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Sep 12 16 tweets 5 min read
Comme un sentiment qu'ils sont passé dans une dimension parallèle... Un message d'une clarté absolue. (voir tweet précédent cela fait parfaitement écho leur "mission statement") #Dzerzhinsky & la Cheka c au moins 15k direct & 1,5 millions de morts par la "terreur" ...
#Russia 2/ ils aiment cette vie... Putin avait toujours rêvé secrètement d'être le digne héritier de tous les grands bouchers de l'histoire de son pays.
il pense intimement qu'en aillant pas les mêmes actions il n'est pas à la "hauteur" de l'histoire de son pays

Sep 10 8 tweets 2 min read
1/ Morning hard facts.
Russia has amassed over 420,000 of its troops in Ukraine, claims Deputy Chief of Main Intelligence Directorate #Skybitsky this morning : "Russia has concentrated more than 420,000 servicemen in our temporarily occupied territories and on the #Crimean Image 2/ Peninsula. This does not include the National Guard, other structures, special units, or other security structures of russia which support the occupying power in our territories."

meaning we can count up to 500k ! also be AWARE of the help from Ru civilians contractors.
Aug 24 30 tweets 10 min read
1/ Ukrainian intelligence conducted landing operation in #Crimea . Special op involved naval vessels & aviation! Early in the night, explosions near #Mayak settlement in #Tarkhankut . Ru talked abt 12 spec ops ingressing on boats Image 2/ Explosions rang out near the village of #Mayak on Cape Tarkhankut from 5 a.m. The base of the 3rd radio engineering regiment / part of the radio engineering troops of the RU PKS is located in Mayak. Also there is a radar node - "Nebo-M" radar and "Kasta-2E2" radar there. Image
Jul 23 8 tweets 2 min read
1/ Adieu to ‘all the birds,’ Elon Musk says as he announces Twitter logo change cnbc.com/2023/07/23/adi… 2/ je suis certain que bcp vont encore penser que cela n'est rien en soit, mais en realité cela s'inscrit dans ce que fait M usk depuis le rachat et son idée sociopathique de domination sociopathique (il suffit de lire ce qu'il dit des "journaux" et autres media (je n'invente
May 26 6 tweets 4 min read
1/ New details are revealed, in a paper just released by #Ukrainian outlet NV about Ukraine's military intelligence head "the frog" #Budanov, including a story involving him leading a legendary operation in 2016 to destroy a group of #Russian military helicopters that had arrived Image 2/ #Dzhankoi airbase in occupied Crimea.. So on the previous photo it's Budanov's four-man team. They entered the zone by sea (ingress) during this spe op, and they also took out a Russian Vimpel special forces unit in only a two-minute action and killed the commander, Image
May 25 4 tweets 2 min read
1/ 25 Mai 2023 - La #Russie annonce aujourd'hui qu'elle transfère bien des armes nucléaires sur le sol #Bielorussie (confirmant les infos datant de mardi)

on se souviendra que la Russie à attaquer l'Ukraine au prétexte que celle ci pouvait à l'epoque recevoir ce type d'armes et 2/ donc qu'il est était vitale pour elle de se protéger d'une menace si directe et si proche.

(alors oui on sait ils en ont déjà ds l'enclave de Kaliningrad donc pas de "changements majeurs") mais il serait intéressant tout de même de penser d'une part à ces pauvres Bielorusses
May 24 5 tweets 2 min read
C'est mauvais cette "comparaison" entre le Malva 2S43 et le Caesar.
ça ne fait pas sens, on parle de SPH donc rien de nouveau, develop pas lié au Caesar, voir plus l'Archer.
voir aussi la "suite informatique"..
et puis on parle de 125mm.
& on se fiche de savoir que la cadence 2/ de tir est "supposément" supérieure de 1 coup/min.
d'abord c'est du "declaratif/performatif" russe, ensuite cela peut faire sens puisque calibre inférieure.. mais dans tous les cas c'est une cadence "optimale" pour la durée de vie des tubes.
mais bcp d'autres facteurs peuvent
May 24 7 tweets 2 min read
1/ If he is not dead yet, (or soon) it's because they are keeping him alive for solid reasons
-fake antagonism to actual power (to channel the extremists RU mil blogger)
and or
- keep him for another round of "action" later on (like on Avdiivka... and he fails, 2/ it won't be about Kremlin's fault)
- keep him for Wagner purpose in Africa (because Putin knows he is only a barking dog but 100% loyal, so he wants to be sure to always have control on that subject)
- even giving him some "legit" position in the future, if Ru defense
May 17 5 tweets 3 min read
#Bakhmut is almost under Ru control

Quite the last couple days of combat within the city's limit.
Also UKr r still active on the flanks, still progressing in some areas like around #Klishchiivka

Also some reports of Wagner receiving support from RU troops coming from #Avdiivka Image 2/ seems to be confirmed by several sources including : Image
Apr 3 10 tweets 6 min read
Hello there!
despite #Prigozhin "performative talks"...
#Bakhmut is still not fully under Russian control. far from it...
have a good day you all!
1/ 2/ Partial Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on April 3rd, 2023 #RussianArmy is stuck everywhere as explained last weeks. Only progress are in downtown #Bakhmut #Wagner troops still fighting to seize their only possible real victory.
Apr 2 9 tweets 3 min read
1/ Pour rappel, à l'assemblée nationale elle vote ou fait voter systématiquement contre tous les textes en faveur:soutien de L’ #Ukraine et ou condamnant la #Russie
definition même de la "sale petite pourriture morale"
2/ nouvelobs.com/politique/2023…
Apr 1 7 tweets 5 min read
1/ Partial Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on April 1st, 2023 #RussianArmy is stuck everywhere as explained last weeks. Only progress are in downtown #Bakhmut
#Wagner troops still fighting to seize their only possible real victory.
#UkraineMap 2/ so #Russia still help #Wagner to continues efforts to size the city of #Bakhmut but they are not really willing to push through the flanks and lose thousands of soldiers to help them in the process.
so UKR Lines of Communication & Supply (LOCS) remain secure for now. so
Mar 26 8 tweets 4 min read
1/ Hello,
i had too many thing to deal with this afternoon and i came back home late, so i won't be able to do a full recap tonight.
i'll do it during the week.
just few elements i gathered all day long :
first of all about #Bakhmut
Russians seems to be contain in the north 2/ but in the south along the river & the direction of the city center, they have apparently made some progress (even if nothing certain can be said right now as we have only geoloc vids of "conflicts" areas.
if true they are 1km away to possibly make a junction along the river
Mar 26 5 tweets 2 min read
I hope that no one in Europe or US will ever forget abt #Assad mass murderer and that in couple years from now, when Ru will have only butter knives left to defend one the worst criminal in recent history we will go there to bring him back to the @IntelCrimCourt @CourPenaleInt 2/ because this guy is responsible like Putin of almost 8 millions permanent refugees (by the way none one them to this day really created any problems in the countries they went to) and hundreds thousands of direct murders including massacre of children by chemical attacks or
Mar 25 7 tweets 2 min read
1/ ok... wooof... there is a lot to say here as usual

(Ping les gens incompétents chez @LCI qui il ya 2 semaines faisaient la promo de ce débile complet on m'a fait passer qq extraits de vids connaissant mon "amour" pour cette serpillère/idiot utile du FSB ) Image 2/ first of all if the numbers were correct there would no more war for months. Also everybody is ramping the production and soon enough Ukrainians will have exactly, if not more shell and better ammo than RUssians (also GPS kit etc)

then the production of MBT will never reach
Mar 23 6 tweets 3 min read
1/ I could not agree more with Michael @michael_wasiura on that subject (& on other situations by the way) as it just drove me nuts for months... here excellent paper :
Undersupplied #Ukraine prepares #SpringOffensive with limited western arms newsweek.com/undersupplied-… 2/ so this morning i have posted this (see link below)
& have received numerous questions from friends, but i can't answer all (first of because i'm no psychic & also because there are too many variables now)
But i just wanted to let people know that this
Mar 23 4 tweets 2 min read
1/ So there is this video out there and #Prigozhin (with a map they draw only for the occasion & with big errors by the way) who wants to communicate something, like "he knows" about Ukr plans and the possible outcomes of a huge counter offensive.
but is it really to perform 2/ to perform an act (like for example Girkin is doing quite often) or simply (as i believe) because now he start to understand his own potential is going lower and lower by day, & by doing do, he wants to protect his own image of "conqueror" saying : "see! it's not my fault! i
Mar 21 22 tweets 13 min read
1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on March 21, 2023
#RussianArmy is no more giving the tempo of ongoing operations along the front-line. Weak attacks are recorded everywhere except in the #Avdiivka area on small zones outside the city.
#UkraineMap 2/ As the situation in #Avdiivka is very fluid (i have recorded dozens of attacks/counterattacks last week, to draw the exact FEBA line is not realist, but according to several reports it is likely looking like below to date. Ru are now trying to go with their previous moves,
Mar 19 14 tweets 6 min read
1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on March 19, 2023
#RussianArmy has stalled almost everywhere.
All Ru forces seems to be employed in the area of #Bakhmut & #Avdiivka. some minor progress have been noticed in few places
nothing dramatic.
#UkraineMap 2/ Generally speaking the situation is the same as yesterday and both parties and several sources agrees on the fact, nothing has really changed so far on the frontline. so no need for big "blahblah".
the only location where Russians are progressing is south #Bakhmut & that"s it
Mar 18 5 tweets 2 min read
Attention si vs essayez de me faire un poke/ping sympathique de ne pas le faire en confondant mes cartes avec celle d'un type qui prend pour argent comptant (ingurgitent & régurgitent, sans réflexions aucunes) les "fuites" venant de Wagner & affiliés.
Merci 2/ et puis pardon... mais le commentaire "tiens au prix du sang"... c'est pathétique.
les RU ne l'a prenne pas au prix du sang... ça oui.
il ne faut pas inverser le rapport des pertes. cqfd.
Mar 18 30 tweets 23 min read
Hello there!
have a great week end you all.
Bon week end à tous!

1/n 2/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on March 18, 2023
#RussianArmy are blocked almost everywhere. no real changes were recorded lately, only in the area of #Bakhmut, some minor progress have been noticed.
but nothing as real danger for now