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The Ukrainians have just published a video ( I won't publish it ) of positions previously held by the Russians on which you can see instruments such as a hammer and a trunk with which the Russians murdered deserters.

#Russia #RussiaIsCollapsing #RussianArmy #ukraine #ukrainian Image
The footage shows the bodies of the deserters, and the dug-out spot in the ground where they were to be buried. The footage is extremely drastic - he does not want to publish it.
Oh well... I forgot about #RussiaIsATerroristState
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Irkutsk, Russia - bastion of Christian traditional values, is still holding strong. Btw. why she is naked? is under sanction?? 🤣

#Ukraine #UkraineWillWin #RussiaIsCollapsing #RussiaIsLosing #RussiaIsATerroristState #RussianArmy #russia
I hope you do not feel as disgusted as I did after watching this video 😂
I have so many questions and so few answers - She has such roots on her head after dyeing it blonde? or is it a tinfoil hat? 😂
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#RussianArmy Promises to "Liberate" #Donbas by October

Yesterday #Putin held two meetings with representatives of the security and military bloc leadership. During a meeting with the military, the president heard reports on the situation on the front and suggested...
1/4 Image
discussing the prospects for both a Ukrainian counter-offensive and actions of the #RussianArmy. #Putin was reassured that the Ukrainian counter-offensive had so far resulted in nothing but losses on the part of the enemy.
2/4 Image
Speaking of their own prospects, the leaders of the military bloc promised the president to "liberate" #Donbas by October 7 this year, just in time for #Putin's birthday, giving him such an expensive gift. These promises cheered the president up a little, although he...
3/4 Image
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Sometimes I post a load of what might look/sound like gibberish to most; perhaps it really is.🤷

Other times, I have a choice selection of wisdom to impart.🤪❓

No, I can't tell them apart either, that is better done by other, more sober minds not yet extant.
For tonight, I have chosen to concoct a short telling, relating to a story about a vicious mongrel motherfucker with absolutely zero regrets about chosing to be a completely, rampantly aggressive dick shoving itself right into any available orifice, or creating them by-need.
If you hadn't guessed so by now.. It's me I'm talking about.. I'm the motherfucker, the mongrel, but only because I hold back with more strength than I care to admit to having in the first place. I don't like to admit it, as I'd prefer to not to be that, but I loathe deceiving.
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"Achievements" of the #RussianArmy

Yesterday, #Russian President Vladimir #Putin, despite not feeling well, held a meeting via video call with representatives of the security and military leadership.
1/11 Image
Unlike in previous days, the president patiently listened to the reports and even took part in the discussion of urgent issues yesterday. Representatives of the military bloc leadership reported that they had "completely destroyed" one of the Patriot systems...
2/11 Image
in #Ukraine and intercepted "all" of the Storm Shadow long-range cruise missiles. The military also assured the president that "all targets" had been destroyed in an overnight missile strike on Ukrainian territory. According to the leadership of the military bloc,...
3/11 Image
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It's Thursday meaning it's #ThrowbackLoss time! About this day year ago #Russia attempted Siverskyi Donets river crossing near Bilohorivka in Luhansk oblast. You've surely heard this name before. This photo dated exactly 11 May 2022 is why. Image
The name of the place has since become an epitome of #RussianArmy incompetence as well as #Ukraine's ability to exploit it at the right time and in what appears to be incredibly efficient manner. Image
There's an evidence of up to a 100 armoured vehicles #Russia lost in the vicinity of Bilohorivka over the course of nearly two weeks, which is more than a brigade worth of material:… Image
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#Russia Total Losses 268,569

Saturday, May 7, 2023, in the morning report to the President of Russia Vladimir #Putin, the irretrievable military operational loss of manpower of the #RussianArmy is 195,754 people. Data are as of 6 am Moscow time today.
1/3 Image
This figure excludes the data on the losses of #Russian PMCs that also participate in hostilities on the territory of #Ukraine. As of Friday, May 5, they lost 65,091 dead.
2/3 Image
The next update on the losses of PMC fighters should be received on Friday, May 12 and will be updated once a week. Losses of the #Russian National Guard since the beginning of hostilities amount to 7,724 killed and missing.
3/3 Image
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"Auf Befehl Prigozhins haben wir 24 ukrainische Kinder erschossen"
Ein RuZze erzählt, der wegen Tötungen in Russland im Gefängnis saß und 3 Monate vor der Entlassung in den Dienst von Russlands Tötungsapparat in die Ukraine geschickt wurde, um ukrainische Kinder zu töten.1/🧶 Image
Auf Befehl von Jewgeni Prigozhin erschossen sie 20 Kinder, sprengten eine Grube mit 60 Verwundeten und räumten Wohngebiete. Zwei Wagnerianer, Azamat Uldarov und Oleksiy Savichev, erzählten im Film Putler PMC des Gulag-Net-Projekts die grausamen Details der Folter an Ukrainern 2/
💥"Ich war 30 Jahre im Gefängnis und bin drei Monate vor meiner Freilassung gegangen. Ich wollte mein Image ändern. Sie haben alle genommen, die töten können. Und ich kann töten." 3/
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Gerasimov: "we are waiting for when the motherfucker will die"

Yesterday, #Putin was distracted from his rest twice. Once for a meeting with Vitaly Mutko and the second time for a meeting with representatives of the leadership of the security and military blocs.
1/9 Image
The participants of the meeting noticed that the president was holding a meeting in a red shirt with four top buttons unbuttoned, without a jacket, which had never happened before. During the meeting, which was held via video call, #Putin listened to reports on...
2/9 Image
the state of affairs at the front. Having heard once again that #Bakhmut (in the reports to #Putin, Artemovsk) has not yet been captured, contrary to numerous promises, and the prospects are vague, the president began to demand an "exact date" for the capture of the city...
3/9 Image
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#RussianArmy has reportedly been able to recover valuable components of the downed #USA MQ-9 #Reaper #UAV in the Black Sea

/1 Image
The #Russian defence ministry has obtained invaluable information about the characteristics of a number of critical MQ-9 Reaper radio-electronic components.

/2 Image
This is a turret multispectral optronic system AN / AAS-52, and a complex (container type) surface radar reconnaissance AN / APY-8, and telemetry and secure satellite communications stations, and data exchange system Link-16 terminal.

/3 ImageImageImageImage
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1/ Ukraine TVD, 20 FEB-07 APR 23. The past 7 weeks saw a continuation of the Russian Winter Offensive as major pushes continued in Kreminna, Bakhmut, and Avdiivka. Russia made important gains, Ukrainian defenses continue to hold. #UkraineRussiaWar #RussianArmy #UkraineFrontLines Image
2/ Current weather outlook for the Ukraine TVD. The mud season will continue to impede maneuver, especially in severely restricted terrain. The weather favors small-scale assault forces. Night operations will continue to be difficult.
3/ Operational Terms. To assist in easy of comprehension of the threads graphics, here is a list of commonly used terms and their definitions. (note: I am still refining and updating this list, please bear with me as I do, thank you). ImageImageImageImage
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Hello there!
despite #Prigozhin "performative talks"...
#Bakhmut is still not fully under Russian control. far from it...
have a good day you all!
2/ Partial Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on April 3rd, 2023 #RussianArmy is stuck everywhere as explained last weeks. Only progress are in downtown #Bakhmut #Wagner troops still fighting to seize their only possible real victory.
3/ it's true that Wagner troops are progressing downtown and we have some direct visual confirmations to assess the situation in this specific area of the frontline.
but the UKr moving "out" seems still totally under control as they are totally managing their flanks.
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Here's March updates to photo documented #Russia losses in #UkraineWar. These are not supposed to be monthly but since we've been busy with development and data processing lately *types with Rober De Niro voice* this is what it is 🤷‍♂️
But since they are, here's some higher level view of what's #RussianArmy has been up to last month. First, with little over 300 losses added, it successfully attacked... 3000 figure for IFVs and 1700 for tanks lost, pretty much as expected.
Speaking of the equipment types here's top 🇷🇺 losses in March:
🥇 106 IFVs
🥈 77 tanks
🥉 36 trucks
+ 13 SPGs & 13 MRLs
+ 10 AA systems etc, check out yourself:…
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1/ Partial Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on April 1st, 2023 #RussianArmy is stuck everywhere as explained last weeks. Only progress are in downtown #Bakhmut
#Wagner troops still fighting to seize their only possible real victory.
2/ so #Russia still help #Wagner to continues efforts to size the city of #Bakhmut but they are not really willing to push through the flanks and lose thousands of soldiers to help them in the process.
so UKR Lines of Communication & Supply (LOCS) remain secure for now. so
3/ so Ukr are able to receive all the direct support needed and are also able to do medevac and to switch units when needed.
they are pretty much "controlling the retreat" if we can put it like that, as i just received some news that Wagner are still progressing downtown.
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#Putin wants to visit #Erdogan

In the near future, Putin plans to visit #Turkey. Active preparations for the visit are now underway. A meeting with Erdogan for Putin should solve several issues at once. The main topic should be Erdogan's persuasion to...
influence #Zelensky to move to negotiations "on adequate conditions". The negotiations should become a prologue to the freezing of the conflict. Any "Minsk-3" or "Istanbul-1" will suit the #Russian president as long as...
a truce is established and the #Russian troops are allowed to "come to their senses" and fill in the gaps in forces and means for further military operations. There are a number of secondary issues that #Putin is ready to discuss and propose solutions to #Erdogan, such as...
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Over 50% of Putin's army may now be KO'ed: my new Kyiv Post story

With >660K possible casualties, Moscow's disintegrating army may have just hit a desperate new milestone: It’s officially combat ineffective

#Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar #UkraineRussianWar
Of ∼800,000 initial Russian invasion force and troops added later, Ukraine estimated 166,570 were killed as of 3/21

Based on Western estimates of a 3-to-1 wounded-to-killed ratio for Russian losses in the war, that means ∼500,000 wounded, for a total of ∼666,000 casualties /2
Of the Russian wounded, based on calculations using data from previous wars and reports from the current war, I estimate 250,000 have returned to battle, 150,000 still getting medical care and 100,000 are permanently out of action 3/
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Yesterday, #Russian President #Putin held a meeting with representatives of the leadership of the military bloc. The main topic of the meeting was the state of affairs at the front. The military leadership, with a certain degree of optimism, reported to the president on...
insignificant advances in two directions, but #Putin rebuked the speaker and succumbed to harsh criticism of the "ant achievements" of the #RussianArmy. According to the president, he was repeatedly given...
promises and indicated specific deadlines for achieving the tasks set, and almost never the promises were fulfilled. The next speaker reported on the impressive losses among former prisoners and now PMC fighters.
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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on March 21, 2023
#RussianArmy is no more giving the tempo of ongoing operations along the front-line. Weak attacks are recorded everywhere except in the #Avdiivka area on small zones outside the city.
2/ As the situation in #Avdiivka is very fluid (i have recorded dozens of attacks/counterattacks last week, to draw the exact FEBA line is not realist, but according to several reports it is likely looking like below to date. Ru are now trying to go with their previous moves,
3/ so going on the direction & led offensive actions in the areas of #Novobakhmutivka, #Krasnohorivka, #Avdiivka itself, #Syeverne, #Pervomayske but despite huge ressources in materials & men were not able to really capitalize anywhere where offensives took place. only small
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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on March 19, 2023
#RussianArmy has stalled almost everywhere.
All Ru forces seems to be employed in the area of #Bakhmut & #Avdiivka. some minor progress have been noticed in few places
nothing dramatic.
2/ Generally speaking the situation is the same as yesterday and both parties and several sources agrees on the fact, nothing has really changed so far on the frontline. so no need for big "blahblah".
the only location where Russians are progressing is south #Bakhmut & that"s it
3/ to be more precise Gen staff indicates it has stopped the Ru progress in the north of the city (first time mentioning precisely a location there) & with lots of Geolocs from AFU in the south & diff Ru true reports, there is obvious progress for them there.
one of the only
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Hello there!
have a great week end you all.
Bon week end à tous!

2/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on March 18, 2023
#RussianArmy are blocked almost everywhere. no real changes were recorded lately, only in the area of #Bakhmut, some minor progress have been noticed.
but nothing as real danger for now
3/ "Day 388 of the russian full-scale invasion has begun.
yesterday night Ru launched 34x air strikes. 11x of them employed Shahed-136 UAVs. 10x of these UAVs were destroyed by Ukrainian air defense units, but unfortunately, 1x hit an industrial infrastructure facility. (Per Gen
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The russians have already lost 15 #T90M tanks in 🇺🇦 -
Andriy Rudyk, representative of the Center for the Research of Trophy and Prospective Weapons and Military Equipment of @GeneralStaffUA, during a briefing at @MilMediaCenter.
Parts of #T90M

📸 Nazar Voloshyn.
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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on March 15, 2023
quick update -
#RussianArmy is not making any progress all along the 700km of frontline except for some marginals gains in the #Bakhmut area & in the city
Quick recap of last infos
#UkraineMap Image
2/ So basically the situation remains the same in the north East : " #Kupyansk and #Lyman axes: the adversary does not abandon its attempts to break through the defense of Ukrainian troops. The enemy conducted unsuccessful offensive operations in the vicinities of settlements of
3/ #Bilohorivka and "Spirne. Ru are shelling like crazy fcks with artillery at the vicinities of settlements of #Dvorichna, #Hryanykivka, #Kupyansk, #Krokhmalne (Kharkiv oblast), #Novoselivske, #Nevske, #Dibrova, #Bilohorivka (Luhansk)
so situation is quite unchanged there...
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We all see many statements about war losses that are difficult to put together.
How can Ukraine lose 5 times fewer killed and at the same time the total number of losses is called 200K/120K in Ru/Ua?
I will try to explain it briefly:
#RussiaUkraineWar #RussianArmy
1. Different ratio of killed/wounded
In the Russian army, the ratio of killed/wounded troops is usually called 1/3. In the Ukrainian army - 1/7-1/8, and sometimes even as much as 1/10 or more.
There is a great point @shashj about this:
2. Different types of troops
When they talk about the losses of the Russian army, they usually mean the regular troops of Ru. But in addition, more than 50K "LDNR", 50K "Wagner", and several thousand volunteer battalions such as "Bars", "Rusich" and others.
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If you think this are the latest 🇷🇺 #RussianArmy tanks....your are wrong.... #UkraineRussiaWar 🧵1/4
It's actually the T-62M / MV- tank (model 2022) now in production at 🇷🇺 tank repair plant 103. 2/4
And it you think this are the latest 🇷🇺 wheeled APCs ....your are wrong again.... 3/4
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