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1/ Many discussions on #SARSCoV2 / #COVID19 are quite abstract and focus on infection routes and epidemiology. Further, we often get the question "Can you detect actual #Coronavirus at all, or only 'gene snippets' by this PCR?“ Here come some information, now in English!
2/ The novel #Coronavirus has been isolated countless times from patients, incl. "BavPat1/2020", from one of the first patients in Bavaria, by the team around @c_drosten. Several isolates can be ordered from bio material repositories, e.g.…
3/ The genomes of these isolated and laboratory grown viruses were sequenced, as were thousands of samples from patients around the globe: By #sequencing it is possible to clearly identify which exact virus is present. By the way...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/04/2020…
Study blows 'greenhouse theory out of the water'…

#ClimateChange #greenhouse
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#Plandemic Seytani #CoronaVirus Gercekleri

ACU=Parlamento Disi Corona Sorusturma Komitesi

ilk konusmaci
Hamburg'lu Doktor/Hekim Heiko Schöning

Videodaki konusmanin önemli kisimlarindan ÖZETleri,
Saglik Bakani Sayin @drfahrettinkoca'ya atfediyoruz

Sevgili Vatandaslar

Parlamento Disi #Corona Sorusturma Komitesine HOSGELDiNiZ.

#Parlamento YAPMIYORSA,
BiZ Vatandaslar bunu kendimiz yapmak ZORUNDAYIZ.

ACU Komitesi olarak,
#Covid19 gelismesinde vatanimiza kisitlayici tedbirlerin NEDEN geldigini ARASTIRACAGIZ.
insanlar simdi NEDEN ACI cekiyor?
Ve Sars-Cov-2 Virüsünden dolayi meydana gelen böyle bir orantilik gercekten var mi?

Bu kisitlayici tedbirlerin
orantilik acisindan nasil olustuklari konusunda
ciddi süphelerimiz var.. Image
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1) Lezione sul #tampone.
Tampone obbligatorio? Attenzione, va fatto bene.
Il virus entra attraverso i micro canali dei vasi e dei nervi olfattivi, ben forniti dei recettori ACE2, che per lui sono indispensabili. (segue)
#coronavirus Image
2) #tampone #coronavirus
Le vie olfattive attraversano naturalmente la lamina cribrosa dell’etmoide e quindi non c’è alcuna necessità di rompere qualcosa per accedere al sistema nervoso.I tamponi, specie se mal fatti, come qualunque traumatismo, aumentano il rischio di infezione
3) #tampone #coronavirus
Anche ferire naso o bocca favorisce le infezioni.
Cute e mucose integre, protette dalle loro secrezioni fisiologiche, proteggono tutte le vie di accesso all'organismo in quanto barriera fisica, chimica e biologica, con cellule specializzate e...
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The race is on to find a #COVID19 vaccine. We’ve conducted an in-depth review of the development pipeline and immunization and demand scenarios. What might a #vaccine mean for the #pandemic—and society? Here are 11 tweets about what we’ve learned. (1/11)
So when could we get a #vaccine? Globally, scientists are working on more than 250 potential ‘candidate’ vaccines; 30 have reached clinical study stage; around 25 are poised to enter human trials in 2020.… (2/11)
There is growing optimism: Scientists and governments are reporting timelines for emergency use of candidate #vaccines between Q4 2020—Q1 2021 (although we are unlikely to see vaccines for broad population use until later in 2021).… (3/11)
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#Airborne transmission: defined as the spread of an infectious agent caused by the dissemination of droplet nuclei (#aerosols) that remain infectious when suspended in air over long distances & time. What do we know about this route for #COVID19 #SARSCoV2? A #thread 🧵
Experimental studies have generated #aerosols of infectious samples using high-powered jet nebulizers under controlled laboratory conditions. #SARSCoV2 #Covid_19 #IDtwitter
Some studies in #healthcare settings where symptomatic #COVID19 patients were cared for but where #aerosol generating procedures were not performed found #SARSCoV2 #RNA but the quantity of RNA detected was in extremely low numbers. #airborne #transmission
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/20/2020-2…

Peter Turchin The Science behind My Forecast for 2020 - Peter Turchin…

#science #forecast2020
Physical link between RNA processing and epigenetic silencing discovered…

#epi #rna
Lancet-gate in the COVID-19 pandemic era: is it alright for science to be wrong?…

#wrong #pandemic #science
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1. Mandated #MRNA vaccines are coming.… The fear campaign of #Covid19 has failed. People are not scared any longer of #Covid, but that's not the problem anymore and truthfully Covid never was.
2. The problem is now that #Covid failed and you are
seeing this chess game of #totalitarian control unfold,
let me tell you what is really coming. If this is a
#mandatoryvaccine campaign and it gets rolled out
rapidly, you better be aware, educated and terrified.
3. #Globalists in the next 2-3 months will magically find the
cure for #Covid and roll it out in a mass #vaccination
campaign. This #vaccine is #MRNA vaccine. This roll out
will come out very fast for two reasons.
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Seguimos en la parte más difícil de la pandemia y lo que sabemos hasta ahora sobre el #SARS_CoV2 y #Covid_19 va aumentando día con día. Recuerden que hace 5 meses no sabíamos mucho de este virus ni todo lo que puede ocasionar a nivel salud. Una pandemia lo cambia todo... Abro 🧵
1/La última pandemia devastadora fue la de influenza H1N1 en 1918 (gripe española) que mató a 20-40 millones en todo el mundo en un lapso de un año. El primer marido de mi bisabuela murió de esa gripe y le decía a mi abuela que había tantos muertos que los echaban a grandes fosas
2/En total al cabo de 2 años, se estima un total de casi 100millones de decesos, independientemente de aquellos por la 1era guerra mundial. En aquel tiempo, no había laboratorios seguros donde estudiar al virus, ni hospitales con el equipo de cuidados intensivos que ahora tenemos
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"The live SARS-like coronavirus SL-CoV-WIV1 has been isolated for the first time from bat droppings; and such virus has been confirmed to invade the host cells through the ACE2 of human beings..." ImageImageImage
Bat Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Like Coronavirus WIV1
Encodes an Extra Accessory Protein, ORFX, Involved in Modulation of the Host Immune Response. (2016) #ZhengLiShi #PeterDaszak #EcoHealth
Funding: #NIAID 110964 ImageImageImageImage
In this study, we have developed a fast and cost-effective method
for reverse genetics of coronaviruses by combining two approaches developed by others..As the genomes can be divided into multiple short fragments, mutations can be introduced into individual
fragments easily. ImageImageImageImage
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Mwanasayansi mwenye ubobezi wa kimataifa kwenye maswala ya vitendanishi na vipimo (Diagnostics), Dr. Ally Mahadhy, aliandika haya kwenye ukurasa wake wa facebook, ni vyema wadau humu wakayapata ili kuongeza uelewa @Udadisi
@MariaSTsehai @fatma_karume
Uzi 👇🏽
"Kutakucha tu!

Tukiwa tupo kwenye taharuki juu ya kipimo cha corona (covid-19) hapa nchini, baada kutoa majibu ya positive kwa mbuzi na papai, naomba nitoe maoni yangu kama mdau katika tansia hii ya vitendanishi vya maabara (diagnostics). ..." /1
Nianze kwa kutangaza maslahi yangu binafsi kwenye mada husika. Mimi ni mtafiti kwenye eneo hili la vitendanishi (Medical and clinical diagnostics). Tasnifu (thesis) yangu ya umahiri (MSc in Biotechnolgy) iljikita kwenye kutengeneza njia (method) ya kutambua kwa haraka na wepesi/2
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#SARSCoV2 There are several kinds of #vaccines, whereby all share the goal of generating adaptive #immunity via 1) #antibodies via B cells, and 2) T-cell receptors (#TCRs) via T cells:
1) live-attenuated, where you produce an actual #virus in an egg or cell line
2) #recombinant, where you introduce #DNA into yeast, bacteria, or cell lines — you produce pieces of the #virus #proteins, then either administer them as-is or typically by linking them to immunogenic substrates like albumin, BSA and KLH
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Ribose, ribosomes, ribonucleic acid (RNA): none of them have anything to do with ribs. #HematologyTweetstory 20 is about the curious origin of those names, as the world grapples with a dangerous self-replicating #RNA virus. (RNA Image: @ScienceMagazine )/1
Our story begins thousands of years ago, in the ancient Middle East & North Africa. There was a particular tree - the acacia (Acacia seyal & Acacia senegal) - that exuded a sap that, when hardened, was highly treasured as a binder & gum. (Dripping branch image: Ashwin Baindur.)/2
Since much of the gum from the acacia tree found its way to Europe from Arab-controlled ports, it became known as “gum Arabic” (or “gum sudani”) in Europe. It is still commercially valuable today, but before the modern era it was hugely important, especially in medicines./3
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(1/6) Most drugs are not effective at treating #COVID, and do not address the root-cause symptoms. #Remdesivir is one such example—the drug mimics #RNA, and gets incorporated into the viral RNA transcripts preferentially versus human RNA transcripts.
(2/6) Mechanistically, this drug was promsising. However, in today’s @TheLancet paper, "#Remdesivir in adults with severe #COVID-19: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicentre trial," findings are inconclusive at best, and damning at worst:
1) The study enrolled already-hospitalized patients with pneumonia, with <94% oxygen saturation, who were already hospitalized
2) They measured clinical improvement for 28 days
3) "#Remdesivir use was not associated with a difference in time to clinical improvement"
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At least 7 teams are developing #SARSCoV2 #vaccines using a weakened / inactivated virus. Several existing vaccines are made this way, i.e. #measles & #polio #vaccine. Sinovac Biotech started to test an inactivated SARS-CoV-2 #COVID19 vaccine. #scicomm
At least 25 groups are working on viral-vector #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 #vaccines. A #virus such as #measles or #adenovirus is genetically engineered so it can produce #coronavirus #proteins in the body. These #viruses are weakened so they CANNOT cause disease.
At least 20 teams are using genetic instructions (#DNA or #RNA) for a #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus #protein that prompts an immune response. The nucleic acid is inserted into human cells, which churn out copies of the #virus protein; most encode the virus’s spike protein. #COVID19
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Although related to the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (#SARSCoV) & the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (#MERS), #COVID19 virus #SARSCoV2 shows some peculiar pathogenetic, epidemiological & clinical features which have not been completely understood to date.
#SARSCoV2 is more phylogenetically related to #SARSCoV than to #MERS. Only minor differences have been found in the #genome sequences of SARS-CoV-2 comparing with SARS-CoV. SARS-CoV-2 affinity for angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (#ACE2) receptor is higher than in SARS-CoV.
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Is the SARS-CoV-2 genome prone to mutations? I'm seeing contradictory information and would love clarifications from an expert. MINI-THREAD.
The New York Intelligencer writes, "According to the current research, the virus that causes COVID-19 has a low “error rate,” meaning that its pace of mutation remains slow despite its rapid spread."
But a preprint by an American team reveals: "Like RdRps (RNA-dependent RNA polymerases) in other viruses, the coronavirus enzyme is highly error-prone."…
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#Genetik analizler bize virüsün yayılma yolları ve geçirdiği mutasyonlar hakkında eşsiz bilgi veriyor.'daki 2000'den fazla hastadan alınan virüs sekansları incelendiğinde şu sonuçlara varılabilir.
#coronavirus #koronavirusu @ttborgtr @nextstrain
Virüsün 29 binin üzerinde nükleotidi (genetik materyal birimi) var ve burada birçok #mutasyon oluşmuş durumda. Bunlar virüsün normal döngüsü içinde doğal olarak yaşanan mutasyonlar. Mutasyon öbekleri #filogenetik haritada renklerle belirtilmiş.#coronavirus
Buna göre çeşitli ülkelerde baskın şekilde görülen mutasyonlar var. Bu mutasyonlara bakarak virüsün hangi popülasyonlarda mutasyona uğradığı ve yayılımın yolları hakkında detaylı bilgi alabiliyoruz. Genetiğin gücü burada!
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I want to separately pull out this graphic from the @ASMicrobiology #COVID19 #testing paper since I think it’s *super* helpful. #RNA tests tell us if you’re infected right now (mostly, see next tweet). #Serology tells us if you were recently(ish) infected.
1st important point. RNA tests can pick up any viral RNA, whether that’s live infectious virus or garbage RNA still in your body. Also the sample might not capture RNA (say the virus is in your GI not your nose & we sample your nose). This can give false negatives.
2nd point. Serology doesn’t typically make for good rapid tests, since your body needs time to make antibodies. You don’t magically make them as soon as you see a pathogen, it takes a few days for the machinery to get warmed up and going (think like a factory).
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On this week's @ARKInvest newsletter, I'm going to talk about how #synthetic #biology (not reading, but writing DNA) is a crucial (but not widely talked about) part of our ability to rapidly develop tests and treatments for #COVID19. Until then, ask questions and I'll post links.
Synthetic biology (#SynBio) = creating DNA molecules artificially

In this case, it means synthesizing #COVID19 fragments to aid in the design, validation, and quality control of diagnostic tests. It also helps us research different viral strains and potential therapeutics.
First, I want to tackle 'spike-in' controls for validating RT-PCR assays for #COVID19 detection. Detailed write-ups below and then I'll post a summary (or TL;DR)...………
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Reporting progress on #coronavirus Home Test from our teams internal email: Just wanted to give a brief update from the #molbio team as we build momentum towards delivering an at-home, user-friendly, rapid #COVID19 test...We are actually detecting Covid19 #RNA in solution now! 1/
... we got early proof today that we can do reactions from RNA (the genetics code of #SARSーCoVー2 not DNA so it’s more insidious). Our method (which amplified the RNA without a machine) is very tolerant of #saliva - (we still have to crack open the virus RNA for full proof) 2/
The parenthesis in the above tweets are my commentary and I also edited out jargon. But wanted to share our internal optimism. We now know, except for breaking the #virus open to expose its #RNA we should be able to do a #COVID19 test without a #PCR machine @yale and @Penn 3/
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La D.ssa Ai Fen racconta la verità sull'epidemia all'ospedale di #Wuhan

Il 30 Dic #AiFen ha scattato una foto dei risultati del test di un paziente cerchiando in rosso "#coronavirus #SARS Pseudomonas aeruginosa"
Non doveva farlo……
Su richiesta di uno studente universitario, prese il rapporto e lo passò al medico studenti. Quella notte, il rapporto si diffuse ai circoli dei medici di #Wuhan e quelli che lo trasmisero includevano gli otto medici disciplinati dalla polizia.
Come fonte della trasmissione, è stata interrogata dal comitato disciplinare dell'ospedale e ha subito "un grave rimprovero senza precedenti" e alcune persone l'hanno definita un "informatrice"
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We’re proud to present our #preprint, where we induce embryo-like morphogenesis in #gastruloids, resulting in the generation of trunk-like-structures (#TLS) with #somites flanking the #neuraltube @MPI_MolGen w/ @adrianobolondi . A short summary (1/12)…
#Gastruloids are a fantastic culture system, but lack proper morphogenesis, e.g. neural cells do not form a neural tube and presomitic mesoderm does not condense into somites. Can we induce proper embryo-like morphology by mechano-chemical manipulation? Yes, we can! (2/12)
Embedding 96h #gastruloids in 5% #matrigel resulted in trunk-like-structures, with somites flanking the neural tube. Activation of WNT signaling, either alone or in combination with BMP inhibition lead to hyper-epithelialized somites arranged as a bunch of grapes (3/12)
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@HarrisSamaras @Harvard @mlipsitch My take: It's a numbers game depending on a number of variables, including:
1. To what extend can #COVID19 be contained outside #China? Here the fast infection-rates in #SouthKorea & #Italy are a concern.
@HarrisSamaras @Harvard @mlipsitch b) Countries like #Indonesia, not taking proper precautions with returnees from #China, are also concerning. #Africa was fairly untouched, but now #COVID19 spreads in #Egypt.
2. How well do countries respond? Some seem to do OK, others seem to have been negligent (see #Italy).
@HarrisSamaras @Harvard @mlipsitch c) Currently #trains from Northern #Italy are still reaching #Germany - This is a great way to spread the risk & make containment difficult.
3. Can countries cope with a bigger number of severley sick people? The South of #Germany only has 60 Iron-Lungs. Not much!
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