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24 May
Super exciting day. 78 days ago saw my lab and thought we need to help fight #Covid. Today I’m running our Covid Detect At-Home test. A sensitive presymptomatic molecular test for the rest of us. Scaling as I tweet to millions & 10s of million per month.
Just ran Covid Detect At-Home test for the first time on myself!

So simple. Swab and go!

Well I’m human, the nose collection control worked (we test for human gene).

And I’m NOT positive for #Covid.

Total Game changer!

Real molecular testing anywhere. By anyone.
Congratulations to the best team on earth @4Catalyzer & @HomodeusInc.

You went from an idea on March 7th to a product I could use on myself. And a product in production to scale to meet the testing needs of planet earth.

A true molecular test, without the PCR machine or lab!
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17 Mar
Reporting progress on #coronavirus Home Test from our teams internal email: Just wanted to give a brief update from the #molbio team as we build momentum towards delivering an at-home, user-friendly, rapid #COVID19 test...We are actually detecting Covid19 #RNA in solution now! 1/
... we got early proof today that we can do reactions from RNA (the genetics code of #SARSーCoVー2 not DNA so it’s more insidious). Our method (which amplified the RNA without a machine) is very tolerant of #saliva - (we still have to crack open the virus RNA for full proof) 2/
The parenthesis in the above tweets are my commentary and I also edited out jargon. But wanted to share our internal optimism. We now know, except for breaking the #virus open to expose its #RNA we should be able to do a #COVID19 test without a #PCR machine @yale and @Penn 3/
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7 Mar
Thinking about a low cost easy to manufacture home test kit for #Coronavirus. Outline: #Nasal_swab (Q-tip) w/ freeze dried reagents for isothermal #DNA amplification with #COVID19 primers. Colorimetric readout by #iOS or #Android #App w/ #geolocation & #HIPPA compliant reporting.
Read-out would be in minutes - timer in App - read by camera in your smart phone. No other machines. Links to telemedicine groups for positive results. Built in positive control - e.g. no color = improper test, green NEGATIVE, red POSITIVE.
I’ve done my best creating when faced by a challenge. Next gen sequencing when my son went to new born intensive care - #454 @iontorrent. Ultrasound on a chip @ButterflyNetInc when wanted to monitor my daughter’s kidneys.
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