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Good to see people taking an interest in our #rivers,we hope they’ll become guardians of these precious #habitats &advocate for allowing our #wildlife to thrive. But there’s a horrible hometruth that fishermen (& @EnvAgency) need to face up to-⚠️thread contains distressing images
For every new licenced fisherman there’s many more unlicensed leading to much suffering of our river #wildlife illustrated by #wildlifecrimes in this thread @EnvAgency MUST step up checking of licences&honourable fishermen must call out those endangering #wildlife @BBCCountryfile
A not uncommon injury Dagenham,Nov2019 rather than capturing the snagged swan,a hook has been ripped out tearing the esophagus.The swan attempted to feed but unable to swallow the food has lodged as a blockage(see bulge)at wound site.Successful rescue operation by @Swan_Sanctuary
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/04/2020…
Study blows 'greenhouse theory out of the water'…

#ClimateChange #greenhouse
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I was asked why I never do posts about tigers, lions, and leopards. Let me say 1) I have posted about lions and tigers in the past. 2) I try to use my own pictures for a lot of my content so that I avoid unattributed/misattribute pictures, and 3) Have you seen jaguars?

I can admit my biases when it comes to "big cats", and that is I have an affinity for jaguars. They are the only member of the Panthera genus represented in the Americas and they are the 3rd largest "big cat", yet they have powerful adaptations that rival those of tigers!

There is a reason these amazing felines are steeped in indigenous culture throughout their native range despite their enigmatic nature. The heavily-muscled, stocky jaguar is a stealthy hunter, at home stalking prey from the trees, on the ground, and even in the water!

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I wasn't in touch with him. I hadn't spoken to him in decades. But his elder brother & me were good friends for long though even we didn't meet often. His memory goes back to our school & college days - 1973 to 1980 or so. He was then around 13 yrs old. He was unique even then.
With some friends he had what was called Harry's house. For us though a couple of years older it was like a Enid Blyton fantasy but at whole new level. Reason ? They had snakes which they caught & kept in glass cages. To avoid accidental snake bite in the night their bed was hung
over 2 wooden beams just below the roof & that's where they slept. He & his friends were #wildlife enthusiasts & for us in those days it was both bizarre & exciting & for the parents exasperating. I still remember one day during engineering exams we were about to enter the room
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My piece in @MongabayIndia on relocation from #Wayanad #Wildlife Sanctuary based on my @MPhilCL @Cambridge_Uni research supervised by @EliaApos Ialso drew on my yrs of experience.Resettlement from #ProtectedAreas (PA) is contentious @csandbrook 1/22
& I discuss a largely ignored narrative:of people seeking support for relocation.Historically,resettlements have been poorly recorded; there have been evictions from PAs that have led to penury, isolation, further impoverishment, which I strongly condemn.There is NO room 2/22
for forced,induced,unjust resettlement. However,it is troubling that resettlement discourse has ignored the narrative of people voluntarily seeking to move out of PAs where they face immense hardship due to lack of access to education,healthcare, markets,roads,jobs,business
3/22 A camera trapped pic  from Kali #Tiger Reserve, sourced from
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My hair's getting long, but not long enough to tie into a ponytail, which is my intention in this time when we avoid barbers. You can see how long my hair has become in the selfie I posted today. In it I sit at my desk...
...working on my laptop, my immense desk towering over me and clutter filling the space that is not filled by electronics. I chose black and white for this composition as I do for all my best selfies. It's unique because...
...I show myself from the back, a trick I mastered by resorting to the ten second timer in one of my cameras. I don't know how I feel about this photo -- perhaps you have something to say. I'd be very interested.
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Greeting everyone & happy Friday. Please welcome @LeninChisaira, an environmental and wildife justice lawyer. He is the founder & director of @Advocates4Earth. Lenin will be sharing insights on laws & issues relating to #wildlife & environment in #Zimbabwe. Feel free to ask
Lenin holds an LLB Hons (UZ) and Master of Laws from @UCC, Ireland and University of London. His research mainly focused on climate and environmental justice as well as the interaction of these rights with human rights. #ClimateCrisis…
Good Morning. It's a pleasure for me to be part of this week's Tourism and Wildlife Week by @mentroshipzim. I will try to be interactive as I share both my journey & also respond to any questions on wildlife & environmental laws. For starters, Wed this week was #WorldElephantDay
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The illegal possession of this bird was declared & posted on social media by a local non hunter boy that was pointed out to Sindh Wildlife by @wildPakistan. In a prompt response Sindh Wildlife deputed its official Inspector Syed Ali Shah of Thatta for the recovery.1/3
SSP Thatta @DrImranPSP did great help. It is only due to his assistance this voiceless is recovered & now in safe hands of Sindh Wildlife staff for rehabilitation & release in wild.
Oriental Darter is a waterbird with long neck & pointed dagger like bill. It is also known as 2/3
'snake bird' & is superb swimmer & diver.
It eats upon small fish, amphibians & other small aquatic fauna. This was frequent visitor of #Haleji Lake #Wildlife Sanctuary ,Thatta, Sindh🇵🇰 in past but after 1995 no reports on record for it's arrival at Haleji Lake. 3/3
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/31/2020…
Conserving Africa’s wildlife and wildlands through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond | Nature Ecology & Evolution…

#coronavirus #ecology #evolution #nature #africa #crisis #wildlife
Hidden figures in ecology and evolution | Nature Ecology & Evolution…

#ecology #nature #evolution
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Sindh #Wildlife officers Mr Hasnain, Mr Naeem & Mr Nadeem count value of their life not in duration but in an effective donation that is by rescuing #wildlife species trapped by poachers.
The 'False Aamils' using 'Owl' in witch craft remain at their hit list. 1/3
This time they rescued this "Barn Owl" from illegal possession; inspected for it's fitness to flight & released in wilderness.
Native to🇵🇰, Barn Owls r birds of prey contributing effectively to food chain during night, keeping eyes upon reptiles & small mammals. 2/3
If you notice any "False Amil" in ugly practice of using these beautiful #birds in witch craft please DM us his location.
Our officials are "Taweez Ganda Proof" to deal that wretch effectively. 🙏 3/3
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In the corridors of human-elephant co-existence.

1/ This thread is dedicated to the most magnificent of the animals on earth, the Elephant. Huge yet humble, powerful yet responsible, intelligent yet unassuming, it is held in great awe and reverence. And, it is feared too.
2/ Recent deaths of elephants, most notably that of the pregnant elephant in Kerala, have shaken the collective conscience of the society. Foresters, generally held responsible, are equally, if not more, pained by such unfortunate incidents & unnatural death of any wild animal.
3/ I remember having spent many a sleepless nights and anxious days dealing with extreme human-elephant conflict situations in my Division during 2004-08. A major part of my tenure was devoted to preventing such occurrences. The situation has not changed much over the years.
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The Earth has Music for those who Listen..
Nature sounds!! 💚

#WorldMusicDay #nature #birds
Beauty of #nature language!!
Animals make sound alaram to save 🦌 from Tiger/ leopard.
Langur 🐒 s are on high alart for any sign of Predators! 🐅🐆

#wildlife #westernghats #deer
Vc Karthik @ParveenKaswan
Nothing better than the sound of birds chirping early in the morning and the evening. 🐦

Nature is the best therapy. 💚
#NationalWildlifeDay #birds
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Wildlife has been linked to the outbreak of #COVID19 🐾😷

This has led to calls on social media for changes in how #wildlifetrade is managed

How has this link between #wildlife and #COVID__19 changed the #twitter discourse on wildlife trade? 🧐
2/6 #SSWGTC20 #MarSocSci

How has interest in wildlife trade changed?🧐🐾

🗓️ 2019 ¦ 2020
📣 Tweets: 7,553 ¦ 32,806
🔁 Retweeted: 42,325 ¦ 132,607
❣️Avg Sentiment: -0.48 ¦ -0.74
🐦 Unique Users: 4,975 ¦ 19,810
🌍Unique countries: 99 ¦ 140
3/6 #SSWGTC20

How have the topics discussed changed? 🗣️🤷

🔝 2019 ¦ 2020
#wildlife ¦ #wildlife
#iwt ¦ #coronavirus
#conservation ¦ #covid19
#wildlifecrime ¦ #china
#trade ¦ #endwildlifemarkets
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HS2 is Britain’s biggest environment project, delivering miles of ecological and landscape investments alongside construction. On #WorldEnvironmentDay, find out more about the huge scale of environment work and the benefits #fornature.
HS2’s already created over 60 new #wildlife habitats. Grassland, ponds, and plantings now support reptiles, badgers, birds, and bats. At Finham Brook in #Warks six new ponds benefit great crested newts amid 6,200 new trees. #WorldEnvironmentDay
HS2’s also planting 7 million #trees and shrubs between #London and #Birmingham alone. Over 40 species are being grown by Crowders Nurseries, a family run #SME in #Lincs. We’ve already planted 350,000 of them. #WorldEnvironmentDay
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This thread clarifies the situation re #ElephantDeathCase #Kerala. Also, let's use this opportunity to reflect on the situation of #wildlife in #India today
1. People did not "feed" the elephant with cracker stuffed pineapple.
2. The elephant ate the bait laid to kill wild boars.
3. 1000s of wild boars are killed every year in a similar fashion.
4. Some don't die immediately, they suffer for a few days without a face or mouth to eat.
5. This kind of baiting needs to stop.
6. Wild boar lives matter too.
7. End #cruelty towards all #animals #nonhumans.
8. It didn't happen in Malappuram.
9. Why does religion need to come into the picture?
10. #BlackLivesMatter, but please also stand up for those marginalised in #India too (#DalitLivesMatter #MinorityLivesMatter).
11. Try to understand the problem & suggest a solution #Nonhumans
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#wildlife Rescue. When to intervene & when to leave alone is a question I am often asked. The following 2 videos demonstrates what happened when a dog walker found a baby stoat in quite a bad way, alone, dehydrated & exposed to predators. Teamwork got the kit the help he needed
What happened next? Well the dog walker took that video, showed the video to her neighbour. Neighbour rang & forwarded it to me. I advised him that the stoat kit was in a bad way & needed help. The kit was rescued & placed on a heat pad & you can now see the difference #teamwork
For anyone finding a baby stoat or weasel alone,the following advice may help, but always giving mum the chance to retrieve her kit first as she may be in the process of moving her family. Baby stoat is now safe with @RobertEFuller who has a wealth of experience with this species
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NEW 📰 '#COVID19 and the Crisis in #Food Systems'

Communiqué by the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable #FoodSystems 🌱

Symptoms & causes of the crisis? Why this perfect storm? What reforms do we need to protect people & planet? 🌍

➡️ Image
🚨 Press Release by IPES-Food:

'#COVID19 and the Crisis in #Food Systems'


FR | Bientôt en français.
ES | Pronto en español.

@MattMcGrathBBC @thinink @RudyRuitenberg
@BBCHughPym @realfoodmedia @NickClarkAlJaz
@NaomiStarkman @valgauriat Image
🔎 Why #foodsystems in crisis?
➡️ Industrial ag driving habitat loss > conditions for viruses to emerge & spread
➡️ Even before #COVID19, 820 million under-nourished & 2 billion w/ #foodinsecurity. Recession to hit them harder.
➡️ Global supply chains have big vulnerabilities.
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Dear #Bat1K community! Facing the current situation we have something to share with you. Please keep on reading this thread on #bats and #COVIDー19 🦇👇 1/n
We all find ourselves in the midst of a #global #pandemic. Our life is changing and we all have to adapt. Meanwhile, we get to hear the news, densely packed with the #coronavirus, the disease it causes, and also: #bats. 2/n
#Researchers around the globe are doing their best to quickly understand the virus and its outbreak. Nevertheless, the rush to report and communicate complex scientific results has sometimes led to confusion, mistrust and ultimately even fear and hatred towards #bats 3/n
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China’s food markets, wildlife trade and origins of #COVID19: A thread

As a PhD student, I spent countless hours in #China’s wet markets gathering data on consumer behavior and #food safety. Here are a few thoughts: 1/n
Wet markets typically sell fresh meat, fish, produce and other perishables. Historically, animals were killed on-site to ensure freshness and water was used to clean the area. Hence the term “wet market”. They are very different from #wildlife markets 2/n
Reports linking #COVID19 and similar outbreaks to wet markets in China have led to calls for the closing of all wet markets in the country. While some wildlife trade does happen in wet markets, this is far from the norm. Confounding the two can be problematic 3/n
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A thread to cover some of the major - and I mean seriously, shockingly major - gaps, mistakes and problems with the #environmental impact assessment for Montijo airport in #Portugal.

First up: no #fieldwork. AT ALL. 1/
That's right – the EIA of a major international #airport proposed for the country’s most important #wetland site for #bird #conservation didn’t bother to actually count any #birds.

Instead, they depended on studies already published for other reasons.

How did that work out? 2/
Well, the data on birds feeding in the #intertidal- the largest and most important #habitat in the #SPA- was collected in 2002-3.

In the 17 years since, the #Tagus has changed a lot for birds. Improved #water treatment but drastic increase in #shellfish harvesting. 3/
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#Freeland org urges #asian governments to shut all #wildlife markets immediately especially to prevent additional outbreaks of diseases like #coronavirus #COVIDー19. Launching report on #SoutheastAsia #illegal wildlife trade, group says trade valued at US$20 billion/annually ImageImageImageImage
#Freeland organization #INGO says "world is waking up to dangers of #wildlife #trafficking" due to #coronavirus #COVID19". But points out it's a problem beyond #China & this disease. Adds China wildlife breeding business is valued approximately at US$7 billion annually ImageImageImageImage
#Freeland says #wildlife #crime has become 1 of largest #international #organizedcrime as it was previously "ignored or downplayed". Its founder Steve Galster says world seeing "fastest rate of species loss" & #illegal #wildlife trade is "sleeping timebombs in #SoutheastAsia" ImageImageImageImage
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A view of world’s longest and India’s first dedicated underpass for #wildlife on NH7/44. It is passing through Kanha Pench Corridor. Between March & Dec ‘19 researchers recorded 5381 captures of 18 wild animal species using it, 89 tiger crossings of 11 individuals. @bhlab_india
This info-graphic has the details. Even if it is serving some purpose, it should not be an excuse to openly start building linear infrastructure in wildlife habitats. Maybe in coming days more info will come.
Some facts about the use of underpass by wildlife.
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This is how #ClimateChange is affecting #Wildlife!
#CommonLeopard is now reported from #SnowLeopard's habitat, & experts fear this will not only threaten the #SnowLeopard but may even jeopardize the entire #Ecosystem!

My latest for @third_pole

@WWFPak @SLFPakistan
This story is part of my research I did during my masters in international journalism from @CardiffJomec. I was only able to finalize this after thorough feedback from my supervisors @viewmagazine & @MattSwaine. Cannot thank them enough for their support…
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