن وآخرون سابقًا.

عملية الاحتيال هي نفسها في الأساس: باستخدام واجهة لمكافحة تغير المناخ ، أو فيروس أو حتى ظلم اجتماعي ، تعتزم هذه المافيا الإجرامية إجبارنا نحن وأطفالنا وأطفالنا على مستقبل بائس من العبودية ، بينما يقومون بتثبيت أنفسهم.كحكام بلا منازع في العالم.
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Filip Gregor will be providing an overview at a session co-organised by @ShareAction @BHRRC @Global_Witness @InvestforRights & @purposeofcorp

Looking forward to the commentaries of @EU_Finance, @Lysgaard_Signe @ericsson @barbara_bijelic & @thomasoftayler

For those that are not able to follow the event live, a recording will be made available in ERIN's platform

#ERIN2020 @ShareAction
“One ring that binds them all” - @MWachenfeld @ThemisResearch refering to the #sustainablefinance, corporate #sustainability disclosure, and mandatory #due diligence. Where are the gaps & synergies?

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Our 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution 🌱

First up, wind power:

💚 Every UK home powered by offshore wind by 2030
👷 Supporting 60,000 jobs

Read the full plan:…

#ClimateAction #TogetherForOurPlanet

🧩 Develop 5GW of low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030
🌇 First town powered entirely by hydrogen by 2030

Discover our plan to kickstart a green economic recovery:…

2/10 #ClimateAction
☢️ New large-scale nuclear plant
🏭 Next generation of small and advanced reactors

Learn how we’re using low carbon energy to meet our #NetZero commitment:…

3/10 #ClimateAction
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#WEF & Prince of Wales: The Green Horizon Summit: Nov. 9-11 2020. Attended by 2500. Led by 100+ corporate & climate "leaders" including "Prince" Charles, UN's Guterres, Lagarde, Carney, BlackRock, etc.


Let's start w/ the ruling class imperative to rebrand #capitalism (Oct, 23, 2020) - in order to save it.

Schwab: "At the forefront [we need] to create a new model,
a new concept, a new definition of capitalism...

Schwab, continued: "the old definition comprises only financial capital. But actually human & social capital, [] & of course natural capital - is as important as financial capital."


#CorporateCoup of the #Commons


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Good points raised in this report, but "awareness" & "explanation" won't be enough to persuade people to accept consequences of #NetZero.

Consent for ambitious policies must exist before they are made law. Since the 2000s, there has been no democracy in UK climate policymaking.
An example. The report finds that "retrofitting the home requires a significant upfront cost estimated at up to £15,000". This won't make a home 'net zero'.

How many homeowners and/or landlords are going to have £15K lying around between now and when? Nobody's saving!
To make a home truly #Netzero WRT heating will cost multiples of £15K.

The consumer does the quick calculation. How many years will it take to pay back the £15K?

Back-of-an-envelope: 30 years.

That doesn't sound like a good deal. And it's not going to be the only expense.
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Tweets have been light recently while we prepare for a very busy period ahead. We’re about to bring you a *lot* of new analysis, insight and commentary.

A rundown of what’s coming up soon from @theCCCuk.

There are four themes to our work for the year prior to #COP26

1) Achieving Net Zero in the UK.
2) The UK’s international climate focus.
3) Climate risk and adaptation.
4) New scrutiny of progress

Let’s look at each, starting with the first...
On December 9 we publish our Sixth Carbon Budget advice. It's a biggie: advice on the transition all the way to #NetZero.

New sectoral insights
New investment numbers, profiled over time
New cost / benefit analysis
New Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland pathways
New policy advice
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Solving the #ClimateCrisis too expensive?
Think again.

#COVID19 recovery stimulus dwarfs green energy investment needs for a 1.5°C-compatible world

A thread on our new scientific analysis published in @ScienceMagazine
In the wake of the economic crisis caused by the #COVID19 pandemic, governments have pledged unprecedented amounts of economic recovery and stimulus.

We tally up all pledges and compare them to what we would need to transform the global energy system to #netzero by 2050 (2/n)
We show that the 12.2 trillion USD in pledged #COVID19 recovery is roughly double the amount of all low-carbon energy investments required globally over the next five years to put the world on track for a 1.5°C pathway. (3/n)
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am spending my Saturday (#T20Blast seems to be rained off) watching @Policy_Exchange on #civilservicereform.. Lord Agnew thinks its the system not the people who are broken
Northcote-Trevelyan was a long time ago and things have moved on.. Rigour has been watered down - no technical assessments before promotions leads to lack of commercial skills.. but gaps in data - contract overruns
obsession with policy as theory not as impact on people.. but implementers rarely in room when policy made - but impact on the most dependent.. diversity of georgraphy and cognition needed (don't think anyone will challenge this motherhoody list)
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Today we @UniofOxford have published some principles for #netzero aligned carbon offsetting:…

Here's a summary...

First, some background:

Carbon offsetting is the reduction of your own balance of emissions by gaining credit for certified emission reduction or removal carried out by another actor.
It's not for everyone. Objections exist, both on grounds of ethics (is it right?) and practice (does it work?). But offsetting is widespread and set to grow as countries, cities and businesses all strive to set and meet #netzero targets...
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Reminder of the government's absolute indifference to the costs of its policy ambitions, and its failure to scrutinise the green blob's promises.

Say goodbye to your car.
They have no clue what they are doing.

And now they will face calls to bring the new ICE sales ban in BEFORE 2030, and to ban older cars sooner, too.…
How do we know it will fail?

Because governments cannot make such a massive infrastructural change without f***ing things up. What else has it got right? Not HS2. Not Crossrail... Not nuclear power. The bigger the project, the greater the failure.
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Note these words: "We cannot let climate action become another victim of coronavirus."

Everything else CAN become a victim of coronavirus.

People's health & lives.
Homes, businesses.
The economy.

But NOT the green agenda.…
Why does the Green Agenda -- #NetZero -- get protection that NOTHING, and nobody else has enjoyed?

Can you explain, @Number10press, @BorisJohnson, @Conservatives?
What are the priorities of the government, if they will let people with treatable illness rot, deny children's education, let businesses & jobs evaporate...

But will pull out all the stops to continue with the climate policies and posturing that they KNOW has no public support?
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Undoubtedly the day's biggest news bar none... President Xi Jinping says China '...aims to have CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060'. It's the world's biggest carbon emitter, so it matters - in several ways
(By the way, because translations can lose important nuances I've pasted the wording above straight from Xinhua, which ought to know)…
First, China is the world's biggest emitter of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas which causes climate change, and of all greenhouse gases put together Image
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Few thoughts on Making Mission Possible, the bumper #netzero report out this morning from @ETC_energy
As the title implies the Commission (which includes a vast array of super-sized businesses such as Tata, Shell, Rio Tinto...) concludes global #netzero is abundantly possible, and govts and businesses should set course for it - 2050 for richer nations, 2060 for the remainder Image
(That's compatible with the #ParisAgreement 1.5ºC commitment btw, as they're talking about neutrality for all greenhouse gases not just CO2)
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Boris Johnson is taking a principled stand against the EU.

Next year, the UK is hosting #COP26, at which Johnson's government hopes to surrender any sovereignty the UK has reclaimed from the EU to another supranational political body...
In order to get the global agreement at #COP26, Johnson's government is committing the UK to draconian policies that will cost many £trillions, huge restrict material freedoms, and undermine businesses.

He thinks the rest of the world will follow the suicide pact.
So I don't believe the bullshit on ANY side of this Brexit deal. It's all performance.
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👏@IEA for publishing such a great work on #innovation #energy #climate
Here are my 6 takeways from this 400p document #Thread
Full @IEA document here 👉…
1. We can already cut global emissions by 55% with already commercially available technologies (i.e. early adoption + mature). But we also need to further develop technologies to get to #NetZero
2. Technologies for #buildings renovation and ligh-duty #transport are already largely there
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Thread on new @CFTC #climaterisk report. Here are the highlights: First & perhaps most importantly, this report was a) commissioned by a majority-Republican federal regulatory agency and b) represents the consensus views of banks, investors, big companies, academics & enviros 1/
2/ Topline message: "US financial regulators must recognize that climate change poses serious emerging risks to the US financial system, and they should move urgently and decisively to measure, understand, and address these risks." Full report here (PDF):…
3/ Notably, the CFTC #climaterisk report does not just make recommendations to the CFTC, and is not limited by the jurisdiction of this agency (commodities, derivatives markets, etc). Also notable: the recommendations aren't binding. If Biden wins, they'll be a blueprint at best.
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how exactly does anyone look at extinction rebellion and think "they're saving the environment" not "they're polluting earth with a shitton of needless synthetic costumes & props"? ImageImageImageImage
please don't trust people who dress like pride & halloween had a baby that will pollute the coasts of caribbean with fabric. also those who allege that for a successful protest you need to get arrested. NO. ImageImageImageImage
be wary of the clowns in gowns and read the following accounts for nuanced analysis of vested interests in climate & nature activism:

@elleprovocateur @CompromisedNGOs @frackfree_eu @nodealfornature @Boycott_WWF ImageImageImageImage
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one of the govt's other big tasks - getting #netzero done by 2050. new report from @instituteforgov sets out how govt needs to confront the 6 Cs that stall progress…
those Cs .. a lack of coordination - we argue we need a beefed up net zero unit in @cabinetofficeuk Cabinet Office - too big for @CommonsBEIS BEIS to manage on its own
A lack of certainty and policy consistency - govt needs to prepare a joined up plan charting a roadmap to 2050 - setting out how each sector will decarbonise - and what how the system joins up --
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I can't read this paywalled article. But it worries me that the 'greening of the economy' is being offered as a benign agenda, distinct from XR's more obvious politics.

I'm more worried about #NetZero than about XR.

The green agenda *is* a political agenda.
XR are only superficially more extreme. The green agenda more broadly is no less ideological.

It's not *about* merely making it possible to do the things we do every day, but just slightly better.

It's about a fundamental transformation of politics.
Government and others distancing themselves from XR puts no distance from themselves and the fact that theirs is still a deeply ideological project -- a project which has ZERO democratic legitimacy. It is, at its core, absolutely hostile to democracy.
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OTOH, this *is* what happens when you indulge a political movement, fail to challenge it, concede to its every demand, give it access to all parts of the political establishment, and claim to champion its cause...
MPs decided that there *is* a climate emergency.

Parliament decided to have a Citizens Assembly.

The government decided it would set a #netzero target, and all MPs agreed.

All without debate.

So, if so much can be agreed without debate, what's the point of the free press?
It wouldn't matter what you read in any of the papers, your views are unimportant to anyone in Westminster.

The green agenda, #netzero, has been decided without your consent. And these XR people are just the start of it.
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Equally "eloquent" is the quoted George Monbiot:

"It is a fundamental proponent {sic} of democracy that we should know who is speaking..."

He also couldn't correctly identify the organisations resident at the house he was shouting at.

Eloquent... Maybe. But ignorant.
It is a fundamental of democracy that the proponent of a thing should actually say something intelligible, and of course, set out an argument that can be meaningfully engaged with.

But they didn't manage it.
You can't actually argue with ignorant, conspiracy-theorising street thuggery.

It's only performance from the likes of @James_BG that makes it seem respectable.

It was a rabble. It was unable to express its grievances. And it had to resort to fantasy to compensate.
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Interesting discussion.

Some unchallenged and unproven claims about the cost of wind power from @SPRKeith.

@KemiBadenoch claims that the 'adults are in the room' on the #netzero agenda.

I don't believe her. As she admits, the targets were set before the means to deliver it.
Moreover, it's not enough to say that the agenda has sensible people in charge of it.

Even if it was true. The government will very likely change in 4 years time.

And it is not as if the government is not capable of deeply expensive, and extremely stupid mistakes.
And it's not true.

Parliament has decided it was not going to test the principles of the green agenda democratically. Yet its consequences, whether intended or not, are far-reaching.

Sorry, @KemiBadenoch, I don't believe you.
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