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Thread on State Transport Corporations of Tamil Nadu.
1.TNSTC buses carried 2 crore passengers a day in 2010-11.That number dropped by 2019 before Covid to 1.4 crore.During Covid it dropped to around 75 lakh per day. Post Covid,buses carry 50-60% of numbers they did 10 yrs ago
2.Number of buses operated has remained more or less the same over last 7-8 years at around 20000 buses
3.Number of staff has remained almost the same over last decade at between 122,000 to 126000.
4.Bus fares in TN are lower than neighboring states despite hikes in 2011 & 2018
5.Accumulated debt of STCs is now >33000 crore. Interest payment is >Rs.1800 crore/year.
6.Employees per bus ratio is 6.3 against National average of 5.5. In AP & Karnataka it is below 5. This means there are at least 16,000 more employees than there should be for no.of buses
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It seems simple, but putting stuff in a #container - in essence a standardized box - is the biggest #shipping advance of the past century. And #Russia is losing the capacity to play.
Many results:
-(un)loading takes days, not hours
-#ports/#logistics hubs require 10x the land for specialized buildings to house #inventory
-shipping costs at least 3x (7x is probably more accurate)
-backlogs at all shipping hubs
-requires 10x the staff required to handle cargo
-MASSIVE expansion of corruption because everyone can see every bit of the cargo

Big section on this (and its end) in the #Transport chapters of the upcoming book: #TheEndOfTheWorldIsJustTheBeginning.
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[Thread #Urbanisme/#Transport/#SecretDÉtat] Le RTSE, le mini-métro secret de l’État Français sous Paris/IdF qui donna naissance au VAL 🚇

Et comme il a 50 ans, il est (ENFIN) en cours de déclassification ! On commence à en savoir un peu plus ! 🥰 ⤵️

(En avant-propos : je retranscris ici l'un des tous premiers rapports déclassifiés, bientôt diffusé en open accès, d'autres arriveront très prochainement. Pour le moment, les infos ne sont pas encore nombreuses, et les photos et graphs de piètre qualité)


Comme d'hab, un peu d'histoire pour commencer. Et on remonte en pleine guerre froide !

En 1962, en pleine crise des missiles de Cuba, les plus hautes autorités de l’État (en gros le général de Gaulle et plusieurs conseillers) constatent des faiblesses dans le

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Transport is one of the only sectors where emissions continue to climb 📈. Electric vehicles are only a solution to regional book keeping, they are NOT a global 🌎solution. Real solutions to decrease #transport #climatechange emissions:🧵…
1) Invest purely in public transport, especially rail 🚃🚋🚎🚊, and active and micro transport 🚴🚶‍♀️🛴🛵. These modes are much much more sustainable even with infrastructure. E.g.,…
2) If you want to invest in electric vehicles, invest in electric public transport and for individuals, e-bikes.
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New #Report Alert!!!

Laying out the 'benefits windfall' from place-based #local #netzero projects and how to unlock their delivery.

#EneryRevolution @UKRI_News funded, written by @PwC_UK @PCANcities & Otley Energy .

Short thread 1/5…
Super-critical because targeting the two areas - #heating and #mobility that we are stalled on in UK #netzero delivery.
Chart shows top two sectors now #transport (navy) and #buildings (heat - pink) - both flat-lined (bar pandemic effects). (2/5)
This work models costs / benefits from bottom-up for 6 UK cities to #decarbonise in 2 scenarios:
- use same #lowcarbon measures everywhere
- tailor to local needs / opportunities

And adds strategic analysis of current situation for #delivery (3/5)
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This 12(!) car #train arrived at #budapestnyugati from #záhony at the #Ukrainian #border this afternoon, it was a special train for the #Ukrainianrefugees fleeing the #WARINUKRAINE

And I have to say that I am positively surprised by how much help is happening in Eastern Europe!
And to put it in context, the "normal" train back to Zahony had 5 cars...
This is at the #keleti station in Budapest, normally this hall is completely empty, now it full with stands and people who #HelpUkrainianRefugees
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1/ On the "energy transition" and geoeconomics:
My experience, including e.g. lobbying for #electrification of #transport before it was cool, is that govts prefer the path of least resistance, which helps the incumbent #oil and #gas industry.
2/ So what you get is a compromise of #green policy goals (lower CO2, but not too fast, plus nuclear exit), slow-exiting of #oil and increase in #gas (good for incumbent industry), promotion of #hydrogen (helps gas industry survive), and of course #Russia.
3/ Liberal economic principles, and foreign policy idealism, are brought in just in time to prevent heavy geoeconomic measures to cut dependence on Russia. And so, Europe will do a slow energy transition with Russia guaranteed major benefits for the next few decades.
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1⃣🌏🌍🌎To build transport infrastructures that meet climate goals, financial systems need reorientation towards climate proofing 🌿💰

Thread for details ⬇️
💰💷The estimated funding gap for transport infrastructure is immense: $440 billion per year! 💴 

🛤️We need a shift here.👉Read more on how:…
🌿💰How to create an enabling environment for #financing #sustainable #transport investments? 

➡️Find out more at…
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Gewappnet gegen Personalausfälle? Katastrophenamt ist vorsichtig optimistisch

"Wegen der großen Zahl an Infizierten werden Personalausfälle befürchtet, die das System empfindlich treffen könnten...@BBK_Bund geht von ausreichenden Vorkehrungen aus"
"Wegen der starken Omikron-Ausbreitung sieht das @BBK_Bund aber Engpässe beim Schlüsselpersonal durchaus als realistisches Szenario. Aktuell sei eine starke Belastung mit Funktionseinschränkung lediglich im #Gesundheitssektor zu beobachten, teilte das Amt auf Nachfrage mit."
"Im Bereich #Transport und #Verkehr müsse die Entwicklung beobachtet werden, da in diesem Sektor Fachpersonal knapp sei und #Lieferketten empfindlich auf Verzögerungen reagieren würden."
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"Be prepared" not to remind you the song from #TheLionKing but rather be prepared for 1st calls for the Connecting #Europe Facility #Digital to be launched this month January 2022! Below #mythread on CEF Digital Connecting Europe Facility #CEFDigital #MyPhoto 2021 #connectivity Image
CEF #Digital supports the following actions: 1. the deployment of #5G infrastructures in #Europe along cross-border corridors and 5G for smart communities. 1/1
2. The deployment of new or significant upgrade of existing backbone networks #cloud, ultra-secure #quantum communication infrastructures, submarine cables, to improve #electronic communications networks within & btw Member States and btw the #Union and #thirdcountries. 1/3
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🎄La fausse gratuité des livraisons📦 : Un secteur opaque où les sociétés de livraisons de colis préfèrent ne pas dévoiler comment elles déterminent leurs prix.
Les livreurs, sous-payés à la base, deviennent ainsi un sous-produit de la concurrence féroce que se livrent les Image
boutiques en ligne et les grandes plateformes d'#ecommerce. Un dumping des prix pratiqué par tous les gros acteurs du secteur qui consiste à pratiquer des tarifs aux vendeurs étrangers (#ecommerce) à un prix inférieur que celui appliqué sur leur marché national pour capter des
parts de marché, avec au final une « surtarification » du prix national du transport de colis, payée par le consommateur !
#colis #livraisonrapide #ecommerce #plateformisation #Transport #Colissimo #Chronopost #UPS #DPD #LaPoste…
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Oct #Inflation released by Stats SA is at 5.0%, unchanged from Sep. #Food & #non-alcoholic beverages; #housing, #utilities; #transport; and #miscellaneous goods & services were the major drivers. Global inflation going up. Inflation no longer transitory, maybe persistent (1/N)
#Core inflation at 3.2%, still very low. #Goods inflation at 7.1%, with #none-durable goods at 8.6%! Services inflation is at 3.0%. #administrered prices (taxes!) rising by a whooping 11.2% (2/N)
CPI inflation excluding administered prices is at 3.8%, way below the #SARB @SAReserveBank mid-point of 4.5%. So, if the SARB hikes tomorrow, which i do not think it should and it will, its fighting inflation caused by the government (3/N)
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#Sustainable Alternative Futures for #India (SAFARI) is a user-interactive scenario development tool developed by #CSTEP.

#ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction #Climate #CSTEP
The #SAFARImodel helps simulate long-term pathways where #development goals AND #ClimateAction are achieved synergistically.

#ClimateEmergency #Climate #CSTEP @ConnectSDGs #COP26 #SDGs @UN
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Moderated by @DamilolaSDG7, @UN SRSG & CEO of @SEforALLorg , the Opening Plenary of the #EnergyActionDay will focus on the ambitious #energytransition action.

Watch here: ImageImage
Opening the #EnergyActionDay, the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, underlines the urgency of taking action to meet the #SDGs and goals of the #ParisAgreement.

#HLDE2021 Image
Decarbonising the energy sector is one of the most crucial tasks to meet our #globalgoals. Today’s #EnergyActionDay plays an important role in raising ambition under #HLDE2021.

- @AminaJMohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the @UN. Image
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@LoveFor2Wheels QED

You haven't got a clue about the real world

That's why you're a cyclist activist

"Basic Physics" says swinging your fist as fast as you can will do far more damage than scratching your nose with your little finger

In the real world the fist won't even connect
@LoveFor2Wheels QED

You haven't got a clue about the real world

That's why you're a cyclist activist

"Basic Physics" says a scalpel will cause far more damage than a Smarty/M&M

In the real world smarties* kill far more than scalpels

In fact scalpels SAVE millions of lives

* By choking
@LoveFor2Wheels QED

You haven't got a clue about the real world

That's why you're a cyclist activist

"Basic Physics" says driving at 40 will do vastly more damage than driving at 20

In the real world forcing drivers to do 20 and punish them for going over on a road safe for 40 will kill more
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Next steps to handle #climate #crisis
Check the thread 👇
Climate change transition keeps going. To be able manage new and upcoming challenges/crisis we as #civilizations needs to thinking about rebuilding our life in new more sustainable #zero #emissions way.
To increase global efforts for making #environment more friendly for upcoming generations @setcoingroup launching @dseinnovations Infratech fund structure for investments primarily into #Greenfield projects and #Brownfield (operational) #assets
Next 👇
Of #smart #cities, advanced #transport solutions #Hyperloop, #renewables energy facilities, renewable storage batteries, #solar roads constructions etc

Next 👇

#innovations #environnement #Sustainability #esg #green #economy
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How to facilitate Digital Services Economy transitions in next decades?
Together with @dseinnovations team and @setcoingroup we develop #ESG transformation framework and roadmap for governments, international organizations, corporations funds & LP’s
Check overview in thread👇
#humancentric Global Economy
Benefits of services economy to local countries & #gdp growth
People become main asset of digital services economy
Next 👇
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China unveils 600 kph/370 mph High Speed Superfast #maglevtrain prototype makes public #debut, "Fastest Ground #Vehicle Globally": Report
Using electro-magnetic force, #maglev #TRAIN "levitates" above track & no contact between body and rail.
#Thread #tech #technology #Transport
China has been using maglev technology for almost 2 decades on very limited scale. Maglev train could go from Shanghai to #Beijing in 2.5 hours, versus 5.5 hours by high-speed rail. Self-developed by China and manufactured in coastal city of #Qingdao. @CRRC_global new model.
Cutting-edge #scientific and technological achievement in field of #railway transit in world. Train uses electromagnets to suspend itself above rails, and because there's no friction from contact with rail lines, train can run quietly and smoothly. Unveiled in glittery ceremony.
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Ab Montag wird die #Tafel in #Wuppertal die #Tafel in #Ahrweiler unterstützten und gespendet #Lebensmittel liefern.

Die Wuppertaler #Tafel kann hierfür noch #Unterstützung durch #LKW gebrauchen. #Angebote bitte an 0202 2644870-0
Bitte #RT!
Ein #Spediteur zum #Transport von #Waren nach #Ahrweiler wurde mittlerweile gefunden.
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1st day of the #Slovenian 🇸🇮presidency of @EUCouncil Watch this space for live updates from @EURACTIV 👇
For a short take for what's on the menu today in #Ljubljana, check out…
#Cybersecurity and #AI will be one of the priorities for 🇸🇮@EU2021SI, first briefing of the day by @BostjanKoritnik, responsible for #DigitalTransformation, who says "it is important for us to create a high level of trust in human-centric #AI"
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Britain has more job #vacancies than can be filled by the native workforce. That, in a nutshell, is why we need #migrants and millions of them. #Brexit was a con. Watch this 1½-minute video. Read my report on Facebook: LinkedIn:
It's not just vacancies. Britain has more JOBS than Britons to do them. That's why we need millions of migrants. It really is that simple. Why else would the government offer 3 million Hong Kong citizens the right to come to the UK? Leave voters were misled... big time.
Our country has an ageing population, and a low birth rate. So, the truth is that we have to import young people and skilled (and many unskilled) people to do the jobs that we don’t have enough Britons to fill. The government, of course, knows this only too well.
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TL:DR of the OEA @energyontario Net Zero 2050 Report in this thread #Ontario #energy @IESO_Tweets @ONenergy @OntEnergyBoard
First as we all know most of the province energy use come from Petroleum product and Natural gas. Electricity is not a fuel, looking at you OEA. #Ontario #energy Image
Accordingly Electricity generation/use really doesn't contribute much to GHG of Ontario. #Ontario #energy Image
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On May 26th @StateBank_Pak released #Pakistan's disaggregated #trade statistics for April '21. We now have 10 months of the FY21. Some analysis in #thread below. 👇👇👇
#Pakistan #exports of #goods & #services grew by 6.2%., surpassing the US$25 billion mark. (2/n) Pakistan exports of goods and services, first 10 months of F
By #destination: substantial increases of shipments to #China and the #USA. Stability with #Afghanistan, and contractions in shipments to #UAE.

[#export growth to China and USA is confirmed by mirror data analysis] (3/n) Pakistan exports by destination, in million USD. (source SBP
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