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Es increíble lo fácil que es hacer un bypass con #frida a los controles biométricos de una app en Android o iOS.

Por favor, #developers, estableced medidas anti-debugging, ofuscad vuestro código SIEMPRE y usad métodos NO DEPRECADOS.

#ios #android #hacking #movil
Tengo un Nord CE con Android 11, casi actualizado por completo.

Lo único que he hecho para hackear una app “top” ha sido buscar en un buen script para ello y hale: acceso local a los datos sin ser el propietario medianto hooking de “BiometricPrompt”.
Command line: frida -U —codeshare krapgras/android-biometric-bypass-update-android-11 -f <app_name>

Demasiado fácil, y sin picar ni una linea de código ni hacer reversing gente, mucho cuidado!
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There was a lot going on in April in terms of meetups all over the world. You can find out more about accessibility, how to learn React Native as a junior, AR apps, using SVG, libraries, debugging and much more!…
React Native Accessibility Basics via
Nivedita shares what she has learned about #accessibility and its implication in the past few months. Why should we even care about accessibility?…
Learning React Native as a Junior Engineer via
Learn how you can master #ReactNative as a beginner. What exactly is it? How does it work for #iOS AND #Android?…
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It’s time to start a #WWDC Wishlist Mega Thread. Here we go, will keep adding things until the event.
1. iOS 16: Add new languages in Apple Translate. I can hope for Indian languages, especially Hindi, but I think they have a long list before reaching there.
2. Wider rollout for Apple Pay, hopefully we get it in India as well. Indian market is quickly shifting towards Tap to Pay, and the government is encouraging digital payments more than any other country. Apple Pay would be a great addition.
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I do await comments on @YouTube and for the algorithm to assess their worthiness to stay.

Everyone is welcome to write to the Ministry of Health of the Israeli government. They might even read the comments from my channel since it links to their site.
What Israel's Ministry of Health says about Robert Malone.

I'll just put this here. Because someone mentioned #Remdesivir as if she got some information from heaven.😊…
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Part 2/2
1/14 Let's talk about the #Cosmos hub again. The #IBC protocol standardizes cross chain information so that blockchains in the Cosmos network can also communicate.
2/14 In this economically integrated network, #Cosmos Hub is the value pivot of this network. So far, let's look back and see if there can be a little different experience in the definition of Cosmos?
3/14 When it comes to #Cosmos, an unavoidable topic is the comparison with #Polkadot. In addition to the four features mentioned earlier, I think the biggest difference between the two lies in the difference between the Security mechanism and the Cross Chain mechanism.
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After reverse engineering all of the #Beijing2022 #spyware app for @Apple #ios and @Google #Android
I can definitively say all Olympian audio is being collected, analyzed and saved on Chinese servers using tech from USA blacklisted AI firm @iflytek1999… Image
@Apple @Google @iflytek1999 clearer API calls can be seen here.
These calls come from the TLauncher binary compiled for iOS

I have decrypted the .ipa file, and re-uploaded it to my website for all to download and research.… Image
The code for validation and research can be found in my github repo here

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Decompiled #Olympics2022 #iOS and #Android Apps available on Github Now.

Evidence of Chinese data exfiltration although the Apple App store claims "Data Not Collected"

This repo directly correlates with my full report I will be releasing.

The github repo has been updated to Version 2.0


- iOS filesystem trace during MY2022 app execution
- All iOS app data is decrypted, and uploaded
One of the biggest deceptions is how the app is listed in the Apple App store...

Jan 22nd, 2022 - No Data was collected
Jan 24th, 2022 - Only Contact Info, but not really? ImageImage
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¿Aún no sabes por qué aprender #Python?
Hoy te traemos 8 razones para convertirte en especialista del lenguaje de programación más requerido en el mercado ⚡🧵
1️⃣ Es el lenguaje ideal para comenzar a programar.

Es de código abierto y no debe ser compilado. Con la motivación correcta, podrás dominar esta herramienta a corto plazo. Pronto te encontrarás desarrollando tus primeras aplicaciones sin problema 💪
2️⃣ Tiene una sintaxis accesible.

La legibilidad y claridad del código permite a personas con un nivel de 'alfabetización' básico en lenguajes de programación, escribir instrucciones o realizar procesos específicos de forma sencilla.
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Hello everyone! I want to talk about inconsistencies i’ve experienced in App Store Review process. This is my personal experience, I’m an Spanish dev that have uploaded 15 apps in the last 2.5 years with 40+ updates. Here are my thoughts about the whole process.
1. Whole review related time is a mystery. I don’t know why my app could be more than 24h In Review and other less than 45 minutes. This happens every time, doesn’t matter if i made really little changes or even is the same compilation.
2. Inorganic feedback. When i’ve had a message from Review team, is so long and could be hard to understand whats exactly the problem. This improved in the last years but is far to be great. More concise and user friendly message will improve the whole experience.
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We prepared this video to illustrate why access to the accelerometer should get a permission in iOS. Unrestricted access to accelerometer data can breach user privacy. We used Facebook as an example in the video.

#Cybersecurity #Privacy #iOS

It's amazing what algorithms can extract from accelerometer data:
- Detect if you're walking, sitting, cycling.. etc
- Count your steps
- Figure your heart rate
- Find your precise location
- Analyze sound vibrations of your phone speaker and infer what you're listening to
The iPhone is equipped with a very accurate accelerometer. It helps algorithms achieve their goals with high accuracy.
Good news: iOS only allows apps to access the accelerometer when apps are active in the foreground
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How to check iOS devices for signs of CVE-2021-30860 / FORCEDENTRY exploitation (for context, see @citizenlab's 13.09.2021 blog). #nso #pegasus #malware #ios
Make an unencrypted iTunes backup, or use MVT (…) to decrypt an encrypted one. You can also check older backups, if you have them. (it's a good idea to make regular iTunes backups for all your devices, precisely for this reason)
Use DB Browser for SQLite (see to open Manifest.db, in the root folder of the iTunes backup. Make sure you open it read-only - "File -> Open Database Read Only".
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1/1 Our #openaccess article (with @MagnusLLundgren and @_vincenzobove) is now online at Journal of Conflict Resolution!

“Politics or Performance? Leadership Accountability in UN Peacekeeping”
2/2 Does the #UN Secretariat hold leaders of #peacekeeping operations (SRSGs) and Force Commanders (FCs) accountable for mission performance?

Mission performance ≠ only actions of leaders, but sanctioning SRSGs and FCs allows Secretariat to signal a commitment to accountability
3/3 Sanctions = contract non-renewal, early termination, even public dismissal (only SRSG Gaye and FC Ondieki so far)

The Secretariat faces a politics-performance trade-off (Comparative Politics concept ➡️ #IR): difficult to fire SRSGs and FCs from powerful or pivotal countries
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You requested and we delivered!🙌

Presenting you, StockEdge Version 7 with 10 of the most demanded features!

Now available on and will soon be available on #Android & #ios.

@mystockedge @vivbajaj @vinaypagaria

🧵Here's a thread on what's new-
You can now download all scans, strategies and my combination scans data in EXCEL Sheet for your #research.

Check here:… Image
Now you can check 7 day historical data of scans and #strategies.

Check here:… Image
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Why is #Apple getting so much heat over its new Child Protection Mesures?

They are well-intentioned, present no risk to anyone who doesn't store child abuse material on their devices, and, frankly, there's nothing new here

#CSAM #Privacy @WiserIn10…
Collectively known as #CSAM (child sexual abuse material), #Apple are not the first in #BigTech to use #technology to surveil its users for this
#Facebook has been using #algorithms to detect child abuse images since at least 2018 (which the CEO of Facebook-owned #WhatsApp seemed to have forgotten when he launched an outraged #Twitter tirade at Apple's new measures last week)
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Registration is open for the August 17 LumaTouch Academy workshops. There are two sessions of LumaFusion Basics taught by Caroline Scott and Glen Mulcahy along with two specialized courses. See workshop descriptions below.

#LumaFusion #LumaTouchAcademy Image
LumaFusion Basics:
Designed for beginning editors or those new to LumaFusion, this course will teach you the foundations of video editing. @CScottVideo @GlenBMulcahy

Caroline Scott:…

Glen Mulcahy:…

#VideoEditing #Beginner Image
Workflow Best Practices for Social:
Staying on top of the ever changing social media landscape can be nerve wracking. Learn to plan, produce, and publish a variety of content for different platforms using LumaFusion. @CScottVideo…

#Workflow #SocialMedia Image
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It seems a new trojan is going around and affecting @Apple #iOS builds. I don't know the original method of infection, but I'm starting to see some public repos on GitHub being affected…
If you care to de-obfuscate the HEX, it downloads and executes a script from (a server in Moscow) which in turn downloads a binary from the same site...

Do I know someone besides @k8em0 and @Fox0x01 that could spread a couple of words in the right places?
Kudos to our team @OetkerDigital for first finding this out, and thanks @acquavascia for spreading the word!
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/06/2021…
Prior SARS-CoV-2 infection rescues B and T cell responses to variants after first vaccine dose…

#COVID19 #variants #vaccines #immunity
Book Review: The Next Frontier of Warfare Is Online…

#cyberattacks #malware #hacking #DigitalMarkets #StateSctors
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Can your SwiftUI app do this?

Based on the experience we gathered on programmatic navigation in SwiftUI, we decided to build an open source library that enables rich deeplinking and navigation along navigation paths.

Welcome ComposableNavigator! 👋…
ComposableNavigator is based on a NavigationTree that defines all valid paths in your application. NavigationTree leverages ResultBuilder introduced alongside #SwiftUI to enable a concise DSL for tree building.

#ios #iosdev #mobile #swiftlang #swift
struct AppNavigationTree: NavigationTree {
var builder: some PathBuilder {
content: {
HomeView(viewModel: homeViewModel)
nesting: {
DetailScreen.Builder(viewModel: detailViewModel)
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Peek at the #iOS #AR music visualizer app I've been working on.

It uses the microphone/music with #ARKit to distort real world surfaces

Example music is from @theNIGHTSTOP
I'm looking to commission a few visualizers for the app so let me know if you have experience and are interested!
Wow! Great to see all the interest in my #iOS #AR music visualizer!

I hear your excitement and so I've decided to open up limited beta testing a little early 🎁🎄🎶

Be sure to share any neat sound visualizations you find
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Apropos of @thesundaytimes article, a few thoughts: firstly, as I tweeted 2 days ago 👇 & in stark contrast to the #transparency around other tech/data intitiatives - *cough* @NHSEngland #DataStore *cough* - the team published a blog on what it was doing:…
In this blog, the app team gave an explanation of the latest changes it had made - including a reduction in the #RiskThreshold, which took account of TWO factors: the inclusion of a measure of #infectiousness in the API *and* a new #distance algorithm...…
In case folks aren't aware, @Google & @Apple's #ExposureNotification API is quite frequently updated. As the #Android developer pages (and #nhsxCOVID18app's blog) say, the #infectiousness field was only added at v1.6; with functionality changing at 1.7 👇…
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Aaand here it is..!!! 😱

After months of hard work with @jblanchefr, @ClipDropApp beta (AR Copy Paste) is now publicly available on #Android, #iOS, #macOS, and #Windows

🔥 🔥

Here's a thread of what you can already do with it ↓ 1/n

You can capture directly from your desktop with a screenshot and drag & drop to any other app (my favorite feature 🤩)

It works from/to virtually any application & websites: @figmadesign, @Photoshop, @Canva, @Pitch, @Powerpoint, @GoogleDocs...etc!

#ML #Augmented #DesktopOS
You can extract anything: objects, people, drawings, and text. The quality of the salient object detection, background removal, and text detection is now quite incredible 😳😲🤯
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Great article on how #ByteDance's #tiktok algorithms made it such a success in #China; mainly because in #China, AI algorithms have been applied at scale to entertainment. With AI, the more inputs you have, the better and more accurate the algorithm becomes.
2/ #Tiktok would not likely be as effective in the US because the market is smaller (fewer inputs) than in China. This means that the algorithms could not be optimized as it has with #Douyin in China. In the US, algorithm optimization at #Microsoft, #Google, #Facebook, #Apple
3/ is a much slower and better documented process. With #facebook, it monetized advertising mainly through small ads and political ads targeting extremist subcultures and conspiracy groups, which adds to social fracturing in the US. #Facebook makes money from US collapse.
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Old-School Hacking part 2:
Successfully flashed iOS 4.0’s boot logo (as log1) and recoverymode logo (as rec1) in the iPhone 4’s NOR along with the old DeviceTree (still has the dtre tag). #Apple #iOS #Hack Image
This way, when iOS 7.1.2’s iBoot is loaded it still finds the relevant artworks with the logo and recm tags... Image
And I have also further patched iOS 4.0’s iBoot to make it load the Apple logo and recoverymode logo with the log1 and rec1 tags... Image
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