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1. Day four of the liberation of Russia by democratic insurgent forces: No sign of a slow down. Russian forces continue to be unable to mount a defense to the advancing Russian Volunteer Corps & Freedom of Russia Legion forces now holding 200 sq km of Russian fed territory. Image
2. The head of the Belgorod region rebuffed the insurgent command's call for a prisoner swap IMO likely because Russians are committing war crimes against the uniformed insurgent force following the law of armed conflict under a command structure. ImageImage
3. Prigozhin criticized the Belgorod official for not doing the swap that he said were common practice. The insurgents have taken #Solntsevka, #Sereda, #Maryno and #Leninskiy & fighting continues over nine more settlements that includes #Ziborvka, #Shebekino and #Voznesenovka.
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The Battle of #Klishchiivka/#Кліщіївка.

Based on the @GeoConfirmed footage (take into account the delay before the release of the footage) the battle of Klishchiivka is a fact. Image
Take into account that footage is always released with a delay and the statement Syrskyi made today... Something is happening. Image
Source for previous post:…
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GeoConfirmed UKR.

"The 🇺🇦#Ukrainian 3rd Separate Assault Brigade destroyed 9 units of Russian equipment: one tank, 4 IFV and 4 cars near #Klishchiivka."

0:07 - 48.502943, 37.973669
0:30 - 48.502774, 37.976492

GeoLocated by @Sagakino1 and @wildwildmapper
Location: Image
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Ein kleiner #Ausblick darauf, wie es in den nächsten 2-3 Wochen im Ukraine 🇺🇦 Krieg weiter gehen KÖNNTE:

1. Ein Blick auf die Wetter Modelle zeigen, nachdem es jetzt fast 20 Tage trocken war, dass es im Osten und Süden der Ukraine 🇺🇦 jetzt zu einer Regen-Phase kommt. Das

wird wahrscheinlich den Boden wieder in Schlamm verwandeln, und sehr schwer für eine größere Offensive der AFU 🇺🇦 machen, daher erwarte ich, dass die AFU 🇺🇦 sich weiter vorbereitet, und mit Artillerie weiter Ziele der RF 🇷🇺 angreift. GMLRS / GLSDB / Stormshadow Missiles etc.

Was is bei #Bakhmut zu erwarten?
Da die AFU 🇺🇦 jetzt die Stadt verlassen hat, und sich auf erhöhte, monatelang gebaute Verteidigungslinien zurück gezogen hat, können sie „Feuer frei“ mit Artillerie auf die Stadt geben. Hinzu kommt, dass die Ankündigung von #Prigozhin heute,

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1. Thursday saw #Russian tactical situation worsen around #Bakhmut. Despite #Prigozhin's warnings to the Russian command of the need to reinforce Russian flank at #SakkoiVantsetti, the updated map indicates that Ukraine opened this new line of attack and was already successful. Image
2. The loss of this key position will allow the Ukrainians to move south towards #Bakhmut over very favorable ground. In preparation Ukraine conducted artillery strikes on #Paraskoviika and #Krasnopolivka.
In the south Wagner moved to reinforce the approach to #Klishchiivka with
3. prisoner and mobilized forces that quickly suffered heavy casualties from HIMARS strikes. While the Russian north and southern flanks continue to disintegrate, the Ukrainians have apparently begun a tactic of falling back, out the the area of expected Russian artillery Image
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1. With the #Ivanivske road supply-line reopened, #Wanger forces can't hope to starve the remaining #Ukrainian forces fighters like they did in #Mariupol. #Prigozhin, fearful of encirclement, announced he was going to withdraw but the Kremlin threatened him with treason charges. Image
2. So Prigozhin is likely to increase the pace in hopes of defeating the Ukrainian force but there's little evidence he will succeed. At the end of a few days Prigozhin is expected to declare victory and turn Bakhmut's over to the Russian army
3. and try to escape with his mercenary army what he knows is a likely encirclement.

Wednesday saw more Ukrainian advances mostly in the area to the south approaching #Klishchiivka that could be in play soon. Ukrainian forces moving towards Klishchiivka advanced so fast that Image
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#Bakhmut is almost under Ru control

Quite the last couple days of combat within the city's limit.
Also UKr r still active on the flanks, still progressing in some areas like around #Klishchiivka

Also some reports of Wagner receiving support from RU troops coming from #Avdiivka Image
2/ seems to be confirmed by several sources including : Image
3/ also :
Russian 4th Brigade serviceman Murz says Wagner transferred flanks in #Bakhmut to the Russian Army in order to avoid humiliation of his PMC when these areas are liberated by Ukraine.

"whatever bro... you'll all die..eventually" Image
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1. In the battle for #Bakhmut, Ukraine destroyed the final Russian group trapped in a pocket south of #Ivanivske. With no hope of relief and reportedly cut off from communications with the Russian command, the encircled Russian force south of Ivanivske was totally destroyed. Image
2. Ukraine now has options to move on #Klishchiivka and on to #Zaitseve and eventually to #VeselaDolyna perhaps forming the the southern pincer of a Ukrainian Bakhmut envelopment while, at the same time, the northern force moves on #Yahidne to form the northern pincer. Image
3. The Russian command continues to attack at the center of the Ukrainian positions in Bakhmut, as evidenced by the Firms fires, while the Russian flanks are being steadily enveloped.
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#Map #Klishchiivka pushback
First reported somewhat significant 🇺🇦 gain in a couple of months happens at the area where 🇷🇺 was struggling since capture of Kurdumivka.
The area is estimated from 2 to 8 km² and makes no difference.
What matters is momentum and positions.
0/X Image
Bakhmut is more than just a city - it's a lowland area east of the Donbas canal and offense can't stop on any point until canal is reached.
So 🇷🇺 should hold positions along the canal whatever the cost or start trading South and regroup.
1. 🇺🇦 recaptured area West of the canal - the main 🇷🇺 bridgehead, it also provides an access to the road, who controls it has a agility advantage over the enemy.
Control of the area cuts of the woods at the North, no more attacks over the canal.

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Hello there!
have a great week end you all.
Bon week end à tous!

2/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on March 18, 2023
#RussianArmy are blocked almost everywhere. no real changes were recorded lately, only in the area of #Bakhmut, some minor progress have been noticed.
but nothing as real danger for now
3/ "Day 388 of the russian full-scale invasion has begun.
yesterday night Ru launched 34x air strikes. 11x of them employed Shahed-136 UAVs. 10x of these UAVs were destroyed by Ukrainian air defense units, but unfortunately, 1x hit an industrial infrastructure facility. (Per Gen
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Hello there!
Bonjour les amis! belle journée à tous!
Enjoy your day you all!
2/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on March 8, 2023
The situation is better and better each day for #Ukraine (for the last 3 days) around #Bakhmut!
good news about the global area too.
let's dive in :
3/ "In the Bakhmut direction, the opponent, despite significant losses, continues to storm the city of Bakhmut. He also led unsuccessful offensive actions in the areas of #Berhívka (fck yeah!), #DubovoVasylivka #OrihovoVasilivka, #Bogdanívka, #Ivanívske and #Klishchiyvika.
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1/ Spe Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on Feb 18, 2023
Situation is quite difficult in several directions all around #Bakhmut but under control almost everywhere except on the North where the situation is degrading.
Ongoing hard fights
2/ Ru are massively attacking in 2 directions and like sharks they are smelling blood. ready to bite themselves or lose a bit, just to go forward now as they "feel" they are close to achieve their goal.
But we are still FAR from it. don't get confuse about it. still a lot to do.
3/ If you compare for instance with #Mariinka or #Vuhledar, little tiny local places, there is still a lot to protect!
my main concern here is more about the huge amount of support needed Vs the available roads (not now, right now we are 100% ok) & troop morale in the area.
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1/ last Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on February 14, 2023
#Russian has not been able to take a single square meter of Ukrainian land today.
On the contrary... They are experiencing massive stops!
#Bakhmut & #Kreminna area is resisting.
#UkraineMap Image
2/ #AFU were shelled by the Russians close to the city outskirts of #Kreminna, as well as in #Zhytlivka, #Dibrova, the #Serebryanka Forest and #Shyplivka !

also we have indications tonight regarding "usual" push from Ru toward the #Luhansk limits but no chance whatsoever. Image
3/ "The enemy shelled : #Nevske, #Chervonopopivka, #Pishchane, #Dibrova, the Serebryanka Forest and #Bilohorivka in Luhansk region.
They carried out airstrikes in the vicinity of #Berestove and #Zhytlivka."
– Gen Staff last report
reminder :
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#UkraineRussianWar #bakhmut 3d
La situazione degli ultimi mesi.
Un massiccio afflusso di personale #wagner Nell'area con continue ondate umane ha aumentato la pressione su questo lato del fronte. Falliti gli scontri frontali hanno iniziato la pressione su un'area alla volta
Iniziando prima con #yakolivka la cui offensiva vera e propria è iniziata in dicembre, con manovre risalenti da fine novembre. Questo ha permesso una posizione migliore da cui procedere verso #soledar
#soledar ha opposto resistenza il tanto che bastava per iniziare a organizzare linee difensive entro la città e viavia sempre più ad ovest
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General Overview 31 Jan 2023 (Long one today)

#Bakhmut, #Donetsk Oblast Pt.1

In Bakhmut, #Russia has advanced in 2 places. The first place Russia advanced was in the Wine factory where they advanced 500 metres to capture approx. 0.5 km2 including parts of the factory.

#Bakhmut, #Donetsk Oblast Pt.2

The second place that #RussianArmy has advanced in the city was in the north east residential area where they advanced by 150 metres to capture approx. 0.15 km2 or 5 city blocks worth of land.
#Klishchiivka/Ivanivske, #Donetsk Oblast Pt.1

#Russia has continued their advance towards #Ivanivske to cut off #Ukraine at #Bakhmut and has advanced by 1.1 km capturing approx. 5 km2 of land.
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General Overview 29 Jan 2023

Bakhmut, #Donetsk Oblast

There have been no confirmed changes in #Bakhmut city itself for several days now. Image
#Blahodatne, #Donetsk Oblast Pt.1

#Russia's #Wagner group has advanced in Blahodatne by the amount of 1 km to capture 1.2 km2 of land, crossing the T0513 highway between #Sil and Krasna Hora. Image
Blahodatne, #Donetsk Oblast Pt.2

The village of #Blahodatne is now under the control of the #Wagner PMC group of #Russia's army. Image
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General Overview 28 Jan 2023

#Vuhledar, #Donetsk Oblast Pt.1

The constant #Russian attacks on Vuhledar have continued throughout the week.
#Ukraine has been destroying each of their attempts to take the city, which had a pre war population of approx. 14,000 #Ukrainians. Image
#Vuhledar, #Donetsk Oblast Pt.2

However, #Russia has advanced east of #Pavlivka by the amount of 900 metres to capture approx. 0.8 km2 of land. This leaves Russia 1km from outskirts of the city. Image
Klishchiivka/Bakhmut, #Donetsk Oblast

There have been no confirmed changes from either #Klishchiivka or #Bakhmut city for a few days.
#BakhmutHolds Image
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1. #Bakhmut #DonetskRegion, situation on January 28, 2023.
Call sign Kiyanin tells.
Briefly: Ukrainian Armed Forces units are located in the city and control the city, battles are taking place outside Bakhmut. The Russians are shelling the city with artillery and mortars.⬇️
2.They are crawling in the area of ​​#Klishchiivka with armored vehicles, artillery, and infantry, trying to cut the route from #Konstantinovka and #KrasnayaGora. What is the intensity of the fighting? For example, 2 Russian tanks and 7 BMPs were destroyed in #Avdiivka ⬇️
3. yesterday. The same goes along the entire front line in the #Donetsk and #Luhansk regions. The task of the Russians (there is no logic there, because they do not understand the mentality of Ukrainians)⬇️ #StopRussia #StopPutin #RussiaIsATerroristState #PutinIsaWarCriminal
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Hello There!
Well well... it seems to me that this night was an absolute Epic night my friends! (& who stayed up late in the night to report?? yep... exactly ;-)
In one night another equivalent of a full "BTG"
Bonne journée à tous !
#RussiansLosses #RussiaIsCollapsing #Russia
2/ I mean no one asked the Orcs to come to #Ukraine
and they can all go back "home" behind their own frontiers... safe and sounds.
1000 men a day.. Pfuiii that's sound like a real "bummer" to me..
3/ Now just catching on the recent news..
i can' t stop enjoying this day so far !!
"Sweden’s Defense Minister Pål #Jonson stated this morning that Sweden might send its Stridsvagn 122 tanks (modernized Leopard 2A5s) to #Ukraine ".

Some Orcs are going to get "axed" 😅😉
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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on January 23, 2023
Globally the situation is still under the control of #Ukrainians everywhere. no major Ru breakthrough whatsoever. but always some relentless attacks
in lots of direction today - recap
2/ As explained yesterday some actions are still taking places all around #Bilohorivka in #Luhansk and Ru are trying to find a way to defeat defenses there, but globally they are just failing because they are bad Tango dancers & are far less good soldiers in that specific area
3/ #Ukrainian defenders repelled enemy attacks in the areas of #Vyimka where Ru were asked this morning to launch another deep attack. but lack of materials, training & really planning against very well prepared #UAarmy failed one more time in the area..
They can't attack from
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SitRep - 22/01/23 - The Russian propaganda machine is working overtime

An overview of the daily events in the war between Russia and Ukraine. A fairly quiet Sunday with little news. We zoom in on the front line, specifically in the Novoselivske area.

If you missed yesterday's thread, check it out here
As usual we start with Russian losses per 22/01. If available we also include damaged or captured equipment.

+600 men
+5 tanks
+12 APCs
+9 Artillery pieces
+2 MRLS systems
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General Overview 21st Jan 2023

#Klishchiivka, #Donetsk Oblast Pt.1

#Russia has advanced by 1.5 km to capture 4 km2 of territory from south of Bakhmut. The settlement of Klishchiivka is now under the control of the #Russian forces.
#Klishciivka, #Donetsk Oblast Pt 2

There are reports of #Russia being as close to #Bakhmut as Ivanivske and Bila Hora, which are both south west of the city. Both of these villages are close to the contested zone.
#Klishchiivka, #Donetsk Oblast Pt 3

This leaves #Russia 2.8 km away from a main #Ukrainian supply route into #Bakhmut.
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Russo-Ukrainian War: The World Blood Pump

Gradually, and then Suddenly

by @witte_sergei

#NATORussiawar #Ukraine
Since #Russia’s surprise decision to voluntarily withdraw from west bank #Kherson in the first week of November, there has been little in the way of dramatic changes to the frontlines in #Ukraine.

In part, this reflects the predictable late autumn weather in Eastern Europe, which leaves battlefields waterlogged and clogged with mud and greatly inhibits mobility.

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SitRep - 20/01/23 - Ramstein brought no news

An overview of the daily events in the war between Russia and Ukraine. A day that was dominated by a - rather disappointing - Ramstein meeting. Russia that would have opened a front in Zaporizhzia and fighting around Bakhmut.

If you missed yesterdays SitRep, check it out here
As usual we start with Russian losses per 20/01. We also include -if available- Russian captured or destroyed equipment or personnel.

+770 men
+3 tanks
+6 APCs
+7 artillery pieces
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